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Hello, a very good evening to you, I'm Tom Hepworth, you're


Coming up - the daily flight paths seen over Gatwick and Heathrow


as the two airports fought for an extra runway.


As Heathrow is chosen where does that leave Gatwick now?


We will look at this carefully and seriously but legal challenges are


not really what is on our mhnd at the moment. We are relieved. We


don't wish airport expansion on anybody. And there is a Met Office


fog warning in place, all the details on that shortly.


The transport secretary Chris Grayling called


it a momentous step, it's one which was certainlx


The Government announced today Heathrow would get a third runway,


bringing with it the governlent says, tens of thousands of new jobs


Gatwick had campaigned hard for a second runway


jubilation in West Sussex as the new jubilation in West Sussex as the new


son Ken and people who had campaigned against expansion at


Gatwick. We don't wish it on anybody but at the moment we are relieved


but we do not believe Gatwick will go away. A second runway wotld have


brought benefits to business. This is electronics factory would have


been forced to relocate. Thdre are concerns whether the existing


infrastructure would have bden able to hope. There is insufficidnt


housing in the area as it is. The infrastructure, the roads and rail


are already overloaded. I don't think the problem is in the sky but


then he run the ground. Cars will not be able to move. Gatwick has not


given up and its lawyers will be scrutinising the detail of today's


announcement. We are still standing by willing to the love of a second


runway at Gatwick whenever the government wishes to engage with us


to do that. -- deliver. The government has said today G`twick is


a very credible option. Giving the green light to Hdathrow


over Gatwick has split opinhon within the conservative party,


many of those MP's in Sussex agreed John Redwood the MP for Wokhngham


has said it was wrong to expand Heathrow, in Reading Alok Sharma has


given it his enthusiastic b`cking, while his colleague Rob Wilson said


the decision was finely bal`nced Our Political Editor Peter Henley's


at Westminster for us tonight. Why has it taken so long


to get to this point? Simply because businesses don't have


votes and it is thought that count at Westminster. Seven years ago


there was a person who said the cause of the noise and pollttion


Heathrow should be better btt not bigger. Who was that person? Let me


give you a clue. Our Prime Minister,


writing then simply as MP for Maidenhead in Berkshire,


worried about Heathrow expansion But that wasn't as strong


as Boris Johnson, preparing to lie in front of the bulldozers,


And a U-turn isn't a U-turn if it puts you on the right coursd -


and that's what some I've been very frustrated as I think


many in the country will have been. You do not improve the qualhty of


decision-making by dragging out the process and this really has been.


There are plenty still saying this will all end in tears.


Or that it may be won't happen at all!


Demonstrations at Westminstdr are just the start, some saxing it


would have made more sense to beef up regional airports.


If you look at places like Bournemouth, Southampton, they have


want to fly directly from somewhere want to fly directly from somewhere


close to them to their desthnation. Others saying for the environment's


sake, we cannot have a free We need to be looking at who is


flying, why they are flying and deal with that demand. The result of this


is if we increase carbon in one area we have to cut back on it in another


area and that will have an dffect on small businesses. The papers will


not hold to these it up as ` havoc it but as somebody prepared to go


against their own constituents' interests, and in the country's


interests. The Confederation of


British Industry said it wotld be an enormous relief that exp`nsion


was at last happening at He`throw. Today's decision has been w`rmly


welcomed by businesses in the Thames Valley too


as Alastair Fee reports. Fruit and cut flowers


flying in from Colombia. Heathrow is a passenger airport


but on every plane, there is cargo, It is anticipated that


a third runway will help open up 40 new markets had


almost doubled capacity. It gives Heathrow the ability


to reach out to all Collection, handling,


screening and delivery. The nearby freight services


do it all. It will give you the opporttnity


to reach out to China, to new emerging markets,


to South America, to India, It gives the opportunity


for Scottish salmon, the biggest export out of the UK,


to reach new destinations. The flowers and fruit in thdse


boxes come here thanks Expansion means opening up lany more


destinations like this. It gives stability, it makes us able


to look to the future. Steve Bowles runs a Berkshire


haulage company. The family business


started in the 1950s. All their work involves frehght


going in and out of Heathrow. It means that we know we can


strongly expand, we can go out and buy a few


more trucks, perhaps. The freight industry has


argued that, in terms of global competition,


we are already playing catch up China has built 50


airports in five years. We are looking to build one


runway in ten years. Shows a great difference in how


we are looking at the world and how Heathrow is the UK's biggest port


by value, dwarfing the goods that come in and out


through seaports like South`mpton. With the vote to leave the DU,


many feel that expansion is even more important to show the world


that Britain is a trading n`tion Here's a final thought


from Our Transport correspondent Paul Clifton who has been at Gatwick


all day following events. The choice of Heathrow surprised


though one. To be honest, it is the same choice that has been m`de every


time during the 40 years th`t a new runway has been discussed.


Businesses in the Thames Valley relished the thousands of jobs they


believe will now flow westw`rds from a larger Heathrow. Gatwick @irport


was handed no crumbs from the politicians' table. A second runway


was barely mentioned to the relief of many people who live arotnd here.


Now there will be a year of consultation and then the House of


Commons will fought on it and then Wellcome detailed planning. There


will be protests, legal challenges, it will be at least a decadd before


any new runway is built. But after 40 years of debate, something really


has changed today. Gatwick @irport is the clear loser.


And there'll be more reaction to the expansion of Heathrow


on BBC Radio Berkshire tomorrow morning from 7 with David Prever.


A Dorset woman who has cysthc fibrosis says she's devastated


that the hospital service she relies on is under review.


Karen Pearce currently recehves care for the condition,


which causes a build up of sticky mucus in the body,


The trust says because of staffing changes it's likely there won't be


a specialist consultant basdd there from the new year.


It says it's working with University Hospital Sotthampton


to ensure ongoing high qualhty care but Karen fears any change


This is a service that I have been attending for six years.


It is local, it is accessible, and it means that I can get timely


Particularly when you are unwell, the last thing you want to be doing


is travelling a 60-mile round-trip to another facility.


Onto football and Reading h`ve been in action in the fourth


round of the EFL cup against Premier league Arsenal tonight.


The Royals lost 2-0 Tim Dellor is live at the Emirates stadiul for us.


And Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain brace giving Arsenal recovered colfortable


wind. A calamitous breakdown in passing on the edge of the own


penalty box at 33 minutes. @rsene Wenger's team never looked troubled.


For Reading fans, the wait goes on, 14 times they have met and 04 times


Arsenal have won. The final score, 2-0.


That's the latest thanks for being there, we'll be b`ck


with bulletins in BBC Breakfast but now here's Alexis Green


We are looking at some mist and fog patches and the Met office has


issued a yellow warning. It may become widespread in the early


morning. The temperature dropping in the countryside to around sdven


Celsius. These are the valuds in towns and cities. Tomorrow lorning


for the rush-hour drive to work there will be some dense fog.


Visibility up to about 50 mdtres in some places and the mist and fog may


be slow to clear in some pl`ces and lingering until 11 in the morning.


The odd stray shower and varying amounts of cloud and the high


tomorrow off 16 Celsius. Today we saw a keen and prolonged periods of


sunshine tomorrow mean a high of 17 as well. High-pressure conthnuing to


build from the south-west through the course of our state and a


settled day with light winds and lots of sunshine, varying alounts of


cloud and maybe mist and fog patches. That is the theme dach day


this week with mist and fog to start each day which may be slow to clear


in places with light south-westerly winds. A high


settled and on the mild side. Nick now has all the national weather.


Hello. Autumn is the season of change, most noticeably with those


autumn colours on display today in Buckinghamshire, as photographed by


one of our weather watchers. Always helps when there is blue sky above.


Our weather is always changing regardless of the season. One of


those changes is taking place, we are losing last week's Easterly


winds and now a westerly wind. That means it's turning milder by day and


night but it does mean the return of Atlantic weather fronts, especially


to north-western parts of the UK. The reason, high pressure in Germany


and low pressure Iceland. Here is the first of those weather fronts


for Scotland and Northern Ireland through the night, the first part of


tomorrow. There isn't a huge amount of rain associated with this. Could


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