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Come what May - The Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn do


battle in the South Today, with education the big issue..


The Dorset newly-wed, robbed of his voice,


who's speaking up for young stroke victims across the south.


The high-flying Seagulls and the supporters who stuck


with them through two decades of struggle.


The thing about being a supporter of this football club, URL A14, no Home


Secretary will let you out, once you are in your end. -- you are our


And The magical modelling of Mr Brown.


What did a retired county planning officer do with his time?


The south became the battle-ground for the opening shots


of this election today as Prime Minister Theresa May


and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited the region.


And one of the main issues today was not Brexit BUT education.


Our Political Editor Peter Henley is live for us tonight in Maidenhead.


Peter, what brought them both down to the M4 corridor today?


the Prime Minister came to her constituency, Jeremy Corbyn to


Swindon. Six junctions apart on the M4. They were miles apart of course


in terms of leadership style and policy. Jeremy Corbyn promising to


reduce class sizes in schools, Theresa May hero at a school telling


sixth formers they were spending a record amount of money. It is a


sheep of the contest to come. -- sheep.


Inside a toothpaste factory in Maidenhead, staff waiting to ask


And so the traditional fabric of election campaigning


Just a few words, compared to David Cameron, Theresa


Genuine questions were asked and answered, on the high cost


of living in the Thames Valley, Student fees and apprenticeships


and an EU national keen to continue to live in Britain.


how can you reassure me that my level not change after Brexit? I


see, as I sit around that table, a lot of goodwill on that issue. I


hope we will be able to give reassurance at an early stage.


but these apprentices, voting for the first time,


hadn't seen a Prime Minister close up before.


Are you excited about it? Yes. To here her without that background


To here her without that background noise will be great.


Meanwhile 50 miles down the road the Labour leader was a t


Not quite the same cavalcade of cars.


We are 72 hours into this election campaign, 72 hours into the


opportunity of our lifetime to challenge the inequality and


injustice which exists in Britain today.


The audience was more fired up than in Maidenhead,


though he is talking to his own supporters.


Lovely to meet you. I am ahead of English. If you could do something


for us, that would be great. We need teachers.


A pledge from Mr Corbyn to try t reduce classroom sizes,


a pledge from Mrs May to maintain the spending on foreign aid.


And she visited Cox Green School where the Head allowed sixth


Expect more promises, more speeches, more visits,


and neither side should count their chickens.


Mrs May will have to get away from her security detail and loosen up a


bit. As for Jeremy Corbyn, he will have to get out on the doorstep, a


dangerous place as Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband found but we are seeing


It's been revealed that emergency admissions to hospital,


for stroke sufferers, have increased by 30 percent


But - despite this specialist care - the number of people dying


from the condition hasn't improved for nearly a decade.


More people are aware of the warning signs


but the British Heart Foundation said today that more needs to be


done to develop research and spread the message.


In the South West, almost 120,000 people


are living with the after-effects of a stroke.


In the South East, it's more than 150,000.


It's commonly thought of as a condition for older people.


But, in the UK, a quarter of strokes happen to people under 55.


Lewis Coombes has the story of how its affected one young couple.


Today's the day you will always remember, the greatest in anyone's


You will start the day is just two people in love but end up as


Words spoken at Russel and Rachel's wedding two and a half years ago.


The happiest of days, with no clue of what was soon to come.


Just weeks later, at the age of 35, Russell was hospitalised


He would no longer be able to tell his wife he loves her.


It doesn't feel like it is our lives sometimes.


Russel had a heart attack in his twenties, which is believed to have


At one point, I thought I may have been a widow five weeks


Having Russell still around and him still being


him, his personality has not changed.


He just cannot communicate very well.


had to leave his job, while at home rely


If I say a word or Russell hears the word, then he can


repeat it by trying to find that word is what he struggles with.


So we have adapted and this is our life now.


It is very different to how we thought it would be.


Around a quarter of strokes happen to people under 55.


No treatment currently exists to bring back Russell's voice.


The British Heart Foundation is campaigning for more


We might be able then to use drugs which reduce


the amount of brain damage and if we do that we


disability that a person has to sadly live with for the rest of his


It is a shame that isn't anything out there that six months


or which would be additional to help the brain repeat itself.


Extra research into that to develop something would be great.


All your hopes, and your dreams be real, may success


Tomorrow can bring you the greatest of joys


Rachel and Russell Hanford ending Lewis' report.


The British Heart Foundation website has more information on this subject


John Gooch is 84 and is a full-time carer for his sick wife.


Recently, he was shocked to discover he'd fallen victim


to a telephone scam, with thousands taken


Bad enough, you might think - but now John is having to fight


John is a full-time carer for his wife, who is terminally ill with a


chronic lung conditions. I have to do just about everything for her.


John started receiving phone calls claiming to be from his internet


provider after reporting problems with his e-mail. They wanted my bank


details which I refuse to start with. We went on and own and


eventually they wanted a card reader and they gave me a number to Putin.


Eventually it came up on the screen, NatWest is secure. HSBC banking is


secure. The scammers to ?10,000 from their net -- NatWest account and


?2000 from the HSBC account. NatWest were very good about it. They got


the security people and said, no worry, that will be back in your


account and sorted but HSBC, different kettle of fish. HSBC wrote


to the family last week to see that inquiries had found the transaction


to remove money had been authenticated by their secure key


device so there are further bank could not accept liability and would


not reimburse them. I thought with these little keypads everything


would be great. But tonight HSBC told us each cases looked at


individually. # case is looked at. It was the novelist Iris Murdoch


who wrote that: "the bicycle is the most civilised


conveyance known to man." Well, now another new scheme to get


the South's commuters onto two wheels has been launched


and there's a plus. The Bike Smart project in Reading


is offering special perks to commuters who rack up miles


using pedal power. When our towns and cities are trying


to get people out of their cars, we usually hear about the problems


of pollution and congestion. In Reading a new scheme is all


about the carrot, not the stick. We want people to track


their cycling and earn rewards so through this Bike Smart app,


you log on, track your cycle and you will get points at the end


of the programme to award yourself or you can donate those


points to charity. At the moment nearly half


of people coming to Reading use public transport,


one fifth use their car but only 2% cycle and the town wants to double


that in the next year. The app works by monitoring your


location and how fast you move between points so can tell


if you're cycling or walking You get ten points for every mile


you cover and that can be used to spend on things like cups


of coffee, high street shopping vouchers and even a prize draw


where you could win a bicycle. But is that enough to tempt people


back into the cycling? It will be interesting


because I would be racking up the points because I live


30 miles away. Arthritic knees might


not help but yes. Bike Smart also wants


to help would-be cyclists with things like the safest,


quietest commuting routes. Many people haven't had their bike


out for many years. Then they need to repair it before


they can get it back on the road so we're offering free bike


maintenance, bike maintenance The funding for Bike Smart comes


from the EU, not the council so Reading wants to make sure


commuters sign up now before Brexit. A 68-year-old man questioned


on suspicion of arson following a fire at a stately home


in Dorset has been released Fire crews were called


to the Grade One-listed Parnham House, near Beaminster,


on Saturday morning. The building, designed in part


by the famous architect John Nash, Later in the programme twenty years


since the Seagulls left the Goldstone ground -


supporters hope tonight they can add the championship


trophy to their promotion There are concerns tonight over


the lack of specialist care for families with muscular dystrophy


in the south. The South East has 5,000 people


living with the condition. Most regions have three


or four care advisors I am pressing the button


to change the TV channel. Dan is a big sports fan


and loves his television. He has all the latest technology


to help them control the screen. His mother believes NHS funded care


advisors are vital to help They help out right away


with diagnosis, they can support a family through the terrible grief


and as time goes on they can signpost them to


specialist services. A leading charity uses this video


to show how it works Care advisers funded by local NHS


health commissioners. In other regions they find the money


but not in Kent and Sussex. The south east, the only place


in a country without There are no specialist


centres in those areas, everyone goes to London but many


people are still hundreds of miles away from the specialist centres


and spent most of the time at home in the community where they need


that expert support. The charity believes it


would save the NHS money to pay for the care and avoid


unplanned hospital admissions. This woman has been campaigning


about this for a decade. It seems bizarre where


we are the only area, the affluent south-east,


which does not have this facility. In response to the campaign,


the NHS tells me they are developing the role of care advisers


and brnging together all the commissioners


from across the south-east in the coming weeks to ensure


the service is provided On to spot no. -- now. They just


have to beat Norwich tonight? Yes, that is correct. Fingers crossed.


With promotion to the Premier League already guaranteed, Brighton


and Hove Albion can tonight put the icing on the cake, knowing a win


at Norwich would clinch the Championship trophy.


Johnny Cantor is at Carrow Road for BBC Radio Sussex, where Seagulls


It would certainly cap a wonderful week for the Albion supporters,


promotion was the most important thing but especially for their


players, they want to go up as champions. One win would do it and


winners medal would be a fine memento. The Albion manager would


probably also like to seal the deal tonight against his former club.


Norwich City removed him from duties in his second season in charge. He


He led them to 11th in his first season.


It's hard to believe that, 20 years ago, Brighton


were facing extinction, without a ground, and


with only a slim hope of staying in the league.


What's happened since is a triumph for the club Chairmen


who wouldn't be beaten, Dick Knight and Tony Bloom.


But it's also a great moment for the bloody-minded fans


Bob Everett has been talking to two of them.


It is 20 years almost to the day since Brighton played their last


game at the Goldstone ground, sold off without the fan's


The old place was torn apart for souvenirs.


Back then the club fanzine editor and an accountant


among fans who fought to keep the club going.


In the club museum and it is all history now.


For Paul and even still it's a vivid memory.


I have never been back to the Goldstone ground.


I have never seen the pictures of the West stand


It was a mixture, a mishmash of emotions.


The rain was pouring down, there I was with a


hammer and spade, sitting in my seat, about to demolish it and take


Two seasons in the wilderness followed,


fans were forced to travel 75 miles to Gillingham Town for home games.


We just had to go there, the first season,


young family, I did not go as much as I should have done.


It was unreal, four motorways and a funeral.


The PA announcer did not pronounce the team's names


A return to Brighton was vital, even if that was to an


It gave the club and supporters a 12 year toehold in


It was brilliant, but it was a hand to mouth existence.


This is ideal, a permanent stadium with


22,000 seats where generations can watch Brighton and Hove Albion for


The fight turned fans into TV reporters and even


Absolutely, it is critical on an employment basis


and economic bases and community basis.


The benefits of stadium can bring can be enormous.


Faced with that kind of determination, the


In 2011, club and supporters were back in


The whole Albion story is the community.


What gives me the greatest buzz is sitting in


my seat here, seeing all the families, all the people


who support Albion and they are all familiar


They are all from Sussex and beyond and are all united.


Perhaps the ultimate destination for these campaigners finally arrived on


Monday, the Premier League. What gives me a buzz is when you're out


and about and there are kids in Brighton shirts, playing football in


the park. When we left in 1997, we lost a whole generation. The thing


about being a supporter of this club, you are a life. No Home


Secretary will let you out. Once you are in, you are in. 2017, what a


year for Brighton. You must remember it? I do, they have not changed a


bit. If there ever was a club where the supporters are the heart of it,


it is Brighton. I wish them all the best tonight. Another club as well,


Bournemouth taking on Middlesbrough at home.


Reading can guarantee their place in the Championship play-offs


In League One, Oxford travel to Millwall, MK Dons


host Sheffield United, while Swindon need a home


win against Scunthorpe in their fight against relegation.


In League Two, Portsmouth welcome Cambridge to what's sure to be


a party atmosphere at Fratton Park following their promotion.


Now, thousands of runners are resting their legs and loading


up on the carbs ahead this weekend's marathons.


Southampton hosts its first full marathon in more than 30 years


It falls on the same day as the London Marathon -


among those taking part will be Bronte Randle-Bissell


from Winchester - who aged 18 years and three days -


will line up as the youngest runner competing.


Good luck to everyone taking part, including a reporter from BBC says.


He will be wearing bright yellow. Let us get on to the weather for the


weekend. Not doing badly but we have cooler conditions to come next week.


Let us take a look at your weather pictures.


Gloomy skies above Sherbourne St John in Hampshire -


Becca Collacott sent us this photo of the Great Haseley Windmill


And here's a splash of colour from Ginny Boxall at Freshwater


skies for much of today. Generally quite cloudy picture. Cloud is a key


feature. We will see cloud through much of the region tonight. One or


two holes appearing in the cloud and temperatures hold around ten or 9


degrees. Temperatures could take a tumble with the clear spells. To the


north, we could see spots of rain pushing their week in towards dawn.


Some dampness to get the day started first thing on Saturday but


generally dry picture too much for Saturday. Quite a bit of cloud. By


the middle of the morning, we can see Brighton is developing. Into the


afternoon, sunnier spells. One or two blue skies to look for. Highs of


15 degrees and light winds so feeling pleasant when you catch


sunshine. Through tomorrow evening, we will see less cloud than tonight.


Temperatures will respond accordingly, to six or 7 degrees.


Perhaps in the it could go further still, perhaps a touch of grass lost


worst thing on Sunday morning. Sandy Hook stride and we will see a lot of


cloud to start. -- Sunday looks dry. Feeling pleasantly warm in the


sunshine, light winds and sunny skies. Things are set to change.


After a few weekend with decent wants, we will see a bit of a change


on Monday. -- decent wants. We start Monday with cloud and rain band


arrives. Cold conditions overnight into Tuesday. Some breakers on


Tuesday but one or two when to apply these and cold winds as well. Thank


you very much. When a person retires


from work after a long You'd think they'd like to


have a bit of a change. But when Roger Brown left his role


as a county planning officer. He couldn't resist directing his


energies at something which had more Roger spent the next nine years


of his life building a 15-feet scale model of Winchester,


based on an Ordnance Survey But the extraordinary work has


never been exhibited Miniature Winchester, the city as it


was in Victorian times. This intricate model, the work of a man


with a passion for buildings and a great deal of patience. It was only


that of love that lasted nine years. I don't know what his wife had to


say about that. We do know that she complained for nine years they could


not park the car in the garage. It was never intended to be just a


private project. It was always meant to be for other people to enjoy. It


has only ever been on short tempered Adelaide, a permanent home could not


be found but no, 20 years after it was completed, the model forms the


centrepiece of a revamped city Museum. Roger has to be just over


two years ago, but I know she would have been thrilled to bits to see


adhere. Roger bases model on an ordnance survey map which showed


huge detail of the city layout. The model captures Winchester Ju --


during her Victorian expansion. This was not year when the survey took


place in 1870 but when it was printed three years later, it's


foundation stones had been lead. The statue of Alfred also did not appear


for another three decades. Before that, Cannon, a trophy for the


Crimean War students please. Even that has made it this model.


Although a lot has changed, much of Winchester's past is still present


in this model helps keep its history alive.


It is amusing because when you look at it, we are so high-tech with


drones, you think I am looking at this with the drawing. Fabulous.


That's it from us, have a good weekend, good luck to all the


marathon runners and Brighton and Hove Albion. Good night.


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