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Hello, I'm Sally Taylor, welcome to South Today.


Full steam ahead for June the 8th - but what does a General Election


We'll be talking to voters in Reading, in Eastleigh and here in


the Prime Minister's Maidenhead constituency.


Will a snap election finally make her an elected Prime Minister?


# We're going to Wembley, we're going to Wembley #!


Blue heaven for Brighton and Portsmouth -


promotion is the reward for the fans who refused to let their teams die.


And the disappearing act of the coach company


that's taken bookings but left customers disappointed.


The news that took Westminster by surprise this morning


has been rippling out across the South of England.


We will be voting in a General Election on June the 8th.


It's a chance for people to vote again on the issue of Brexit,


which split the South as it split the country.


And we face seven weeks of campaigning from MPs


who want to keep their seats in southern constituencies,


with a big role this time for the MP for Maidenhead, Theresa May.


BBC South's political editor Peter Henley is in her home village


Who saw this coming then? Not me! Not the commuters. It's the


only talking point on the train is coming back to the Thames Valley


today. This morning, they had no idea we'll going to have several


weeks of campaigning for a general election. This is going to and Hans


Theresa May's reputation as a daring risk taker, rather than the dull


follower of procedure, the planner that people labelled higher at the


Home Office. No sign of it in Easter over a year over the holiday, she


came back and helped with they've than in Maidenhead. Even some MPs


whose jobs are now on the goal line missed the announcement this


morning. It looks like she took the whole country, as well as the


locals, by surprise. The news that the PM has


gone to the country. Despite fixed-term parliaments,


we'll be voting on June the 8th And in the Prime Minister's


constituency, I think, after the Brexit thing


and she went straight into power, I think the people didn't


have a chance to have their say. Just heard on the news,


I was absolutely staggered. I can't, that she's called one,


I can't really see the reason why. I mean, I know there's a lot


going on and there's the question about Brexit,


but I was ready quite astounded. The chair of local Conservatives


here say the decision will give her a much stronger


position to negotiate I just thought, well,


it's got to be serious, because Prime Ministers don't make


announcements from the steps Maidenhead is a safe Conservative


seat, but other Berkshire MPs said it was worth going to the country


to strengthen her It's very important to have that


strong backing in Parliament to make sure that deals can't be turned down


at the last minute, to make sure the Prime Minister's hand


isn't forced at any stage She has to be in a strong


position to make sure we get So is this element of surprise to


Theresa May's advantage? Labour had been saying for some time


they're on an election footing. But they haven't selected candidates in


many seats. Even, as Benjamin name more reports now, in target seats.


As all parties start to set out their stalls,


Reading is an area labour might consider ripe for change.


I just think Labour's in a mess, really.


It's not going anywhere, unfortunately.


When they called this Brexit thing, they didn't think


That backfired on them, so you never know what's


Things are so far gone now that it's really hard to get back from, innit?


Labour runs the council here with a 3-1 majority.


But it has a pressing issue if it wants to take seats


Currently, neither constituency in Reading,


That's because the local Labour Party said it wanted to wait


for the new boundary changes to come into force before


But that process could take eight weeks, which would take us past


So they're now seeking advice from the national Labour Party.


One man who casts a long shadow after 13 years as a Labour MP


He says the Tories are taking a gamble.


I detect no appetite out there on the streets of Reading


or anywhere else in the South for a snap general election.


We've just come through a very divisive referendum


This is political opportunism of the worst sort by


And I think it could come back to bite them.


As long as the voters here believe Labour won't sell them out.


Labour have welcomed the election nationally. Lovato at too, you say


this is a chance to debate Brexit all over again. They say they are


representing the 48% who voted to remain in the EU. We now report from


Eastleigh, one of the few areas still to have a Lib Dem council, to


see how the events are going down. This will be the ninth collection in


just a few years here. The Conservatives have a majority of


more than 9000 here, in what was traditionally a safe seat for the


Lib Dems. As far as the referendum on the actors, it pretty much


mirrors the national picture, with 52.5% people here voting to lead the


EU. We have a big debate about whether


we should be in the single market. That matters per jobs and investment


in places like Eastleigh which has a strong manufacturing and service


base. Those issues matter and will play into the campaign, that's why


we need more global Democrats in Parliament fighting for the case a


sensible future of this country. Do think it is good that the Lib


Dems here? Potentially, could do well for them.


Brexit, I'm not a fan of at all. You won't find any Danish bacon in


this cafe. The consensus here is as BDO Brexit as possible.


We've all decided as fast a exit as possible. Hopefully it will go that


way and not go back at all. The Lib Dems may not have picked a


candidate to contest the seat yet, Mike Gordon's said he would relish


the chance to contest it. But they said they have a well oiled body


machine here, and say they can contest despite the tight timetable.


Seven weeks of campaigning, plus the local elections in May, are people


ready for this? The local elections, those are


important in the shire counties, which is our part of the world,


particularly. They may be submerged, they may be a useful stroll on how


opinion is changing. What we will get is clarity as parties and the


other colours to the mast on Brexit. It can just mean a Brexit. The


Conservatives will publish a manifesto, as will the other


parties. It will be interesting to see.


Onto other news, and Portsmouth and Brighton are in blue heaven


today after their respective football teams both clinched


For Brighton, it means elevation to the biggest league in the world,


and you can see what it meant to their supporters.


For Portsmouth, promotion may be only the first step back


to the Premier League, but it was just


And for both sets of supporters, it's a well-deserved


reward for refusing to let their respective clubs die.


Here's our sports editor, Tony Husband.


Whether it was Sussex by the sea or the Pompey chimes,


the fans were in good voice on this most magical of Mondays.


At Brighton, they flocked onto the pitch at 5pm yesterday.


Promotion was inevitable after their latest win


But when near rivals Huddersfield only drew two hours later,


# To the Premier League, we're on the way #!


It's testament what the players have given and achieved all season.


And also, at this stage of the season, to put the run together


that we have, at this stage of the season, is very difficult.


That's it, we're in the Premier League now, aren't we?


# We are Premier League, we are Premier League #!


20 years ago, Brighton stayed in the Football League


The finance of owner Tony Bloom, the tenacity of their fans,


Falmer was billed as the future, it's delivered.


We struggled long and hard, I don't think we ever


We've lost generations of fans along the way.


A lot of tears were shed yesterday by supporters who had


loved ones that hadn't seen the dream become reality.


Brighton's resurgence is echoed along the coast.


5000 Portsmouth fans celebrated League 2 promotion at Notts County.


It means the road back from football oblivion has started for a club


saved by its fans four years ago and almost bankrupt in 2010.


What we've got to do eventually is remember that hard road.


It has been a lot tougher than people thought.


They thought, just going down to League 2, we'll bounce back up.


They have learned over four years that football's not quite like that.


Ironically, Portsmouth fans have a choice again,


to accept or reject the investment of billionaire ex-Disney CEO


Michael Eisner, who's offering to buy the club.


Wherever the club goes now it will only be to the benefit


It's owned today by the fans and the right people,


and if they decide to hand it on to Mr Eisner, it will be


with everyone's best wishes and it will Mr Eisner's job then


Supporting a football club is a journey.


Pompey and Albion fans are on the right road for now.


Well, joining us are Paul Barber, chief executive of Brighton


and Hove Albion, and the Portsmouth chairman, Iain McInnes.


We start with you, Paul, how are you feeling? Graduations!


Thank you very much. We certainly had a great day yesterday. A long


night and a slightly fuzzy morning! OK, let's hope some clarity in this


interview! How much regiment is getting to the Premier League for


Brighton? As the report just said, 20 years


ago, we needed a draw to stay in the Football League. To find ourselves


heading to the Premier League next season is a wonderful achievement


for so many at the club. We're delighted for the city, the staff,


the players and coaches, and our owner, Tony Bloom, as well as the


thousands of fans. We're delighted. We're looking ahead, but having got


to the promised land, can you stay there, that will be the challenge?


It will be really difficult. We're going to be playing some of the


biggest and richest clubs in the world. We're going to try our best


to compete at a different level. It's been a long, hard road to get


where we have got to and we don't intend to give it up easily. We will


plan as best we can and compete as best we can exceed them.


Congratulations to you, thank you for joining us. We go now to the


Portsmouth chairman. Well done to the whole club, added good is it


feel to have steered Portsmouth from the brink of extension to promotion?


Congratulations burst of all to Paul in Brighton. These south coast clubs


are setting the bar high for a us duces, aren't they? Our fog hasn't


quite cleared yet, it just seems five minutes ago since I was talking


to you when we first took over a year, and the aim always was to make


this club forward. It's been tougher than we thought. The fans are second


to none. The board and the executive team and everyone involved in this


football club are immensely out of everything we have achieved. It's


the first step. Briefly, attention turned to a


potential takeover by Michael Eisner. How important is it for you


and the fans to make the right decision?


Well, it's hugely important. Because the next step is a big one. We could


have probably gone under the existing ownership model to division


one and then had to look for outside investment. Michael Eisner is


well-known personality. We've done what a properly un-run a club should


do, we have allowed the fans to make the decision, the fans will make


that decision and the decision will be huge and whoever takes on the


role, I wish them the best. Good to talk to you, we'll be


watching carefully. Thank you very much.


He weather is lovely at the moment will it stay?


Glorious day today, but will be swimming into summer for the rest of


the week? A Hampshire swimming club claims


it's been left high and dry by a coach company that appears


to have gone into liquidation. Victory Travel in Portchester has


disappeared after taking bookings and then failing


to provide transport. These young athletes from


Havant Waterlooville Swimming Club are destined for a three-day


intensive swimming session that Just days ago, the coach


operator, Victory Travel, suddenly disappeared,


leaving them ?500 out of pocket, and no way of getting


to Crystal Palace. Then we found out at


the last minute, no reply. Obviously, this left


us a bit in the lurch. It's unprofessional,


and when you've got kids' wishes and dreams and goals here,


I think they should have stepped up to the plate and been a bit


more on this. Not having on-course training


will effect us badly, because it's part of our important


schedule, because that is the pool we race in,


and it will impact us massively. After lots of ringing around


and another coach bill, Pete's Airlink Minibus has stepped


in as a last-minute replacement Just one of many clients who claim


they've been left stranded. We've come along to the registered


address here in Portchester, The firm that shares the building


says the company has closed down, and that we're not the first people


to come looking for the director We've made a number of attempts


to contact Paul Donald, but tonight our calls


and e-mails remain unanswered. And the company's website


hasn't been operational Hampshire Trading Standards


is urging anyone affected to contact the Citizens Advice


consumer helpline. On to sport now, Tony Husband's


here. A lot of celebrations across this place today. Portsmouth in


Brighton both promoted. Both are difficult times recently?


Definitely, a moment to compare and contrast. I wore blue for the


occasion, because those are the colours the fans of celebrating


tonight. Football is so much about cycles. Back in 2003, Portsmouth got


promoted to the Premier League. Right-on were playing in athletics


stadium and that time. Look at them the other way round now, it falls


apart. Right-on had been a Premier League club in all but name for a


long time. They have had a habit embedded in the community of getting


things right. Portsmouth, it is now a way back.


They have both got dedicated fans, great support.


The critical decision for Portsmouth, to the go for the


overseas investments? We talk Brighton first, they had been the


most consistent club in any league in Europe over the last few weeks.


Their 2-1 victory over Wigan yesterday was their


Glenn Murray got the opener in front of just under


Local boy Solly March then found an angle to make it 2-0.


Wigan got one back, but it proved only a consolation and it didn't


affect the Albion fans starting their party,


which went on long into the night and included the news that


Huddersfield had only drawn, meaning promotion was confirmed.


We go lives to the Amex now, and a man who described every kick of


Albion's promotion. What kind of challenge of facing the Premier


League? And think it's difficult to say in


the immediate aftermath of the ecstasy of promotion. Certainly, the


hard work starts now. The Albion have fielded on average the oldest


side in the championship match this season, and that's what will need


refreshing. The chairman and owner has invested heavily here at the


Amex and at the training ground. But this is a new challenge for this


football club, and survival is certainly tough. Saying that, Bloom,


by profession, is a gambling man, and it would take a brave person to


bet against him. They give very much. A great season


commentary from BBC Sussex, and three games to go. They can win the


title sooner. So along the coast to


the celebrations for Portsmouth. They needed to better Luton's result


at Mansfield and with the Hatters losing, this 3-1 win at Notts County


guaranteed a spot in League One. After Gareth Evans' penalty had been


cancelled out by Jorge Grant, Jamal Lowe, who was playing


in the nonleague at the turn of the year, came of the bench


to score twice to seal 5000 Pompey fans were there to see


what they hope will be just Live now to BBC Radio Solent's Andy


Moon, the voice of Pompey What challenge awaits in League 1?


No question League 1 will be a step up Pompeii, but not one that will be


beyond them, given what they have achieved this season. Looking at the


squad, most played in the third tier already, if not higher. While


players out of contract, many of them will be retained going forward.


The challenge for Pompey this season has been breaking down opponents who


played very defensively against them. That will change when they


make the step up, and a different style may suit them. The last time


Paul Cooke was promoted from League 2 with Chesterfield, in his first


season they made the play-offs. That may be asking a lot of Pompeii, but


I expect them to be a top hat team next season.


Fratton Park was the scene are quite a party last night, regular much


indeed. The promotion drama


is far from over. Reading picked up six points


from Easter weekend, including this 2-1 win over


relegated Rotherham yesterday, The play-offs seem a certainty


for Jaap Stam's side, but it's not inconceivable they


could catch Newcastle. Lewis Grabban scored as they came


from 1-0 down to seal That was John Swift to make it 2-1.


And don't forget, Aldershot up to fifth in the National League as


well, there could be successful at them. I can't ever remember the


football being quite this good on South Today. Three Premier League


teams make season, amazing! Ulick happy.


I'm please. Legs get the weather.


It is lovely, it's about chilly across the coast. It will feel


warmer. Steve Miller photographed the


sunrise in the Meon Valley today. Martin Perry took this picture


of the blue skies at Colwell Bay And Terry Martin captured the sunny


spells at Fobney Lock near Reading. Some glorious sunshine today. Some


sunny spells this week, but the weather for the week ahead will be


dry. Through April, it has been a fairly dry already. Just tomm in


many places. Many the rain because of the dry weather. Bright and sunny


spells are possible overnight and through the course of the week.


Overnight, we're looking at dry nights. Tonight, we could expect


loads of minus four Celsius. Generally, five Celsius the lower in


urban areas. A frosty start in many areas, but the surgeon what an hazy


with high and medium level cloud arriving through the afternoon.


Temperatures up to around 12 Celsius. In chartered spots, a high


of 14 Celsius. The winds will be fairly light. Site, the cloud will


increase. It won't be as chilly as tonight. The odd bit of frost down


to the southeast. Temperatures falling to around six Celsius.


Thursday a cloudy day. Through the day we may see light showers. Most


places will stay dry, with sunny spells at times. Temperatures very


similar to tomorrow, highs of 13 Celsius. It wants up slightly


through the course of Friday, high pressure not far away. Through the


course of Friday, we see a cold front moving southwards. That will


produce showers and increasing cloud. The air behind the cold front


coming straight from the North. Friday feeling cooler, especially in


the evening, and the weekend as well. The weekend will be similar to


this weekend, in north in 3rd northwesterly breeze, sunny spells


and possibly cross. Be with us tomorrow if you can,


because we have an exclusive report on how overcrowding in prisons is


causing staff to fear for their safety.


I was knocked out about a year ago by a prisoner in a spice attack.


Head-butted me from nowhere, knocked me out. I have been spat at,


verbally abused. You have that every single day, there is a dead AI goes


through my job I don't get verbally abused.


And very candid interview with a prison officer. We'll about tomorrow


night. It's editor of this evening, the late news this evening slightly


later at 10:50pm, that is part of an extended ten o'clock news. Bye-bye.


# You shouldn't have to sell your soul


# These are the things I could do without


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