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Did top stories this evening. for the news where you are.


Did top stories this evening. Recovering from the anorexi`


triggered by a former dance teacher who said she had thunder thhghs


Eight all for Saints fans who travelled to Milan.


There is a lot of double I will have all the weather later in thd


programme. Concerns have


been raised about the link between anorexia and dancing.


Five years ago a ballet teacher told Margherita she had thunder thighs


and the wrong body shape for a career in ballet.


Devastating words for a 13-xear old who lived to


Because I was so vulnerable at the time I took it reallx to


I don't think the world is `ware of the power of their words


and I don't think the world is aware of the power of mental illndss.


Emotionally vulnerable, Margherita decided she must alter her body


She barely ate and exercised hard to burn the few


I had a lot of determination which also makes you vulner`ble


Anorexics are really determhned and because


they have that determination they are vulnerable


The latest research shows a clear link between dancers and


In one study 75% of dancers questioned felt that they


had been criticised for their body and their wehght


In general dancers have a three times higher risk of


developing an eating disorddr compared to other athletes,


And researchers think that around 16% of


professional ballet dancers do have an eating


Rosie is proof that you can dance at the highest level


Here at home in Hampshire she promotes healthy eating among


her fellow dancers through social media.


It is hard in our industry because every day you


clothes in studios with mirrors everywhere so we do have to look at


ourselves and everyone comp`res with each other and it's just


Much progress has been made in recent years to promote


Most of the top companies h`ve healthy eating policies in place and


use nutritionists to help their dancers.


Now healthy and strong, Margherita is back dancing hn


Reading and on track to achheve her goal of becoming a dancer.


Earlier I spoke to clear farmer from the National Institute of d`nce


science and medicine. The dance industry has


been aware of these Since 1991 Dance UK


has been working as the Healthier Dance programle


offering advice, education `nd resources for schools


and dance teachers, the professional industry on these


very issues, including eating disorders and fitness, nutrhtion,


psychology, everything that Yet we are still hearing


cases of ballet I think it's an issue


that permeates a lot Young people are constantly


under pressure from peers We have made inroads


in the dance industry into ensuring that dancers have


access to support and advicd on There is still a way to go


but we have definitely made inroads and are out educating


students and teachers Do you think we could ever


see a change in the traditional image, the tradhtional


body shape of a ballet dancdr? I think there is certainly some


discussion about this already particularly with regards


to strength training. Dancers need to have the capacity


to perform the choreography that they are


doing and in order to do eating the right food


and training their bodies efficiently to be able


to optimise their performance, so I think we are definitely seehng


change in the bodies We are seeing this happening


in athletics already so it's not something that just permeatds dance,


it's all sorts of aesthetic sports including gymnastics,


even in sprinting and footb`ll. The latest three day


strike by conductors on Southern Railway


ends at midnight. The RMT union has suspended


the first day of the next strike, on November 3rd,


at the request of the Southern says the last servhces


cancelled under an emergencx timetable last July will be


reinstated at the end of thhs month. Meanwhile a study by estate agents


suggests that house prices `long Southern commuter routes have


stopped rising, unlike housds Harry Redknapp has described how he


accidentally drove over his wife's ankle.


been described as a a freak accident when Harry


was dropping her off at the shops at Westbourne in Bournemouth.


Today, witnesses described how she was dragged along the road.


Her feet or her coat had gone underneath it.


I only briefly looked, realised it was Harry,


She had gone behind the car to cross over the road.


And as I went to drive off H caught, drove over her ankle basically.


It was an exciting and at thmes a tense game for the thousands of


Southampton fans who travelled to Italy to see since taken into Milan


in the Europa League this evening. But it was not to be for Sahnts who


lost 1-0. Our sports reportdr sent us this from the sand save.


Southampton supporters have left the San Siro without the result they


wanted. An excellent displax that ultimately they have been bdaten


here in northern Italy. Frol the off Southampton were on top. Just one


opportunity to take the lead. With Charlie Austin on in the second


period the chances kept comhng. The goal was disallowed for pushing


Then a shattering blow. Are` into Milan attack but a quality finish.


Inter Milan were going to tdn men by the time of this volley str`ight at


the keeper and then they cale so close to the equaliser they surely


deserved. This was the reaction from the Saints camp and the fans. Very


disappointed. Frustrated. Ice as it disappointed. Frustrated. Ice as it


is to be playing at a staditm like this, we were the better te`m,


and only lose 1-0, it is quhte good, and only lose 1-0, it is quhte good,


but we could have won the g`me. We are at home the next couple of


matches so hopefully. Disappointment today but we will carry on. We


decimated them in the game but they just had one lucky chance. The other


result in the group saw Sparta Prague defeat their opponents. It is


wide open in the group and ht will be a huge game went into a lather is


at Southampton and a couple of weeks' time. Saints will fedl they


have got and finished busindss with the Italian giants.


The first ever "factory" in England was set up


in Newbury by a local weaver, 200 years before the


Industrial Revolution, during the reign of Henry VHII.


The man behind it was said to be a visionary -


yet there's little in his home town to mark John Winchcombe's


Now momentum's building behhnd a campaign to create a statte


of the man who became known as Jack of Newbury.


Jack of Newbury, John Winchcombe, can be seen as a combination of Bill


Gates and Dick Whittington. Bill Gates for his economic role and Dick


Whittingham, someone who represents the ordinary person who can succeed.


A black widow spider that stored away in a box of aeroplane parts has


been found in a warehouse in Sussex. Workers found the north American


spider while unpacking a box on Friday. It is now thankfullx with


the RSPCA. That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. We're back tomorrow with bulletins


in BBC Breakfast and there's more Here is our regional


weather forecast. We will see patches of mist and fog


in the next few hours. Tempdratures down. Clear skies across many areas


but that mist and fog will form through the course of the nhght An


autumnal chill to start the day tomorrow. Some mist and fog around


which will be slaughtered clear that from the mid to late morning we see


an improvement. Brighter skhes, more in the way of sunshine. We hold onto


high pressure into the weekdnd. As it moves towards as it picks a


easterly wind. A cooler feel for the weekend in that strengthening


easterly winds. Saturday is mainly dry. Spells of sunshine. As we look


ahead to the weekend it looks to be mainly dry. Some spells of sunshine


for Sunday. Quite cool in that easterly wind. A bit of rain


overnight. Temperatures up into double figures.


The outlook, mostly dry for the next few days. Now the national outlook.


Good evening. We are likely to the all colours of the autumn, tomorrow,


fog could be an issue. Today, West has been best. Beautiful sunny


spells breaking through the cloud in


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