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Good to have you with us. BBC Two, 11.00pm in Scotland.


Coming up: Sectioned under the Mental Health Act,


but why was this young woman allowed out to buy medication


Concerns a lack of cash could derail free childcare plans.


And a change of direction on the A34.


I will make the decision, I am making the decision,


A Government minister brings forward a safety review into one


She'd been sectioned under the Mental Health Act,


but ended up in accident and emergency after


Katie Hall was being treated for anorexia at a


Her family says it's one of several incidents that's given


them cause for concern, as Joe Campbell reports.


Anna Hall is visiting her d`ughter in Reading's Prospect Park Hospital.


29-year-old Katie is anorexhc, and has other mental health issues,


including obsessive-compulshve disorder.


When she first arrived here, it was as a voluntary patient,


but after she walked out of the hospital,


and she was then held under the Mental Health Act.


But her mother says that if the idea was to keep out of harm's w`y,


She walked down to Asda and bought herself some medication,


took the whole packet and then went back on the w`rd.


And then I got a phone call to say that she was in RBH,


after obviously being quite poorly after taking an overdose.


Later, a male patient, who had been moved onto her ward


after harassing another wom`n, exposed himself to her.


Katie and her mother both complained,


but she was left on the samd ward as him for another two days.


I do think that Prospect Park need to wake up and smell the coffee


because I don't think the care is adequate.


The trust which runs the hospital says Ana Hall hasn't


voiced her concerns to them but it's happy to meet her.


None of Prospect Park's wards are secure and patients are often


This week, Katie left the hospital for a supported


house in the community, and now faces a nine-week w`it


Joe Campbell, BBC South Today, Tilehurst.


It was a big election promise - 30 hours of free childcare


for working parents of thred and four-year-olds every wedk.


Currently eligible families can get half that, 15 hours a week,


except in Portsmouth which hs one of the areas piloting the scheme.


?50 million of Government ftnding will extend the scheme nationwide.


But one of the South's leadhng nursery school groups says ht's not


enough and some nurseries won't be able to provide enough placds.


It was a busy morning in the play kitchen at


the Tops Day Nursery in Cosham in Portsmouth.


Here some parents are already taking advantage of the 30 hours


a week of free care offered to eligible families


It was costing me half my w`ges a month to bring her here


It gives parents a huge adv`ntage over the past when they had to pay


all of that themselves, so it's got to be good


Although the pilot scheme is going well, nursery owners fear


there could be big financial problems when the extra fred


Here in Portsmouth, this nursery says it gets ?4.88 per hour


for three and four-year-olds during the scheme.


Next year they will get ?4.45, but in some areas


like Dorset it will be as low as ?3.60.


That could prompt some nursdries to stop providing free placds.


We have seen that in some of the other areas already,


and it's difficult to see how to do this with without going siddways


and thinking how else we generate income.


Portsmouth Council thinks there will be enough funding


There have been concerns about it, but we will see an increase


in the current levels of funding nursery providers receive.


Today the Department for Education said:


But it will be some months until nurseries find out ex`ctly


how much cash they will get to provide extra places.


Steve Humphrey, BBC South Today, Portsmouth.


Earlier, I asked Claire Schofield from the National Day Nurseries


Association whether some nurseries might be forced to opt


That is very much what we do not want to see happen, because we have


got over 1 million children in nurseries across


We're nearly a year away from this now, so there is time


for Government to come up whth a way that nurseries can take part


and offer these places that parents want.


So, what would you like to see happen?


Firstly, to increase the funding so that nurserids'


Or we could allow nurseries to give parents the option to pay for extra


The Government says it is lhstening to nurseries, and has incre`sed


the average funding rate to take into account the Living Wagd,


The Government has listened, and they have increased the rate.


However, average rates across the country have


gone up by 60p per hour, whilst our members are tellhng us


that on average they've got shortfalls of ?1.68.


So the Government has put more money in,


The other issue is that this is the funding rate for the first


year, from 2017, but we know we will not see rates incre`se


for three years after that `t least, and in the meantime,


the sector is going to face higher costs through increases,


quite rightly, for the national Living Wage,


and also a bigger increase in business rates


So, the costs are going to carry on going up,


but funding is too little already, and will get further and further


away from the real cost of providing high-quality childcare.


So, you say it is parents who are going to have to


If we start thinking about this as a contribution rather


than a totally free childcare offer, parents can choose the nursdry


or the childminder or any other childcare setting they want,


and pay additional fees to cover the gap.


So, cover the gap between what the Government funds and thd real


That is if the Government c`n't put in enough money to pay for the whole


Has the Government promised something it cannot deliver?


I think the Government can deliver it.


We have got a really diversd childcare sector there


But it just needs the right conditions to work under,


and the right ground rules so they can offer the childcare that


parents want, and the right level of funding to support them.


A Government minister's givdn in to demands for urgent action


on the A34, ordering an immediate safety review.


It comes after an Oxfordshire MP told parliament it was dangdrous


After two fatal crashes this summer, including one in which a mother


and three children were killed, the number of people who've died


on the road has risen to 32 in four years.


Our political editor Peter Henley reports.


To call the A34 dangerous is to state the obvious.


In four years, 32 people have died, and today's debate heard th`t


the statistics don't includd the accident-prone junction


It's a dangerous road, and it's no longer fit for purpose


because the delays and accidents that happen regularly are h`ving


a significant economic impact on one of the most economically productive


MPs from all parties lined tp to put pressure on


The problem we face is that the A34 is fulfilling a motorway role


without motorway capacity or safety features.


Government ministers are past masters at dealing with this sort


They will nod sagely as MPs make their speeches and then give


a noncommittal answer, but this was not that sort of debate


Up until now, the A34 has not been considered a priority.


A safety review was not due until 2020, but on the spot this lorning


John Hayes changed the Government's policy.


I'm prepared to say I am making the decision,


and it is announced now that I will institute that safetx review.


the promise of more money available and the Government even


considering calls to make the A34 a motorway.


Peter Henley, BBC South Today, Westminster.


Football, and Southampton were in action in the fourth


A 25-yard strike from record signing Sofiane Boufal was enough to give


Saints a 1-0 win against Sunderland at St Mary's.


It's the Moroccan's first goal for the club.


Southampton are away to Arsdnal in the quarterfinals in a month's time.


We'll be back with regional bulletins in BBC Breakfast tomorrow,


but now's here's Alexis with your weather.


And last night, the possibility of mist and fog patches overnight, and


a widespread fog is possibld. The Met Office had issued a yellow fog


warning through tonight and the rush-hour drive to work tomorrow.


The fog will stay with us through the night and become quite dense in


places. Countryside temperatures with clear skies will fall `way to


around six or seven Celsius. These are the values in our towns and


cities, with the light West to south-westerly winds. The fog may be


stubborn to clear tomorrow lorning, lingering until 10am, but once it


does clear, sunny spells and varying amounts of cloud. High tempdratures


tomorrow or 14 or 15 Celsius. Light westerly south-westerly winds


drawing in milder air from @tlantic. drawing in milder air from @tlantic.


Through the course of tomorrow night, the possibility of fog


patches, not as widespread `s tonight because there will be more


cloud. Over the next few daxs, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, despite


high pressure in charge of our weather, a lot of cloud associated


with it and with that cloud cover it will be mainly dry but with sunny


spells breaking through the cloud cover at times. That is to


out the outlook. Temperatures are looking very promising indeed. Nick


Miller has the National forecast. If you like your forecast to include


cold weather, this is not for you. Temperatures have been heading up,


helped by sunshine showing off the autumn colours. 19


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