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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me


Chinese plans to build a replica of the ill-fated liner


are criticised by families of those who lost their lives.


I think if he knew this was being replicated, he would be turning in


his grave. After fire gutted this


high-rise flat, a woman's arrested


on suspicion of arson. Chinese takeaway in prospect


for another of our football clubs, as new investors make


a play for Reading. To tell you the truth, we do not


want to sell the club, but we have got no choice, you know? And on the


water, police patrols to target butchers here in Poole Harbour. --


poachers. Descendants of those who sailed


on board the Titanic have criticised a decision to build a replica


of the doomed liner in China Its Chinese backer attended


a meeting of the British Titanic Society in Southampton this weekend


to convince them otherwise. But because the ship remains a grave


at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, some people believe the replica


is in extremely poor taste. Our Transport Correspondent Paul


Clifton is in Southampton tonight. And Paul, more than a century


on from the sinking of the Titanic, The story of the Titanic


is indelibly linked 724 crew members


came from this city. This memorial is to some of the 549


of them who perished. At Northam Primary School,


half the children lost their fathers The people building the theme park


in China's Sichuan province say it will highlight the heroism and love


of those who lost their lives. But there are many


who think the idea is, The concept is bold. Working from


original plans, a new Titanic two is being created.


A promotional video shows the British liner


Work is well underway. The replica will be complete in two years' time.


attraction on a river in


The Chinese have come to the British Titanic


The intent to meet the experts and convince them that the project is


good idea. TRANSLATION: Yes,


Chinese people are very interested in this project


and the Titanic, especially in terms


of the responsibility. The intention is to build a ship is


close to the original as possible. I am doing everything


in my power to make this thing look like the original, so we


are going to hopefully use some Jean Legg's father was


an 18-year-old steward on board He lived to be nearly 90, and those


sights and sounds stayed with him until the end of his days.


I think he would be turning in his grave.


Bad taste, I think. I lost my grandfather on the Titanic.


What is special about the Titanic as this will help to perpetuate the


memory of those who lost their lives. The Chinese will even build a


replica of the hotel in which many people stayed the night before the


voyage. The Chinese are fascinated with the Titanic story. Their story


will now become a tourist attraction, and a business


opportunity. Well, the idea of a Titanic 2


has produced a lively David Allard has been looking


through your comments. Plenty of comments on the South


Today Facebook page. They are weighted to- one against the idea.


Police are questioning a woman on suspicion of arson after a fire


at a high rise block of flats in Southampton yesterday evening.


The fire at Redbridge Towers completely destroyed a flat


No-one was seriously injured, and firefighters managed


to prevent the blaze spreading to neighbouring flats.


Fanned by the wind, the blaze on the 12th floor of Redbridge


Towers in Southampton took hold quickly, just before


When I came out, there were flames coming out of the windows, paper


coming out, glass smashed everywhere. When the windows went


out, it went boom. The woman


living in the flat where the fire broke out fled to her neighbour


to raise the alarm. 50 firefighters were sent


from Southampton, the New Forest A lot of people were time to get out


of the building while our firefighters will try to get in.


Other than smoke inhalation there were no injuries.


This morning a joint investigation team from fire


A 28-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of


"arson with intent to endanger life".


As the fire crews on the ground were acutely aware, it's just days


since the seventh anniversary of the blaze at another


Southampton tower block, Shirley Towers which claimed


the lives of firefighters Alan Bannon and Jim Shears.


With the advent of the tragic incident at Shirley Terrace, this


was always going to talk at some heartstrings among the Southampton


Cruz, it does strike a chord, so they were always good to be nervous,


but they are well-trained, very professional, and very good at they


do. Since the Shirley Towers tragedy, sprinklers are being


installed in high-rise flats. Writing on Twitter,


Alan Bannon's sister Lin renewed her calls for sprinklers to


be fitted to all other high rises, including Redbridge Tower.


Southampton City Council told us they have invested


more than ?1 million They have also stressed that all


buildings are safe. The joint investigation team


will continue their work up on the 12th floor -


the flat has been completely destroyed and they say they will be


here for some time to come. It's an illness which is


on the increase among students and teenagers, yet medical experts


say awareness of meningitis A vaccine is freely available


to all school leavers, but last year in the South, fewer


than a third took it up. One woman from Hampshire


who was left severely disabled after contracting a rare strain


of meningitis is now urging other young people to protect themselves.


Anjana Gadgil went to meet her. Jemma developed meningitis halfway


through her law degree. She spent a year in


hospital and lost her I was in an induced coma for three


weeks while the swelling I was on a ventilator


for three and a half months. I pretty much had to


learn to do everything again, from moving my limbs,


speaking, talking, eating, all of those things you learn when you are


little, I had to relearn. rarest strains, but in the three


years since she was diagnosed, a vaccine has been available


for school leavers. There are five different


strains of bacterial meningitis, each caused


by different bacteria. Meningitis B is the most


widely recognised - babies are immunised


against itfrom eight weeks. babies are immunised against it


from eight weeks. But meningitis W is the most


common among teenagers, In Dorset, Hampshire


and the Isle of Wight, cases of meningitis W increased


from 22 six years ago The total number of people


who died rose from five to But fewer than one third of young


people leaving school have been immunised,


despite the dangers. Parents are really scared


of meningitis, they know all about it and bring children


to hospital really quickly. But we know that young


people, teenagers and college students,


are not properly aware. They often come to hospital


later because they just think they have got


the flu or a hangover. The best way to not get meningitis


is to be vaccinated. People say to me, I am fit


and healthy, I don't think it is going to happen to me,


but I was exactly I was fit and healthy,


there was no reason why I got it, I was just the


unlucky one who did. And if you want to find out more


about the vaccination or the symptoms, you can


find details online Police from across the South,


including Hampshire, the Thames Valley and West Sussex,


have attended the funeral of PC Keith Palmer, who was murdered


in the Westminster terror attack. Thousands of officers lined


the streets of Central London to witness the procession of PC


Palmer's coffin before his funeral at Southwark


Cathedral this afternoon. Still to come in South Today,


the agony and the ecstasy - a missed chance to win the Masters, but


Hampshire clinch victory in style. 18 people have been arrested


in an operation by Hampshire and Thames Valley Police,


targeting criminals Officers seized cocaine


with a street value of around Other arrests were made for crimes


including theft and driving Forty-two vehicles were seized


for having no insurance or license. 42 vehicles were seized for having


no insurance or license. People and businesses in


South Reading are calling for more A loophole in licensing laws


allowing airport bars to sell alcohol all day,


and to under 18s, should be closed Sussex Police say they're currently


unable to bring sanctions against bars selling alcohol


to children at Gatwick Airport. One airline says it suffered


more than 250 incidents of alcohol-fuelled disruption


last summer alone. But today Gatwick said it was happy


with an industry code of practice and didn't want to see


the law tightened. A flight is diverted,


and a drunk passenger arrested and later jailed for


assaulting a crew member. At the moment, the


Licensing Act, which controls the sale of alcohol,


does not apply once according to the House of Lords


committee set up to scrutinise it, It can be quite intimidating


to see a whole gang of people board a plane,


obviously the worse for drink, and we believe that the police,


the airlines, and the retailers should have the tools


to do their job, and therefore the The committee heard from one airline


which suffered hundreds of summer. Sussex Police said all but


one outlet airside at Gatwick sold alcohol to an under-18


test purchaser. Certainly, bringing the licensing


laws here at Gatwick into line with those just down the road


in Crawley will do something about the sort of people who cannot board


a flight at 7am without a large gin But ultimately, the public needs


to understand that you cannot get onto an aircraft


when you are drunk, or indeed, This former pilot says airport


and airline crew can usually step in to stop


any potential trouble. As a captain, if somebody walks


into an aircraft, and the cabin crew have any concerns,


they will be straight into the cockpit, they will say we have just


boarded two people, we are not too sure, and straightaway you will just


ask for security to come and look at Both airport operators


and the Home Office say the current voluntary code of conduct


is still the best way forward. The report from the Lords


says it is clearly not Sara Smith, BBC


South Today, Gatwick. People and businesses in south


Reading are calling for more This space behind shops


on the Shinfield Road has But local residents say each time it


fills up again within days and they've so far not been able


to find out exactly The rubbish is often dumped


at night, it attracts rats and people renting garages


here can't get to them. We did once use it for parking and,


obviously, you can't now. It has got a really bad smell


and it is really not There is children coming


out of the houses Nearly four months after it closed,


a community application to reopen a Berkshire swimming pool


is being considered The Arthur Hill Memorial


Baths shut in December after Reading Borough Council said


it couldn't afford to keep it open. Swimmers who used the pool have


submitted an outline business plan and set up a community interest


company to run it if necessary. More than ?10,000 was raised


through an appeal to take Dorset Police's marine unit has been


drafted in to help tackle gangs of poachers raiding birds'


nests in Poole Harbour. Nests of rare and protected


Mediterranean gulls have been disturbed on several


of the islands there. The charity Birds of Poole Harbour


is assessing the damage. The torturers are looking for eggs.


This, a chicken's egg, probably worth about 20p. -- the poachers.


These documents are a delicacy, they are a delicacy, but the higher on


the available for a few weeks a year. -- viz duck eggs. They can


legally only be collected from four sites, none of which are in Dorset.


Such is the capital's appetite, that people are now prepared to break the


law. Poole Harbour is


a haven for wildlife. The Mediterranean gull has made some


of the islands its home, Almost 70% of the colony have


disappeared, been taken. We found the nests empty


and the islands which are uninhabited and have no human access


were crisscrossed with footprints. So we came to the understanding


that, unfortunately, The Mediterranean gull


in the foreground looks very similar And it is the demand


for black-headed gull eggs that is threatening


the Mediterranean gull. Black-headed gull eggs have


been deemed safe to eat However, no-one's ever tested


Mediterranean gull eggs. Now, this is a schedule one species


heavily protected by law, and they are potentially being sold


in areas that no-one knows whether they are


safe to eat or not, OK? So there is a big health


issue attached to this. Now Dorset Police are patrolling


the waters and asking anyone who sees anything suspicious


to contact them. We will be looking at anyone


who should not be on the islands because they are protected islands


themselves. There has been no licence


issued within Dorset. So anyone in the wrong place


at the wrong time and should not be there will obviously come


to our attention. It is not illegal to set foot


on the islands but police want to talk to this


man, seen recently. The nesting sites are being


monitored now as the breeding But the impact is already


being felt elsewhere. An entire brood of tern chicks


on Brownsea were eaten by the gulls Birds of Poole Harbour are keeping


a close eye on what happens next. Interesting issue. Looking lovely in


Poole Harbour. We will have the weather shortly before us, the


sport. If I am a bit bleary eyed, it is because I was watching the


Masters, Justin Rose! You could not leave it. Half past


midnight, could not go to bed. Dramatic night. Lots up injured in


the night. During the evening, breaking news from Reading FC.


Reading's co-owner has told South Today the Thai consortium


who run the Championship club are selling reluctantly but that


a Chinese brother and sister can do a lot better for the Royals.


Lady Sasima Srivikorn talked to South Today after the Football


League cleared the way for a takeover at


But as Ben Moore reports, the Premier League may


Only the Canaries were singing at the Royals' 7-1 drubbing


But although humiliating, the defeat will not realistically damage


The news less than 24 hours later that the Football League have


conditionally approved a Chinese takeover will have


To tell you the truth, we do not want to sell the club.


But we have not much choice, you know?


It is just endless, OK, and very expensive.


This brother and sister made a fortune building underground


The pair are not strangers to English football and tried to buy


Hull last summer but were thwarted because of concerns over


That has led to concerns that there could be another block,


denying the Royals access to the Premier League if they go up.


We like this brother and sister team.


I think they are sincere and they can do a lot


Are you worried at all that the Chinese had their application


to take over Hull FC blocked by the Premier League?


I am not worried because I am sure, at the end of the day, the EPL


And if they pass them, that means it is good.


Reading could face one big change with the possibility of a takeover,


long-time chairman Sir John Madejski could finally take


Reading's defeat doesn't harm their play off hopes.


It was a great weekend for Brighton, whose victory on Friday night at QPR


coupled with Newcastle's defeat puts them back in pole


Technically, they need 7 points to go up, in reality,


Congratulations to Brighton and Hove Albion's Anthony Knockart,


he was named Championship player of the year at last night's


More prizes are coming Brighton's way.


Meanwhile, Portsmouth were named the EFL's


community club of the year, and that's probably not the only


award the Fratton Park club will claim in the next week or so.


Pompey are on course for promotion after this 3-1 over Yeovil.


Gareth Evans' penalty put them in front.


Kal Naismith restored the lead, beating the keeper at the near post.


Jamaal Lowe did the same soon after, 3-1.


Portsmouth need a maximum of 8 points to go up from 5 games.


Golf in a moment, first, the other football headlines.


Southampton showed resilience, flair, and quality in their 1-0 win


at West Brom, and should have scored more than


the solitary goal, the


first in the Premier League for Jordy Clasie.


Tony Pulis' side were threatening an equaliser by


Fraser Forster secured all three points, though, with a


series of saves, including this from Jonny Evans in the last minute.


Bournemouth's five-match unbeaten run has gone a long way to securing


the Premier League status, barring a collapse


in the home straight, and


they gave Chelsea a tough examination on Saturday night.


Diego Costa's slice took a fortunate deflection off Alan Smith


Eden Hazard rounded Artur Boruc soon after to make it 2-0.


They hit the post, and then Josh King fired in


The fightback ended after the break, though.


Marcus Alonzo's free kick unstoppable, just like Chelsea this


Justin Rose played a part in one of the great Masters Sundays


as he and Sergio Garcia battled it out for the famous green


The former North Hants golf club member was beaten in a play off


after a dramatic contest with his Spanish Ryder cup partner,


which saw the players go toe to toe through the back nine


Both missed putts to win the year's first Major on the final hole,


so it went to a sudden death play off.


Rose fired his tee shot into the pines.


And Garcia took advantage, sinking this putt to birdie


Sudden death is sudden death. You're in it and suddenly it is all over.


It was a great day. It really was. We separated ourselves from the


field and you had a great comeback. On 13, we made par through the


trees. That was the turning point for him. I am happy for Sergio. I


would love to wear the green jacket, but if it wasn't me, I feel good for


him. Great sportsmanship in golf. And a tweet from Justin Rose


which has been universally praised. As he congratulates


Sergio and admits "sport in the moment can be tough,


but, it's just sport. Surrey have beaten Warwickshire


by an innings and one run in their opening


county championship match. Meanwhile, Hampshire won their game


at Yorkshire in thrilling style. Gareth Berg hit this six


as the county chased a huge 321 Five of the six teams contesting


this summer's America's Cup are practising in Bermuda, including


the Portsmouth based Landrover BAR There was a dramatic


moment for the defenders Oracle team USA this weekend


when their 50 foot foiling catamaran tipped over in the Great Sound,


the team's own video teams caught It follows a near miss on Friday


with Artemis Racing of Sweden. Dramatic images and a reminder that


when those boats are going at 50 mph, it is pretty dangerous at


times. Great weekend of sport but a great


weekend of whether as well. The barbecues came out, the bikinis came


out... They did indeed. It was the highest


temperature of the year so far. This week, in some places, 10 Celsius


cooler. Shazz Hooper took this picture


of a barn in amongst Colin Lee photographed Watts Park


in Southampton bursting with colour. There was plenty of sunshine and we


will do it all again tomorrow. Temperatures this week slightly


cooler than me whether the weekend. This week, a lot of dry weather in


general. It is only try Easter weekend as well. Only a spot of rain


here and there. Clear skies over me tonight. Any cloud that built up


today will melt up tonight. There are laws in towns and cities of


6-8 C. Cloud. To build during the afternoon tomorrow, particularly for


the North and East. Temperatures could reach highs of 14, maybe 15


Celsius and it will be a breezy afternoon. The breeze is quite


strong for the South coast and Isle of Wight. It is a lovely evening


tomorrow night with lots of sunshine on offer. Cloud. To increase for


some during the early hours of Wednesday morning. Quite a cloudy


start to Wednesday and cloudy in general through the day. Tomorrow


night's temperatures are down to around 6-7 C. They will not be a lot


more clever and on Wednesday. Brightest bells even there. Breezy


day, coming from the west, and liked and patchy rain. More likely in


Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and areas north of Berkshire. Quite a


lot of dry weather around as well, fair amount of cloud with highs of


14 and 15. The winds for later through Thursday and it should be


mainly dry with some bright and sunny intervals, patchy cloud here


and there. Similar scenario on Good Friday. Sunny spells to be had.


Chance of rain after dark but, generally, should be dry during the


course of the day with the high of 12 and 13 Celsius. Looking to the


Easter weekend, Good Friday is mainly dry until the evening,


showers expected on Saturday that will be hit and miss, and dry on


Easter Day and Easter Monday. That is not sound too bad. Thank you


very much. I think we have been quite spoiled!


Thank you very much. There is a new summary at 8pm and we will be back


at 10:30pm as well. Thanks been there. Good night. -- thanks for


being there.


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