17/04/2017 South Today


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


I'm Edward Sault with the news here in the South.


It's been an afternoon of triumph, ecstacy, and celebration


for thousands of football fans across the South.


Portsmouth have confirmed promotion to League One.


And Brighton have virtually clinched promotion to the Premier League.


These were the Seagull fans pouring onto the pitch


They'd seen Brighton defeat Wigan 2-1.


Barring an almost impossible set of results in the remaining games,


that means Brighton And Hove Albion are promoted to the top flight


of English football for the first time in 34 years.


After five years of watching Brighton,


This season has been plain sailing, top of the


We won! This is her first game.


Having missed it the last couple of seasons, absolutely


We are really delighted, aren't we, James?


Meanwhile, in League Two, Portsmouth have secured a definite


promotion to League One by beating Notts County 3-1.


Andy Moon was watching with Pompey fans in Nottingham,


4366 Portsmouth fans made the journey north in expectation and in


hope, and they were rewarded with a promotion, Portsmouth's first for 14


years. An unforgettable, forgettable day for the supporters of the club,


who have had some difficult moments in recent years. It all came good


this afternoon. For those guys, who have helped this club and put them


back on the map, it is the first step on a long road, but I am so


I feel very emotional about it. Buzzing, happy, emotional. All the


emotions I can think of, could not have imagined it any better. Coming


off the bench, scoring two goals and getting promoted. Great feeling. The


night here in Nottingham among night here in Nottingham among


players, supporters and all of those who dug deep in their pockets and


saved the club. This moment was for the fans. Portsmouth are back in


League One where they belong. The proposed takeover deal for


Southampton has fallen through. Jack Rowe was just three years


old when he drowned in his family's Three years on, his mother Olivia is


hoping to prevent similar tragedies. After an intensive training course


in America, she's now teaching youngsters how to survive


if they fall into water. This four-year-old


is being taught how to float, and keep his head above


water, if he fell in accidentally. For me, that is the most important


thing, that every child that gets into water, whether it be


into a pool or the sea, a pond, if that happens,


that they can save themselves. In July 2014, Olivia Rowe's


son, Jack, drowned in It was the day of his


third birthday. While she popped out,


and Jack was out of sight of his stepbrother,


he somehow fell in. When I was out, I got the call


from Harry, my stepson, who was looking after him, to say


that he could not find him. I came home, and then later,


a friend discovered him at the bottom of the pool, at the


side and the bottom, so he was very Olivia set up a charity,


called the Jack-Rabbit Foundation, and went


to Florida with her swimming They both trained in infant


survival techniques. Back home, and they have begun


classes in Wiltshire. Babies and toddlers


are shown how to work The charity wants to teach as many


children as possible, It's 50 years since


Sir Francis Chichester became a record-breaker,


single-handedly He was celebrated as a sailing hero,


and his boat, Gipsy Moth IV, became the most famous


yacht in the world. Now, in this special anniversary


year, Gipsy Moth is preparing for a new adventure,


as Briony Leyland reports. Probably 250,000 people have


observed, from the shore, the At the age of 65, Sir


Francis Chichester took His achievement in sailing


single-handedly around the globe with just one stop


caused a sensation. Half a century later,


his record-breaking is back at Bucklers Hard


on the Beaulieu River, where he prepared for his voyage,


her presence prompting I mean, everyone takes


for granted now, but How compact, he's got


everything in their day needs. This is his original


paraffin heater. A lot of heat comes


out of this, so when he was down in the Southern Ocean,


it would have kept nice and warm. Restored 12 years ago,


Gypsy Moth repeated her Restored 12 years ago,


Gipsy Moth repeated her Now looked after by a charitable


trust, she is still offering sailing opportunities, but her next


mission is closer to home. She is going round


Britain this year to commemorate the 50th,


so we will be starting on the day he arrived back in Plymouth,


and heading clockwise around the UK, so people all over


the country will have a chance to At Guildhall, this


untiring man met the Sir Francis, who died in 1972,


said he took on the challenge 50 years on, that sense


of adventure is still proving A quick look at some


of the other football results. In the Championship,


Reading beat Rotherham 2-1. In League One, Oxford


beat Port Vale 2-0. And Swindon were beaten


1-0 by Walsall. And now, here's Bea Tucker


with the weather. Some of us have seen some sunshine,


but it is cried overcast now. In what others will see clear skies


overnight, but it will be a chilly one. It could be close to freezing,


but tomorrow will be dry and bright with loads of sunshine. More


sunshine than over the last few days. We could see some areas


hitting 15 degrees. Largely dry through the rest of this week, but


cold and frosty by night. Our next programme


is at 10:20 tonight. Hopefully you managed to enjoy some


good weather this Easter. It has not been ideal but it has not been that


bad. Pretty cold tonight. Sharp frost on the way in role areas and


across northern parts. The skies are not clear just yet but they are


starting to clear. By the end of the night, those temperatures will


tumble across Scotland, maybe as low minus eight. No surprise this time


of the year. We do get frost, but this could be even damaging.


Tomorrow morning, it is looking sunny for most of us but the wind is




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