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That's all from the BBC News at Six - so it's goodbye from me -


Hello, welcome to South Today, I'm Sally Taylor.


She could have been saved - ambulance staff are criticised


after a five-year-old girl collapsed and died outside her school.


We can't pay it, say residents on a Hampshire housing estate,


who face repair bills of more than ?20,000.


It's actually work they should have been doing all these years and now


they're causing us extreme distress by asking for huge amounts of money


HORN TOOTS Cheer the Saints on!


Saints fans both here and abroad get behind their team


I'll be in Singapore, but still supporting the boys.


Pocket size and perfect - fond memories of childhood reading


A five-year-old girl from Berkshire died needlessly,


because ambulance staff sent to help her failed to use


a simple defibrillator to restore her heartbeat.


Lilly May Page-Bowden died from natural causes, but today,


the coroner recorded that her death was contributed to by neglect.


Her family say they've finally been given answers


Allen Sinclair was at the hearing, and joins us from outside


It was here where Lilly May collapsed, as she ran out of school


as normal at the end of the day to meet her mum and nan,


What nobody knew then was that she had a genetic


Two of the mums here that afternoon were trained nurses.


They carried out chest compressions while they waited for an ambulance.


But that's when mistakes started happening.


The first paramedic wasted precious seconds carrying


And then, once inside, took some minutes more


before connecting her to a defibrillator.


Crucially, the paramedic then misinterpreted the information


the machine gave her, and chose not to use it


Other medical staff arrived afterwards also failed to spot


that she could and should have been given an electric shock.


Had Lilly May been defibrillated within 15 minutes of her collapse,


she would have survived and would still be with us.


The coroner has found that Lilly May's death was contributed


to by neglect on the part of South Central Ambulance Service,


and we hope that everyone involved in this inquest will have learned


from these events and that a child will not die


again in the future for want of defibrillation.


In response, South Central Ambulance Service have released a statement...


It is also worth paying tribute to Lilly May's family, who have tried


to get something positive out of this tragedy, as fundraising for


this area and vying much-needed equipment for each school. Thank


you. -- and purchasing much-needed equipment.


A woman from Southsea in Hampshire has died after being attacked,


alongside her husband, by a gang of robbers


Sue Howarth and Robert Lynn were tied up and tortured


at their farm at Dullstroom about 160 miles north


east of Johannesburg. They'd moved to area some years ago.


Our reporter Sophia Seth has been following the story


and joins me now. What more do we know?


Well, Sally, the incident happened in the early hours of Sunday.


I've been speaking to the local paper, who've interviewed


He's now back at home and is recovering from his injuries.


He says that both he and his wife Sue were woken up


The intruders then tied them up, covered their heads


Robert was hit on the head with a gun, cut with knives


He received severe burns to his stomach.


It's unclear the extent of Sue's injuries,


but there are reports locally that she received gunshot wounds.


Sue, who was 64, died in hospital on Tuesday.


Yesterday, a memorial service was held for her.


It was attended by her friends and members of the local community.


There were some flowers in memory of Sue.


The community is in uproar, especially because Sue


was a very well-loved woman and she was passionate about


they've called her a woman with a heart of gold.


She was forever getting money for the border collie rescue.


Sally, the couple were attacked by intruders,


of the night on their farm and I've been told


From the point of New Year's Eve till this date, 21st of February,


56 attacks and 18 murders that we are aware of.


They've been brutally attacked, in the sense of being pulled out


of bed, tied around the neck with a garbage bag, being stabbed,


blowtorched, raped and then, the end result, pulled away


Today, it's being reported that five people have been arrested.


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office also says it's in touch


A postmortem is due to take place and, once that is completed,


Sue's ashes will be flown to Southsea to be buried


A big operation is gearing up to get tens of thousands


of Southampton fans to Wembley for Sunday's League Cup Final.


Special coaches and extra trains are being laid on, but Saints


supporters are being warned about possible travel


congestion with a rugby international also taking place.


Excitement is building both at home and abroad.


Briony Leyland is live outside St Mary's stadium.


Sally, this will be one of the main pick up points for fans on Sunday.


More than 100 coaches will carry them to Wembley.


In all, 35,000 people expected to make the journey by road and rail.


It's a really big event for the city, everyone getting excited.


For those watching the game in Southampton, there will be free


bus travel for anyone wearing team colours, as


Your alley in call for Saints finds being cancelled from both near and


far. That is not your size. This couple left Southampton for


Australia in 1972 as newlyweds, following the progress of Saints


from a distance and travelling back especially for Sunday's EFL Cup


final. I want to go. It was on. I said, if they have the draw tonight,


I will be looking for a ticket. It is taking an opportunity when it


arises, you have to take it, life is too short to sit back and see should


have, would have, could have. They will be making the journey with


other fans by coach. There are over 100 colleges in a logistical


operation that is also a Labour of love. It is great for the city, from


the company and for the fans, we go to the matches, so it is all


important for us. How thoughtful are you? I think we can do it. We went


up to Liverpool, watched the game, nervous, that goal went in, I


thought, our name is on the cup. Southampton may be the underdogs but


that was also true in 1976, when beating the same opposition


Manchester United in the same stadium in the FA Cup final.


And that is when Ted Bates was the boss.


The landlord and landlady of the Southampton pop have happy memories


of those heady days. People take their seats on Sunday even though


she finds it hard to look when the stakes are high. I just get so for


them. I just get beyond excited. But on Sunday I shall have eyes front.


Not long to wait now and to relieve the tension high about a little game


of football? The nickname comes from its history


as a charge football club. I think one Sunday many people will be


offering up some prayers. Thanks very much.


An NHS investigation is underway after a member of the House of Lords


said his 21-year-old son killed himself days after being turned


away from hospital, because of a lack of beds.


Lord Nicholas Monson said his son, Rupert Green from Guildford,


had suffered from psychosis as a result of an addiction to


Lord Monson says he's declaring "war on skunk" in memory


of his youngest son, who died last month.


Nicholas Monson says 21-year-old Rupert had become paranoid,


aggressive and depressed through his use of skunk.


He'd been treated in hospital in Essex last year.


But after Christmas and the New Year, Rupert


deteriorated and his mother brought him here to a mental health


The family say he was well treated here, but after that,


The nurse there assess him and she says, "This young man


is really in a very bad state, I'm going to call


round the hospitals." Not one hospital would take him.


If it was true that there were no hospital beds in that particular


Surrey and Borders Trust, I think they call it, they should have


placed elsewhere outside, but they didn't.


The Surrey and Borders NHS Trust has apologised and said...


Meanwhile, Rupert's father is calling for tougher laws


and enforcement against stronger formers of cannabis such as skunk,


but says he wants less-potent forms of cannabis decriminalised and sold


It would be of a certain standard. You would know what was in it.


You wouldn't be worried that you're actually being sold something


What people think is cannabis isn't cannabis,


I think the people who actually produce it should be


An inquest is to be held into Rupert's death.


Sean Killick, BBC South Today, Aldershot.


Later, Tony Husband is enjoying a bit of silverware in the studio.


He is getting very excited. I certainly am, Sally!


But can Saints lift this trophy on Sunday?


Claude Puel, Jose Mourinho, Cedric Soares and Peter Rodrigues,


plus a couple of surprises help us preview one of the biggest games


Three people have been charged after a police raid


on an underground bunker in Wiltshire yesterday


which uncovered the county's biggest-ever cannabis factory.


Thousands of plants worth more than ?1 million were found


inside the former MoD nuclear bunker at Chilmark near Salisbury.


The three men, who all live in Bristol, face charges including


and conspiracy to hold people in slavery.


They'll appear in court in Swindon tomorrow.


The threat of having to pay maintenance bills of at least


?20,000 has been hanging over them for two years.


Now, residents of a housing estate in Andover are being taken


to a tribunal by their land owner - the Aster Group.


Many of Asters' leaseholders are living on low incomes and fear


if they're forced to pay, some may lose their


Nikki Mitchell has been to meet them.


I complained bitterly for years and eventually it was fixed but you can


see if made no difference, it was not fixed properly, what is still


running down the walls. Angela Bob, the leaseholder, please ?90 a month


of maintenance but is now facing a one-off bill of 30,000 barrels from


her landlord Michael to follow peers. -- ?30,000. They are causing


extreme distress by asking for huge mix of money we do not have. There


are 125 people in the same situation, people like Sean, who is


worried he will lose his sight if he is forced to pay. Since these bills


I have had trouble sleeping, my stomach doing somersaults, I feel


absolutely dreadful. I don't understand how that bill can be


lumped on people and expect them to pay it. Effectively, young families,


retired people, people with special needs, and it's something that


people have not got a lot of its money. And more estimated demands on


bills keep arriving and all coming with an additional 15% admin charge


I Aster. I am calling on Aster to be transparent on how that admin fee is


made up, calling on them to identify the amount of money in that meant in


this fund that residents pay into, so that could be subtracted from the


overall bill. Piedt clique declined a request for an interview but said


the work is absolutely necessary. -- the Aster Group declined. They have


said they will work with residents who are in any financial problems to


deal with issues. They have said you can play it over five years, but


that is about ?480 per month. ?480 plus mortgage and service charge is


her entire pension gone with no money left for food and bills.


Want to sport, Tony husband is here, we are all wearing some red tonight,


which I think if other important. We can hear you now.


Good job it is all about what you see after some signed problems. Over


130 years of Southampton history only winning one major trophy. At


around half past six on Sunday, could Southampton be lifting the


show see? Fingers crossed. I will not touch it and curse it. Hopefully


Southampton will be the people to get their hands on this.


The team news headlines tonight ahead of Southampton's first major


Boss Claude Puel could keep faith, with 23-year-old defender


Jack Stephens in defence, but he's admitted to being impressed


by recent free transfer signing Martin Caceres,


the former Barcelona and Juventus player.


Saints have been training back at their Staplewood base


for the past couple of days after their camp in Spain.


Another new arrival, Manolo Gabbiadini, who scored


at Sunderland in their last outing, seems certain to start.


Both managers gave their final press conferences today.


History is fascinating when you put these two clubs together.


There's Southampton's surprise victory over United


in the 1976 FA Cup Final, but then, the Reds delivered


perhaps the cruellest blow to Saints in 2005,


winning at St Mary's to relegate them from the Premier League


and start five of the darkest years in Saints history at


Here's messyrs Mourinho and Claude Puel.


It will be fantastic, of course, to take good result,


I can understand, of course, all the good atmosphere around


the team and with the fans, but it's important for us


to keep focus and with good concentration about our game.


If they want more than us, they win. So we have to be...


We have to be sure that they don't want more than us.


That's...that's the point. They want a lot.


Of course they want a lot. But, um, I don't think...


I don't think they want more than us.


Well, Claude Puel said this afternoon he's told some


of the players who will start on Sunday, but not all of them.


One player with major final experience is the Portuguese


He played in his country's Euro 2016 victory over France last summer.


And the chance to lift a trophy at Wembley Stadium inspires him


I think every player knows about Wembley,


about all the history that Wembley has and, to be playing in this kind


of stage, for every player, it should be a reason for them


to be proud, to feel proud, because, when I was young,


I looked to the older players and I saw them playing in these kind


I will have the pleasure to be there, um, and I feel this


is a great opportunity also for me to be enjoying the moment and


that you will always remember in your life.


Southampton's only major cup final victory at Wembley -


setting aside winning the Johnstone's Paint trophy in 2010


- was the 1976 final, when they beat United 1-0,


thanks to Bobby Stokes' late goal in front of almost


100,000 at Wembley, including Her Majesty the Queen.


No apology for showing that to you again.


The man who lifted the cup, Peter Rodrigues, will be at Wembley


on Sunday and he says he'll be delighted to see another


Saints skipper join him for a place in history.


They really play well, they knock it about.


Haven't scored many goals, but they've got the...the new guy


now, who looks pretty sharp, so that's going to be a little,


I'm happy and I'm proud of it and you can't take it away,


but it'd be nice to sort of get another skipper alongside me


Now, Saints were given 32,000 tickets for the game on Sunday, so,


rest assured, pubs and clubs will be packed as fans


who can't be in the capital gather to watch the big game.


It's a 4.30 kick off here, but of course, all around the world,


expat fans and global supporters will be glued to TVs,


Here's a few of them who've been in touch with us.


This is Stella and Damian. We are in Portland, Oregon.


"If you can't win it for us, win it for the puppies!"


On behalf of all the Dubai Saints and all the


fans in the Middle East, I just want to wish Saints


all the best for Sunday. Ring home the trophy, lads.


I'll be in Singapore, but still supporting the boys.


Good luck, Saints, and bring home that trophy!


As well as the support of fans around the globe,


Saints have been given this message by one of Southampton's


I'm really looking forward to this one, do you know what I mean?


Everyone is sort of putting us as the underdog and kind


of Manchester United kind of seem to be the one that going to take it,


but I just feel like, if Southampton play like we know


we can play, and we've seen sparks of brilliance throughout these,


I think we're going to cause some trouble on Sunday, know what I mean?


It's a long time coming, some silverware.


I'd like to think it will be a 2-1 Southampton game.


So match day is Sunday, kick off 4.30 at Wembley Stadium.


You can follow the action online and on the radio.


BBC Radio Solent will have a special edition of the Katie Martin show


live from Olympic Way with all the build up


Join us from around 2 o'clock for a special Facebook


live from the BBC bus, which is stationed on Olympic Way.


Then, from 3.30, Kevan James hosts BBC Radio Solent Sport.


From 4.30, former Saints boss Dave Merrington joins Adam Blackmore


Away from the final, there's a big game in the Championship tomorrow


as second-in-the-table Brighton host fourth-placed Reading at the Amex.


In the Premier league, Bournemouth have returned


from a training camp in Madrid and travel to West Brom looking


Across Leagues One and Two, MK dons Oxford and Swindon


are all in action, while Portsmouth make the long trip


to Carlisle in League Two. Full commentary on BBC local radio.


Excellent! Great to have the trophy. I have some more set dressing. You


have spared no expense. Absolutely, official Southampton cup final


scarf. Looking forward to that. And you have more goodies going there.


Now, they were possibly the first book characters you ever read about.


I'm talking about Peter and Jane, stars of the


Reading University is home to tens of thousands of artworks


from the publisher and it's staging new exhibition


And it comes as the first new illustrations to be commissioned


in 40 years for the titles were about to be put on show.


Now a museum piece, Ladybird's pocket size ideal for little hands


was no mere marketing ploy back in their heyday.


It was this size, because of paper rationing.


So what they had to do was figure out how to create an entire book


in one piece of paper, and that sort of created


the Ladybird book we know and love, and so this was introduced in 1940.


It's also really interesting, because you find this


in what is the story of printing, so this is the actual


If you look very closely, you can see two technicians actually


looking at what is a Ladybird book, with one side and then


If you're of a certain age, of course, it's very likely


that this is one of the first books you ever got to read.


Of course, once you've mastered the basics, well,


that opened the door to an entire world of Ladybird books.


The collection here includes many favourites and thousands


"Jimbo works hard all week and only has a few hours at the weekend


He spends these hours watching sport."


At last night's gallery launch, two lifelong fans, now behind


a successful series of parodies using Ladybird's artwork.


When you got a Ladybird book as a kid, you knew someone


Ladybird isn't a cosy world, but it's quite a reassuring world.


These, though, are left certain times, reflected


in the first factual volume in nearly a generation.


It was all kicked off by a phone call from Clarence House,


where Prince Charles had requested to do a book on climate change,


in a Ladybird format, because he wanted a simple book that


people who didn't understand climate change could pick up,


read and then know more about the subject.


Artwork for the new book, inspired by Ladybird's past,


will be the newest addition to the collection here.


Joe Campbell, BBC South Today, Reading.


We all remember Ladybird books, don't they? And the weather for the


weekend. Yes, but a lot of cloud, some brighter spells, perhaps some


rain. Viktoria Korosi captured the sunrise


at Bournemouth beach. Ray Dittrich managed to spot


a rather aptly names boat And Diana Challen took this picture


of blossom in Midhurst. So beautifully glorious day, more


cloud in the afternoon, but clear skies initially overnight, outbreaks


of rain and increasing light, temperature is lowest during this


evening, maybe laws of four of five Celsius but the the cloud and rain


temperatures rising to five to seven Celsius. Damp start tomorrow and we


are looking at a lot of cloud, some outbreaks of but she initially


during the morning, more persistent during the afternoon, but a brisk


breeze from the south-west which will be stronger along the coast,


the coast, the rain more persistent through the afternoon, temperatures


in two double figures, highs of 9-10 C, Breeze continuing tomorrow


night as well outbreaks of rain. The system during early Sunday, then


maybe some mist and fog, then the rain easing during early Sunday,


temperatures dropping to around six or seven Celsius. Sunday should be


mainly dry, the outside chance of isolated shovels, even some brighter


spells in the morning, -- isolated showers. Cloud increasing through


the afternoon, mild and breezy, and the arrival of a cold front, and


rain arriving through Sunday evening and cleaving through the early hours


of Monday. If you're heading to Wembley, it is looking cloudy, maybe


some brighter spells and some isolated showers. And a brisk


south-westerly wind but it will be fairly mild with a high of 10


Celsius. Bill coverage on BBC Radio Solent and the BBC Sport website.


The outlook for the weekend, some patchy rain, showers on Sunday,


mainly dry during the day, rain arriving during the and overnight.


Monday looking fairly blustery with showers here and there, showers also


possible on Tuesday. Alexis, thank you.


You would think we had planned or wardrobe but this was by accident!


Would you like one of these. We will leave you with a musical trees, fans


will know Saints Brass at home games, but they have been in the


studio tonight and we have record them playing, what else?


MUSIC: When The Saints Go Marching In.


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