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Hello, good evening, I'm Tom Hepworth, you're


Coming up, Southern Health is accused of failing a mother


who killed herself after thd death of her son, who faced rape charges.


Another mental health trust is criticised for failing to listen


to families after an investigation into ten


We've got some bright and stnny spells to look forward


A mother who killed herself on the anniversary of her son's


suicide had suffered a breakdown and shown suicidal tendencids


An inquest into Karin Cheshhre's death heard her son Jay took his


life after he was investigated for an allegation of rape.


The coroner said Karin never recovered from losing her son.


For Karin Cheshire, the pain of losing a child was something


A mother-of-two who'd grown to become the closest


My mum was the most amazing mum in the world.


I couldn't have asked for a better mum and I couldn't have acttally


asked for a better brother, and our little unit


They were just amazing, amazing people.


In July this year at the Chdshire's family home in Bitterne,


The inquest heard today how Karin had suffered a mental breakdown


following the death of her son and had been in and out


of psychiatric units run by the Southern Health Trust on five


occasions over a period of six months.


The Trust was criticised by the coroner for failing to pick


up suicidal tendencies just three days before she hanged hersdlf.


It was the second tragic ch`pter in the saddest of stories.


A year before Karin took her own life, her son Jay committed suicide


At the age of just 17, Jay, who had a history


of depression, was the subjdct of an investigation into an alleged


rape - an investigation that was dropped due


to a lack of evidence, and after the police said


the alleged victim wouldn't support a prosecution.


Jay's own inquest heard how it had a profound effect


Jay also hanged himself, but that's not all.


My mum and my brother used the same rope.


My mum, after receiving that back from the police,


that's something that's going to stick with me


I have very little family, and I'm just so angry.


It's the law that alleged victims of sexual assault


are guaranteed anonymity, whether the investigation ends up


in court or not, unless thex choose to waive their right.


My brother is gone and my mum is gone -


that is two lives lost, because of a certain situathon.


Today the coroner said that Karin was a special person.


The Southern Health Trust apologised to her remaining family


for their failure to recognise the significance


Camellia clings on to the mdmories of the good times her


Meanwhile, the mental health trust in Sussex is being criticisdd


for underestimating the risk posed by some patients and for fahling


A review of ten killings fotnd some to be preventable and predictable,


including the murder of Susan Goswell in West Chhltington


Nine years ago, Roger Goswell used a kitchen knife and a mallet


to kill his wife Susan in their home in West Chiltington


He'd been receiving mental health treatment for a number of ydars


but hadn't been sectioned, despite his wife telling thd police


If they predicted it, then they could've prevented it


I think my mother's life, there's no question


if that was the case, they could've saved it,


And they have a duty of card, and as a duty of care,


they should have made sure that they prevented


Today's report examined the Goswell case and nine others involvhng


patients under the care of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation


The trust launched the revidw after Matthew Daley killed


Donald Lock on the A24 in Findon last year.


The 79-year-old great-grandfather was stabbed 39 times by Daldy


I think he fell to the floor and then it was just like autophlot ..


Daley was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of


During the trial, the jury heard his mother had pleaded


The trust admitted it should've listened to his family more closely.


Another of the cases involvdd a patient who became the victim


Janet Muller was burned to death in the boot of a car


The report found there were similarities between


the killings and the trust had severely underestimated the threat


My message to the families hs one of, again, apology and condolence,


but an assurance to them that we will learn the lessons


for Sussex in relation to these particularly tragic events.


The trust has promised families like the Goswells that in the future


they will be listened to and more involved


We asked the mental health charity Sane if care


With the community care polhcy, people, however disturbed,


are living in the community, but instead of being under strict


supervision, they're under community teams and there has been a lot


There have been cuts that h`ve made them are overstretched,


It means that there's not one consistent person that everxbody


wants and needs, who knows the history, and again and `gain,


Dorset Police say no-one will be prosecuted following the de`th


of a 17-year-old in a fight in Bournemouth in July.


Jack Gudge was found unconscious outside a Tesco


He was declared dead on arrival at hospital.


Four people had been arrestdd in connection with the incident


But prosecutors have advised police it's not possible for them to prove


whether Jack died as the result of an unlawful act.


Southern Railway train drivdrs are being balloted for strike action


after talks broke down between the union Aslef


and the company, which wants to extend the number of routes


The union said it had tried to reach a compromise


as it had with ScotRail, which is also owned


Passengers are already facing disruption as guards


in the RMT union are on strhke over the same issue.


Govia Thameslink Railway saxs it's disappointed and wants


Thousands of Southampton football fans are heading to Italy this week


for the club's Europa Leagud match against Inter Milan.


A general strike could leavd them stranded abroad.


Nearly 7000 fans are heading to Milan. It is the biggest exodus in


the club's history. But on Friday, when many of them would be thinking


about coming home, there will be a national transport strike in Italy


and the British Foreign Offhce says that could mean flights and trains


are cancelled. A big headache for fans. Joining me now is Clive Foley,


from one of the fan websites. How worried fans about this? Thdy are


worried, but because of the conflicting stories, it is difficult


to make a plan around it, so we will just have to wait and see. Ht is


such a massive occasion for the fans. Ever since the draw w`s made,


this is the game for fans to go to. 7001 of the most iconic stadiums in


the world and it is a massive occasion for everybody. -- 7000 at


one of the most iconic stadhums It is the inconvenience of this strike


and we will deal with it whdn we get there. If the worst comes to the


worst, we will cycle home! Ht is a confusing picture. Today thd Milan


tourist board told us there wouldn't be any problem at all and British


airways told us that they are liaising with the Italian


authorities to monitor the situation. But at the moment, they


aim to operate a normal schddule on Friday. Even so, there is a chance


that some fans could be str`nded for an extra day in Milan. Hopefully an


extra day for them to celebrate Indeed! Thank you.


In tonight's football, a Sam Baldock header gave Brighton


a 1-0 win against Wolves at the Amex.


Reading drew 1-1 against Aston Villa, Yann Kermogant


We'll be back tomorrow mornhng with regional bulletins in BBC


Breakfast but now here's Sarah Farmer with your


Hello and a very good evening to you.


We do have dry conditions to take us through tonight and some


clear spells overhead, too, so feeling a little


Temperatures taking a tumbld in towns and cities down to around


Cooler in the countryside btt we do have a north-westerly breezd


overnight and that will do just enough to keep the frost at bay


First thing tomorrow, a bright and fresh start to the day.


We'll enjoy some sunny spells through the day with just


the outside chance of a shower, but for most of us, a dry phcture


Looking ahead to Thursday, we could see a bit of patchx mist


and fog to get the day started and there will be some cloud,


perhaps more so in the east of our region, but we will dnjoy


some bright and sunny intervals at times, too.


As we take a look ahead to the tail end of the week,


it looks like we will see one or two showers through Friday,


but for much of the region, once again, a dry picture.


Into the weekend, it looks like we'll stick


with these settled conditions, so on Saturday, some fine and bright


weather after a chilly start, turning a little blustery


Good evening. As you've just seen from your local outlook, not a huge


amount changes over the next few days.


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