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Hello I'm Sally Taylor. Welcome to South Today.


The dashcam footage shows a lorry driver using a mobile phone


as he hits a stationary car killing a young woman.


Who is to blame for the claims of crime figures on this leaflet?


Why parents of children with mental health problems often


My job as a parent is to make sure my child is happy and safe


and all that but I'm seeing it as I've failed.


The game that's improving communication for those


Tonight, yet another case of death on the roads because someone


was using their mobile phone behind the wheel.


Once more it involves a lorry driver on the A34.


Dariusz Tokarczyk from Yorkshire has been sentenced to four and a half


years in prison for causing death by dangerous driving.


He failed to see the hazard lights of a car broken


down near the junction with the M4 motorway.


Jeremy Stern was in Reading Crown Court today.


This footage was taken from the lorry driven by Dariusz Tokarczyk on


the a 34 near Chieveley in March last year. I had deserved Vauxhall


Corsa driven by Jody Moss, a 21-year-old from Swindon. She had


put the hazard lights on because of engine problems. The lorry did not


slow down as it neared the car. Reading Crown Court heard Dariusz


Tokarczyk from Yorkshire was using a hand-held device, probably a mobile


phone, to change his music in the vital seconds before impact.


Speaking through a Polish interpreter, he admitted causing


death by dangerous driving. Judy Moss's family said she died after


some of the happiest months of her life. They condemned the lorry


driver. She was a happy student who loved nature, she was caring about


others. She was taking far too early by a selfish ten second act. The


driver had plenty of time to act. The devastation caused continues to


be miserable. We will never forget the pleasure she gave us.


Sentencing Dariusz Tokarczyk, the judge said he had taken a cavalier


attitude to using a mobile phone while driving. She said, you did not


react to the stationary vehicle until it was too late. She also


described him as irresponsible, reckless and thoughtless. He was


sentenced to four and a half years in prison and he was bound for


driving 451 months. Surrey County Council has accused


an energy company of doing additional drilling at an oil well


in the green belt without seeking Angus Energy has an existing


production site at It also has a stake


in an application for test drilling The company insists it has


all the permissions needed and planning consent


is not required. Lewis Coombes is at the Brockham


Field site near Dorking For 30 years oil has been


drilled here, Sally, but today it's the centre


of an ongoing debate between the owners, Angus Energy,


and Surrey County Council. It's around whether the


company did or did not require planning permission to drill


what's known as a sidetrack It's an off-shoot if you like of


the original borehole, something the company are keen


to explore as it's thought there could be far greater


quantities of oil 700 Surrey County Council wrote


to the company saying it needed planning permission and says it's


extremely disappointed But Angus Energy says


the council only controls activities above ground


and that they've followed all the permissions and guidelines


required by the three other regulators - the Environment Agency,


the Oil and Gas authority It is a complicated industry. You


need oversight for different areas of it. Of course, those other bodies


need to be approached and you need permits from them. Unless Saudi


county council don't understand their own permits, it would seem odd


they add in the run. -- Surrey County Council.


This is a site that's been at the centre of protests


Yes, this is different to the anti-fracking protests that


But last year, two protest camps were set up here at Brockham


Angus Energy has an interest in that site also an application for test


I think we need to work through the economic indications and the social


implications. We need to be careful about what ever is done to develop


the site. This village has changed over the


years with the traffic and everything and now we've got the


tankers coming in. It is a very narrow road and it causes a lot of


problems for people. It's my understanding


that ongoing talks will continue between Angus Energy


and Surrey County Council about whether to apply for


retrospective planning permission. They will be a number of people who


will be looking forward to the outcome. We will report on that.


The judge has begun summing up in the case of Aaron Brown,


who's accused of the manslaughter of Ryan McKinlay from


Earlier, Winchester Crown Court was told that a high speed powerboat


accident that killed Mr McKinlay was caused by an error of judgement.


Mr Brown's defence barrister told the jury that he was


This is the turbojet rib owned by Aaron Brown.


Here, driven by the skipper he had hired to take his


party of friends out on his larger luxury motor cruiser.


A little after these pictures were taken Mr Brown


took the helm with devastating consequences.


His friend, Ryan McKinlay, a passenger in the rib


was killed when he collided with the larger boat.


Prosecutors say his death was foreseeable and avoidable.


Mr Brown, they say, was driving too fast and too close to the other boat


in an obviously dangerous and reckless manoeuvre.


Giving evidence, Mr Brown, seen here on the left,


He had been trying to spray guests on his cruiser.


He said at the time he didn't think he was going too fast


I was intending to turn away, I turned right and the boat


It happened so quickly, he told the jury tearfully.


Mr Brown's defence barrister said his client is


a naturally cautious, careful and considered man.


He said this was a tragic accident, the result of a serious error


of judgment and a mistake, he said, that did not


But the prosecution told the jury this was an inevitable disaster.


Mr McKinlay died as a result of reckless driving by a man


The jury will consider its verdict here tomorrow.


Wiltshire police has had to apologise for releasing figures


suggesting that crimes against women in the county had gone up by


The actual increase is just over 100% but the mistake only came


to light after the original figures were used by the Liberal Democrats


in an election newsletter and the party was accused


of scaremongering by the Conservative Police and Crime


Our Political Editor Peter Henley is here.


In this era of Fake News we are all scrutinising things


like election leaflets very carefully.


This one from the Lib Dems claims Crime Shock.


A shocking 500% rise in serious crimes against women in five years.


Now the Crime Commissioner called foul over it.


Though he was at pains to say in a statement,


"Whilst holding this office I try to serve


Which would be all very well, except the 500% figure


They gave it to a local Herald. The Superintendent was quoted saying the


bride was largely down to women feeling more confident in coming


forward. It is that the Lib Dems picked it up from.


They can't both be right. The police got it wrong. The police quoted


figures for 2011. The police put out a correction, they would like to


apologise. The Police and Crime Commissioner


said the confidence of victims to come forward is key, and alarmist


article on political newspapers will not help. The Lib Dems say this is


outrageous. Somebody should have looked


at it and said either good heavens that's wrong or good


heavens we need some help. It suggests the commissioner isn't


familiar with the figures for crime Now we asked Angus McPherson,


Wiltshire's Police and Crime Commissioner to respond,


but he didn't want to instead issuing a third statement


in which he conceded the police mistake was "regrettable"


but standing by his accusation that the leaflet was alarmist


because unlike the newspaper articles there was "not a word


of reassurance or mitigation." However we do now know


is a substantial rise in reported Sheltering the homeless


on the island. The bus idea that's now


being rolled out elsewhere. Many parents of children


with mental health problems are not asking for help,


because they feel blamed Researchers at Reading University,


who've highlighted the seriousness of the issue, say more needs to be


done to remove the stigma parents feel, so more youngsters


get the help they need. Nikki Mitchell has been finding out


more about the difficulties some When I tried to get


to sleep, I always thought somebody was going to come


in and murder me. Luke's years of extreme


anxiety exhausted and upset his family just as


much as it did him. When I was worried I just thought


of bad stuff and I couldn't I was fine at school but just


when I had to go to sleep, I just felt like something


was going to happen That could go on in till two


or three o'clock in the morning and it just made this


spiral of awful effects with his tiredness the next day,


our own tiredness the next day. It was a volcano just


bubbling the whole time. Many parents in her


situation feel a sense of hopelessness and guilt but


researchers at Reading University have found it is a fear


of being blamed which stops There is quite a lot


of work surrounding stigma associated with mental health


but what this work does is highlight the stigma specifically


for parents and the blame the parents can feel for having a child


with mental health difficulties. Both blame that they put on


themselves but also they are seeing other people blaming them


for their child's problems. I blamed myself because


I had a child that, My job as a parent is


to make sure my child For some parents that


can put them off seeking help and make it harder


for them to seek help and perhaps wait until problems have got worse


and really at crisis point I was so lucky, I had


the family support, I had my family telling me, you are not a bad


parent, you are great. But if you haven't got someone


there to tell you then you need Then you are going to be in a better


place and you are going to be in a better place


to help your child With help from children


and adolescent and mental health services, Luke has now overcome


much in his anxiety. But frustratingly the waiting


list is an extremely long one, two to three


years for many families. Hampshire County Council has today


decided to press ahead with plans Although there'll now


be a further four week consultation, it looks likely


Fort Hill Community School will close at the end


of the academic year to join forces with Cranborne Business


and Enterprise College. Let's get more from Jo Kent who's


at Fort Hill school tonight, Jo, Yes, any big decision affecting


a child's education is going What we're talking about here


is a decision to effectively close this school, a school parents


were fighting to protect. They put forward arguments


as to why it should stay open but the decision went against them


leading to some angry outbursts. You didn't tell the community before


that the school was going to close. You didn't tell us, if you had told


us before we could have The parents I spoke to said


they felt they hadn't been listened They're devastated and worried


about their children. I can honestly say I've got too well


performing children at that school and it is really, really sad


that they now are going to face She feels that because of the


decisions made by an organisation in Winchester her education has now


been, in her words, screwed up. Like so many things it


comes down to money. The schools watchdog Ofsted said


Fort Hill requires improvement, For this September the council says


the school received only 38 first Schools funding is worked


out on pupil numbers, to keep it open even for another


year as the parents had asked would result in a defecit


of half a million pounds. Meanwhile Cranborne also has


surplus places but it's on a bigger site so pupils


from here could be The council said it looked at other


options but at the end of the day that funding shortfall is something


it simply can't afford. It was difficult to assess certain


aspects of the consultation. They kept coming back to the same thing,


how can we make the school viable and give the quality curriculum we


want in Fort Hill for the next school year honours? Nobody came up


with an answer. Well there's another four week


consultation period. The council says it will


consider viable options which must only mean some sort


of outside funding. The parents say they'll fight


on to save this school. Next an update on a story you may


remember from before Christmas. Kevin Newton, himself


a former rough sleeper, wanted to do something to help


the homeless on the Isle of Wight. So he converted a double decker bus


into a night shelter. Four months on, it's


so successful more buses Inside Out's Jon Cuthill has


been finding out more. Kevin Newton is providing shelter


for homeless people with nowhere There is no excuse for


anybody being hungry. The bus will always be


needed because there are people who lose their jobs,


they lose where they're living, there are people whose relationships


will break up. So far, he has had 22 people on


board and managed to get 11 of them When they first come,


people arrive at the bus with A young lady came along and insisted


to take me out and buy She bought me a lovely


pair of boots which are A lot better than the


shoes I was wearing. Until three years ago,


Jonathan was a successful Due to depression, alcoholism


and divorce, he found himself I had a beautiful five bedroom home


overlooking the Solent. Now, five more buses


are being launched on the They have just been donated a bus


and should be up and running around It is just a great idea


and it is a really cheap solution It provides safety and shelter


and food and support. It will help people


back into society Following the success


on the Isle of Wight, Kevin's plan is to have a bus


in every major city in the UK within You can see more on this story


on Inside Out tonight On to sport now. Some interesting


talking going on about seven developments at Portsmouth.


Portsmouth say they have a robust process in place to deal with any


potential offers of investment the club issued a statement this


afternoon after reports emerged that former Walt Disney boss


Michael Eisner had been linked with buying the club.


South Today understands Eisner has been actively pursuing football


interests for several months though his Tornante investment firm.


Among other clubs under consideration was Reading but more


recently it's thought Portsmouth has been on his radar.


Any takeover would have to be approved by shareholders.


Bournemouth's second consecutive premier league win has put the club


on course for a third season in the top flight


The stage was set under the lights on Saturday night


Benik Afobe's deflected shot put them into the lead at the break,


Alfie Mawson credited with an own goal.


No one could deny Afobe a second to seal the three points


so after seven points from nine, what's changed?


I don't think anything's turned around.


I think the players stuck with it and didn't get too low and


didn't get negative, managed to ride out a mini period


where we weren't getting things as we wanted them to.


That meant the result has always been key.


The manager has been talking to us and


saying we need to look for that and get that back-to-back wins


We've got a good momentum and hopefully that can


continue until the end of the season.


Reading had a big win in the championship on Friday


night, so here's the rest of the weekend's talking points.


With Huddersfield losing and Newcastle drawing, Brighton could


have gone back to the top of the Championship if they had won at


Garry Monk's side are promotion contenders to.


They had much of the better of this game.


A familiar face would return to haunt the Albion.


Chris Wood starred on loan in their league promotion he put


With five minutes to play come Albion gave away a spot kick and


The gap to third is still six points.


Southampton couldn't quite recover from conceding twice in the opening


45 minutes of their game at White Hart Lane.


Christian Eriksen's low driver beating Forster.


A sterling second hole saw them pull one back. And equaliser was beyond


them. Portsmouth remain third but they had a date against Stevenage


and lost 3-0. It was 2-0 by half-time and Paul Cook's three-man


defence was found wanting. They Portsmouth were down to ten men by


the time they got this spot kick. Congratulations tonight


to the Thomas Hardye Their Under-15's reached


the National Schools Cup Vase They beat Bridgewater High School


48-5 this weekend. An incredible second half


performance saw Thomas Hardye score They'll now meet dr


Challoner's School from Team Solent's women's


basketball team secured The Hampshire team needed a win


from this weekend's game to be sure of the title,


and defeated Bristol Storm Meanwhile Reading Rockets long


unbeaten run in the men's national league came to an end


as they suffered defeats at new league champions Northumbria


and yesterday against Loughborough, A win on Saturday and they'll


guarantee runners up spot. Worthing Thunder are safe from


the drop after beating Westminster. Can playing 'light games' with make


believe bubbles and flowers help Well, a group of care home residents


from the Isle of Wight have They've been using a device that


projects interactive images onto a table top


to help people communicate Our Health Correspondent David


Fenton has been along to find out. There are many things that people


with dementia can't do. But they can do this. And this. And this. These


projected images are part game and part therapy. The clever thing is,


they move when you touch them. There is an infrared sensor that allows


people playing with the games to move the right. As it might it is a


safe environment. The projector is attached to a ceiling. It promotes


independent activity which is difficult to achieve with people


with late stage dementia. These care home residents have problems with


memory and communicating. But within minutes of sitting down, they were


laughingly talking enjoying themselves. They are engaging. He


can see the laughter. Social stimulation side of it. I'd better


keep quiet! I have been here for about an hour


and they are still playing the games. Some of them are getting


quite competitive. This is about more than just having fun. I think


it is so important to live well with dementia. What tends to happen is we


assume it can't be done but actually it can be dead if we know how to do


it and this is one of the tools we can use to help others.


This event was held at a local church but the device is finding its


way into care homes and NHS hospitals. It is a simple idea but


it makes people smile and it seems to work.


That is such a good idea. Sam Fraser is here where theirs this Monday.


Let's look ahead to the weather. These sheep in Askerswell


are wondering where spring went. The winds were good news for these


windsurfers in Mudeford. And the skies frowned over


the River Dunn in Hungerford, It is the spring equinox but things


didn't feel springlike today. These guys were leaden and we had some


rain. Let's look at the weather for the week ahead. It is a real mixed


bag. We will start to draw in some cold polar air so it will be chilly.


We will see spells of rain but the winds should ease from midweek.


Tonight is a chilly affair. Lowes dropping to two Celsius. That means


that tomorrow will dawn bright but chilly and breezy as well. Some good


spells of sunshine across the sunshine pity we'll see showers


moving in fairly quickly and though showers could fall as hail, perhaps


accompanied by thunder. Anything is possible. Nine Celsius is our top


temperature. It will feel colder than that in the winter. Tomorrow


evening, further showers make their way in ahead of an organised band of


rain. Under the cloudy skies, temperatures a little bit warmer,


perhaps six Celsius. Looking at Wednesday morning, the remnants of


that rain starts to make its way east so though should clear by the


afternoon and we will see is a bright or sunny spells developing


for most places. The odd shower knocking around. Highs of nine


Celsius but the wind will have dropped. Looking ahead to Thursday,


the area of low pressure as over northern France means we could see


some more rain for Southern counties as you go through the day. Some


bright spells as well and that is how the story continues as we head


into Friday. Some cloudy skies with breaks in the cloud. Temperatures


just creeping up to 10 Celsius. A little bit of rain around. As we


head into the weekend, it is an improving picture. If you've got


Mothering Sunday plans it will be good. Some sentient, chilly by night


and temperatures on I have been told it is international


happiness day-to-day. How did we do? We will leave you smiling. We will


be back at eight o'clock. Good night.


The 24-year-old man has been charged with murder.


You made sure an innocent man is charged!


What gives you the right to say that he's innocent?


If police wrongdoing is part of this, I want to know.


Huntley's definitely hiding something.


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