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Good to meet you today, thank you so it's goodbye from me -


Good to meet you today, thank you very much for your support.


Theresa May visits one of the south's last


Labour constituencies in a Conservative charm-offensive.


We have been his 60 years in this house,


the first time we had the Prime Minister.


There seems to be no access to speak to her.


There's lots of questions, things I'd like to discuss with her.


Millionaire homes everywhere but nowhere to spend a penny.


Could British skipper Iain Percy be the biggest challenge


for Ben Ainslie in the America's Cup?


Join us live 150 feet above Southampton docks. We have come to


see the largest ship ever to call at a UK port.


It's one of the last splashes of red on the electoral map


This afternoon Theresa May came to the Labour constituency


The seat has been held by Labour's Alan Whitehead since 1997.


He currently has a majority of a little less than 4,000.


It's number 44 on the list of target seats the Conservative's want to win


Our political editor Peter Henley attempted to catch up with Mrs May


A knock at the door and look who is here, the Prime Minister.


Theresa May did not spend long in Warwick Road.


And mostly talked to loyal Conservatives.


But she kept a promise she had made at Prime Minister's Questions.


She will find those schools in despair...


Southampton Labour MP Alan Whitehead challenged her to visit a school


where parents had volunteered to clean toilets to save money.


It is perfectly possible I might find myself in Southampton.


At some houses she went in for a chat but didn't stop long.


The Prime Minister is talking to people


She doesn't want to talk to us, she says today is not


the day for interview with the regional press.


There has been criticism of the Conservative


You never know what is going to happen in Warwick Road.


As genuine as you can be in front of the cameras.


A long way to drive for ten minutes' chat.


Peter Henley, BBC South Today, Southampton.


The visit was carefully stage-managed in a single


Southampton street with access to the Conservative leader strictly


But we sent our own cameras out after the event to get local


reaction to the visit on Warwick Road in Shirley.


It was clear not everyone wanted to chat to the Prime Minister


Theresa May knocking at David Bryan's door in Warwick Road.


But as he said on Twitter, he was too scared to let her in.


She asked if we would be supporting her which obviously we will.


And mentioned some of the things which are of interest to us such


as supporting small business, looking after landlords.


And you are welcome to to meet my father who wasn't able


He has always voted Conservative and after this visit


She is a wonderful lady and we had a nice little chat.


We had the Speaker of the House come here before in this road,


But the first time for a Prime Minister.


Mrs May carefully selected this particular street in Southampton.


But it may be in different parts of the constituency


And even here the Prime Minister had questions to answer.


There seems to be no access to speak to her.


There's lots of questions, things I'd like to discuss with her.


Because I fundamentally do not agree with Conservative policy.


The Prime Minister spent 30 minutes door knocking on Warwick Road.


Historically this constituency has been Labour for the past 20 years.


Theresa May's visit shows she wants to change it from red to blue


And a man accused of killing his ex-partner's two-year-old son has


told a court he loved him and was never violent towards him.


Joseph Eke, from Weymouth, denies murdering Harry House last May.


Laura Trant reports from Winchester Crown Court.


22-year-old Joseph eke is accused of punching kicking two-year-old Harry


house at the home they shared in Dorset while the toddler's mother


went to a shop. He is accused of wounding Harry's face at Easter and


causing fractured ribs in the week before his death.


Today Eke told the court he was a heroin and crack addict


Christopher Quinlan QC who was defending him asked him


if he took care of him, if he fed him, if you


He replied by saying, yes, I enjoyed doing it,


Under cross-examination, Eke's version of events


were different to those he had given in police interviews.


He told Adam Feast QC who is prosecuting, I got muddled up.


When asked why he told the toddler's mother Lauren O'Neill not


to call an ambulance, he said, I thought he was just


When it was put to him it was because he did not want


anyone to know what he had done, he said, no.


The jury were shown CCTV footage of Eke and Harry's mother in July


It showed Lauren lashing out and splitting Eke's lip.


He responded by assaulting her and repeatedly


His explanation for his behaviour was, "I


"She would not give the money to score heroin."


Harry's face and body were covered in bodies, he suffered serious


internal injuries and bleeding. Joseph eke said Harry called him


daddy and that he would not harm him.


The trial continues. With its blue-flag beach,


luxury homes and stunning views of Poole Harbour,


Sandbanks is often seen as the jewel But some say it risks losing that


reputation after the council closed a well-used public toilet block,


one of a number it's Residents say people caught


short are now relieving themselves in gardens,


bus stops and alleyways. David Allard reports on this


rather inconvenient issue. Cars queueing for the popular


Sandbanks to Studland ferry. When it's busy, you can be


waiting here for an hour. Plenty of time to pop


out and spend a penny. I wanted to use the loo just


before I get on the ferry because on the other side we've got


a long walk. But the toilets seem to be


currently unavailable. Well, last month this


toilet block was closed The nearest public loos now


are half-a-mile back up the road. We have driven to Miles -- two hours


so we came back here and of course we had missed two ferries. It


dreadfully inconvenient. for the people who live


in this exclusive enclave. We get people coming


and urinating in our garden. And also in Midway Path which leads


to the sea opposite. Zoe manages the cafe next


to the closed toilets. We are now dealing with


the confrontation from people who are upset with the thought


of having to purchase something that they hadn't planned to purchase


in their day just to use a toilet. And I rate sign urges people to


contact the Council of responsible for public toilets, so we did. He


agreed to come here but half an hour was called to an urgent meeting. The


council press office sent us this statement.


And, as many people told me, a full bladder won't wait.


David Allard, BBC South Today, Sandbanks.


It was supposed to give shoppers in Guildford something


new and provide fledgling businesses a chance to start trading.


But, just two months after Guildford's so-called


pop-up village opened, it suddenly closed.


Traders complained the site was poorly advertised


Here's our business correspondent Alastair Fee.


In time for last Christmas, this was Guildford's


new pop-up shopping village giving independent traders a chance


Chandni was one of those retailers who set up shop,


but barely two months on was told this site was temporarily closing.


When you walked out from the pop-up village onto the high


street, the high street was heaving in Guildford.


But without signage saying that the pop-up village


was where it was, we were missing out on everybody coming to see us.


Shipping containers were used to transform what used to be a car


park and offer cheap space to traders.


You must have somewhere shoppers want to visit.


You must have somewhere tenants want to be,


You have to tell people where your pop-up is.


Nigel was among those with high hopes, a space to show off his art.


You've got to give visitors a chance.


It was sold on the premise it was going to be a busy footfall.


And no one ever really knew it was there.


Over the next three weeks, the site is going to be landscaped


with a focus on outdoor events to bring people in.


I think that what we didn't do was stand back and say, OK,


if this is a market-led strategy, what does that really look like?


And making this an events- led initiative.


It is all about getting that footfall.


If there is no footfall, then people aren't going to spend money.


A street parade will mark the reopening of the village


A summer events programme will cover music, film and food festivals.


There's still room for 25 new start-ups, but this time around


there should be the crowds to keep them busy.


French police have charged a former Bournemouth


councillor with the murder of his wife in France.


David Turtle, who's 62, moved to the south of France last


Mrs Turtle's body was found beneath her husband's car at the couple's


A post-mortem examination found she died from asphyxia


Our transport correspondent has been scaling news heights.


We all live on a crane 150 feet above Southampton docks and we have


come here to see this, the largest ship ever to call at a UK port.


As luck would have it, the bike tour our political editor


Peter Henley has been making around the south was due to arrive


Perhaps, we thought, the Prime Minister Theresa May has


Things didn't quite work out like that.


Look at this, no traffic, you might think I am still in Hampshire but I


have reached Southampton. This is Southampton Common, a huge area of


recreational land popular with dog walkers and runners and cyclists of


course. You may notice today I am wearing my


tie. That is because there are rumours of an important visitor in


the city and I am hoping to have a word with her.


What is in the mind of the public today?


Excuse me. Can I talk to you? If you got a chance to talk to the Prime


Minister what would you say about the election, will Xi Wen?


I think so, it is manoeuvred to get Labour out.


Jeremy Corbyn, what do you think about him?


We want to recover from this. Enjoy your coffee.


Lovely to meet you. Where are in Southampton with Theresa May visit?


This might look like the venue for a big political meeting. I happen to


know that is not the conference going on here today.


This conference at Solent University is about devolving power from


central Government to councils in the south, a lot of movers and


shakers. If you had a chance to talk to the


Prime Minister what would you say to her about devolution?


We have had plans in the region the devolution of real powers and


resources to the area but they haven't progressed and been agreed.


Greater Manchester is probably the most visible example of what you can


get. They have devolved responsibility for everything to do


with health. Every one of your viewers will be interested in that


and have a view. Time to get pedalling, I have had a


tip-off whether Prime Minister might be and here is a dead giveaway, a


posse of journalists hungry for a scoop.


Is she around here? She is doing some canvassing.


Who do you mean? You know where she is. I am hoping


the Prime Minister will turn up. Hoping? But you are never sure. It


is on a need-to-know basis. We feel we need to know much more than the


Conservative Party feels we need to know.


All of a sudden there she was in Warwick Road, in Southampton.


Prime Minister, are you getting a good reception in Southampton?


Not the most challenging question but I have been given a special


promise of a proper interview the South today next time she is


visiting. Well, Peter is still


in Warwick Road, Southampton, Peter, does it feel like there's


more of an effort by parties, this time round to try to control


what the media report? We've increasingly had this


system of pooled material where the political parties insist


only one camera follows a visit and the same interviews


and pictures are shared around. That makes it easier for people on


the doorstep. But equally it leaves the power over


what is shown very much Labour and the Lib Dems are making a


virtue saying they are open to questions, they will be meeting real


people. That makes a campaign interesting, remember when Gordon


Brown met Gillian Duffy. But you take a risk and things can come


unstuck. Can they keep it up until polling


day? I think the Conservatives will do,


the more journalists protest the more likely the EU will protest, it


makes Theresa May look very strong and a person who won't change as she


said in TV debates, she doesn't have to do it, just vote for me.


And tomorrow Peter will be on the election trail in Eastleigh.


Let us talk football and the Kaptur Saints match last night.


It has it been a good season, Cup final, Europe, not bad in the


league. Recently it has gone flat, and end of season feel.


Claude Puel admitted his frustration as his Southampton side failed


to score in a fourth of their last five games.


The latest blank came against an Arsenal side


making a late charge for the Champions League places.


Manolo Gabbiadini had Saints' best chance drawing a good


Alexis Sanchez put Arsenal in front after half-time


Arsenal completed a 2-0 win through a header


It is a big frustration tonight because it was not a good


game against the top six without a good reward.


But with very good quality on the pitch.


And this is difficult to accept this at the end.


Southampton back in action on Saturday.


Portsmouth's promotion-winning captain Michael Doyle


The 35-year-old is out of contract and is set to join League Two club


Coventry City for a second spell at the club.


This summer Britain hopes to lift the America's Cup with a British


Englishman who could lift the auld mug as it's known.


The Swedish entry Artemis is strongly tipped to do well


in Bermuda and it has some familiar names on the boat.


Iain Percy from Winchester started his sailing


life at Weston Sailing Club in Southampton.


He went on to become a two-time Olympic gold medallist.


In 2008 and 2012 he partnered the late Andrew


He's now the team manager of Artemis Racing.


Alongside him on the boat is helmsman


He was a team GB gold medallist in 2008 and


He's a former laser world champion and member of the Swedish


challenge which aims to make its own history this summer.


It is going to be fun for me racing my old friend,


there's always a good level of sportsmanship.


There are some boundaries you won't break as


friends but don't get me wrong there is also


a fierce will to win with


If Ben Ainslie doesn't live the America's Cup trophy this June


then maybe Iain Percy, his friend and


The Swedish entry is looking good in practice too.


We are going pretty well at the moment, we had a few warm up


regattas, we sailed well, haven't lost many races.


I am under no illusion that counts for absolutely


It means we are in the hunt but I feel we need to make quite a


Artemis are in their second Cup campaign.


The first was marred by the tragic death of Andrew Simpson


in San Francisco four years ago this week.


Meanwhile a generation of British Olympic sailors are now


competing in America's Cup racing and not just in the British boats.


Spare a thought for your British sailors on the other boats, not just


It has been, we have had an incredible wave of strength


through our Olympic programme and that has


translated into the professional world in the America's Cup.


To be representing Sweden is a little different


but it is going to be amazing racing, looking forward


to racing the boys on BAR and hopefully


they do well but not as


Artemus will race BAR on day one, perhaps an early indicator which


Meanwhile the defenders of the America's Cup Oracle Team USA


had another close shave in one of their latest training sessions.


They were practising on the Great Sound in a pre-start


routine when their America's Cup 50-foot boat capsized.


As the team explained on social media it happened in mere seconds


but took only a couple of minutes to right.


Oracle, led by Jimmy Spithill, defend their crown this summer.


Dramatic images. We are a couple of weeks away from it getting underway,


26 of May. We never get tired of those


pictures. It's the biggest container


ship to dock in the UK. One of the largest


ships in the world. The MOL Triumph arrived


in Southampton this afternoon. If you laid every container


on the vessel end to end, they would stretch from


Southampton to London. Let's join our transport


correspondent Paul Clifton who is tonight live for the very


first time in a rather You need a good head for heights, it


wobbles quite a bit. I'm right on top of the tallest


crane in Southampton docks. That means I'm 150


feet above the ground. We've been up here before,


but never live on air. And from here we can look down


on the world's largest ships. We can look right along


Southampton Water to the Solent Let me tell you about


the ship below. 400 metres long, briefly the largest


container ship in the world. Because an even larger one has just


been delivered in South Korea. One huge engine, one single


propeller, shifting up to 20,000 containers at a time


between the Far East and Europe The ship has all the latest


tricks to save fuel. Even a special paint that reduces


friction in the water. As you build bigger ships they burn


more fuel so that is more polluting. But per container because you are


carrying more containers, the carbon footprint of the ship


is actually going down Below us, unloading of the cargo


is just getting under way. These ships use about a third less


fuel per container than ships built So that's about a third


lower emissions, too. Environmental performance


is a hot topic. Ships like this burn a heavy diesel


which contains a lot So this one has been designed


to switch to liquefied natural gas if the economic case for the cleaner


fuel stacks up in years to come. Ships like this pick up


from half a dozen ports in China and the Far East,


then visit four ports in Europe, then head back


through the Suez Canal. A round trip takes


about ninety days. All with just a handful of crew -


there are fewer than twenty We salute you, our stomachs have


been turning seeing you being buffeted by the wins.


Matt Adamiak took this picture of MOL Triumph entering Southampton


Michael McWilliam photographed the Bournemouth Wheel


And Steve Miller captured the sun going down on West Wittering Beach.


Lovely sunny conditions, allowing tempters rise up to 21 Celsius, a


glorious day, glorious sunny spells. There were a few scattered showers,


quite heavy, particularly in Oxfordshire and the South Downs.


The chance of heavy and thundery rain overnight, even hail mixed in.


Rain will move up from the south affecting many places but some


errors could escape it all together and tempters full-forward away to 11


Celsius. A muggy night and start to tomorrow.


Tomorrow, drier weather, a fair amount of cloud, scattered


thunderstorms almost anywhere. Through the afternoon, thunderstorms


will clear northwards, temperatures may reach 19 Celsius.


Tomorrow night, mainly dry, averages will stay fairly mild with this


south-westerly breeze, a little bit of rain showers on Saturday morning.


Temperatures tomorrow night will fall away to 10 Celsius.


A mild start to the weekend, Saturday is mild, we develop


stronger south westerly airflow, isolated showers and sunny weather,


Saturday is the best day. A cold front arrives on Saturday night


introducing more cloud and some rain. That much needed rainfall will


arrive. We have this humid air from Iberia


through Spain, drifting up from the south, but quite muggy and as a


result it has triggered one or two thunderstorms already.


Fresh air will arrive on Saturday night, pushing in on Sunday. Sunday


will be mainly dry with a risk of scattered showers.


Tomorrow, cloud, the chars of thunderstorms tomorrow.


And on Sunday. Thank you very much, we need the rain.


Join us again after the Ten O'Clock News.


We leave you with a lovely shot of Southampton docks and that huge


ship, they will be busy down there over the next few days. Goodbye.


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