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and on BBC one we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


hello, welcome to South Today, I'm Sally Taylor.


He headlines tonight- the scandal of contaminated blood


A former Hampshire schoolboy who contracted the deadly disease


You try and make the best out of life now, such as it is.


There is no way it is ever going to restore to me all those


hopes and dreams I had as a teenager.


Eight teenagers are in hospital and 20 more needed medical treatment


I'm on the election cycle on Day 3 in Andover


And we're live from a new leisure centre who set their sights high


while other Council projects remain grounded.


It's been described as one of the worst medical


In the late '70s and '80s, contaminated blood products


were given to people with haemophilia by the NHS,


infecting many with HIV and Hepatitis C.


Now victims who were treated as children whilst at a specialist


school in Hampshire, are among those calling for a full


public inquiry into what happened. Briony Leyland reports.


Adrian Goodyear was diagnosed with haemophilia as a child.


His blood doesn't clot properly and without treatment,


In 1980 at the age of ten, Adrian was sent to Treloar's School


near Alton, a specialist school for disabled children.


There, he was given Factor VIII, the latest NHS clotting treatment


Factor VIII made the most unimaginable difference.


You would probably only be off your feet for only a day.


You weren't worried about getting on your bike or your skateboard


or going out with your friends, to the park.


Tragically, the treatment was made with blood products


from donors in the US, and was in many cases contaminated


There is no suggestion that Treloar's, which was working


within strict NHS guidelines, was at fault.


It says the treatments were given in good faith but for some,


They went round the room one by one and they went,


you have, you haven't, you have, you haven't.


Slowly, calmly saying who had HIV and who didn't.


Adrian has lived with being HIV-positive since that day


but 72 haemophiliacs from Treloar's have died.


Across the UK, 2,000 deaths have been linked to the scandal.


Joseph Peaty was also a pupil at Treloar's.


He was told he was HIV-positive when he was 19.


I can try and make the best out of life now, such as it is.


There is no way that it is ever going to restore to me all those


hopes and dreams I had as a teenager.


But if I want to carry on, I've got to keep taking this


and that comes with it a really heavy burden and a reminder every


day of what happened and why I reached this point.


The Department of Health has rejected suggestions of a cover-up.


It says there is no evidence of government negligence but those


affected want a full public enquiry to investigate whether more


could have been done to stop a medical disaster.


The picture is still not complete and what is needed is exposure


to bring about any form of healing at all, before everyone


Joseph Peaty ending that report and the scandal of contaminated


blood products is investigated in a Panorama programme tonight -


Eight teenagers have been treated in hospital in Salisbury and more


than 20 have needed medical treatment after taking


Xanax is used to treat people with anxiety disorders.


A teenage boy has been arrested on suspicion of supplying the drug.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Peter Cooke joins me in the studio.


Well Sally, It's a drug which is used to treat


the symptoms of severe anxiety - but it's not prescribed on the NHS.


However it can be given to people on a private


prescription from their doctor. Its side effects can


include drowsinesss, aggression and hallucinations.


It's not recommended for children under the age of 18.


And an indication of how strong the drug is -


is that it's illegal to drive having taken it.


Wiltshire Police say it appears the drug was provided to some


pupils, aged 15 and 16, from three schools in Salisbury


They said the teenagers were 'deliberately


risking their health' - and are urging parents and guardians


to talk to their children about the risks of taking drugs.


We've got children presenting in what appears to be a drunk state.


They are coming to school, they are not feeling well


and they are reporting and saying that they've taken these


tablets over the weekend, so this is having an effect over


days, later, it is still actually impacting on these children.


eight of those children were treated in hospital and 20 needed medical


attention. All said no to be home and recovering well. The police are


concerned because this drug is so strong, cheap and addictive. If you


are going to buy them as individual tablets, you they are about ?2


tablet and four children, that is quite attractive. With the addictive


nature, the prices are to rise. This is something about getting somebody


hooked on it. If they can't get that public, they will then go on to


other drugs. Will Chudley is arrested a 15-year-old boy from


Salisbury on Monday on suspicion of supplying a class a drug. --


Wiltshire Police. It could be some weeks before they know the results,


having sent the drug way for testing.


A holiday rep from the Isle of Wight is in hospital in Portugal


28-year-old Eleanor Chessel who's employed by the tour operator TUI,


had been working at a four star hotel in the Algarve,


when it's claimed the corrosive substance was thrown at her.


Police in Portugal say no arrests have been made so far.


Eleanor has been transferred to a specialist burns unit


Four jobs are set to be cut at a troubled academy


The Academies Enterprise Trust who run the Sandown Bay Academy have


confirmed to the BBC that one teaching post will be


go as well as three support staff positions.


It comes after protests outside the academy yesterday over plans


to merge Sandown Bay with Ryde Academy.


AET say the redundancies are part of budget pressures.


A pilot scheme in Berkshire - which helps people who are diagnosed


with early onset dementia, has been made permanent.


40,000 people under the age of 65 have dementia in the UK but most


of the support available is targeted at much older people.


The scheme employs the only two nurses in the country who support


younger patients and their families. Here's Tom Hepworth.


Neil Richards used to be a soldier and police officer.


He has also been diagnosed with early onset dementia.


I was always very forceful about what I wanted to do


And it kind of robs you of that decision-making process.


And I find it very frustrating and of course, the other side


Even following something as simple as a shopping list can be difficult


at times. That my children see me not the same


sort of guy that I used to be. She has taken on a lot of stuff


and I'm unable to deal with it. Your partner, you would normally


discuss everything with, So you do feel really


isolated and lonely. And if it wasn't for Lizzie,


what would life be like? Lizzie Harrison is an Admiral nurse.


She sees Hannah once a month. A big part of my work is giving


families the opportunity to talk Their frustrations,


their difficulties of dealing with changes, giving practical


advice and also planning for things, that need to be talked


about for the future, while trying to help


them live day-to-day. I can't imagine how we would have


got through it as we have done Lizzie has worked with the charity


Young People With Dementia. It has published a book to help


young children come to terms with a parent suffering


from the condition. It will be performed as a play due


to tour local schools soon. The BBC can reveal that men


in the south whose sex lives have ended because of prostate surgery


are suffering in silence because they can't get


a corrective operation. Erectile dysfunction is rare,


but potentially devastating. Until recently men were able to have


corrective procedure locally. But now more and more


patients in the region These are by definition men who have


reached the end of the line with all other treatments,


so they only qualify for this treatment if


everything else has failed. So there are no other options.


So essentially, they sit in limbo, and have been, some of them,


for two or three years. NHS England says it wants to set


up a designated centre somewhere in the south,


but until then patients Hundreds of staff at


the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire have staged another


24-hour strike in a long-running More than 700 Unite union


members at Aldermaston and Burghfield walked out -


on the 18th day of strikes The industrial action forced AWE


to cancel a planned exercise today when it was due


to demonstrate its nuclear The first ever conference on the


deadly dog disease Alabama Rot - has taken place in Reading today.


Around a third of reported cases have originated in the south -


mainly in the New Forest. The disease, which was first


reported in the UK in 2012 and causes kidney failure,


has now killed 98 dogs In a moment - a political editor


on a bike, sports reporter climbing a wall and a weather presenter


in the gym. They said I'd be going upstairs,


should have known that was a trick! Will the temperatures be climbing?


I'll have the forecast very shortly. Politicians are taking to the street


and airwaves to tell us what they would do if they ran the country.


What do voters actually want from the parties? Our political editor


Peter Henley has taken to his bicycle to get into the heart of


communities to hear their views. Today, he was in and over with young


families who have got enough distractions without an election as


well. South of Newbury, some fabulous


countryside. And plenty of people out enjoying it. These three trading


to climb a mountain in Morocco. In this election, which politician do


they think has the most uphill struggle? I don't know how many


people voted for Jeremy Corbyn but I think maybe that is the only people


that might vote for Labour. I think that'll be the interesting thing. I


don't think we will have a Trump surprise. I think maybe we have had


enough surprises now. In this village, this is the church where I


got married. Mrs Thatcher was in charge at the time, how do you think


Theresa May come payers? Very similar cast I think. She's a strong


woman, she has got very good premise. And over was the village


once. Now, it is a town with cycle paths and so many houses. Pubs and


schools and lots of jobs. Are there some people whose wages are not


keeping up, who have been left behind? Time to slip off those


cycling shoes to pay a visit to the tenpin bowling alley in town. Sarah


runs a group for local mums. I will vote and I have started to look


around to see what each party office. I won't decide until the


day. Maybe even when you are in there? Yes. When you spend a lot of


time at Westminster, you can forget that some people don't find election


exciting. You were not bothered about the election? Is that because


you don't really think an election is needed? I don't really follow it


that much but I don't know, they all seem to have different points and


views and then when it is the chance to prove it, nothing ever seems to


come from what they are saying. I am not a fan of Theresa May but I think


she will stay in power so it won't really matter much. She was opposed


to Brexit and now she's calling an election so is it because she is not


so sure she can do it? There are things going on behind the scenes


that we don't know. Peter is at Stockbridge now. People


have either made up their mind or are leaving it until they get closer


devoting? Like Maria who you saw at the end, from Spain, works in the


NHS as does her partner. They have got questions but they don't feel


they're being answered. Most people I spoke to, and I spoke to a lot,


they feel it also not. They have got questions but they are not asking


them and I think it's not apathy, not that they are not interested.


But after the EU referendum, people feel they have a stake in the


country and they want to see what is going to happen. They haven't worked


out the questions. Let's hope they have given it long enough that the


politicians come back with some answers. Too many people think this


is about Brexit? Some do. They feel Theresa May is, the point is that


she is taking forward Brexit is a valid one. And this is a


continuation of the earlier EU vote. They are also thinking Jeremy Corbyn


is not popular. Things could change on both those counts. Events over


the next few weeks. If they do, we could see things changing quite


quickly. People are used to surprises in politics, almost


looking for some prizes, but I think if there are none, people will not


be surprised. Does that make sense? Now, time to dive into an issue


that affects a number of our communities here in the south


- access to swimming pools. With pressures placed


on local authority budgets, we've featured a number of stories


in recent months of pools closing Lewis Coombes is at a brand-new


leisure centre in Fleet in Hampshire for us this evening,


to take an in-depth look at the different approaches


taken by councils. Is not many leisure centres can


boast their own climbing wall. Carly is just enjoying herself. Doing


really well. The leisure facilities here are in the ascendancy. Seven


years ago, the Council took a brave decision to commit to this project,


despite being in a recession. What did Hart do differently? They got


creative, formed a partnership with a local building developer who paid


for a third of the build cost. Leisure grants and loans made up the


rest and it's proved to be a decision that has paid off, leaving


everyone else playing catch up. With the ribbon cut and medal


winners on show, a sea of locals were keen to explore their shiny


new leisure centre. three swimming pools,


four exercise studios, a huge sports looks good, but comes


at a cost - ?23 million. They were one or two doubting


Thomases, obviously. But the commitment of Hart and then


of course the management team did an excellent job of getting


the design right, getting the financing right and really


producing an iconic building. I think that is where


Hart District Council are wonderful, because they understand how


important being physically active is, for people's


physical well-being, It's not just a swimming pool,


it's not just a gym. This sports hall is


huge, absolutely huge. It's amazing that in a community


like this, they've got this It makes a huge difference


to fitness, to clubs that want to be competitive and hopefully one day go


to the Olympics. The community loves these venues


and I think people need to use Hart as an example to the rest


of the country, definitely. In the shadows of the new facility


lays the old Hart Leisure Centre. It only closed the day before


the new centre opened. A deliberate decision to guarantee


people wouldn't be without leisure and exercise facilities.


But that's an uncommon approach. Just 30 miles along the road,


Andover Pool and Sports Hall We have to go to Romsey


or Basingstoke. Not everyone can afford


the transport links for that, A permanent replacement


is two years away. Such has been the outcry,


a temporary pool will now open later this summer.


In Reading - the Council has closed the 104-year-old


Arthur Hill swimming pool. It will be sold to help


pay for a new facility. Again, there's a catch - it


won't open for another four years. In Southampton, inspectors


closed the swimming pool at Bitterne Leisure Centre in March


after discovering its 30-year-old It won't reopen until


after the summer. While in Winchester -


the current 40-year-old River Park site no longer meets


the community's needs. The council's preferred


opiton is to build a new If it's approved, it will take


three years to complete. Here, though, they're


going the same way as Hart - continuing to fund the existing


centre, until the new one opens. With council budgets reduced,


it's clear there were different approaches


to providing leisure facilities. Here in Fleet - the decision


was made that despote Here in Fleet - the decision


was made that despite difficult financial times,


investment in leisure was needed. Very good, good foresight


and for the future, it's very good. I've got three children


and they will always be using it I think from Hart's


perspective, it's fantastic. I've come into this sparkling EUPOL.


Many others know they need these facilities but so far, very few have


managed to deliver it. I'm delighted to say


I'm joined on poolside by former Olympic swimmer


and Commonwealth Champion from Portsmouth - Katy Sexton.


And Patricia Hughes is the Chief Executive


of Hart District Council. Patricia, what did the council have


to give back to the developer in return for this land and a third


of the build cost? A-League it was only a third of the


funding, very valuable to us. The rest of it is coming from generation


from the centre and it is important it will be self-sustaining in terms


of income generation. Sport England figures show a gradual


decline in the number of people swimming over the past ten years -


How important is proper investment We live on an island and this is an


important life skill kids learn. By taking away leisure centres, you


lose that. You now run your own


Swim Academy, based in Havant - how difficult have you found pools


to teach in? Very. We had just had our latest one


shot earlier this year so we have had to relocate. We are up against


other people, leisure centres offer their own lessons. It is difficult.


There are planned new centres in Reading, Winchester and Andover but


they will take some time to deliver. What impact does that have, when it


is delayed? I think your fear for learning to swim gets bigger the


older you get. So then it will be harder for people to do. Every


department wants money, why did you prioritise leisure and health? We


think it is important for our community to be healthy, we have got


one of the longest life expectancy is across the whole of the country.


We also have one of the highest levels of sport outtakes are there


was a real need from our residents to have something of this quality on


the doorstep. We're really pleased to be able to deliver that for them.


?23 million is a lot of money, do you have value for money? I think


so, it is our biggest investment and it is history and we are delighted


to be to deliver this in a cost-effective way that doesn't cost


our Council Tax payers any money. The night, if Southampton managed to


beat Arsenal at St Mary's stadium, they could move into the top eight


of the Premier League. Manager Claude Puel has


no new injury concerns following the draw at Liverpool


at the weekend. Striker Charlie Austin is close


to a return following five months Full match commentary


on BBC Radio Solent. You know when you have a new carpet


at home and you don't let people wear the shoes while they have given


me these very fashionable overshoes. Doing everything they can to protect


it! It's at least better than plastic bags!


It's been a lovely day and that's been reflected


in your weather pictures. You'll find most of them


on our Facebook page but here's one to show you now.


Rachel Baker caught this moment of fun among the bluebells


Let's get the weather forecast now - Alexis is up there in the gym.


What a glorious day we had today. Temperatures reached highs of 19


Celsius and we saw highs of 17 Celsius widely. This is the


satellite picture from early on. Barely a cloud in the sky, enabling


those temperatures to rise nicely, especially away from the coast.


Today, highs of 19 Celsius, tomorrow, temperatures could be


slightly higher. Overnight tonight, clear skies initially and then the


cloud will start to increase from the south. Bringing with it maybe


the odd shower for the south coast. Tomorrow morning, we are expecting


temperatures to range between eight to 10 Celsius. Temperatures warming


up nicely with warm air pushing up from the south and with that, we are


expecting temperatures to reach potentially around 15 to 19 Celsius.


Possibly pushing 20. In some sheltered spots. It will be a warm


day, a ferret of cloud and maybe the odd isolated shower during the


morning. The afternoon and evening is when we see the risk of a couple


of thunderstorms pushing in from the south. They will become quite heavy


and potentially thundery tomorrow night with temperatures tomorrow


night dropping to a very mild 11 to 12 Celsius. We are expecting


temperatures to rise nicely tomorrow. On the outlook, we are


expecting a fair amount of cloud over the next few days, a couple of


brighter spells but the weekend looking slightly fresher and


brighter and with that, temperatures are rising nicely. Tomorrow night,


look out for the risk of some heavy thundery rain. Back to you.


Thank you very much. Some lovely people have told us the local


weather forecast. There is a chance of a thunderstorm.


The wind will be light and easterly. And the top temperature


will be 20 degrees. What a glorious facility this is.


Lovely. It is fantastic. We will have to get onto one of the


treadmills. STUDIO: I am there in spirit!


Now how many balloons do you think you'd need to blow up


Well more than 10,000 have been used to make this 25-metre


tall waterfall sculpture in a Winchester shopping centre.


It took balloon artist Ben Field more than a week to create.


He says it's four metres taller than the current


There'll be a news summary at 8pm and we'll be back at 10.30pm.


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