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The ugly side of the South - Reports of hate crime


But what can be done to tackle the problem?


We see a connection between hate crime and international and national


events. Preparing for the "perfect storm" -


The project to map worst-case scenarios along our flood-threatened


coastline. Right next to Stonehenge 100 years


ago this was the middle of a huge military airbase. We have found some


unseen photographs of it. And all hail to the Boss -


Gosport's Alex Thomson joins us on the sofa to talk


about his round-the-world It's an ugly image repeated


in many parts of the south. A young man struck in the face


in a Bournemouth street - just for speaking Spanish


to his girlfriend. Figures for hate crime,


recorded since the Brexit vote, show that the number of reported


offences are up - and at record In fact, in the three months


after last year's EU referendum, Dorset had the highest percentage


increase in the whole of England and Wales,


up 100% on the previous quarter. In Wiltshire there


was a 38 increase. Hampshire and Sussex


went up by 33 and 32%. And Thames Valley saw


an increase of 20%. Our Home Affairs Correspondent


Emma Vardy has more. This was the moment a man was hit


with a plank of wood in Bournemouth. His attacker shouted


"Speak English!" This extreme incident,


was one of an increasing number of hate crimes recorded


by Dorset Police last year. There was a handful of incidents


that we think could have been directly linked to the referendum


results. We see a connection between hate crime taking place and


international and national events. Last year of victim support says it


helps more than 16,000 victims of hate crime across England and Wales


and saw a spike in the immediate aftermath of the referendum. But


there was also noticeable increases following the terror attacks in


Paris and Denise. -- in Nice. Most incidents are much less serious


than the attack in Bournemouth, and police say that they're


receiving historical reports too, Attacks amongst Muslim communities


are also a concern for police. A group of boys came up to me and


started telling me to get out of the country and calling me a terrorist.


They pushed me into the traffic. At the Bournemouth Islamic Centre,


they say hate incidents have not been a problem,


but that the Brexit debate We did not see an increase in hate


crime or anything that tells us it was a difference before and after


Brexit. Some argue the result of Brexit means equities are more


divided. It is maybe something that was not visible for us and the weed


their whole process was conducted has highlighted the issues we have


of immigration and so on. A human rights organisation


has said the country should prepare for


possibility of further spikes in offences once


There's been a protest in Southampton this afternoon over


claims that care packages for people with disabilities could be


It's been sparked by leaked emails which appear to show agency staff


being offered financial incentives to find savings.


Southampton City Council says no-one has been incentivised


Anger - aimed at Southampton City Council and the company Capita -


brought in to help review and assess a backlog of social care packages.


These campaigners say leaked emails raise questions about how that work


An email from one member of Capita staff dated September 2016 refers


to an "extra incentive scheme" it says?


..if a person manages to improve their performance?


This can be measured across both productivity levels


Another email sent in November says..


"The senior managers who are leading this transformation


want to know why it appears we are failing to realise


the results in service delivery and savings they anticipated"


much as if the workers are being pressured,


highly pressured, to go in and to make savings and to cut


That is really concerning because according to the Care Act


you cannot go in with a view to make cuts.


You have to look at the assessed needs first.


Capita says it has spoken to the members of staff


involved, it told us: "Capita and its employees delivering this


service have never been incentivised to deliver savings.


The employees' idea was clearly inappropriate and they did not


have the authority to suggest it, share it with the team


The scheme was never considered an appropriate proposal


Southampton City Council says all reviews have been completed


in accordance with the law following eligibility criteria


The city council says that of the care


have stayed the same, 1% have increased and of the remaining 20


percent care is bein gprovided in a different way at lower cost


the inroduction of annual review of care packages arguing it puts too


What they did in the since this try to catch up on a backlog of those


assessments by bringing Capita to fix those assessment. We see from


the e-mail they were struggling to keep up. And put out some pretty


dumb e-mails in the process of doing that.


Southampton city council says it's committed to meeting people's


to live independent lives - campaigners say they will be


It's called a "Black Swan": the worst possible combination


of unexpected storm surges and high tides to cause damage


Now a project is using computer simulators to map out the nightmare


scenarios for flooding along coastal communities, in the hope that


realistic predictions can be made and solutions found.


Let's join Sean Killick at Pagham tonight.


Good evening. There has been significant coastal erosion here in


recent years. Many of the homes are noticed the pebbles threw away from


a high tide line. But the project you referred to in hopes to help


residents at risk of flooding not only ever alongside course. -- right


along the south coast. This was the scene at Pagham


just before Christmas. A tidal surge from a low pressure


system in the Atlantic Sea water flooded past Packham yacht


club but thankfully there was no Residents were grateful


it was a windless day, otherwise the sea could have


been far less forgiving. At the National Oceanography Centre


in Southampton, they are leading a group of scientists


from across the South in studying existing storm


data from recent years. Then they will use a computer


model to create factual to predict future


worst-case scenarios. We're going to take some storms,


things that you might call near misses,


and deliberately adjust them and make them go


in a slightly different direction and


make the winds stronger so we can see what those extreme


conditions might look like. Then we should hopefully


have an improved understanding of the protection that


we've got the course. We do know that the average


sea level is rising and that's the thing that we need


to take measures against. We don't know whether weather


systems are going to One of the things we're doing


is providing that additional The Met Office and


the universities of Southampton and Reading


are also working on project. They are highlighting


the case of Portsmouth, which after London and Hull


is the city most at risk from The Eastern Solent


Coastal Partnership plans up to ?100 million of coastal


defence work here in the The Storm Prediction Project


scientists say their work could help provide information


for projects such as this to protect residents from the worst-case


flooding in the years ahead. the scientists are keen to point out


their project merely highlights the risks. After that it is going to


planners and politicians and pots of money. Here they are still waiting


for planning permission for a project they have for coastal


defence work but they are still hopeful they will get work here this


summer. The family of Kaden Reddick,


who died in an accident on Monday, said today


"He was a loving, cheeky, energetic boy" whose death


would "leave a huge empty hole The ten-year-old was seriously


injured in an incident In a tribute today the family of


Kaden Reddick said his death will leave a huge and empty hole in the


lives of everyone who knew him. He died from head injuries in an


incident involving store furniture at Topshop in Reading. Today the


company has removed the display units from every one of its stores


across the country. Inside the closed Reading branch investigations


are still under way by the company and Thames Valley Police and Reading


by the council. The boy 's family said he loved coming to school and


the headteacher issued a statement saying how shocked everyone is by


the death of such an energetic young man who enjoyed helping others. His


family say the hardest part of his death is knowing he will never be


able to fulfil his potential. He looked forward to riding his older


brother is more bed and becoming a teacher. This it is impossible to


comprehend he will never be able to do any of this. It is half term here


this week saw no pupils are at school. When they return on Monday


they will be offered specialist support.


Another strike has been announced on Southern Railway.


Train crews who belong to the RMT union will hold a 24 hour


It follows the failure of talks yesterday.


The drivers' union, Aslef, has done a deal with the company


to modernise working practices and is balloting its members.


A 52-year-old man from Chichester has been jailed for four years


after admitting a number of fraud offences.


David Coombs from Hunston Road in the town carried out the frauds


across Hampshire and Dorset targetting people he met


on dating websites and in hospitals across the south.


A former governor at a Hampshire school which is threatened


with closure or being merged, says parents are being mislead.


Hampshire county council has launched


a consultation on the future of Fort Hill Community School


in Basingstoke because of falling numbers of pupils.


One option is merging with Cranbourne business


Here's a message from our guest tonight.


You don't normally see me in a suit. The I'm here tonight.


"A very steep downward spiral," the words of one military veteran


who found himself with mental health and drug issues after


There are, in fact, between 3,500 and 5,000 veterans incarcerated


Now a Hampshire charity has called on the government to do more to help


A middle-aged military veteran who, a fortnight ago,


He spent nearly a decade behind bars for a serious and violent


Because he's trying to turn his life around,


Everything just exploded one day and the support that I had,


The substance abuse became worse and it then became a very steep


He's being helped by Hampshire charity Care after Combat,


who've put him up in this home while he finds his feet.


But why do service personnel need extra support?


Coming from the service life myself it's just they've


The impact can be just straight-forward things -


It's always been done for them within the service


I think the public say, "OK, mate, you're a veteran, you've screwed up,


you're going to get another chance, care after combat, we're not


going to give you a handout, we're not going to spoon-feed you -


If you're not going to work, off you go."


The charity has had great success using ex-military mentors to help


people back to civilian life, but it's also warning there are too


many veteran groups all trying to do the same thing.


We sent them away, we should deal with the consequences


I believe that with so many charities pushing their services


onto the veterans, A, it is confusing,


and B, they might think, hang on a minute, if I'm


playing my cards right here, I don't have to go to work.


We don't really want to kill a veteran with kindness.


Steve says he's lucky he has found the help he needs,


and is looking forward to turning his life around.


I feel that I've served my sentence and now it's time to rebuild.


Everything they're giving me now, I'm going to pay them back


Chris Temple is here. We will start with football. Thousands of people


watch football last night. There was a full programme


of Football League fixtures last night, and wins for Reading


and Portsmouth kept their promotion And it's with the Royals, that we


start our Valentines night round-up. After two draws Reading got


themselves back on the winners against Brentford. This could put


them ahead. Just after the hour Brentford scored two goals in three


minutes. But a triple substitution paid dividends. Williams got the


equaliser. Before a generous charity hand-out for the winner. A moment to


forget for the Brentford goalkeeper. Reading are now five points behind


Brighton in second after the seagulls were held by Ipswich.


Chambers gave the Suffolk side an early lead. But a file and Bruno led


to this chance to even the score. -- a file. Evans set Portsmouth on


their Blackpool. This goal from Doyle ensured a second win in four


days. It was a largely pushy tonight in League 1. Oxford saw their run of


five straight wins ended by Southend. MK dons drew nil nil at


Bury. The own goal at Southampton by Jones was cancelled out by Morris.


More matches on Saturday. And some sides involved in the FA Cup. It's


100 days till the America cup. Today marks 100 days


until the America's Cup But it's been nearly a month now


since Gosport-based sailor Alex Thomson finished a magnificent


second place, in the gruelling solo round the world


race, the Vendee Globe. We followed his story


closely of course over A little earlier, Alex came


in to join us here on the red sofa, and share his experiences


of the race, and life since. I'm certainly not back


in normal life yet. There have been lots of parties


lots of media stuff and I've been to Last night we were


at the world sports My feet have hardly


touched the ground. That takes its toll


mentally and physically. It must be difficult


when you get back to dry land to It is quite daunting


when you you're on your own for so long and the thought of thousands


of people arriving, it was very And I'm sleeping


really well already. In fact have got to go back


to the gym because I've lost a lot We know about your


starboard foil breaking. Let's look at this clip


from mid-race, towards the end of It's at that point you are thinking


am I going to catch him? It really is about trying to get


as close to our man as possible and But one thing you can count


on is that I will fight to the end! He certainly did fight


to the end, Alex. Was there a point when you realised


you were not going to catch? You always have to fight in this


race and I said from the beginning you have to expect an expected and


even when we went towards the Scilly Islands, to tack on the port tack


to make a finish it was pretty done and dusted then but anything


could have In 2020 you've announced that


you're going to do it. You asked your wife


and she has said yes. I was third last time,


second this time servers What we're trying to do know is see


if you can put the sponsors together and put the team


together because most important thing in this


is the I have been very fortunate to work


with some very talented people the right team


we have a chance. Will you use the same boat


will you build a new boat? There's a potential rule change


coming in April and we will have to look at what the rules


are and decide whether we can do it. The technological


advances we mentioned earlier on the 20 million people


on Facebook saw the shots from the Do things like being able


to Facetime your wife and son when you're deciding


to be away from your You can actually stay


in touch much better My son, Oscar, was quite upset


at the first two weeks of the And his school gave me a little


cuddle turtle called Speedy. I thought I'd do a little videos


so every a little video, kind of Trying to make him


and his friends laugh. Thanks for mentioning


the Facebook page of That day in the Southern Ocean


was mad because I was there eating my porridge


and a French helicopter came along. I was a bit grumpy and


I wasn't going to go outside and I can't believe it was


seen by over 20 million people. Believe it or not, my wife


booked a sailing holiday. She's getting her own back


on you for going in She's booked a Dream Yacht charter


and we're off to the She says it's not fair


that you're having Congratulations again


and thanks for coming in. 20 million people have already seen


the pictures from the Southern Ocean and we're putting them back up on


our Facebook page. Now, we've reported on many rows


about the impact of roadbuilding But what might surprise


you is the amount of concrete Tonight we can reveal


previously unseen pictures of a World War I aerodrome,


a huge military base just a few It was damage caused by that


aerodrome which first prompted calls to clean up the area and restore


the World Heritage Site. Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton reports. Stonehenge today, with open


grassland all around. Look in the background


at the First World War airbase. There were giant hangars for bomber


aircraft and 800 men lived here. The road through the middle


is today's A303, and curving away to the right


is a railway line. During the 1920s the area became a


pig farm and then it was pulled down.


Where we are standing pretty much is where the main hangars work,


but they were, sort of, facing in the direction


Today only a few fragments remain visible.


Where we are standing, by mid-1918, was the busy part of the Aerodrome -


it was the technical buildings, the main accommodation block,


So there is still concrete under here?


There will still be some concrete under here, yes.


The line of the longest military away in the country is still visible


in the landscape. There were more hangers on the north


side of the airfield, many of them. They were beside the road


that runs between the stones There is almost no


evidence of them today. Are there any Americans in,


ladies and gentlemen? To mark a century since


the Royal Flying Corps arrived, English Heritage brought


a First World War plane The presence of that era drum in


this ancient setting actually sparked the debate as to what was an


appropriate setting for Stonehenge for the Stones themselves and the


ancient landscape that surrounds Stonehenge. Almost within state of


Stonehenge was a second huge airfield called Lake down. Today we


coloured Druids Lodge. A water tower and a handful of buildings remain.


There is now a big debate about the benefits or otherwise


of a new road tunnel through the World Heritage Site.


It is worth remembering just what the landscape looked


Paul Clifton, BBC South Today, Salisbury Plain.


Great photos. I never knew anything about that. Wonderful to see.


Did you get caught in the rain today? More rain to come? Will we


get a dry spell? The next few days into the weekend. Sunday has the


possibility of some patchy rain but dry until then and fairly meld as


well. Many of you have been out and about today despite the rain taking


pictures. Let's take a look at the first portal which was quite a soggy


scene. Down the Forest. But things brightened up after the rain started


pushing through. A rainbow came out in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight. We


also saw sunshine in Hampshire. Sunny spells broke through during


the latter part of the day and the rain slowly moved northwards. Rain


is currently all the of Oxfordshire eventually quitting north eastwards


through this evenings. Mist and fog patches are a possibility through


tonight and will become quite dense and places. We may have the odd


isolated shower tonight should be mainly dry with a few clear spells.


A little cooler than last night but temperatures falling from five


Celsius to eight Celsius. Fairly light winds. Tomorrow morning mist


and fog may be stubborn to clear but what does an improving picture. The


odd isolated shower. Sunny spells breaking through the afternoon. A


lot more sun than recent days. Temperatures reaching highs of 10


degrees to 11 Celsius. A pleasant enter the day tomorrow. Tomorrow


night summer two tonight. Patchy cloud with mist and fog patches


developing in the early hours of the morning. A fair amount of cloud with


temperatures falling to 6 degrees seven Celsius. The winner will be


like. This is why the fog foisting on


Friday morning may be slow to clear. What it does and improving picture.


A cloudy start. Sunshine breakthrough in many places. Hard to


say with the sun will be but there will be increasing cloud with this


fragmented weather front arriving Friday night producing a little rain


in the early hours of Saturday morning. I pressure is not far away.


It will stay with us during the weekend. Tomorrow after a cloudy


start mist and fog will eventually left. We will see some lovely


conditions. A cloudy start to Friday. Saturday. Very similar days


with sunny spells breaking through on both days. Fairly light winds


coming up in the south. At the moment Sunday looks like a fair


amount of cloud. One to brighter spells but the chance of patchy rain


at times. The bestie of the weekend is probably Saturday will it should


stay mainly dry to daylight hours. If you would like to become one of


our weather Watchers is a website to do that. Or if you want a full 11


day forecast you can go onto a website. Almost springlike, dare I


There'll be a news summary at 8pm and we'll be back at 10.30.


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