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Back down to Earth: Astronaut Tim Peake returns


to Chichester to visit an exhibition starring himself.


He's not just this amazing superstar we have all met he is a very


down-to-earth person. More than ever I want to go on and have a career


like he has done and be a pilot and see what opportunities are available


to me. A pet dog's shot in front


of its owners after attacking The farmers union warn


sheep-worrying is on the rise. Adapting our immune systems:


scientists in Southampton looking at how our own bodies


can kill off cancer. one of the wildlife photos taken


in the South being displayed


around the country. It's been a long time coming


but well worth the wait. Britain's first official spaceman


Tim Peake touched down in his home city of Chichester today to meet


pupils from his old schools and to see a special


exhibition all about him! Local fans had been getting a little


anxious as Tim has been back on Earth for longer than the six


months he spent on the International Space Station


and they were desperate to see him. It was an out of this world Day


for dozens of schoolchildren. The day Tim Peake


touched down Thank you very much, and it is


fantastic to be back Nationally, more than


a million schoolchildren were involved in projects as part


of a six-month mission. primary and senior


schools had the chance How has like being in space and


seeing the Earth from space change your perspective of the planets


and life question? There are so many places I feel


like I know very well. I've never set foot


in those countries or those areas, and maybe never will set foot


in them but I do feel like I know Everyday I would look


at and photograph them and see them. Tim toured a special exhibition


at the city's Novy Museum, It was a bit surreal,


actually, coming in and tired of seeing


your own life history Strange seeing sort of half your


life on display here? It is quite strange,


as well, seeing some artefacts here as well that


I actually had with me in space, clothing that I wore


in space, it's very unusual. It's seven months since he landed,


and although he has visited Britain from


America where he lives and works, until today


he had not returned to Chichester which last month


problems they never pondered some local children to produce a video


message to their hero. We and several thousand


kids want you to visit.


We're all ears. The post flight period


is exceptionally busy. The most important thing for us


the scientific data, that's why we have the space station


programme primarily, so we have to capture


all of that scientific data being based in Houston,


of course, makes it difficult


to get back to the UK, so everything just takes


its time During his space trip,


Tim appeared on South the things he missed


most of the rain. The feeling of nice,


cold drizzle on my face right now You've been back a few


months now, back in England, have you changed


your view on that? Not particularly, I still do


and always have loved the outdoors, and so any weather,


to the outside, camping, hiking, walking, cycling,


that kind of thing... So for me being on board the space


station, one of the most difficult things was just getting used to that


artificial environment for so long. Today, Tim was invited to receive


the Freedom of the city. He hopes to return later this


year and there are plans for a special


presentation ceremony. Four men were jailed today


for a total of more than 20 years as part of the ongoing


investigation into the murder Michael Freshwater was found


stabbed to death at a flat No one has ever been


charged with his murder, Chrissy Sturt has been


following the case. Chrissy, what happened in court


today? Well, today's sentencing centred


around a gang of five men who were working together to supply


heroin and cocaine 22 year old Tristan Pope and 23


year old Kevin Suika played leading roles,


coming down from London to Southampton to deal


drugs for nearly a year. Dantai Thompson, only 17


at the time, was also involved. Two other local men,


Daniel Sadler and Daniel Ferret, both heroin addicts,


had also been sucked in. Four were jailed with Sadler given


a suspended sentence. And how does this


link to the murder? Well, Michael Freshwater's body


was found at a flat in West Ridge road, and this was one


of the properties that was being used to deal drugs


by this particular gang. During the investigation


three men were arrested on suspicion of murder,


including Kevin Suika. Hampshire police wanted


to press ahead with charges, but the Crown Prosecution Service


decided no further action Since then the investigation


has floundered. There's still a ?10,000 reward


offered by crime stoppers for any But clearly the police will be


frustrated they haven't been able to bring anyone to trial


for this murder. There's an inquest


into Michael's death His partner has spoken


today of her great loss, A man's been arrested


on suspicion of murder. It's after a woman was found dead


at a house in Gurnard Hampshire police say


a 60-year-old from Sandown Farmers in Sussex are launching


a poster campaign warning dog owners that their pets can be shot


if they attack sheep. Last Sunday, a dog was shot in front


of its owners because they couldn't stop it worrying livestock


on a farm near Chichester. The owners hadn't realised


the animals were nearby when they let their pet


off the lead. Some viewers may find the images


at the start of Steve Humphrey's This was the horrifying aftermath


of a dog attack on a flock of sheep 116 sheep were crushed to death


against a gate as they tried to flee


from a dog at a farm


in West Dean near Chichester. Despite all the warnings to dog


owners there have been a series of attacks on sheep


right across Sussex. And, last Sunday at north London


near Chichester, a Shepherd was forced to shoot a dog which had


started to maul some sheep. Sergeant Tom Carter has


spoken to the shepherd For all intents and purposes the dog


was probably playing with the sheep but unfortunately that act is


causing a massive panic throughout the sheep and the dog was seen to be


biting them and it consumes problems and the mere fact of dogs


worrying sheep can actually cause quite serious stress in sheep


and actually they can die from that stress.


The law support the farmers in shooting the dog, but that is the


last resort. The NFU says the number of dog


attacks has increased in recent years, with more people taking dogs


into the countryside. We've got a very urban population


nearby to some rural areas, we've got a lot of livestock in the area,


and that's probably a population A range of techniques are being used


to highlight the issue, The NFU estimates there are around


130 dog attacks on sheep The farmers are saying, you know,


are you taking it seriously? And my message to them


is yes, they are. Over the coming weeks,


new warning posters are going up in popular dog walking areas,


urging people to keep Even if you have the most docile


pets they can still turn and just flip the switch and become a killer


of sheep at the end of the day. Sussex Police say all dog attacks


on sheep should be reported - so they can build up a clear picture


of the scale of the problem. Steve Humphrey, BBC


South Today, West Sussex. Union leaders are claiming that


schools in the South will lose more But that's hotly contested by the


Government which says its proposals for the new National Funding Formula


have been misinterpreted. Hampshire County Council thinks


while it will be a winner overall, some schools


will be significant losers. Tom Hepworth's been


studying the numbers. It's the building block for the rest


of our lives and everyone agrees the current system,


which has been described as a postcode lottery that can


result in big differences between neighbouring


schools, needs to change. So the government is proposing


a new national funding formula based on the needs of pupils rather


than where they live. The teaching unions have crunched


those numbers and factored They claim schools in


the South Today area will lose more That's the equivalent


of cutting 5,400 teachers if there was no other way


to make savings. Worst affected would be


West Berkshire which would see funding per pupil fall


by more than ?400. Nearby Bracknell would see


the smallest reduction, The National Union Of Teachers


says 98% of schools will be worse off under


the new arrangement. Practically, what it could mean is a


redundancy spread high budget in school, teaching assistants for


example, large closet perhaps go out emerging classes to 35 bus. They


could also mean looking at a secondary sector a reduction in the


doubts of lessons that are taught. That track lessons that are taught.


The government says it's spending more than ever on schools,


On the face of it that's a lot of money,


but it's not keeping pace with inflation.


And pupil numbers are growing so the money has to stretch further.


The independent Institute Of Fiscal Studies estimates that


taking these two factors into account spending


per pupil is likely to fall by around 8% in real terms


Hampshire thinks it'll gain more than ?400 million a year


but has concerns some areas will lose out because


spending decisions will be taken out of its hands.


in deprived areas, schools will suffer losses and a good example is


in Havant, ?1.1 million being taken from that budget. Here in Gosport we


will lose ?200,000 from school budget. That is unacceptable.


The Department For Education says the unions have


A spokesman says more than half of England's schools will receive


a cash boost and because per pupil funding is protected at current


rates, this means more money in our schools.


The RMT union says its members are meeting this weekend to discuss


whether to call more strike action as part of its ongoing dispute


12 train drivers who are members of the RMT have walked out today,


the last day of action scheduled so far.


A 900-year-old skeleton found in Hampshire has revealed important


Researchers say the remains of the man, thought to be


a religious pilgrim, were excavated at a burial


Scientific detective work suggests he caught the highly-contagious skin


disease on his travels to a shrine in Spain and brought it


Still to come, Alexis has the weekend's weather -


And tee'd off - the golfers angry about their practice


range closing down - meaning they'll have


Can your body's own immune system - kill cancer?


Well, it seems it can - with the right sort of help.


Immunotherapy is an exciting area of research that's already


showing promising results for cancer patients.


And a new centre dedicated to it will open in


It's part of an existing complex that's been running


trials for many years, and our Health Correspondent David


Fenton has been along to see how it's taking shape.


When it comes to cancer, cure is a big word. That is what this place


will be working on when it opens in September. For the first time it


allows us to bring together basic scientists and clinicians at the


clinical trials units and one roof. One that means is that we will be


able to expand, we will be able to increase throughput of clinical


trials ultimately benefiting patients in the area and nationally.


This new centre costs ?25 million. 1.3 million of that donated by a


former student at the University of Southampton. It's just part of a


much bigger complex dedicated to studying immune therapies. The


centre here already runs a 50 trials a year. Involving hundreds of


patients. When this place opens they are hoping to double that. This is


what they will look at. Inside the pink circle is a killer T cell. It


attacks they sell and eats it. Sometimes the cancer cells are not


spotted by the cell. Tim ball-macro can help. We all have immune


systems, and so we harness the power of the immune system to identify and


destroy cancer cells, we know that the system knows it is there but


perhaps it doesn't know where to go or once it gets there doesn't fully


appreciate what the cancer is. Charlotte Moss had skin cancer and


joined an immunotherapy trial, and has been clear of cancer for the


past five years. The actual clinical trial meant that I was coming to the


hospital about once every three months, I would have the infusion on


a Friday morning, take it easy over the weekend and I was back at work


on Monday morning, so really straightforward. The new centre


opens in eight months but of course the therapies it's researching could


take years to develop. the therapies it's researching


could take years to A busy golf practice


range in Reading is to be closed down next month -


much to the frustration The privately run facility


is on land owned by the council, and it's exercised its right to end


the lease early. The council says it can generate


more income from the site, by replacing the driving range


with a new outdoor activity centre. Even on a dreary January


weekday, the It's a place golfers of all ages


and abilities come to practice, operated by the same firm


for almost two decades. The lease was renewed


only a year ago. But without warning,


Reading Council announced last month I think people are just surprised


and disappointed because there isn't another range anywhere


near in Reading, so, Don't think there was any


consultation about this, This is one of the new attractions


Reading Council plans to put here, a high ropes adventure climbing


facility, together with archery, laser shooting


and - ironically - mini golf. There'll also be a now outdoor


education and activity classroom for local schools


to use during term time. It's more for the younger


generation, whereas this golf ranges for


all walks of life, from sort of three years


old upwards. It just seems criminal


that the council are looking to close


a very, very well used facility down.


There are acres of space around Reading where they could put these


other facilities. These days, obviously


budget constraints for all councils, we have to make the best


use of our assets, and that's what We're putting in an activity


centre which we think will be busy fantastic for children


and families, and also we are relocating our Play service


which will both save cancel money and also help


with educational attainment. The driving range is run


by the owners of the Sandford Springs Golf Courses,


at Kingsclere and used as a gateway facility,


for people to try golf We did expect to be


at the Leaderboard range for a number of years to come,


however there is, as with any lease, there


is a break clause. The council had that break clause


and they decided to action it and yeah, from a visitors' point


of view, you have to respect that. It's thought most of the small


number of staff will be redundant when Leaderboard closes


in three weeks' time. Allen Sinclair, BBC


South Today, Reading. Now, Tony is here and Tony last


Friday we celebrated Alex Thomson coming sentence. People are being


pushed to follow his lead? It is so much work and the culmination


thereof. Alex Thomson sailing in, special pictures, what is making the


Vendee the challenge it is. Eight vendee globes,


eight French winners. A programme is running in the south


which aims to try to end the French dominance of the event and put more


British skippers on the start line. As I found out today,


the rigorous process involves far They are the future of British


offshore sailing, but they have These five sailors are


on an intense programme to get them to the start line


in the next Vendee globe. Part of it is the fear,


it is a real challenge, and that it is so different


from your daily life. Classroom stuff is as important


as the on the water It's the biggest challenge


that exists, and I Around the world nonstop


without assistance. You've seen this absolutely


amazing footage coming back from Alex Thompson


in the Southern Ocean, and each time I see it just makes me


want to do it more. Yesterday, we had our


fitness tests, and, like, it was pretty brutal,


but I guess The initiative is run


by Southampton-based firm Whitecap, and it's not just about being at sea


in a 60 foot yacht. He obviously got a lot


of credit for the pieces These five have done


media training, and pitched to possible corporate


sponsors for backing. There's four legs,


and they basically time you... The Vendee globe campaign


can cost ?10 million. I've been out on the water


for as long as I can remember, and now I'm trying to stand in front


of boardrooms trying to kind of justify an investment for,


effectively, a global marketing


campaign. Alex Thomson's success


in finishing second this year overshadowed the fact


that he was the only It's not because we don't


have the talent, we've got some It's that we need to


partner them and provide a commercial return to companies


so that is attractive for them to that "it's time Britain


ruled the waves again." By 2020, there could be several


contenders to secure an historic success in


the Everest of sailing. And good luck to the quintet as they


continue their preparations. It's FA cup fourth weekend


on the BBC but a Hampshire University could steal the headlines


in the FA Vase. Southampton Solent University


have reached the last 16 of the competition


for the first time. Tomorrow more than five


times their regular attendance It's a 3 o'clock kick


off at Test Park. Southampton will play


Manchester United at Wembley in the final of the EFL


cup next month. United beat Hull on aggregate over


two legs, concluding last night. Tomorrow Saints are back on the road


to Wembley in the FA Cup. They host Arsenal at St Marys


in their latest game Send Manga has just been handed a


four match ban for pushing an official. -- Wenger.


Saints beat Norwich in round three and are without injured


Championship leaders Brighton travel to Lincoln City in the fourth round


hoping to avoid an upset against the non leaguers who knocked


In the Championship Reading could go back to third if they beat Cardiff


at the Madejski stadium In league two Portsmouth face an in form


Follow the cup on BBC local radio and online with highlights of every


We like wildlife stories on South Today and two award winning


photographs we've previously featured on the programme


are now part of a national touring exhibition.


One of photos was intriguingly titled "Kung Fu Puffin", taken by 18


David Allard has been to see that and other exhibits


at the Moors Valley Country Park in Dorset.


Photography - it's all about capturing the moment.


Of course you can't persuade wild animals and birds to pose.


Which means these are images to cherish.


Fineness of the feathers and everything that come out with all


those colours, they're fantastic. These animals you never see them


close up, so it is excellent to see them in ways that you went most of


us. I wonder how many they take before they get the actual one.


Becky Bunce from Berkshire took this photo of puffins.


While I'm capturing that image it is just me, the camera, and the


wildlife, so it is this very special and unique connection that you tend


to feel. It is only when I reviewed the voter that I realised that one


had kicked the other in the face and I was like this was such odd


behaviour I have never seen it before.


The team at Moors Valley say it's appropriate they're hosting


an exhibition that reflects the diversity of British wildlife.


I think we have such a diversity of habitats and there is obviously a


great number of what is exhibited in there we are lucky enough to see


here at all Valley. Mainly because water voles are in such a decline,


we reached used water voles he later years ago and now have 300. It is


great to see their habitats being reused.


These stunning images were taken across the UK.


Matt hopes they'll inspire visitors to spot


wildlife at Moors Valley - next year - the exhibition may be


The exhibition runs until 26th February.


Aren't they beautiful! Now, Alexis, it's not so cold but warming up,


now. Nick Keown photographed


the sunrise in Greywell Shazz Hooper took this picture


of a boat in the brighter And Emma Golds captured


the grey skies at Petworth So, all change through the course of


today with increasing cloud and outbreaks of rain spreading in from


the Atlantic. Hill fog is a possibility overnights tonight,


seeing some outbreaks of rain. Light and patchy, but oddly moderate or


heavy bursts in the early hours of the morning possible. A great nights


to come, lots of cloud and temperatures not as low as recently,


dropping between three and eight Celsius, the mildest along the


coast. A damp start to the day tomorrow, through the cause of the


morning rain edges northwards and eastwards, claiming many places


during the afternoon but one or two isolated showers through the


afternoon, in the sunshine temperatures reaching a high of


between 7-9 Celsius, with a brisk south-westerly wind. Further showers


are also likely tomorrow evening, in the first part of tomorrow night.


High pressure builds into the early hours of Sunday morning and so we


may have a frost under clearer skies north of Berkshire, Tebbutt dropping


here north of freezing. A weather front on its way in time for Sunday


day. Sunday expected to be quite a wet day, a good deal of persistent


rain during because of the day and with that they brisk south-westerly


wind, these two weather fronts moving their way in during the


course of the day, being heavy at times but mainly light and moderate.


Nuisance rain during the course of the day and limited brightness so


there won't be sunshine at all. We good seasons hill fog as well,


during Sunday daytime. Looking to the rest of the week, sunny spells


tomorrow after a wet start in places and that weather front slowed to


clear in some areas and mailing into parts of oxygen during the parts of


the afternoon. Rain on Sunday and some rain also on Monday and Tuesday


full 's up now, tomorrow it is the Chinese New Year, and also the year


of the Rooster, the lucky numbers of the Rooster are five seven and


eight. Look, seven and eight! A lucky year to happen!


If you weren't watching last night, you missed a lovely story


about people in Reading clubbing together to replace a stolen bike


after seeing a forlorn note left by the owner.


But don't worry, you can see a special version on it


on our Facebook page which has already had a quarter


Geared bike thief. Have you ever thought that you make people stay


miserable? It is a full or note as you can


And just look at some of the comments you've made:


Tracy Ann May says "blimey, this had made me cry a little bit.


"Well done Rachael and all the donators".


Sue Roffe declares "this is the Britain I want to live in.


"Well done Rachel" "there are some lovely people in this world


"Hope this bike is safe this time. Great story and outcome".


Isn't that brilliant! Very Nice. Lets hope for more uplifting stories


with programme is over the weekend and of course next week. Good night!


Good night, have a lovely weekend.


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