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Welcome to South today. I'm Sally so it's goodbye from me,


Welcome to South today. I'm Sally Taylor. The headlines: 999 staff are


left suicidal by a climate of fear, according to union leaders.


Warnings about the dangers of online dating from a woman who lost


thousands of pounds and ended up with a criminal record.


Very early on he was telling me how much she loved me and wanted to be


with me and I suppose I just got to the point where I believed


everything he said. The Berkshire man looking to scoop


the Oscars of the ice cream world. And spreading the love - heartfelt


messages on Valentine's Day. Union leaders representing


999 call handlers at South East Coast Ambulance service


are claiming that a report detailing horrific acts of staff bullying


has been covered up. The independent report was completed


in May last year but has now been It's said to describe a climate


of fear with two call handlers attempting suicide


because of the abuse. Behind these walls was a workforce


subjected to a culture of fear, according to reports carried out


after four staff members complained of harassment. 999 col operators


suffered bullying, core version and intimidation, it was said. To even


attempted suicide. Looking at some of the findings in


this report, as you would imagine I am appalled. I am beyond


disappointed, I am very angry. There will be serious questions to ask if


these are true. Women were called obscene names. A


culture of favouritism and nepotism meant that some were threatened with


the sack. The trust declined an interview but


in a statement described these as historical allegations that had


either been dealt with or had no evidence to back them up but they


did say they take bullying and harassment very seriously and are


working hard to address this area of concern. The union which represents


call handlers says that staff who were responsible are still in place


and more must be done. They are still taking prime


positions within the trust so clearly it has not been dealt with.


I think that as an outright lie by the trust and if they have been


dealt but then had been dealt with behind closed doors. It is very much


a boys club and these members are the leading lights in the boys club.


The need to be removed from the organisation.


It is hardly the first scandal to hit the trust.


It was alleged that ambulances were delayed in a deliberate tactic to


meet targets. A new chief executive has been appointed but has not yet


in place. He will have a lot on his plate when he arrives.


Investigators have spent the day at the Reading branch of Top Shop


following the death of a 10 year old boy.


He suffered fatal head injuries in an incident


The death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious.


James Ingham is at the Oracle shopping centre.


James, what more do we know about what happened?


Few details have been released at this stage just over 24 hours


after emergency services were alerted to this incident.


Police and paramedics responded to calls at around 4:15pm


yesterday afternoon they found a boy had suffered serious head injuries


after an incident involving what police are describing


Well, the store has been closed all day.


These pictures show a security guard near the shop front.


Behind those barriers, several investigations have begun.


Thames Valley Police is looking into the circumstances surrounding


Reading Borough Council has also sent in safety experts to carry


Late this afternoon, Top Shop said...


It is half term here in Berkshire and many parents have been out with


their children. Those we spoke to said they were shocked and


traumatised and deeply saddened. That will be felt in this community


for a long time, I think. A soldier's been charged with two


counts of causing death by dangerous driving after a car crash


which killed two teenage girls while they were out


running in Aldershot. 16 year old Stacey Burrows and 17


year old Lucy PIEgott died after the collision on Queens Avenue


in early November. 24 year old Michael Casey


from North London has been bailed and will appear before magistrates


in Basingstoke next month. They say love is blind and that's


perhaps what internet Hampshire police have chosen


Valentine's Day to launch a campaign about the dangers that online dating


can sometimes pose. Every three hours a new


victim of dating fraud The average victim is 49 years


old and loses ?10,000. And it typically takes just 30 days


from first contact for the victim Today, a victim of online dating


fraud is sharing her experiences of how she lost thousands of pounds


and ending up with a conviction Our Home Affairs Correspondent


Emma Vardy has the story. Very early on he was telling me how


much she loved me. A love story, which


became a nightmare. When Jenny met a man online,


he quickly gained her affections. But later he began asking


for help to transfer money I would go to maybe three different


branches and withdraw the funds and deposit it into the other bank


accounts. Over three years she


lost more the ?20,000 of her own cash, and


was convicted of money And has made this film with


Hampshire Police to warn others. I never thought that I was naive. I


didn't think anything like this could happen to me.


The man who conned her, has never been tracked down.


Police say a quarter of all so-called romance frauds


But often the fraudsters are operating from abroad,


and can be scamming hundreds of people online at once.


This type of scam can be so powerful, because they prey


on a victims deepest desires and their longing for love.


Be aware of the few things such as declaring undying love for dropping


and financial issues very early on. That is a bit dodgy.


The number of people defrauded in the UK by online dating scams


You hear more and more in the news about it so you have to treated with


caution. You can write anything you want but


if you see somebody then it is completely different.


Now on valentine's day police are warning potential victims,


because the fraudsters themselves will very rarely be caught.


Many victims like Jenny will look back and wonder how they ever fell


It's a question I put to Tony Neate from the


It's the old adage, love is blind. I think people have rose tinted


glasses on. They are looking for a relationship. Some people have just


come out of a bad relationship or might have lost someone. Even the


elderly are affected by this. People might say something nice to them or


are charming and they start to fall for them and then those rose tinted


glasses start to turn red. Scammers always seemed to be one


step ahead. How sophisticated have they become?


Very sophisticated but we have to remember that the Internet is a


great place and lots of people have found love online. But it can be


dangerous if you don't take the necessary precautions to safeguard


yourself. It is a matter of talking to the people, not relying on their


profile, and making sure you got all the appropriate information, before


sending money, which is worst thing can possibly do.


How can we spot a sweet talking con artist?


Asked a lot of questions. He will find they want to know a lot about


you but don't golf -- don't give so much information about themselves.


Asked a friend or family member to look at it. They might see something


that you don't. We've got to remember that love is blind and


those rose tinted glasses can get red and read the more you speak to


them. -- more red. The high tech company


Motorola Solutions says it's moving its European headquarters


from Basingstoke to central London. 270 people are currently


employed at the site. The company isn't the first high


profile name to move Briony Leyland joins us


live from Basingstoke. Briony, tell us more


about what's happening? Motorola Solutions provides high


tech communication equipment such as two way radios used


by the emergency services. It's been in Basingstoke


for 30 years. It is based in Chicago and employs


14,000 employees around the world. The company made its name


with mobile phones but that side of the business -


Motorola Mobility - which also has a base


here in Basingstoke - was split off a few years ago


and is unaffected by today's news. Motorola solutions told


us? "We are working closely with our employees


through this relocation process. This isn't the first time


Basingstoke has lost That's right, over the last five


years Basingstoke has lost The Chinese technology firm Huawei


relocated to Reading, they said they couldn't find


a suitable place to expand here. Energy giant SSE also chose reading


for its new headquarters. It is a blow in terms


of Basingstoke's profile, losing a high profile


global player like this. I do believe that Basingstoke


is strong enough to get over this and I'm sure that some other


high-tech company will treasure those skills and those premises


but it will prove difficult for some No comments from people leaving


their work tonight. Motorola Solutions says it will continue to


look for opportunities. One of the two brothers jailed


for an acid attack in Southampton which left a woman scarred and blind


in one eye has had his appeal The Appeal Court sitting


in Winchester also denied Billy Midmore's application


to appeal against his Drug dealer Billy Midmore denied


being involved in the attack but was convicted and given


a 15 year jail term and five years His brother, Geoffrey Midmore,


admitted carrying out the attack The victim, Carla Whitlock,


was blinded in one eye The appeal revolved around


a WhatsApp message sent by Geoffrey Midmore to his


girlfriend before the acid attack in which he described the drain


cleaner he'd bought with Billy as the "one face melter",


next to a photograph of the product. The defence argued it was hearsay


evidence and should not have been admissible at the trial and,


when it was used as evidence, they should have been able to


question Geoffrey Midmore about it. The Crown has argued that the acid


attack that took place outside of the Turtle Bay restaurant


in Southampton was The brothers bought the acid


together and they were at several other places together,


including here at a McDonald's restaurant when the box containing


the drain cleaner was visible. The Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas


said the Appeal Court had decided to dismiss Billy Midmore's appeal


against his conviction and they would give the reasons


for doing so later in writing. The court also dismissed his appeal


against his lengthy sentence of 15 years in jail and five years


on extended licence. Lord Thomas said that


the punishment was not excessive He said that Billy Midmore had


an appalling record Within the last hour, cox between


Southern Railways and the union have ended without progress. Strikes have


been held over in the dispute over the role of conductors.


Later, an extraordinary 18th century tryst the wife,


husband and her lover living in the same house.


The scandal of Admiral Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton.


A mother from Portsmouth has been sentenced to life imprisonment


Nicola Brown's baby Jake died in December 2014 after receiving


The judge said Nicola Brown had been prepared to blame others for Jake's


death and must serve at least fourteen-and-a-half years in jail.


A serious case review is underway - as the family was known to social


services and the NHS before the baby's death.


The acting leader of West Berkshire Council has


said everyone's thoughts are with their leader


after he was seriously injured and his wife killed


Roger and Zelda Croft from Thatcham were travelling in France


Mr Croft is in a stable condition in hospital.


Roger had a lot of friends in the council, both council


officers and council members, and first of all our thoughts


Hopefully over the next days and weeks we will give whatever


Time for the sport now. You were at the game last night. It was a


valiant effort. A good game but not the result Bournemouth fans wanted.


Ultimately another loss but a good performance. They are looking over


their shoulders. Bournemouth are now seven games


without a win in the Premier League after their 2-0 loss


to Manchester City last night. With the TV cameras in town,


it was the visitors The lights were on,


the cameras were rolling Bournemouth's goal living


a charmed life early But Raheem Sterling made no


mistake on the half hour. His 7th in 5 games


against the Cherries. They try to get straight back into


the picture and they have done it. Joshua King looked to have


scored an immediate reply. Although it was disallowed


for this tug on John Stones. In the second half


Sterling turned provider. Tyrone Mings putting


through his own net under They made it difficult for us


because they keep the ball so well. I thought our lives gave everything


but ultimately came up short. -- our lads.


There's a full fixture list in the Football League tonight,


Brighton will look to regain top spot in the Championship


While Reading host Brentford at the Madejski Stadium.


Which is where Tim Dellor is this evening for BBC Radio Berkshire.


What is more romantic than Valentine 's night at Reading's stadium? The


playing surface resembles a poorly kept allotment. Those sacrificing an


amorous evening are into an altogether less relaxing experience


here. What a prospect.


Elsewhere, in League One, MK Dons are at Bury,


Swindon need points at Northampton to get out of the relegation zone,


while Oxford are looking for a 6th straight win against Southend.


In League Two, Portsmouth who are four points


from third-placed Carlisle, with a game in hand host Blackpool.


Former Sussex Cricket captain Michael Yardy has been named


Yardy retired in 2015 after two decades with Sussex as a player,


He'll coach batsmen at each level from the junior squads up


Now, at the end of this month Southampton Football Club will take


part in their first League Cup Final in 38 years and we want


Look at this fantastic footage from the archive,


of Lawrie McMenemy's side training ahead of the 1979 final


Did you make it to Wembley and have a story to tell about the day?


Maybe you missed the game for a particular reason?


Or perhaps you know of someone going to extraordinary lengths


It's awards season - you may have seen the Bafta's the other night -


we've also had the Emmies, and there's the Oscars looming.


Paul Field has been in the ice cream business for more


than 35 years - he's one of two people


from our region in the running to be crowned mobile Ice Cream


Paul Field's been an ice cream man since he left school.


There were around 20,000 ice cream men when he first


20, 25 years ago, I could pull in a street and park anywhere.


But now, the street is full up with cars.


Sundays has changed, cos when the shops were closed


on Sunday, everybody was at home and they came and bought


Sunday actually is the quietest day of the week now.


Paul has had some famous customers - Tony Blackburn, Debbie McGee


and even Princes William and Harry - but the biggest honour would be


winning the coveted title of ice cream man of the year.


If I won it, it would be for the Reading people because


35 years of supporting me, Southcote, Coley,


I've done the streets round there and I've seen the people


grow up from children and now they've got their own children


and I'm really proud to be from Reading and I'm really proud


that they've supported me over the years.


Paul doesn't like his customers getting saucy, though.


The sauce is every ice cream man's nightmare.


It gets on the floor, it becomes sticky and gets


all over our hands and in the coins and in the money.


If people could stay away from sauce, that'd be brilliant.


There are perks of the job, of course.


And that's a real nice classic tune.


You're not tempted to go for anything a little left-field?


I suppose if Donald Trump comes to England this year,


I'll put Yankee Doodle Dandy on for him.


On reflection, Paul says winning ice cream man of the year will be


the highlight of his career - but he's got to fight off


competition from Bognor Regis and Stafford in the final.


Hundreds of romantics have been declaring their love at a special


Messages of devotion have been chalked across Guildhall Square -


There was plenty of love to go around for those without a date


too, with many notes to friends and family.


It's a Valentine's Day, you've got to spread the love.


I saw this and I thought it was so sweet so I thought


I'm just going to do it, go for it.


He's helped me through so much and I just want to show him I love him.


And have you ever celebrated like this?


This is a real highlight of our life.


Lord Nelson is one the country's greatest military leaders.


While his actions at sea made him famous, he also achieved notoriety


for his love affair with Emma Hamilton.


She was the wife of Sir William Hamilton,


the British envoy to Naples, when she met Nelson -


Emma's rags to riches story the subject of the latest exhibition


at Greenwich's Royal Maritime Museum.


As Jim Wheble reports, theirs was a passionate affair.


How do I idolise you, my dearest husband of my heart?


You are all in this world to your Emma.


I can neither eat nor sleep thinking of you, my dearest love.


Last night I did nothing but dream of you, although I waked


It was like a Hollywood romance but it also fuelled another familiar


Sir William watches as lovers carry on!


Nelson and Lady Hamilton in love tryst!


Not only was Nelson married but the lovers


conducted their affair openly in front of Sir William.


There were rumours that three of them lived together


here at Merton Place in south-west London,


which Nelson and Emma had bought for their future.


A place in the country away from all the chatter.


In 1800, Emma Nelson and Sir William comeback to live in England


and Nelson instructs Emma to find him and hire


a country pad with they can live out their future days together.


So in 1801 she finds Merton Place and it is


the love nest that they hope for, which they called


On the deck of HMS Victory, Nelson's luck ran out.


Shot dead, kiss me, Hardy, and the rest of course is history.


Crippled by debt. Dying in poverty.


But her legacy will always be one half of one of the world's


That was quite saucy for its time. Onto the weather. It is getting


milder but wet as well? We will see a bit of rain and some


sunshine. The possibility of a bit of rain over the weekend.


Happy Valentine's Day from Jacqueline Rackham and Louis


Dawn Hazell captured the blue skies this morning in Oxford.


And Amber Davis took this close up of a snow drop at Blashford


All through the day today we saw increasing cloud and there is the


possibility of patchy light rain. Low cloud overnight with mist and


fog patches as well which will make things are key. The rain will clear


we eventually and the mist and fog will develop. E-mail start to the


day tomorrow. -- a mild start. This rain band could be heavy at times


and we might even have the odd rumble of thunder. Clearing the


south coast and temperatures reaching highs of nine or 10


Celsius. Slowly but surely the winds are changing from the south easterly


yesterday to a south-westerly tomorrow night. Clear spells at


times tomorrow night. Mist and fog in early parts of Thursday morning.


Another murky start. That misty fog will slowly left and once it does


the cloud will break up with a south-westerly breeze. We will see


some sunny spells on Thursday afternoon with light winds. That


high pressure will stay with us through Friday. Similar to Thursday.


Cloudy high-pressure start but some sunny spells in the afternoon.


Thursday and Friday will be mainly dry. Not everyone will see that rain


and will be sunny spells. Mail today with a high of 10 Celsius, similar


conditions on Thursday. More brightness on Thursday. Brightness


on Friday and rain at times on Saturday.


Be with us tomorrow because Alex Thomson from Gosport is here to talk


about this ceiling. -- ceiling. -- # I knew you were trouble


when you walked in # Now I'm lying


on the cold, hard ground


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