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Good evening, I'm Tom Hepworth, you're watching South Today.


A cry for help that wasn't heard, an inquest into the tragic tale


of Marion Munns who fell from a motorway bridge.


Rail unions call for renationalisation after being


quizzed by MP's over the Southern dispute.


And this week it is set to turn milder, high pressure will dominate


and it will be mainly dry. The weather for the week ahead will come


shortly. The troubled NHS mental health


trust, Southern Health, was under renewed scrutiny today,


as an inquest began into thd death Marion Munns fell to her de`th


from a motorway bridge on the M 7. Her family say she was becoling


increasingly distressed and didn't Our health correspondent,


David Fenton, reports. Over four months last year,


Marion Munns's behaviour became She drank water obsessively,


she talked to birds, she shouted out numbers,


she became lethargic and withdrawn. But when she saw Southern


Health doctors, she said Her daughter Kim told the inquest


one psychiatrist offered to assess Mrs Munns but only over the phone


and she was shocked. Giving evidence at the inqudst,


the family said there had bden no plan of care for Mrs Munns


and that they had been existing week by week as her behaviour became more


and more erratic and worrying. On the night of November thd 12th,


Mrs Munns became so agitated at home that she had to be pinned


to the ground, while her falily Mrs Munns went to this bridge over


the M25 and and then fell The pathologist said


she would have died immediately Blood tests showed she had not taken


any of her anti-psychotic mddication On the night she died,


the family rang Mrs Munns' care worker only to be told


that the office was closing Now we are going to be hearhng


from that care worker tomorrow, along with psychiatrists


and other Southern staff. They will be giving evidencd


at the inquest in Winchester and almost certainly they whll be


cross-examined by the David Fenton, BBC South Tod`y,


at Southern Health headquarters Representatives from two rahl unions


got a grilling from MPs tod`y, over the long running strikd action


on Southern Railway. The industrial action


started back in April, The dispute centres on changing


the role of guards and making Unions say they have serious


concerns about safety. Passengers have suffered months of


delays and cancellations and seven more strike days are planned


for November and December. At a meeting of the Transport Select


committee, the RMT union called for a face to face meeting


with the rail minister The Southern Rail dispute h`s led


to months of delays and disruption and there have been calls


for the franchise to be So what are the prospects


of resolving the dispute? That was the first question from MPs


on the Commons Transport Colmittee One union leader said


it was all about ensuring a safe service and he called


again for a meeting with the government of Southern


Rail. What I cannot understand is why MPs


who represent constituents, Southern constituents,


are prepared to accept less for their constituents


than what we have got in Scotland, what we have got in Great Wdstern,


what we have got on the east coast. The ball is firmly in the DFT's


hands and court and I am hoping they will work with us


because we put some solutions One MP who uses Southern tr`ins


regularly says he is often turfed off the train because of st`ffing


problems and that can be unsafe In exceptional circumstances


when it is safe to operate the train as it is on 40% of the network,


I want to go home rather I do not think it is safe for people


to get off the train and not be able Your issue about safety


to me is gamesmanship. I put it to you that what this comes


down to is if your members `re not critical to the operation of that


train, then all of a sudden, when you call a strike,


it does not make any differdnce The MP said the dispute


is all about union power not safety. The union said Southern was proof


that rail privatisation has been a spectacular


failure for passengers. Mark Coles, BBC South


Today, Westminster. A devolved 'super council'


for Hampshire is a step closer tonight, after the Isle of Wight's


cabinet gave the go Portsmouth and Southampton have


already said they want to h`ve Supporters say it could be worth


nine hundred million pounds in government grants over the next


thirty years at a time when councils The Isle of Wight council


rejected the plan last week, but tonight the island's exdcutive


over-ruled that decision. Patients at Prospect Park


psychiatric hospital in Reading were left without heating or hot


water over the weekend Family and friends of patients say


they're angry action wasn't taken They've told BBC South their loved


ones were having to go to bed fully clothed,


and had to take cold baths. The Berkshire Health NHS Fotndation


trust says a replacement part wasn't available over the weekend but it's


now been fixed. A pilot, who won acclaim


for her solo flying adventures has been stripped of an award


amid doubts about whether she Tracey Curtis-Taylor dubbed herself


the 'Bird in a Biplane', and undertook two big challdnges


flying from Cape Town to Goodwood and later


from Farnborough to Sydney. Three years ago Tracey Curths-Taylor


flew 10,000 miles across But this weekend the Light @ircraft


Association confirmed that lembers voted to rescind a prestigious


trophy for solo flying. The row began after a key tdam


member Sam Rutherford claimdd Miss Curtis-Taylor only flew a small


part of the journey solo. He told the BBC that on that basis,


he had advised her not to accept Tracey Curtis-Taylor is a cdlebrated


aviatrix who was emulating Lady Mary Heath's 1928


crossing of Africa. She was uncontactable today,


but on her website says... Solo means what it says,


you are the only person in the cockpit, so, if the flight


is half an hour and you're the only Equally, 7000 hours flying `round


the word is also solo. There is no legal


minimum to call it solo. The legal definition means xou have


to be literally, the only The row has not affected


Tracey Curtis-Taylor's Last year she completed a 14,00


mile flight to Australia and it could now be rough weather `head


for her detractors as she s`ys Visitors to a Tudor mansion


in Hampshire will be able to get a unique view of a five million


pound restoration project. Work is about to start to rdpair


the roof at The Vyne in Sherborne St John


near Basingstoke, after it started An aerial walkway is being


built so visitors can The restoration should give


the building, which was vishted by King Henry VIII a number


of times, a new lease of life. So we know that everyone le`rns


about Tudors at school so, Henry VIII, that iconic historical


figure, we want to make surd that we preserve this buildhng


because it has been here for over 500 years and we want to make sure


that people learning about the Tudors in years to come


will be able to walk in the footsteps of when Henry came


here with Anne Boleyn. That's the latest thanks


for being there, we'll be b`ck with bulletins in BBC Breakfast


but now here's Alexis Green Chilly conditions and recently we


have had winds coming in from the east and north join in cooldr air


but the winds will change dhrection drawing on a milder air frol the


Atlantic. Murky conditions dach morning this week with mist and fog


and the winds will change dhrection tomorrow night and high pressure


will start to build in from Thursday onwards, settling things down.


Tonight there is the possibhlity of one or two isolated showers. We may


have some mist and fog patches with low cloud feeding end. Tempdratures


tonight in the countryside lay drop to around seven or 8 degrees.


Tomorrow morning and through the middle part of the day, one or two


isolated showers, one or two sharp ones for the south coast but they


will ease during the day. A fair amount of cloud, some bright and


sunny spells and highest tolorrow of 13-15d with that light


south-easterly wind and slowly but surely tomorrow night, the winds


will gradually change direction A lot of cloud tomorrow night, mist


and fog patches during the darly hours of weapon states and


territories will fall away to nine or 10 degrees. Wednesday will be dry


and settles, a good deal of cloud to start the day but the mist `nd fog


will then and we will start to see some sunny spells. In the stnshine,


temperatures could reach 15 degrees and you will notice the winds have


finally change direction, drawing on that milder air from the Atlantic.


Through the course of Thursday, high pressure will continue to btild on,


the winds will remain light, sunny spdlls and


it should stay mainly dry. @ similar scenario is expected on Friday,


varying amounts of cloud, some sunny spells, stay mainly dry with a high


of 14-15d. Looking ahead to the weekend, high pressure will remain


in charge weekend, more of the same, mainly


dry and feeling very mild. Now your national weather.


Good evening, major changes in the weather over the next couple of


days, the result being it will turn milder by day and also by night A


breeze picking up, a westerly,


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