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A BBC investigation has discovered lethal diet pills are being sold


on "hidden" websites despite a major crackdown.


They contain the chemical Dinitrophenol - or DNP -


which is often marketed as fat burning.


But it was classed as unfit for human consumption in 1938.


Last year a 25-year-old wom`n from Worthing died


This and other deaths have prompted calls for tougher prison sentences


Chrissy Sturt has this excltsive report.


Sean was just 28 when he didd after taking the highly toxhc


When I first got in there, he was trying to stand up,


because he said his back was hurting.


And he was just shouting that his back hurt and


he wanted to stand up, and he wanted me to help hil.


And I said to him, you can't stand up.


And then I noticed that his stats were really high, and the doctor


was telling him to keep calm and lie down.


Last year, 25-year-old Worthing woman Rachel Cooke died aftdr buying


She first heard about them after reading about the death


of another young woman, 21-year-old Eloise Parry.


Instead of putting her off, she believed it could be a puick fix


It's used legally in fertilhsers, dyes and even ammunition.


But it's illegal to sell for human consumption.


Four people were jailed in connection with Sean's c`se.


The Food Standards Agency is clamping down on underground


On two occasions this year, we have successfully intervdned


They are now active ongoing guest investigations but will hopdfully


Figures obtained by the BBC from the medicines health rdgulatory


authorities so it seized 1.4 million pounds worth of unlicensed dietary


medicines in the last year, up from ?960,000 two years before.


Experts warn taking these phlls is dicing with death.


It's just so hard to live whth, when you've got that bond whth


A man who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder


of a Hampshire pensioner - has been told he can't appe`l


Georgina Edmonds was beaten to death with her own rolling pin at her


Matthew Hamlen from Bishopstoke was found guilty after an unusual


He'd previously been found not guilty in 2012.


His lawyers argued jurors at the second trial should not have


been told about the first - but his appeal was refused.


The A27 through West Sussex is one of our region's


most congested roads - over the years a number of schemes


Tonight, hundreds of people turned out for a public meeting to discuss


Highways England has up to ?100 million to spend


but there's concern some iddas might make matters worse,


The official consultation is still a long way off,


but such is the debate about the A27 they filled this


Earlier, I heard about the dffects of the jams on one


I lose so much time just sat in traffic, permanently.


Trying to get my daughter from school's always a bit


Trying to make it to meetings on time from work,


How long could you be sitting in the jams?


We definitely need a bypass of some sort.


I don't know where it's going to go, it's obviously very


We have the green field at the back and the Downs and things,


and the sea on the other side, so there's not a lot


Possible solutions include ` tunnel or a so-called through pass,


widening the road through the town, which is opposed by many residents.


By definition, a through pass favouring through traffic mtst


disfavour all the locals trxing to cross the road or join the road.


We are talking about giving 50, 00 people in the top half


To favour a few people who want to go right


Environmentalists say the best answer is to reducd


We need to minimise the dem`nd for people to want to drive.


To do that, with got to givd them real choices in terms


of walking and cycling for the shorter journeys,


linking up with buses and r`il for the longer journeys.


Highways England will launch its consultation the spring.


A number of Reading football fans have had their season tickets


suspended following allegathons of racial abuse.


It centres around reports that a small group of fans shoutdd racist


chants at the Reading goalkdeper Ali Al-Habsi during Tuesday


night's EFL cup defeat at Arsenal's Emirates staditm.


Reading Football Club has b`nned the fans from all matches while it


carries out an investigation - saying such behaviour


A poll has suggested a quarter of the Polish


community want to move - following the Brexit vote.


She's lived in Poole for a number of years but says she has bden


abused for speaking Polish on the street - and no


Especially after what happened after Brexit.


No, I have to be very careftl about my future.


But I'm more than sure my future is not here.


A giant chalk carving of a flanders poppy was unveiled today


on a Wiltshire hillside - where it will be seen


The poppy sits alongside eight other regimental badges at Fovant.


It's unveiling marks the official launch of the county's Poppx Appeal,


but also remembers the centdnary of when the first badge was carved -


by soldiers on their way to the Battle of the Somme.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow and there's more on the BBC News website.


Newsnight will be starting shortly on BBC2, but now


here is our regional weather forecast.


Things and looking too bad for the last weekend of October. Prdtty


mild. Pretty cloudy, but dohng quite well. We'll stick with dry


conditions through the course of tonight and indeed through luch of


the weekend, too. Quite clotdy, but where it breaks we could sed it


filling in quite quickly with some fog. The fog could be slow to clear.


Our temperatures tonight will be down to around 12 or 13, wh`t we


would usually be seen by dax at this time of year. Light winds any patchy


mist and Fog is likely to bd slow moving tomorrow morning, but


generally cloudy theme once more. A few brighter breaks in the


afternoon, highs of 14 or 14. Given some sunny spells, we could see that


nudging up to 16 or 17, perhaps Sunday is another day with patchy


fog possible. Quite a bit of cloud in the picture, but brighter


prospects on the cards the to come into the beginning of next


week as well. Now the national picture.


Hello, it's been a pretty good week for getting out and enjoying the


autumn colours, especially if you have seen autumn sunshine.


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