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strengthen the country's air defence systems. That is all from us.


It was then a public place. The animal was injured. A human was


injured. The owners were allowed to walk away with no punishment.


Cutting costs by closing down fire stations,


but could the controversial idea put lives and property at risk?


of an 18th century warship from the Solent seabed.


with her older and younger sisters they've 300


If you get bitten by an out-of-control dog that's


attacking your horse, you'd probably expect the dog's


But a woman from North Hampshire says she was staggered to be told


by police that no crime had been committed, after she reported


It's prompted a petition, urging the Government to review the law -


at a time when dog attacks on horses are increasing.


Anna Bunton still has nightmares about the attack


injuries were so severe, it took the vet six and a half hours


to stop the bleeding and carefully stitch her back together again.


The dog which attacked them, was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier,


As soon as it started biting, it just turned into a wild animal. The


horse took off with the dog still biting her back legs.


came up and bit my leg, through my leather boot. It hung on for quite a


I just remember seeing it launching at us from every angle. I wasn't


aware of those injuries until I had walked away.


The dog's owner eventually managed to get the dog off,


but then let it go again and it went for Lauren Colwell's


She had a massive cut on her leg. Half an inch more, and she might


have had to be put down. In a statement, Thames Valley Police


told us, officers investigated the incident and it was


established that no criminal Police say the incident was resolved


to the satisfaction of the dog owner and the order of the horse.


But Lauren, Anna, and her daughter Emily are far from satisfied.


They've started a parliamentary petition for the law to be reviewed.


We were told by the police there is nothing they can do.


I just want to a tightening, re-evaluation of the laws.


in a public place, and animal was injured and so was a human. The


owner was allowed to walk away from it but no punishment.


Their physical wounds are healing now.


But Anna still hasn't found the courage yet to take Mo out


A short while ago I spoke with Colin Spender, who's an expert


witness regularly called to court to talk about dangerous dogs -


and I asked him how the law stands on a dog attacking other animals.


As regards dog on dog it is a civil matter. There is legislation under


protection of livestock. People will be stunned to hear that


because we have seen the injuries to the horse and its owner but this is


not dealt with as a criminal issue. Nor, and it is frustrating it is not


a case that can go through the seminal court process. This was a


Staffordshire bull terrier, it is not one of the ban dogs, and I know


told that type that are docile, but do the regulations need to be


tightened up? It will be looked at, but you would never have another


daughter put onto the exemption list as it stands. Do you think --


another dog put onto the exception list.


In this circumstance they should be putting the dog back on the lead.


The ladies in the report want the law tightened, you are an expert in


this field, is there a flaw in the law? There is, particularly in


relation to horse and rider 's, when they are out in public places.


In the next few weeks a decision will be made whether to close two


It's part of proposals to save almost ?2.5


Over half the money will come from frontline services -


Let's join our reporter James Ingham, who's outside


one of the threatened stations, in Pangbourne.


This fire station's these could be numbered as could another. Both of


the stations are staffed by retained firefighters. These are authentic


people, reservists, who have other jobs. They are called in for


emergencies. The Fire Service says these communities can be adequately


served by full-time officers based further afield. Here, it is likely


that engines would be sent from a new station. But clearly closing any


fire station is controversial. Some supporters but many others have


expressed concern. A lot of things seem to be closing


down. Banks, police stations, know the fire station. I am not


particularly worried. Reading is only 15 minutes away. Usually we


don't have fires too badly, hopefully they can make it in 15


minutes. I can understand the cutbacks, but where do you draw the


line? Emergency services are vital. That is the public view, what are


the Fire Service saying? Both the Fire Service and West


Berkshire council say they understand the attachment that


people have to their fire stations but they do see that people should


not be concerned, that their safety will not be jeopardised. We would


not put a proposal for but if it did not meet that risk tolerance,


however it is always risk, that is the business we work on. But


residents across Berkshire will remain safe when they pick up the


phone if you need to dial 999 able get the service they need in a


proper and timely manner to assist them in their hour of need. What


impact will this have on staff? It is clear that retained


firefighters will not be able to continue in the rule here, and said


retained firefighters union shows that receives this shows disdain for


the system. The Fire Brigade union said it opposes any front line cuts,


but it is worth bearing in mind that the demand on the Fire Service has


changed, and this is about creating a modern force.


An inquest jury has concluded that neglect contributed to the suicide


of a 22-year-old man at Winchester prison.


Daryl Hargrave, who had a history of mental health issues,


was found hanged in his cell in July 2015.


The coroner said she has ongoing concerns.


Briony Leyland is outside Winchester prison.


Briony, Daryl Hargrave was not there for long before


That's right, the inquest heard Daryl had been


here when he was found hanged in his cell.


He lived in Gosport and had allegedly been


The inquest heard that Daryl had a long history of self harm


but troubled and had struggled with addiction.


Yes, he cut himself and was moved to


the healthcare unit the day before he died.


The jury found there were a number of failings


and decisions which contributed to his suicide - for example


he was not put on constant supervision and his psychosis


They concluded that failure amounted to neglect.


Daryl's mother told me she was satisfied with the verdict.


The jury could not have done any more, they have said it all in one


word. Neglect. What do you hope will be the legacy?


We pray that in his death, all we can ask is that lessons are learned,


and for the prison that they put more resources and training. That's


what we hoped for. What has been the response from the


prison? The prison has referred us to the


Ministry of Justice and we are still awaiting a statement from them.


There were three self-inflicted deaths in the space of two months in


2015. Speaking about this case the coroner said she had ongoing


concerns and is writing to organisations with the power to take


action to try to prevent future deaths.


More than 10,000 people have now signed a petition calling


for a Hampshire-based teenager not to be deported back to Afghanistan.


Walid Durani has lived in Fleet since he was 14.


But now he's turned 18, and is classed as an adult,


he's been told he must return to Afghanistan - despite his


The Home Office says it won't comment on individual cases -


but the size of the petition means the Government must now respond.


We've reported in the past on why empty shops are all too common


on our high streets - struggling to attract tenants


But in Winchester, retailers are facing a different problem.


They're leaving because the city is too successful.


That's caused business rates and rents to rise -


Here's our Business correspondent Alastair Fee.


Over 30 years in Winchester, this Italian deli has prospered during


But the current climate is the hardest yet.


Rates have gone up a lot in the last 12 months.


What's the combined impact of the high rent and the rate


And the minimum wage as well - the impact is


It's going to be a very challenging year for us this year.


Winchester, popular and affluent, has not been sheltered from the


Rising rent and rates have hit many here.


This is one of the next independent businesses that's closing.


River Island has left the city centre and


Shoezone too has gone citing rent as a key factor.


It seems to me that there are far more of the chain shops


and not really the independent shops.


There are no what I call affordable ladies'


There have been a lot of closures recently.


People who may not be coming back or renewing their leases.


And usually it is rent that is the problem.


This jeweller is among the new businesses


trying to make it work in an uncertain environment.


We want to survive because people do like to come out and shop


at individual shops but it's getting very, very difficult.


Across the South boarded up shops have become


While there are schemes to help cushion some business rate


rises, there is still no protection from rent increases.


We're all familiar with the driver's licence


Well, the same idea is being adopted for taxis in Mid Sussex.


Cabbies will have a sort of second virtual licence which will keep


a record of any infringements of the taxi licensing rules -


and if they get to 12 points, they could be out.


Sean Killick reports from Haywards Heath.


Most people are familiar with the concept of penalty points on the


driving licence. If you are caught speeding it is a minimum of three


points, if you get 12 points you could be banned. Taxi drivers here


face an additional risk of getting points on their taxi operating


licence. Dozens of misdemeanours. Here are a few examples. And


satisfactory condition of the vehicle inside right could get them


four points. Unreasonably prolonging a journey or misconduct regarding


charging, six points. Refusal to accept hiding without reasonable


cause, 3-12 points. If a taxi driver accumulates 12 points in a two-year


pity they could get a warning, have their licence suspended or even


people. This is reaction from taxi drivers here. Is a good idea. But if


you point out a bit strict. Especially this, they cannot have


food inside, even a bottle of water if it is hot, what are you going to


do. I keep my car clean and tidy like most do. I can't see why the


council want to award you points for having a dirty car. My car is always


clean. I think it is crazy. That is over the top. It is way over the


top. This is not entirely new, it has been introduced elsewhere in the


country. Mid Sussex District Council said the reason they are doing it is


to improve standards and also for safety of passengers as well. The


new system will be introduced here on the 1st of May.


A smoking ban is being aboard a boat crossing the Solent


broke out in a cigarette bin. I will have the weather forecast


shortly. Lloyds banking group


is to set aside ?100 million to compensate customers


who were victims of a large fraud Six people, including two


former HBOS employees, were jailed earlier this year


for their part in the scheme, The Financial Conduct Authority


is resuming its investigation into the fraud, which was put


on hold because of She's been called the missing


link between the Mary Britain captured the warship


Invincible from the But she ran aground


in the Solent 11 years later and has been on the bottom ever


since. Now a four-year excavation


project is being launched The cost is being met with money


paid in fines by the big banks. Hundreds of thousands


of people come to Portsmouth year, but few will know


that the warship upon which Admiral Nelson


modelled his fleet actually lies The fantastic thing about Invincible


is that it fills a perfect chronological gap


between the Mary Rose, which was built in 1511,


the flagship of Henry VIII, and HMS


Victory, which was built in 1765. Her class then became


the backbone of the Royal Navy. For example in the Battle


of Trafalgar, 1805, three quarters of that class of ship


were built from Invincible lines. From the depths of the Solent,


Invincible's salvation has come in the unlikely form of fines paid


by banks for manipulating the Libor In one of his last acts


as Chancellor, George Osborne authorised a ?2 million


grant from that fund. This exclusive footage shows


what the wreck looks like now. The ship itself is exposing


and there's lots of artefacts as well as structures


which are at risk. Really need to do it now


because those artefacts, they are deteriorating through biological


decay, physical decay. Here we have a lid


of a gunpowder barrel. This just emerged


and you can even see the engravings


on the top of the lid. We have one side of the ship


preserved from the gun deck all the And the bow section


is the section that we would Portsmouth's Museum


of the Royal Navy will be given There is some of it but it's


the objects that we are really interested in


because they provide an important transept


to the sort of everyday objects


that would be on a ship. As we haven't got that


from anywhere else. If the project's successful


in four years' time Invincible will take her rightful


place back at Portsmouth dockyard. Amazing things they have brought up


and who knows what else is down there? A packed weekend of sport.


Grand National of course. Not a great year for our South contenders.


Big weekend of football. Brighton boss Chris Hughton says


the promotion race is likely to drag on despite his side having a healthy


advantage in the race on Wednesday means Albion revert


to second spot ahead of tonight's Huddersfield's game in hand means


Hughton's side currently need 12 points to be sure of a place


in the top flight. Reading, remember, are firmly


in the play off chase. Tonight Albion look for a 10th away


win of the campaign. A lot rests on Glenn Murray up front


as Sam Baldock is still struggling Hughton admits away games bring


different challenges. We have got two very tough away


games now. That balance between home games and away games has changed no,


on the back of two home games and two home victories. That mentality


of going away from home, and needing to get a result, will be important.


Goals from that run at 10.20 five. They're currently six points clear


of Stevenage in fourth, and after Yeovil tomorrow they face


Plymouth in second on Good Friday. Paul Cook's side have won five


of their last six games. They're without Noel Hunt and Owen


Doyle for the rest of the season. Another big crowd will back them


at Fratton Park tomorrow. We cannot give you any sensational


news now. For the players it is repetition. We have to remind them


what we want to achieve. It is not a foregone conclusion.


In the Premier League Bournemouth hope to continue their run


of results against the giants of English football.


After this point at Anfield on Wednesday they host


a Chelsea side likely to be champions this season.


Southampton go to West Brom, they could close the gap


on the Baggies in eighth, to four points with two games in hand


with a second win in four days after Wednesday's victory over


Reading go to Norwich tomorrow in the other Championship fixture.


While Swindon hope to make it three wins from three


There's coverage across the BBC including live radio


It's day two of the US Masters at Augusta and the Hampshire pair


of Justin Rose and amateur Scott Gregory had contrasting


Gregory shot a ten over par 82 and a short time ago


Meanwhile Rose is among the early contenders after a one under par


There's highlights tonight at 7 on BBC Two and live coverage


Sussex have backed plans for the new T20 lead.


And Hampshire had a good first day to day. The home side were bowled


out for 273. And there was eight wickets on his


return for Kyle Abbott. At the close Hampshire had lost five


wickets. Their reply, 58-5. At the Oval Stoneman scored 165 as


Surrey reached 327- the. We have not mentioned the Grand


National because we are short on runners. Cocktails at dawn, 100-1,


outsider, our only hope. Now - the story of a remarkable


family gathering in Hampshire today. The occasion was the 100th


birthday of Joan Massey. Mercia who's aged 98,


and Ailsa, who's 102. Born in India, the trio have


travelled the world, outlived their four brothers,


and they all still have a relish for life and adventure


as David Allard's been finding out. We do get on. We do have our


arguments. Why not? You cannot say yes all the time.


Three sisters - 300 years of history.


There's a lot to reminisce about at Joan's 100th birthday party.


the day after America entered the First World War -


and she had a vital role in the Second.


'S boot stationed at --. Do you still feel like the baby


sister? Certainly not. We help each other out.


now living in Scotland, she finally gave up


I went back to heaven. -- back to their line. They are role models.


They are so inspirational. Who is the bossy one?


We know who the bossy one here is. Here is the weather.


It will be glorious. To date many places saw sunshine. Lovely


pictures. Temperatures soared to a high of 17,


18 Celsius. Tomorrow will be warmer, and warmer still on Sunday. Tonight


it will turn chilly and clearing skies. We may see missed and fog


patches by dawn. Pockets of frost as well. Last night that Bournemouth


Airport temperatures dropped to 0.4 Celsius. We could see similar


temperatures tomorrow morning. It will be a murky start to the day


tomorrow. The fog will be swiftly. Blue skies overhead. It is going to


be a glorious day. Cooler along the coast. Inland we could see highs of


20-21 C. Their warmest of the temperature is more likely the


further north and East you are. During the afternoon temperatures


will rise, tomorrow night, feeling skies. It will turn chilly but not


as cool as tonight. First thing Sunday morning, mist and fog


patches. A lovely start to the day on Sunday. Temperatures will rise


swiftly. Through the course of the afternoon we could see highs of 22


Celsius. Later on Sunday we will start to see cloud feuding in from


the West ahead of this coal plant. That spills a change in the weather.


They are behind this fund will be cooler. Mandy Beagle back to our


seasonal average temperatures of 13, 14 temperatures. -- on Monday we go


back to our seasonal average. Cooler and cloudier conditions. If you are


out and about over the weekend to send us your pictures.


That's it for now - thanks for your company.


We're back with the headlines at eight and a bulletin just


Meanwhile - have a good evening, and a great weekend.


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