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They're too difficult to handle - the scheme which helps violent


offenders once their released loses its funding.


If someone really did wind me up I would have had them and not stopped.


Is the future of Guildford Cathedral in doubt?


Its plan to sell off land to raise funds fails.


increase, a former teacher tells her own story.


What I have come to realise is it is not about the quantity I was


drinking it is more about why I was drinking. I was drinking to change


how I felt. And the Storm sisterhood -


Surrey's netball team hoping to repeat last year's success


as the season begins. First tonight, it was almost


all over but it seems there's no end in sight in the long running dispute


at Southern Rail. Drivers on Southern Railway have


defied their own union. They've rejected a deal to end


a series of strikes which have The union held 11 days


of talks with the company. It reached a deal and


recommended it to drivers. So where does this leave passengers,


who thought the end was in sight to almost a year


of industrial action? Our Transport Correspondent


Paul Clifton is at The prospect of a deal


with the drivers was a rare ray of sunshine for passengers,


who endure the poorest performing Tonight that ray of


sunshine has gone out. The drivers voted to reject


the deal negotiated The drivers have rejected


a key principle. In specific circumstances


they were being asked to operate the doors when a second member


of staff is not on the train. For example, when a conductor


becomes ill or arrives late. In particular, drivers


were unhappy about the quality of the CCTV cameras they use


to monitor the doors. We spoke to one driver,


who does not want to be identified. The concerns we have are eventually


someone will get trapped in the door, the driver will not see them


on the poor quality cameras and we will end up in court. As soon as we


move those, images go off so anybody who is running to try and get on the


train and has slipped between the platform, we will not see them.


The company said it was deeply disappointed.


It is unbelievable how there is still a dispute with no resolution.


They should sort themselves out. Not impressed at all. I think it is a


good thing. What is the point in going on strike unless you really


hold out for what your true beliefs are?


A separate dispute involving conductors is still on?


Conductors in the RMT union met the company earlier this week.


So a 29th strike day next Wednesday goes ahead.


Southern expects to run four out of five trains -


not wildly different from a normal day.


So will the drivers now go back on strike as well?


Because when they stop work, almost no trains run at all.


The drivers' dispute is effectively back on.


For passengers, this is like turning back the clock two months.


But I don't think Aslef will strike just yet.


They will go back to Southern Railway.


They will ask for a slightly better deal.


Both the union and Southern have been taken by surprise


The union leaders will want to talk before they walk.


A homeless woman has been attacked with a razor blade


Police were called to the Guildbourne Centre


in the town at a quarter to seven yesterday evening where they found


a woman with serious injuries to her hand.


Four women aged between 17 and 21 have been arrested.


Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack which is believed


to have happened in nearby Chapel Road.


It's a scheme that works with some of Hampshire's most violent


offenders when they're released from jail.


The violent offender intervention programme has run for almost 10


years and claims to have successfully stopped hundreds


of people from reoffending, but it can't continue


after the programme's main source of funding was withdrawn.


It's a decision that comes down to the local police and crime


commissioner as our home affairs correspondent Emma Vardy reports.


I was literally self harming, I was overdosing, I threatened to jump off


a bridge ease. In trouble with police


since he was a teenager, Lesley had four spells in jail over


a decade. Someone would start on me and I


would say, come on then. If you want to start I will start. I would just


grab anything I could get a hold of. I was very out-of-control. He was in


a downward spiral and could not see a way out. That is were Jack came


in. Jack Briggs, an ex-special forces


man now runs the violent offender intervention programme for Hampshire


which is about to lose its funding. People that are generally referred


to as are the most difficult to handle and represent the highest


risk of harm to the community. He has helped me with keeping out of


prison, got me with the right people. You need a seamless service


that works for them when they are also in prison to ensure there is


not a large gap between someone leaving prison. The number of


violent and sex offenders are being monitored after leaving prison has


risen by 60% in seven years. Figures released shortly on more than 70,000


people under supervision in England and Wales. Last year 15% of violent


and dangerous offenders in the community were returned to custody


for a breach of their conditions. Hampshire Police and Crime


Commissioner, the conservative Michael Lane told us


that he is supporting other projects through grants


totalling 1.7 million pounds, and that money has been allocated


to achieve maximum impact will be disapopinted,


and that he is looking for other Now the project which changed


Lesley's life, must now find other funding to continue,


or it will come to an end. A coroner has said there were "lost


opportunities" to prevent the death 72-year-old Kathleen Hamer


from Camberley died at Frimley Park Hospital


in June 2015. The hospital says it has


since made improvements. Sean Killick reports


from Woking Coroner's Court. Before she retired Kathleen Hame


worked as a speech therapist for the NHS, but her family say


in her hour of need the NHS let her Mrs Hame died from a ruptured


liver during an operation at Frimley Park Hospital following


an emergency admission with There had been a delay


in her treatment. An out of hours GP


and hospital doctors The coroner, Dr Karen Henderson,


said this was a personal tragedy of someone who had been


a champion of the NHS. She said there had been a number


of lost opportunities, starting from when Mrs Hame


was first seen, for her death to be She added she will write the chief


executive of the hospital over considerable concerns over


a serious lapse in care. She added she did believe this


case had been taken very seriously by the trust and changes


had been introduced. The hospital report showed


quite clearly the lack of beds available


contributed to her death. There were no beds available


on the ward and she did not receive the same treatment in A


she would have got on a ward. She was diagnosed


with a UTI but in fact there was something much more


serious going on and we tried to explain this to the doctors but it


was not possible to get the message My mum was at the heart of our


family and her passing has left a gap in our lives of


which we will not be able to fill. We are all upset that


this could Our family could have been


quite different now. The trust has apologised


to the family and said it In a statement they said,


we have worked with our doctors and nurses in the emergency


department to improve our process for identifying deterioration


in patients at an early stage and ensuring these patients get rapid


access to the care they need. We noted all the


coroner's comments in her conclusion today and will


carefully consider each one to ensure we continue to provide


a high-quality care Workers from one of the unions


which represents workers at the Atomic Weapons Establishment


in Berkshire have accepted a final Members of the Prospect union


at the sites in Aldermaston and Burghfield voted


to support the scheme. But a second union, Unite, is still


in dispute with the company. Prospect says that the pensions


scheme introduced at the start of the month is "significantly


better" than the one There's a new push to reopen a road


on the Isle of Wight - which has been closed to traffic


for three years. Undercliff Drive at Niton was shut


following a landslip. The caretaker leader


of the island's council, Dave Stewart says it's has been


closed for far too long and it's had An independent review is to be


carried out into concerns about bullying and harassment


at the South East Coast Earlier this week we reported


on claims by the GMB union that staff handling 999 calls had been


subjected to shocking The Trust has appointed an expert


in workplace conflict Later in the programme


Lewis Coombes joins the girls I'll be in Surrey, where the woman's


netball team are looking to cook up a storm ahead of the


National Supereague. The trustees of Guildford Cathedral


say there is no plan B to save it after it lost a housing


application which could have The cathedral wants to sell off nine


acres of land it owns But, last night, the plan


was rejected by councillors. It costs over a million


pounds a year to run following developments and has


the story of how the building became 200,000 names are carved


into the walls of this cathedral. Every one of the the owner


of a brick that helped to build When building restrictions


were introduced after World War II, a campaign was launched asking


members of the community to buy a brick for two and six -


12.5p in new money. And so it became the people's


cathedral, consecrated in 1961 1500 handmade kneelers


remain in place here, each representing a symbol


of the cathedral. Perhaps the most relevant


feature here today is this. It costs ?3500 a day to run,


and without the sale and development of 134 homes on land running


alongside it, donations now are more Elisa's live outside


Guildford Cathedral. Elisa, how safe is


the cathedral's future? I think it is fair to say the


funding crisis is critical. The Bishop of Guildford wonders if the


planning application was rejected the cathedral would probably have to


close. -- he won tonight. The work is being carried out currently as


part of a separate project funded by the Heritage lottery fund to remove


asbestos. The council refused to be interviewed by trustees told us are


disappointed and have a responsibility to consider all our


options to secure its long-term future. We will carefully consider


the reasons for refusal before our next step. So no confirmation yet


whether they will appeal. When does a few glasses


of wine after work turn In tonight's South Today,


we'll hear from Anna. She had a responsible job as head


of music and creative arts But over time her drinking had got


heavier, and started earlier in the day, until she was a problem


drinker, and it seems A global study of drinking habits


has shown that women have nearly caught up with men in terms


of the amount of An analysis of four million people


born before 2001 found that women's and that for younger


women with a high income, there's an increased chance


of having alcohol related They say that the family that plays


together stays together. But Anna Elston is only


with her sons because Ten years ago she had


her last drink. Everybody around me


knew I was an alcoholic I was the very last person to know,


and I was surprised. She was head of music


and creative arts at a secondary school, but the combination


of regular drinking, postnatal depression and low self-esteem led


to her developing a problem. I would be alone


but I've kid myself I wasn't because I was on the phone


to friends or chatting The problem came to a head


when Dylan was born prematurely Anna got drunk before a health


visitor appointment. Subconsciously, because I knew


I would not cope with that situation with the high needs Dylan


had at the time, maybe that was just my


way of When Dylan was well enough to go


leave hospital he did He was fostered by Helen


Holgate for a year. During that time Anna


was in rehab and working hard She had to work on herself


and sort out her relationships and her


own issues as well as contemplate the prospect


of The first day all


three of them were in my house overnight,


that was my precious family back together,


and Only one in 200 patents


whose children are taken Since getting sober


and has secured a first-class degree in addictions


counselling, and as part of the graduation ceremony she got to meet


the Duchess of Cambridge. It felt really amazing


and really exciting. I got to shake her hand


and she said that she was so proud of Mum for getting


the first-class degree. Anna now is a coordinator


with the Amy Winehouse visits schools to talk


to pupils and pass What I've come to learn is this not


about the quantity I was drinking, it is more


about why I was drinking. I didn't know that at


the time, but I now know. Earlier I spoke to liver


specialist Dr Alastair O'Brien I began by asking him how


common Anna's story is. When I first started


as a liver doctor I would normally see middle-aged


men, but increasingly educated women, at least one or two


a week, coming to see me as they are concerned about the level


of alcohol they drink. What you think is behind


the increase in women having I think the hangover


of the ladette culture of the 1990s, with many


of these women now entering You can get alcohol from


supermarkets at any time of day. I think it is something that has


become ingrained in our culture in Alcohol is a commodity now like eggs


or bread that we buy willingly, which is a big change


since my parents' generation. Are women who abuse alcohol more


vulnerable to things like a liver Alcohol is the one


thing I think women do worse than men from


the health point of view. Multiple studies have shown alcohol


affects women to a much greater degree, such


that women will feel the effects with regard


to their liver drinking around


about seven units a week, This will lead to


cirrhosis developing some ten years early in woman compared


to men who drink equivalent amounts. What do you think should be done


to address the problems? The good news for women


is they are twice as good at giving up alcohol than men


and therefore I think education, promotion and I think, most


importantly, people need to take responsibility for their health


and if they are worried of drinking come to see liver


doctors in clinics, get scans, get the blood tests checked to find out


if they are at risk. It's a delicate and risky operation


carried out on babies when they're still in the womb,


but a family from Dorset say it Sarah and Dan Maund's sons,


Sebastian and Henry had 48 hours to live when medics realised


they had what's called twin to twin Only 10% of twins around


the world have the condition and it can only be treated


with laser surgery as At 20 weeks I started getting pain,


and then we had the devastating news at 22 weeks that they had something


called twin to twin We did not know whether


they would survive. Sarah was rushed to hospital


in London, both her twins were in immediate danger


and surgeons had 48 hours Henry and Sebastien shared one


placenta in Sarah's womb, which meant they were not getting


enough blood, and this This is rare, only 10-15% of twins


suffer from twin to twin transfusion syndrome and need laser surgery


to save their lives. The blood vessels that connect


the babies are connecting them in an uneven fashion,


so the treatment is to put a tiny telescope in,


it is about two millimetres in diameter, and through that we can


identify the blood vessels that join the two placentas and using an even


smaller laser that goes through the same telescope we can


block the vessels that connect But now one Hampshire-based charity


is leading the campaign to make more From their base in Aldershot,


they have helped create a register Individually they may see a couple


of dozen cases each year, and by bringing this data together


and this knowledge, they will have a far broader,


more in-depth picture of what is successful


and where they might be able to make changes to improve outcomes


in the future. Back in Dorset, and Sarah and Dan


are now looking to their future. We are just very lucky


we have the two boys and we take We do as much as we can when we get


a chance to take them out The same goes for


Henry and Sebastien. They are waving goodbye


to a troubled first few years. We should be willing back to them.


Onto the sport now and we are going to talk about netball, one of my


favourite sports. I was the school netball captain.


The new Netball Super League season starts on Saturday,


and it's expanded with ten teams now vying to become champions.


The current holders of course are Surrey Storm who this week held


an open training session for fans to come along to watch and learn.


Surrey Storm know what it takes to win.


Training sessions here at the Surrey Sports Park have


been the foundations of their recent success.


So what better place to invite fans to watch the latest crop of talent?


She has done six hours today, Lisa is doing it


We are looking to be like them, almost, so it's


good to see how they train and what you need


to do to be up there when


I find it inspiring and I'm pretty sure everyone


New signings includie shooter Megan Craig,


And at 6 feet 6 inces, is aiming high.


I think that is the only way you can describe it.


We get along so well on and off the court and as a team it


is really crucial you stick together and have that kind of cohesiveness.


And we all love to joke around and laugh and have a good time.


It just feels good, it feels like a good


Surrey are the reigning champions for the last


number of new players and new teams this time


around expectations could


People can expect to see some exciting netball.


It will be rugged and who knows what will happen,


Netball in this country has never been more popular.


Increased TV coverage and sponsorship has also


brought greater audiences, But it's still semi-professional.


Storm take on the newly formed Severn Stars on Saturday,


hoping the latest campaign will bring a third


Dorset-trained racehorse Cue Card IS now set to line up


in the Cheltenham Gold Cup next month, along with stablemates


Cue Card's trainer Colin Tizzard had stated the horse was likely to run


in the shorter Ryanair Chase instead, but has now


Southampton Football Club has now sold-out their allocation


The last few were snapped up today, meaning Saints will be taking just


over 32,000 fans to Wembley for the game against


Manchester United, where they'll be looking to win their first major cup


On Tuesday we told you about the Ice Cream man Paul Field


from Reading who was nominated in the oscars of


Well, last night Paul was crowned ice cream man of the year


Paul from Reading has been in the ice cream business for more


He first got involved helping his dad back in 1970.


He said winning the award would be the highlight of his career.


Congratulations, Paul. With the subject we had today I was trying to


persuade the producer to invite Paul and bring his ice cream truck down


here and we could all have ice cream. What happened? She said no.


Let's get the weather, shall we? It was rather nice today. We had some


lovely conditions but the cloud did increase.


Terence Flynn photographed the morning mist at Brockenhurst


Roy Venkatesh took this picture of the snowdrops


We did see blue skies but the cloud is already increasing and overnight


we will have low cloud and the chance of patchy rain north of


Berkshire and some mist and fog in the south-west. The mist and fog


might become dense during the early hours. Mainly dry eyed dawn tomorrow


with temperatures falling will stop there may be one of two a showers


first thing but it is an improving picture. Mist and fog slaughtered


clay in places, lingering until midday. -- slowed to clear. More


cloud perhaps tomorrow. Fixtures -- temperatures in double figures.


Tomorrow make there is a fragmented weather front in from the West


producing quite a lot of cloud and some mist and fog. Quite a cloudy


start to the weekend with blows tomorrow night of seven Celsius. A


fair amount of cloud first thing on Saturday but that will start to send


an break and we will hopefully see some sunny spells and high pressure


not far away. This cold front heading eastwards during Saturday


into Sunday and that may produce some patchy overnight rain into


Sunday. Sunday May start of wets. Looking ahead, mist and fog first


thing in the mornings, some sunny spells and mild temperatures. Into


next week we could see temperatures into the mid teens. Through the rest


of the week we see a lot of cloud starting each day, that thins and


breaks, staying quite closely and Sunday with one or two brighter


spells on Monday we see temperatures start to rising. By Wednesday


perhaps up to even 16 Celsius. Things are turning a lock my older


into the start of next week. -- turning a lot more mild.


Coming up tomorrow - a special treat for four


Tom, Ben, Jacob and Albert are starring in their school


production of the musical Billy Elliott.


They've been invited to the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton,


where the West End version of Billy Elliott is on tour.


We were with them as they picked up some tips from the professionals.


Looking at that they look so good anyway! It will be great tomorrow


also be with us if you can. More tonight at 10:30pm. Thank you for


watching. Goodbye. Two challenges await you today,


and our genre is Landscape. The conditions are a wee bit


challenging. I've really got to


convince the judges It's colourful -


but it was meant to be muted. From this point,


it's band versus band.


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