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Raising the alarm. A crisis of the BBC's news teams where you are.


Raising the alarm. A crisis of confidence but Hampshire


firefighters over computer control. Sending the wrong appliance from the


wrong area can add seconds, maybe minutes, affecting the outcome of an


incident. An inquest hears of the last moments


of the ten-year-old who died of a head injury from a store display.


A Saints trip to Wembley beckons. The boys from 1976 and 1979 relive


their cup final moments. And is this the shape of things to


come? The robotic meet and greet. The union which represents


firefighters in Hampshire says there's a "complete loss


of confidence" in the new computer system at the heart of the county's


control-room operations. Last night we told you how


faults had hit Dorset Today it's emerged that


Hampshire Fire Service, which uses the same system,


is also mired in technical problems. Capita created this


promotional film about It is one of the most advanced on


the market and it provides our firefighters with the most


up-to-date information. Vision DS was a new computer system


supposed to dispatch firefighters to the right place


in the minimum time. Figures released after a Freedom


of Information request In an industry where every second


counts, sending the wrong appliance from the wrong area can add seconds


may and may be minutes. Our lives being endangered by these problems?


It is knocking the confidence of the firefighters because it is the


supporting crews for those attending as well.


Hampshire's Fire Brigade Union say the problems have led to a complete


Control staff members, who are feeling very stressed at the moment,


from day they are going in and instead of asking how are you to the


other staff, they are asking how is the system?


Last year there were 16 days that Hampshire's control room experienced


a major problem. In August the new server


hit a particularly bad patch, going "critical"


at least three times. Even when the system didn't go down,


there've been around 1,500 glitches logged,


and nearly 60 still aren't fixed. The three neighbouring fire


services worked together to procure the system -


Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire They issued a joint


statement saying... Normally we would rely on our


resilience group in the region but unfortunately when it does crash


sometimes they crash with us and we have to resort to pen and paper.


Capita have told us the problems are only "intermittent"


and they are working to resolve any issues.


But for those at the sharp end, dealing with IT problems is one


emergency they'd rather not be handling.


More details have emerged about the death of a ten-year-old


Kaden Reddick died from head injuries after


Only a ten-minute hearing at Reading Town Tall before


the inquest into the tragic death of Kaden Reddick was adjourned.


But in that time the court did hear evidence from


Detective Inspector Dave Turton, who's leading the investigation


He described how, late afternoon on the 13th of February,


Kaden was in the Topshop store in Reading's Oracle shopping


centre with his siblings, his mother and his grandmother.


Kaden was in the till area, near his mum, whilst


she completed a transaction, when a queue barrier fell


and hit him on the head, causing fatal injuries.


And was there any news on where we are with other


Three investigations - by the police, Health


and Safety Executive and the local authority - are still running


Inspector Turton praised the Arcadia group that owns Topshop for reacting


He said there were in excess of 400 stores with similar barriers


in the UK and abroad that were all closed until


In adjourning the inquest the coroner Peter Bedford said he'd


ordered a second postmortem so that Kaden's body could be


He added that Kaden's family, who've described their ten-year-old


as "loving, cheeky and energetic", were aware of today's


hearing, but had gone away for a much-needed break.


Six people have been arrested, after a raid on an underground


bunker in Wiltshire uncovered the county's biggest


A police operation was carried out at midnight


on the former MoD nuclear bunker in Chilmark near Salisbury.


Thousands of plants were found inside, with almost all


of the 20 rooms being used for cannabis production.


The crop has an estimated value of over a million pounds.


The bunker was built in the 1980s to house and protect government


officials in the event of a nuclear attack.


People living in the nearby village have been shocked by the discovery.


Everybody in the village is talking about it and just we are amazed that


something like that can happen under our noses.


We have had a few phone calls today, you know, asking what it is,


speculating how many people were arrested, what the actual


find was, but chatter will go around very


A man from Alton in Hampshire accused of killing his


seven-week-old daughter has told a jury he never struck or hurt her.


20-year-old Joshua Martin's baby died with injuries


the prosecution say were consistent with being shaken.


But Mr Martin says he wasn't responsible for them


From Winchester Crown Court, Sean Killick reports.


The prosecution claims seven-week-old baby Ezmai suffered


a fatal head injury at her parents' flat above a parade of shops


Ezmai died 24 hours later, after being transferred


to a specialist unit at Saint George's


She'd suffered a fractured skull and died from a brain injury.


19-year-old roofer Joshua Martin is accused of killing his daughter.


He acknowledged in court he did have a temper but said


he could control it and denied ever striking his partner or baby.


He said he'd discovered Ezmai looking pale,


He tried to wind her and then carried out CPR.


Defence barrister Richard Barraclough QC asked Joshua Martin


if he had done anything which might have caused the baby's


"Did you drop her or hit her or do anything to her?"


"Can you think of any reason why Ezmai suffered that


The lawyer then asked his final question, "Did you love Ezmai?"


Mr Martin replied, "I did, very much."


Joshua Martin denies a charge of murder.


A BBC investigation has found there are nearly 900 people


across the South still on the road despite having 12 or more points


The penalties are given for offences like speeding or drink driving.


The figures show there is one driver in Surrey with 30 points.


Motorists can avoid a ban if they can prove to magistrates it


But one road-safety charity says 12 points should mean an automatic ban.


The law doesn't seem to be working at the moment.


We've got people obviously being caught and going


But actually this whole points system seems to be


Drivers are getting away with repeatedly breaking the law.


NHS managers in Sussex have admitted they're spending too much money


on agency fees and urgently need to recruit and retain more staff.


The Sussex Partnership NHS Trust runs mental-health


The trust spends more than ?195 million a year on staffing costs.


It says more than ?6 million has been spent


And 40% of that money goes straight to the recruitment agencies.


Our health correspondent, Mark Norman, reports.


It is a relationship many think is critical to making people well


Louise is a patient with the Sussex trust,


During a coffee break staff tell me how important a full complement


of staff is, both for their work and for patients.


If we don't have enough staff on we can't do


we want to do with patients, get them out, get them


It also leaves the patients feeling unsafe, you know, they think,


what can I do today if there is only three staff on?


They are flexible, can cover vacancies


This trust has spent ?6 million this financial year on agency nurses


and a huge proportion of that money went straight to the agency.


?60 million, it is a big sum, isn't it?


And you've worked out how much of that is for agency fees.


What could you be doing with that money?


Recruit more nurses, improve patient care.


Is that frustrating, to know that that much money


I am a nurse and it is disappointing.


I believe that money would be better spent on patient care,


The answer to the problem, to recruit more staff and once


you've got them make sure you keep them.


The pictures are for the trust's national recruitment


campaign that begins shortly, but with London so close


with its higher wages the trust have to offer more.


So there will be fast-track promotion for our really talented


staff, but this is a much more structured, co-ordinated approach


And unfortunately, with every hospital and mental-health trust


competing for often the same staff, it's a problem that


The reality-TV star Lady Colin Campbell has been found


guilty of causing a three-car pile-up, after pulling out


into traffic on a dual carriageway near her home in West Sussex.


Brighton Magistrates' Court heard that the 67-year-old made "an error


of judgment" by carrying out an unsafe manoeuvre on the A27


She has been convicted of driving without due care and attention.


A pre-inquest review due to take place next month into the Shoreham


11 men died when a vintage jet crashed onto the A27


during the Shoreham Airshow in August 2015.


The West Sussex coroner says the hearing falls too close


to the publication of the final Air Accidents Investigation Branch


He's had a ringside seat during some of the biggest moments


As a photojournalist, Tor Eigeland has captured


images of news events from around the globe.


But he's now settled in Dorset and is showing his work


at Duke's Auctioneers in his new home town of Dorchester.


You try to transmit feelings, events.


You don't fake anything, you do it straight.


For more than half a century, Tor Eigeland has been


putting a thousand words into a single picture.


It was hot and this desperate mother didn't know how


Joyous followers of Fidel Castro sweep triumphantly through


In 1959 Tor witnessed Castro's arrival in Havana,


Tor, living closely with his subjects -


here drinking camel's milk - is saddened by the loss of some


A lot of the things I've covered definitely do not exist any longer.


In a way I wish I hadn't met all those people.


After you see what has happened to Syria, it


Well, he may have travelled the world, but all roads have


eventually led to Dorset, where he is putting on his first


exhibition, so local people can see his work.


I think it's just amazing for Dorchester to have an exhibition


Tor has had an amazing career, he has been witness to some


really fantastic events, but this is the first


show with a really global pull that we have had before,


so I wouldn't be surprised if we have a really wide range


His latest work features places more familiar to us,


People here are very, very lucky to be here, I think.


A camel-hair coat and trilby worn by the actor George Cole in the ITV


series Minder has been sold for ?10,000


The hammer price was around ten times higher than the figure


George Cole - who lived in Henley for most of his life -


played Arthur Daley on screen for 15 years.


That is amazing, that blue shirt could be worth a couple of bob.


I know some shirts that will definitely be worth a lot. What a


great link that was! Southampton getting ready for the EFL Cup final.


If you drive around the city you see all of the banners going up around


the pubs. That is when cup finals are superb, because they have a way


of bringing people who aren't necessarily the most interested in


football together, because it is a community event.


Two past captains of Southampton Football Club


put their support behind the class of 2017 today.


Peter Rodrigues lifted the FA Cup in 1976, Southampton's only major


Meanwhile, Jason Dodd was the club captain when Southampton lost


in Cardiff against Arsenal in 2003, also in the FA Cup.


Both were signing copies of a new book,


Southampton's Greatest Matches, and were full of praise


for Southampton's current captain, Stephen Davis.


The good thing is from that, he's an international captain as well,


and Stephen's one of those, like we have been this week,


he tucks under the radar, fantastic player who doesn't get


the plaudits, in my opinion, that he deserves.


The national manager knows that he's fantastic and he has


been one of the ones, like us, in this competition that


have just tucked under the radar, and it would top a great couple


of months, him being captain now, to maybe lift the trophy.


Manchester United could be without two midfielders


Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored the winner for Jose Mourinho's side


in last night's Europa League victory in St Etienne, but he also


Veteran Michael Carrick appears to also be out,


United have played twice in the Europa League


since Saints last game, the 4-0 win at Sunderland.


Southampton's tie against Manchester United at Wembley will be


only the third major cup final the club has played at the stadium.


Saints memorably won the 1976 FA Cup final, but then lost


the 1979 League Cup final against Brian Clough's


I've been to chat to the two men who played in both,


They are the pub-quiz answer which many a Southampton


Who are the two players who featured in both of the club's major Wembley


To David Peach and Nick Holmes, the memories of an FA Cup win


The noise of Wembley was something good, when you came out.


I mean, we came out at the end where the Saints fans


The gaffer's talk beforehand was always that we had more


experience when we played sides like this.


Manchester United to start this FA Cup final.


People said we were underdogs but we had players in our side that


Peter Osgood, Mick Channon, Peter Rodrigues, 60 games


Jim McCalliog, Scottish international.


Well, he used to call it his violinists and his cart horses.


The goal was certainly a triumph of quality over carthorse.


It was a great ball from Jimmy to get Bobby in there,


and Bobby smashed it in with his left foot,


Holmes and Peach got another shot at Wembley.


The other full-back is David Peach, who loves to come forward


He is also one of only two survivors from that FA Cup


In midfield there's Nick Holmes, the local lad who made good,


He is the other survivor from Wembley 1976.


In the first half we played really well and we only got the one goal,


whereas they played really well in the second in the second half --


really well in the second half and got two.


I think losing a final is the worst thing that I have felt in all my


football career. I have lost a couple of semifinals, which weren't


great, but losing that final. We were in the final and you want to


win the final. You don't really get over it, no? What about the weekend?


Can Claude Puel's men out smart Manchester United? Jose Mourinho is


getting somewhere he wants to be and they are the favourites but as we


saw before the so-called favourites don't always win. They know the


manager, they have to get themselves ready for probably the biggest games


of their careers so far, for the young ones' perspective.


Tomorrow night, lots more on the EFL final -


we hear from fans, players and celebrities, plus a very special


musical tribute to Claude Puel's side as they face Manchester United


Don't forget to join in on our Facebook page


with your messages of support, and do post us your pictures.


Are you decking your house in red and white?


The King forward to that. -- looking forward.


Now for a little glimpse into the future.


Behind me is Pepper, and one day soon robots like this


could be greeting us all in hospitals, shops and schools.


Pepper was built in Japan, but the brains behind its brain


are much closer to home - in Berkshire.


Volume, the Wokingham company responsible for Pepper, specialises


Joe Campbell went along to find out more.


You don't get far through the front door here...


..before you realise this is a rather different world.


Sara El-Hanfy will be with you shortly.


Now, please take a seat, unless you would like to chat some more.


The firm here is one of the leaders in artificial intelligence,


so it's no surprise it's been chosen as a partner by the latest


Standard domestic programme installed.


This is the best thing you will do for your family.


For now, science fact trails science fiction,


as seen through the Channel 4 TV series Humans.


Instantly, people think of things from sci-fi films


or sci-fi literature, because it's been around


for so long, but actually, it's not where we are at the minute.


But the technology is moving all the time.


I was born in Paris, but my heart is here in Wokingham.


Oh, and my brain - the guys at Volume gave it to me.


One of those people behind that brain is Paolo here.


Basically we can monitor all the behaviour of the robot


from the screens, so we can see what the robot can see,


we can see the environment around the robot and how the robot's sensor


recognises the environment around, because we need to create a build


application to use the robot in a smarter way.


The team here is working on the kind of artificial intelligence that may


already control your home, and in future drive your car


But it takes a human face for us to notice artificial


As we're born and babies we're given a companion, aren't we,


whether that's a cuddly toy or a teddy bear or whatever,


so I think you're right, we are hard-wired.


I think what we're dealing with right now is that technology


is growing exponentially, at such a rapid pace,


our behaviours really can't keep pace with that.


That's where some of the issues come in.


And whether it's fear of what all this means for our jobs


or simply for the future, it may just prove


I could do with one of those robots. Very handy.


Make tea, coffee, move around the newsroom.


Gusts of between 50 and 60 miles per hour have been


recorded in the South, all thanks to Storm Doris.


The driver of this van had a lucky escape, narrowly missing this


falling tree on Hanmore Road in Basingstoke this morning.


The family of this house in Romsey were unhurt after a tree


Numerous trees have also fallen, blocking several roads


around the region, such as here in Chandlers


The stormy conditions caused delays to flights,


with some due to land in Southampton diverted to Bournemouth.


Trains have been disrupted too, as well as cross-Solent ferries.


It was lively, but much worse further north.


Yes, and thankfully Doris has now moved after the North Sea. -- moved


off to. Through the course of today we saw


some sunny spells, the odd isolated shower, and overnight tonight there


will be a few clear spells. Today the wind gusts were up to 82 mph at


the Needles, but widely 50 to 60 miles per out. -- per hour. An


isolated shower here and there but with the wind is falling away we may


see a touch of frost first thing tomorrow and maybe one or two ice


patches. The odd isolated shower will ease and temperatures will fall


away to two or three Celsius in urban areas, one in the countryside.


Lots of sunshine tomorrow, the wind is fairly light from the north-west.


Patchy cloud filling in through the afternoon, turning the sunshine


hazy, but it should stay mainly dry. Bridges not as high as today,


reaching seven to nine Celsius. -- temperature is not as high. Tomorrow


night there will be increasing cloud for some and we will see patchy rain


here and there in the evening, which is when the south-westerly winds


will increase in strength. Lowes tomorrow night of five to seven


Celsius, milder than the tonight. -- los tomorrow. A lot of cloud to


start the day on Saturday but through the afternoon we should have


the odd spot of drizzle. Ahead of this weather front, bringing rain


from Saturday night into Sunday morning. We expect easy conditions


on Saturday, Sunday will be cloudy but mainly dry with some rain after


dark. Further showers on Monday and as we head through next week we are


hoping that high pressure will start to build in. If you would like to


send us your weather pictures, here is the e-mail address to do that.


For the Saints game on Sunday, we expect mild and dry conditions.


It will be great. Join us for tomorrow's programme, we will of


course be looking forward to the game. I am looking forward to the


musical treat. When The


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