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I'm Laura Trant with the news in the south.


They're a symbol of our throw away society -


Seven million are thrown aw`y in the UK every day.


The thin plastic lining, whhch can make recycling tricky,


Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the TV chef, thinks it's an outrage.


The Liberal Democrats have called for a 5p cup tax,


One Chichester inventor thinks he has the solution -


For some, a takeaway coffee is the perfect start to the day


For others it is the trigger to wage war on waste.


I've got a megaphone and I'l not afraid to use it!


Every year, we throw away 2.5 billion


You know why we are going around with these cups on the bus?


Campaigning chef Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall has made this one


Until I see one of these big companies with a properly


recyclable coffee cup, I'm afraid that it is...


But, are people bothered about what happens to the coffee cup


Well, one inventor in Chichester does.


Andrew Brooks wants people to ditch the disposable cups.


He has created a reusable one that he says can fit in a pocket.


So, you just let it open like that and you can have an espresso size


or you can open it up to a full-size or the mediul-size.


I have spent a lot of time hn Canada and once in a while,


you would come around the b`y and you would see a whole


mountaintop, completely cle`r cut, of all its forest and a lot of those


As soon as you realise that five minutes worth of conveniencd


that's thrown into the bin, it just seemed crazy to me


It took Andrew four years of tinkering and testing


I've got a coffee cup here `nd it's got a little bit of leftover that


someone might have in a coffee cup, so we're going to test it.


I'm just going to collapse ht down and then I'm going to seal ht tight.


And the idea is that nothing is supposed to leak?


OK, this is it in my handbag, in my pocket.


The Lib Dems want a 5p charge on disposable cups,


They tried the idea at their recent party conference, but others think


We think that's a responsibhlity of the coffee cup manufacturers


and the companies selling coffee on the high street.


They should be providing a recyclable cup.


We drink and discard but calpaigners hope that one day we can drhnk,


The sister of a mother from Weymouth,


needed for a life-saving stem cell transplant,


has been granted a visa to come to the UK.


May Brown has leukeamia and her sister Martha,


who lives in Nigeria, is her only match.


The Home Office refused Martha's request for a visa.


They say they've now reversed that decision.


A couple from Surrey who have spent almost three decades


running an animal sanctuary say they are devastated


that they will have to leave the site next year.


Rod and Sue Wray have helped hundreds of animals


in paddocks on the outskirts of Farnham.


But the site has just been given planning permission for new homes


and the rescue animals face an uncertain future.


Chrissy Sturt reports from Badshot Lea.


Rod and Sue Wray have run a sanctuary on the edge of


Farnham for 27 years. It has saved hundreds of anhmals.


Our aim is to rescue animals that have been ill treated.


Our horses that are now dochle had been hostile and vicious whdn we got


them. Over the years we have trained them


They have realised that there is love in the world.


Land that they say was giftdd to them by the owner for as long


But now the family that owns the land


Nobody has bothered us in any way at all, but after all this time


the children have now found out that they can sell the land


for building, and this is, I suppose, progress,


but it does not do us any good, because the animals love it here,


Rory's family are the landowners and have wanted to


They say that they have offdred the couple an alternative shte


and have made every effort to be reasonable.


I don't think anyone likes development, particularly,


but when there is a big need for local affordable housing,


for key workers, nurses and teachers, and on this land,


40% of the houses will be affordable housing.


People living in the villagd of Badshot Lea have chosen this site


as suitable for development, and that is now reflected


This suede decision-makers `t the local council. It seems that the


sanctuary will have to move out by spring of next year.


Hampshire Police say they h`ve now managed to find a site


Intially the plan was to buhld the new ?20 million centre


seven miles outside the city, in Havant.


and a site has now been found within Portsmouth.


The change is part of a widdr reorganisation,


which will see several stations close,


including the current main station in Fratton.


Now before we get our latest weather forecast - take a look at these


circumzenithal arcs, or upside-down rainbows.


Thank you to John Broomfield for this shot in Holbury.


Sue Ralph captured this image in New Milton.


And this from Mrs Farrell of Birdham Church of England school: who said


"The children were filled whth excitement."


So let's find out how our weekend weather is looking.


These are caused by light rdfracting through ice crystals in higher-level


cloud. We have temperatures of around three Celsius with some mist


and fog developing and becoling more widespread as the night goes on It


will be a chilly, dull start tomorrow. Then that low clotd will


lift with some brightness coming through in the afternoon. The


easterly wind will make it feel cool, despite highs of 14 Cdlsius.


On Sunday, mist and fog to start, some showers on the coast which will


clear by midday. Some brightness through the afternoon and l`ter on


Sunday, we have low pressurd pushing up from the south-west. That will


bring rain to Dorset which could be heavy on Sunday night into Londay.


Otherwise, there is lots sunshine to be enjoyed. Louise Lear


has the national forecast now though.


Good evening. Heading off to bed wondering what is in store for the


weekend? Pretty much what we have seen this week. Today we had a fair


amount of cloud around and a few showers coming in off the North Sea


coast. Topping and tailing the country, there was some beautiful


spells of sunshine. It was glorious in the Shetland aisles this


afternoon and down towards Cornwall as well. As for the weekend, it


could start off on a chilly note with some patchy fog and frost, but


then hopefully we should see some sunny spells coming through. The


showers always likely to be out towards the east. The showers


continuing this evening and overnight. Further west under


clearer skies yet again, we could see the temperatures falling away


and we could see some patchy fog which may


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