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either to put the United back into the United States. Join me now on


BBC Two, and that Welcome to South today. The top


stories this Monday. Tougher rules and tougher sentences for pdople who


use their mobile phones at the wheel after a family are killed ndarly 34.


We urge you to make a personal commitment to stop using mobile


phones whilst driving. Make our roads safer for everyone. Also


tonight top marks for a top teacher who took on the world and m`de maths


fun. And the rest of the wedk will be cooler, rain at times but some


dry days. I have the "His attention had been so poor


he might as well have The words of a judge as she jailed


lorry driver Tomasz Kroker for ten years after he killed a mother


and three children. His lorry ploughed into stationary


vehicles on the A34 in August while he was looking


at his mobile phone. Today the family has appealdd


for all motorists to Hurtling towards destruction,


video released by police in conjunction with the victims


families shows Tomasz Kroker scrolling through his mobild phone


playlist, his lorry closing rapidly Moments later, children Eth`n,


Josh and Aimee were dead, together with the boy's


mother, Tracy Houghton. Their car crushed to a third


of its size, pushed In the moments Mr Kroker chose


to look at his phone, he caused a multiple vehicld


accident that endangered all surrounding road users `nd took


the lives of Tracy, Ethan, To all intents and purposes,


Mr Kroker's use of his mobile phone while driving turned his lorry


into a lethal weapon. Video seen by the judge exposed


the wider family's emotional trauma. I thought that was the worst day


of the life, my kids being killed, but I think it was three wedks later


when I went to the funeral directors and saw them dead,


cold, in their coffins. Witnesses said Mr Kroker


was in tears after the crash but insisted his brakes had failed


until he was confronted The death toll could easily have


been far higher. people who saw the footage says


public attitudes must changd. Savage. What do you think ndeds to


happen? Harsher rules. It should be more than just a fine. Therd needs


to be an educational course with videos like this.


It's unimaginable. They werd just so innocent. There needs to be some


sort of immobilisation when you let into a car.


The family say this was one of the worst incidents of its kind


involving a mobile phone. They hope it serves as a reminder that the


decisions we make can be fatal. From next year the fines and penalty


points for using a phone behind But last month a BBC investhgation


found the number of drivers actually caught by police has fallen


in the last five years. It's down by three quarters


in Sussex and Dorset. The biggest drop was in Wiltshire,


falling almost 80%. Last year, just over 400


drivers were sanctioned. While research from the RAC motoring


organisation suggests a fifth of motorist now believe it hs safe


to check social media on thdir phone while stopped in traffic A little


earlier I asked Nick Lyes from the RAC what needs to be done


to tackle the problem of phone use I think what we need


is a triple pronged approach. We welcome the fact


that the government has started to look at increasing the pdnalties,


but we need better enforcemdnt of the existing laws and edtcation


for drivers to make sure they are fully aware of the risks


of using phones at the wheel. A 27% reduction in road traffic


police officers in the country. Many forces are under financial


pressure, financial stress. Effectively, I should imagine


there is also a sharing The figure of 27% is,


effectively, the number This survey suggests that most


people don't see this I think the report suggested


that is, certainly, there is an increased


amount of people admitting to using a hand-held mobile phone


at the wheel. But the reasons they are dohng


it is for 14%, they see othdr people do it all and think they can get


away with it. The laws are simply


not being enforced. It's really important


that the message gets through that this is a dangdrous


thing to do at the wheel. A lollipop woman and three children


have been hit by a car in Wdymouth. The accident happened just before


4pm this afternoon The patrol woman was taken


to hospital with serious injuries, which are not thought


to be life-threatening. The children, two boys


and a girl all aged 11, Champion jockey Jim Crowley


from Pulborough in West Sussex is in hospital tonight


after a serious incident He was taking part in this race


we are not going to Fred Tilitski on the left


of the picture was on the horse that fell, bringing down three other


horses behind including Crowley Tilitski was air lifted to hospital


while Crowley was taken by `mbulance Both are described as in


a serious condition. Southern Railway has warned unions


that it will withdraw its offer over pay and conditions if any ftrther


industrial action takes place in the ongoing dispute


about conductor-less trains. The RMT union is planning


a two-day strike on Friday and Saturday this week,


as well as a further five d`ys The union has described it `s just


more threats and bullying. A teacher from Wyvern College


near Eastleigh has just won a prestigious national teaching


award for making maths fun. Will Emeny came up with a mdntal


arithmetic programme he called Numeracy Ninjas that's now


being used in thousands 30 questions in five minutes


at the start of every lesson. I needed something that would be fun


and like a Game for them and I thought I had done martial


arts as a kid and what bettdr Each correct answer


is awarded a point. The more right answers


you get, the better And when it comes to mental


arithmatic, the Year 7 pupils at Wyvern College have developed


into quite the Ninja Warriors. We did a research study last year


that showed the numeracy ninjas boosted their numeracy by 70%


for the average student. Some students it was


greater than that. We launched over a year ago and it's


grown to 3500 schools all over the world.


He has been awarded the accolade secondary school teacher of the


year. The plan is to know roll out an online version of new Morrissey


ninjas so pupils can train `t home. -- new Morrissey ninjas. I never


knew I'd end up a maths teacher but I'm so glad I did.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Here with our regional weather forecast is Alexis Green.


It's going to get colder. Today we had a high of 20 Celsius in West


Sussex and Surrey. It's going to get cooler from tomorrow onwards.


Temperatures will struggle to rise during the day. Cooler as wd had


through the week, settled on Wednesday and Thursday but tnsettled


on Friday with a chance of rain in the morning. Overnight tonight with


the clearing skies, mist and fog may form with the light winds. Ht will


become quite dense in places. The Met office have issued a yellow fog


warning during the early hotrs of the morning. That warning is in


force tonight for the rush hour drive to work. Temperatures in the


countryside may well drop to around six or seven Celsius. Mist `nd fog


could linger throughout the morning. Once it does clear we are looking at


a fair amount of cloud. Bright spells to be had. It's a dyhng


weather front, not much rain on it. Temperatures tomorrow will reach a


high of 13, maybe 14 Celsius. Lower than today but today we've had a


high of 20 Celsius. Tomorrow night the skies clear and with thd


clearing skies fall away. These values are in our towns and cities.


We have that light northerlx breeze. That should keep the mist and fog at


bay. Wednesday in itself is a lot cooler, northerly breeze will


continue to be with us. Sunny spells, the able be a lot fresher.


Temperatures will only reach a high of nine to 10 Celsius. A sililar day


can be expected on Thursday. Through Thursday the high pressure starts to


pull away towards the continent low-pressure strings in. We'll see a


weather front arrived through the cause of Friday. Rain expected


Thursday night and for the start of Friday. Friday we have that rain


first thing. It will clear. Brighter spells and highs of eight Cdlsius.


Isolated showers are possible side. Strong northerly winds, some


sunshine and also some rain for the weekend. The National weather coming


up now with Louise. Halloween 2 16 has almost come and gone but it has


left some spookily interesting statistics. It has been a third


consecutive mild Halloween. The warmest was in 2014, 20 four


Celsius. Today we have been breaking records in Wales, the warmest


Halloween, 22 Celsius. A glorious shot, fairly indicative of what we


had in Wales today, sent in by weather watcher earlier. A different


story further north and east. The cloud made it great and in the


Northern Isles temperatures didn't climb above nine Celsius. It is as


cold air set to descend south through the course of the night


tonight and brings a marked contrast for


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