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In tonight's programme. day and it gets cold next week.


legs have been amputated after a motor racing accident.


A warning to pet owners as several cat deaths


in Portsmouth are being linked to the "UK cat killer".


It's a shame what happened to such a dear


A campaign to bring back oysters to the Solent.


And the TV stars marking a million pound milestone for a new children's


He was tipped as a Formula One star of the future -


but in a split second his life changed forever.


17-year-old Billy Monger from Charlwood in Surrey was racing


in last weekend's British Formula four championships when he crashed


He's since had both his lower legs amputated.


But fans have rallied round, and an online appeal has already


raised more than half a million pounds.


Lewis Coombes is at Thruxton in Hampshire where many


of Billy's fellow racers will compete this weekend.


Sally, Formula four is seen as a low-cost


entrance to car racing - aimed at young drivers


The next step on the road to Formula One.


Today we've seen drivers whip along the straights here at speeds


had learned of the news surrounding their friend


and colleague known as Billy Whizz...


It started as just another race for a young driver with eyes for the


top. It ended in tragedy. This footage from Billy's on-board camera


captures captures the seconds before impact. He was trapped after


colliding with another formula four car. He is the obliteration Jesper


neon the right leg. His left leg is halfway up his five where it has


been removed. Devastating news for us all. The main use to keep a brave


face for Billy. He seems to be doing well, holding up well. Those in


charge in Donington where the incident took place says the


accident will be examined in full. Given a strong racing record, racing


continued at Thruxton, with cars brandishing stickers with his name.


I can remember accident without nature for many, many years. Given


the number of race miles completed, the safest record of any racing


series bar none, I would suggest. News of Billy's accident has echoed


around the world motorsport. An online appeal to raise funds for the


rehabilitation has raised half ?1 million in just 24 hours. With the


likes of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton pledging support. The few


people you know will light up the room when it comes in, incredibly


likeable guy. About motorsport. Seeing the next generation of kids


come through, looking after kids eight years old in go-karts.


Passionate about what he does he loves the sport. To see it happen to


such a lovely guy, such a heartbreaking thing. At the same


time we can see the incredible support he has got. That is


testament to how well loved for years. Tom Ingram, a close friend of


Billy speaking to me earlier today. The money raised, ?570,000, is going


into a trust fund for Billy and his family. British touring cars will


carry messages of support for him. Clearly a popular man in the world


motorsport. 50 firefighters have been battling


a blaze in the St Denys Fire crews got the call


to Empress Road just before midday. No one was inside the commercial


garage at the time and everyone Fire crews are still on the scene


and the fire is now affecting The Ambulance Service has warned


people nearby to close windows Police in Portsmouth


are investigating the horrific killing of a cat in Southsea over


the Easter weekend. They're linking it with two other


similar attacks on cats in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and with many


more attacks nationally believed Jo Kent is in Southsea tonight -


Jo, what happened? It was outside the shop that Poppy,


a two-year-old cat and much loved Her body left across the road


for passers-by to find. It's just yards from her home


and it is believed that it happened between 10.30 at night and 1.30


in the morning from Easter Sunday Her death is devastating


for her owners but all the more so because of the horrific nature


of how it happened. Such a friendly little thing, I have


a young daughter. We had come down the road, coming down the


cul-de-sac, Poppy would come and meet us. At the moment very


difficult to see it in me can't help but think about it. Last night I


could not leave the baby in the nursery. I felt unsafe. And what


happened. To such a dear, sweet creature. -- and a


Well initially the person who found Poppy's body was told it wasn't


really a police matter but it soon emerged that this may not be


an isolated case and is probably linked to a number of other killings


into which there is already a police investigation.


In the South, Hampshire Police are now linking it to two other cases -


one also in Portsmouth at the start of April and another in Sandown


So what do we know about the 'UK cat killer'?


Killings were first reported in 2015 and were largely happening


Now it's believed there are more than 200 cases.


The deaths are similar - with most of the cats -


There's a reward of ?10,000 being offered for information


The concern is that this individual could move


on from killing and mutilating cats to harming humans.


In the meantime Poppy's owners are urging other owners


A 68-year-old man is still being questioned on suspicion


of arson following a fire at a stately home in Dorset.


The blaze at Parnham House near Beaminster broke out on Saturday


Police say the man arrested is from the local area.


Teachers, support staff and parents have revealed the impact of cuts


More than fifty schools in the county are planning to reduce


staffing in the next academic year, as they struggle to


Almost half of those responding to a survey by Unison had been


affected by restructuring in their schools,


with most of them saying it had lowered morale,


increased stress and damaged educational outcomes.


James Ingham has been looking at the findings.


Because of the way funding is allocated, schools in West Sussex


receive two hundred pounds less per pupil than the average school.


That will change under plans to even out discrepancies,


but they'll still be worse off than most.


As a result, 53 schools out of around 330 are considering staff


This is about there being simply not enough money to educate children in


the ways they need to be educated. Making sure there are not support


staff to support children in classrooms, particularly vulnerable


children who may have difficulties or behavioural issues. That affects


all children in schools. Unison's survey in West Sussex


schools, shows staff morale has been hit and workload and stress


levels have increased. But it's the impact


on children that's most stark. Around half said pupils


attainment had got worse, and more said special educational


needs provision had suffered. One teaching assistant has told us


how worried for pupils she is, but she's also fearful


about her future prospects, The children in my school will not


have access to somebody they can talk to. They will continue to be


abused. They will continue to cause disruption in the class. They will


continue to stop other children having a right to their education.


So every single child will be affected, because these children do


not have somebody to turn to. Don't have someone who can spend time


listening to them. Parents are also noticing


the impact of cuts. Sarah Maynard has children


at primary and secondary Her son's primary is losing seven


teaching assistants. They generally enrich our children's


daily life at school, and they will be gone. That is damaging for the


school, obviously. That will have an impact on other members of staff


with workflow. More significantly, it is damaging to our children's


education. The government says school funding


is at record levels, but it's also told us that it


recognises schools are facing cost pressures -


and they'll be offered support to help them use their


funding cost effectively. West Sussex County Council also


acknowledges the pressure many are under, telling us that it


will offer support and help during what it describes


as "this difficult time". An adoption charity from Reading has


created a short film to help a five Robert is one of two thousand


children nationally who are seen as "hard to place" which means


they either have special needs That's because most couples


prefer to adopt babies. The charity Parents And Children


Together - or PACT - hopes the video will highlight


the issue. Sadly he has had to break those


attachments because having to move on.


The south could lose two of its Marks Spencer stores


as the retail giant seeks to adapt to changing shopping patterns.


This store at Wokingham in Berkshire and another


at Portsmouth are part of plans to close six stores in England.


A number of new food stores are scheduled to open over the next


six months and the company's Chief Executive says


workers will be redeployed to nearby M outlets.


Aldershot MP Sir Gerald Howarth has confirmed that he will not be


The Conservative MP and former Defence Minister has


represented the constituency for the past 20 years.


Later in the programme Alexis is looking ahead


Lovely spring sunshine this weekend. All eyes looking forward to next


week in the Arctic air. It was meant to offer


a new style of rail tickets But a government-led smart card


scheme to replace paper tickets has run millions of pounds over budget


and failed to deliver - Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton has more. The idea was to help passengers move


to smart cards, including flexible season tickets for people who


commute part time. It has not gone well. The original cast was put at


?45 million. The final bill was 54 million. Plus a further 66 million


to make London ticket machines read mainline smart cards. The business


case relied on 95% of season-ticket holders switching. So far 8% have


done so. The government has failed on the 2015 manifesto commitment.


Failed on bringing a promised back in 2015 to bring flexible ticketing.


At the same time they wasted is an astonishing amount of tax payers


money on a smart and flexible ticketing scheme which has delivered


almost nothing for passengers. 11 train operators were to offer smart


cards. Only five do so. Only one offers a flexible part-time option.


Southern, Gatwick Express and South West Trains have done smart cards


there own way. The back-office functions that make them work do not


rely on the government system. This month the Department for Transport


has ended the south-east flexible ticket programme, saying the private


sector should lead the way. The bottom line is that train companies


and the government have not come together with a common standard


across the network. They have fallen a decade behind the bus industry,


where smart cards are standard. Three years ago the London


Underground moved on to contactless bank cards, a runaway success. Yet


millions of two metres, four years to come, will use paper tickets.


Something the Victorians who built this railway would still recognise.


Drivers faced long delays on the Adrian Surrey tunnel. Bail out back


north bound for a time. Nobody was hurt, structural engineers have been


checking the tunnel today. The Solent was once the biggest


oyster fishery in Europe. 450 boats caught 15 million oysters


a year in the 1970s. But overfishing killed the industry


and the last fishery shut in 2013. Now an attempt is under way to bring


sustainable oyster fishing back. Hundreds of baby oysters


are being put into the water Here's our business


correspondent Alastair Fee. These oysters carry the hopes


of environmentalists, On a pontoon at the Hamble -


volunteers were today weighing, measuring and then carefully


returning them to the sea. Most of them will be prisoners the


idea is silent. Through overfishing and disease, predation, the native


oyster almost died out in the 2013, the fisheries closed because of his


stock The broadcaster Ben Fogle -


a former Portsmouth student and keen conservationist was among


those helping out. We hope these oysters will change


the whole dynamic of the silent. Improving the water quality,


bringing back bringing injection into the economy, tourism. The cost


of a dozen succulent oysters is a relatively common problem for the


gourmet. Intensive fishing of oysters began


in the 19th century. At it's peak the industry


kept 700 men at sea. But the native Oyster population has


halved in the last 25 years. This year one million oysters


will be re-introduced to the Solent. Every month at six locations


they will be studied It knew that these ponds in mean on


the monitor them easily. Assuming these young molluscs


are back in abundance.The ambition is to have a sustainable fishery


back in business in ten years. A big milestone's been reached


in the campaign to create a new children's emergency


department in Southampton. A million pounds has


now been raised. The appeal has been helped


by a charity set up by the actors The couple became involved


after the care received by their baby daughter Ella-Jayne,


who sadly died at just eight months Fresh from our screens


in ITV's Broadchurch, actor Sarah Parish enjoys plenty


of work and a high profile - but it's this role which is closest


to her heart, as a charity It was the tragic loss


of their baby daughter Ella-Jayne which has closely linked the couple


to Southampton General. Sarah and James see


a new hospital as her legacy. They're at the forefront of a push


to build a brand new emergency department in southampton,


just for children. When your Child is in an accident


you want them to get the best care this trauma centre will give them


back. Specialist x-ray rooms, 11 observation areas. Anything a child


needs when they are critically ill, this place will have. Giving them


the best chance of survival. Today was about celebrating


the money already raised - which takes the total


to one million pounds. We provide a major trauma so if


dealing with seriously injured children from the Channel Islands


was an environment where the people can work


effectively for them. At the moment the building


is an empty shell and there's a lot of hard work ahead There's


still one and a half million pounds The search is on four major donors,


businesses or individuals prepared to donate hundreds of thousands of


pounds for none naming rights, a plaque above the door. Still ?1.5


million to raise in just over one year. Going from strength to


strength. Onto sport, and Michael Eisner,


the man who wants to buy Portsmouth Football Club,


is to come to the city to make a personal pitch to shareholders


before they vote on his offer The former Disney Chief


Executive and his family will talk to members


of the Pompey Supporters Trust at the city's Guildhall


on Thursday May the fourth. Voting packs will be sent out


to shareholders next Monday. The ballot will close


on May the 19th. Meanwhile, after clinching promotion


to the Premier League on Monday, Brighton Hove Albion


are being honoured with a civic Tens of thousands of fans who're


probably only just recovering from Monday's celebrations,


will be able to cheer their heroes again on Sunday May the 14th


as they parade along the seafront The exact route and timings


for the bus tour are A win for the Albion tomorrow night


against Norwich would see them Thousands of runners


are preparing for the 2017 For Chris Arthey from Godalming,


Sunday will be the fifth But it will be the first time he's


run it since being involved I lost my spleen, broken ribs,


punctured lung, bad concussion. We both had broken arms and hands.


Denise's lead was lost straightaway. While fulfilling a lifetime ambition


to ride a motorbike across America, in 2008, they were hit by a drunk


driver, veering into their lane at 80 miles an hour. Crisp' left leg


was very badly damaged. They put me in a medically induced coma, tried


to save the leg, but after ten days that did not work out. They took my


leg. Chris had always competed in enduring sports. Denise made this


promise to is surging. He will run another marathon. That is his drive,


he is a runner. That does not change, losing your leg does not


change EU are. I knew he would do it again. This leg I am wearing is a


walking leg. The breakthrough came from Chris when he found the right


prostatic to compete with. For running a use this one, same socket,


but it has no need. It has this blade, which you can bounce on. With


a sole unit fitted. Before the accident Chris had completed five of


the world marathon majors, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, New York and


London. His personal best time was just under three hours. He is


setting himself a tough target for this Sunday as well. The training


has gone fairly well. Four and a half hours plus a bit, I would be


very happy. It has been a long road to recovery, the only thing that


should hold Chris' progress on Sunday is the finish line. Good luck


to Chris and already taking part in the London marathon this weekend.


The world's strongest man was in Southampton today


Zydrunas Savickas was flipping tyres with Aaron Page from Southampton.


It'll be one of the most difficult disciplines in the Ultimate


Strongman World Series UK qualifier being held at St Mary's in June.


When I was 13 years old I came to strongman competition. For me,


something amazing. I decided I wanted to be strong. It is good to


compete. Nice when people enjoy it. He is handy if you break down! I


would have in my car. Carrying tyres. Change my diet.


Onto the weather. What we talking about, Arctic chills. We have some


really cold air coming in next week. A chance we could have wintry


showers, bitterly cold. Gardeners, beware.


Steve Regan photographed the sunset at Man O'War beach in Dorset.


Jacqueline Rackham's dog Louis enjoyed running


And Ryan Curtis took this picture of Christchurch Harbour from the air.


Lovely sunny spells today, a fair amount of cloud as well. This


evening we are seeing the sunshine, cloud returning overnight. One macro


clear spells. We could see some mist and fog patches. Where the cloud is


thickest, the odd spot of drizzle. Temperature is not as cold as last


night. Dipping to around five Celsius. Fairly cloudy start of the


day. But. But the degree of Doctor bridges reaching 14- get border


tomorrow. A good deal of cloud tomorrow. The odd spot of drizzle.


One or two macro clear spells allowing mist of folk to form.


Foremost we're looking at lows of 9-10dC. Quite a cloudy start to the


weekend. We will see the cloud gradually thin and break thanks to


this cold front moving southwards. The odd spot of rain for eastern


parts of Bucks. Otherwise dry, more in the way of sunshine for the


afternoon and evening. Through the course of Saturday, high pressure


building behind me. That will settle things down. Overnight Saturday cold


air is settling in. Next week old is still in from the Arctic. Some


wintry showers through the course of Monday. In fact more so on Tuesday


evening and overnight into Wednesday. One or two macro showers


possible through the course of the weekend. Staying mainly dry. A good


deal of cloud tomorrow, and also the start of the" right running up in


the afternoon. Lovely spells of sunshine on Sunday. Monday the odd


spot of rain, thunder storms possible on Tuesday.


Two Maronite we will take a look around a 15 foot model of


Winchester, finding out why this action may labour of love for the


person who made it. Thanks for watching.


NEWSREADER: 'The UK has voted to leave the European Union


'Ukip leader Nigel Farage celebrated the result,


'declaring that dawn was breaking on an independent nation.'


'Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to resign


'The pound fell sharply as the referendum result became apparent,


'and traders are bracing themselves for panic when the markets open.'


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