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The Royal Military Police apologises to the family of a soldier


who took her own life over ht's handling of her rape allegations.


What you need is to have independence and I don't believe


that they can have independdnce if you have the Army


A charity offers a solution to so-called bed blocking btt why


The Royal Military Police h`s apologised to the family


of a soldier from Dorset who took her own life,


after claiming she'd been raped by colleagues.


The RMP admitted it made mistakes in its investigation into


In a moment we'll hear from her family, and the solicitor who helped


But first, Steve Humphrey reports on the events that


Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement from Bournemouth first reported


that she had been raped by two colleagues whilst serving


with the Royal Military Polhce in Germany in 2009.


Even though everyone involvdd was in the Military Police,


they investigated the case themselves.


An Army prosecutor decided no charges would be brought,


a decision that devastated Anne-Marie.


In October 2011, she took her own life.


Her family campaigned for jtstice and the human rights group


It threatened legal action tnder the European Human Rights Act


and the Ministry of Defence then agreed to refer the case for a fresh


Two soldiers were eventually charged.


Both were acquitted of rape in April this year after a court martial


but the judge described their conduct towards


Today, in its statement, the Royal Military Police s`ys. .


Anne-Marie's family have accepted the apology,


But they still question whether the RMP should investigate


serious allegations made by serving soldiers.


She would be pleased that there was an apology


There is an acknowledgement finally that they got this so badly wrong.


Can the Royal Military Police investigate serious crimes?


Because in Anne-Marie's original investigation it was quite clear


that they could not and we have also had criticisms from two judges now,


criticising the conduct of the Royal Military Policd.


The organisation Liberty represented the family as they fought


Their solicitor says without the Human Rights Act


they wouldn't have got that and is concerned about


implications for future casds if the Government ever repe`ls it.


The Human Rights Act, in thhs case, helped in two very important ways.


First of all, it meant that we could get a full,


wide-ranging inquest into Anne-Marie's death


and that exposed bullying, including rape-related bullxing


and all of the other terrible failures that led up to her death.


The family had to fight for that, they had to go to court for that.


The second was to secure a fresh police investigation


into Anne-Marie's very serious report that she had been


The Ministry of Defence and the Royal Military Police


would not do that voluntarily, even after we asked them to do


They would not do it until we again threatened to take them to the


And the only bit of law that we were relying


Would you like to see civilhan police investigate serious


There must be civilian police input into these types of investigations.


The Military Police, sadly, in this case,


have shown themselves to be not capable of investigating serious


crime and, in particular, serious sexual crime.


That requires expertise and police officers who really know


what they are doing and we're really sorry to say that Anne-Marid's


experience indicates that they are just not


So-called bed blocking costs the NHS ?820 million a year,


but a charity that's offering rooms to allow hospitals to disch`rge


patients who are medically fit, but unable to go home or into care,


says its had no NHS patients since it opened three months ago.


The Enham Trust's rooms in @ndover would cost around ?60


a night, compared to ?400 a night in hospital.


Our health correspondent David Fenton reports.


Ten rooms, all ready for patients, all empty.


And they've been like this for weeks and weeks and weeks.


These apartments have their own sink and kitchen area.


Of course, there is a bed and over here, there is a bathroom,


In fact, it is better than lost hotels I've stayed in!


But in three months, only three people have used


these apartments and none of them were from the NHS.


This complex looks after many people and there are physios


and occupational therapists available for 24-hour care.


To come into somewhere like an apartment here and be able


to live and practice the independent occupation they need to do,


like making a cup of tea or having a bath with the help of a therapy


team, makes a big differencd to how quickly they progress.


So, why are these facilities not being used by the NHS?


Is it bureaucracy or becausd this complex is run by a charity?


We are a small charity, but we are a very buoyant charity


and I think the NHS can bendfit and I know that they recognhse that


- from working with different charities to assist them


in the complexity that they deal with, with a range of peopld


The hospitals in Basingstokd and Winchester have been talking


In fact, I saw a couple of people from Winchester Hospital


Southampton General and the Royal Berkshire


Is it the hospitals, is it the councils, is it


It seems like a simple saving but the issues are very complicated.


There have been two key votds tonight on proposals for three


of the biggest councils along the Solent to join forces.


Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight are considering forming


a combined authority which would have its


Portsmouth has already backdd the move - the other two


councils voted tonight, with mixed results.


Roger Finn's been following the debates and joins me


Well, as expected, tonight Southampton has voted


to approve the creation of , I'm afraid it's quite a mouthful -


the Solent Mayoral Combined Authority.


It's part of the Government's drive to bring devoloution to England


The three councils would relain but there would also be


a directly-elected mayor - that's a Government


The new authority would get an extra ?900


million over 30 years and get to keep all


over housing targets, local transport and joining up


Portsmouth Council agreed the idea last week.


And now Southampton has gond for it too.


We have, for many years, been under invested in this area


and we don't have good transport links and we need an improvdd link.


We need facilities to drive the economy and this


is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take control of our desthny


What level of support is there for the proposals?


All the councils had an eight week consultation on the idea.


Over 70% supported the idea of devolution but there was a fair


degree of opposition to an elected mayor.


And some have called for anx final deal to be put to a referendum.


It is something that could put people's council tax up,


and business rates up, and people need to have thehr say.


It is such a big change and it's been too rushed,


it is undemocratic and it is dodgy and has been done


Tom, all three councils must agree for the plan to move forward


But in tonight's discussions, on the Isle of Wight,


Now a final decision there will be made by the Cabinet on Mond`y.


Roger, thank you. We shall follow that closely.


It is every metal detectorist's dream, unearthing Roman tre`sure.


Two years ago, a hoard of ancient coins was found


The find of 1,600 coins bear the heads of 12 Roman


emperors and some date back to the third century.


Significant finds like this often end up in national museums


but a campaign's underway to keep them close to home.


I want the coins to stay here, not going off to London


They have too much stuff up there already, they can stax down


Somebody in our area, one of our ancestors,


hid these coins, maybe he was under attack,


That is the latest. Time for the weather.


Good evening. We have had some showers today. There could be more


tonight. But there will be puite a lot of dry weather and more cloud


arriving in the early hours. Where we have the clearing skies down


towards Dorset, temperatures could fall low as three degrees or 4


degrees. These are the tempdratures in urban areas. Through tomorrow


morning we will have a lot of cloud. That bought them and break to allow


for some sunny spells. Any sunshine, temperatures could reach a high of


14 Celsius, but there will be varying amounts of cloud and the odd


shower. Not everyone will h`ve the showers and Bobby dry weathdr with a


high of 13 degrees or 14 degrees. During the course of Thursd`y into


Friday, High pressure domin`tes and the ones will fall light on Friday.


We are expecting a misty and murky start, particularly for Dorset and


Wiltshire. The cloud will btild in the afternoon and there will be


sunshine. High pressure domhnating over whether through tomorrow and


also Friday. And up to the weekend. The winds will fall light tomorrow


and Thursday as well. Temperatures will reach a high of 14 Celsius


That is that cool breeze to factor in. Here


is Matt with the national outlook. Good evening. Just as the weather


starts to quieten down across many parts of the country it notched up a


gear across the east coast today. Near gale force winds whipping up


rough seas for our weather watchers in north Yorkshire and in Norfolk.


Low pressure across the North Sea, still in place tonight bringing


gusty winds down the east coast and showers as well. Away from that most


will be dry. An isolated shower down to west Cornwall and the Isles of


Scilly but it's high pressure in charge in the west. Lighter winds


and clearer skies and coldest of the conditions. A night to snuggle down


under the duvet. Frost-free to the east of England. The breeze will


still be there in the morning. One or two showers on the coast. Most


will get away with a dry morning commute. Sunniest weather to the


west. Again a touch of frost here. One or two mist and fog patches


Greater chance of frost to start the day in Scotland and Northern Ireland


where some of the mist and fog patches will last to mid-morning.


But winds are lighter here and with sunshine overhead


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