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Welcome. The top stories: Pushing the boundaries of medical research.


How a broke through by a team in Southampton is giving hope to this


chronically ill boy and his family. Shutting down southern safety fears.


The rail industry's leading expert says the union's concerns are


unfounded. Calls for a rethink over this camera that is catching


thousands of hospital visitors. A pioneering genetic test


developed by doctors in Southampton could


help patients with rare diseases pinpoint


the root of their problems. The test's already helped


an 11-year-old boy from Dorset. Matthew Knight suffered from one


infection after another Doctors were able to boost Matthew's


immunity to help him Since he was a baby,


he's been in and out of hospital with a range


of different infections. Doctors knew he had a rare immune


deficiency but didn't know exactly Endless tests and blood tests


and x-rays and scans and everything. It was a long haul waiting


and finding out exactly how he was going to be treated


because they really didn't Recently, Matthew was treated


for a hip infection The family agreed to take


part in a medical trial. Researchers there have developed


a test that can go deeper than ever before in to our genetic make-up


and pinpoint precisely Some have compared what we are doing


at the moment in genomics to the man I think we are moving now


into reality of delivering tests that we wouldn't have


thought possible a decade and a half And with Matthew's case,


we were able to turn a result and give the family information


that they have been What we did find out was that


you have 3.2 billion letters in your DNA and for me to have


what I have, I have four missing. From the tests done


in the lab, Matthew's faulty He's now getting the right treatment


to boost his immune system and says he finally feels


like a normal 11-year-old. Now the work in Southampton is part


of a wider genome project going on hospitals around


the country to create a test for all genes


associated with disease. And it's not just for patients


with rare conditions like Matthew. They are also developing tests to


detect the cause of common cancers. The NHS says in time the project


could transform the way A cyclist who killed a pedestrian


in an argument about riding a bike on the pavement has been


sentenced to just under three and a half years


in prison for manslaughter. 69-year-old Roy Galvin was walking


with his wife in Gosport last September when he got


into the row with Duncan Snelgrove. Snelgrove pushed him, causing him


to fall backwards and hit his head. There've been more developments


in the Southern Rail strike, following the publication


of a report into the issue The Chief Inspector of Railways says


it is safe for drivers rather than conductors


to operate train doors. The unions have


dismissed his research. Our Transport Correspondent


Paul Clifton has more. This latest report included tests


on Southern Railway, on the precise routes


through West Sussex on which The report was written


by the most senior safety Driver only operation can be


operated safely in compliance with the law on Southern Railway


only and we have told Aslef The safety inspectors ran


tests on the Horsham They looked at union claims that


cameras on trains were unsafe Deficiencies were found at some


stations, so Southern The inspectors looked


at whether cameras could see small They also looked at leaving


the door cameras running This offers clear safety


benefits compared with But the drivers union


is pressing ahead with next It says the two sides


are on different planets. The reality is there has been no


real move to address the fundamental issues that are at the heart


of the deal. It's about the imposition


of a system of breaking Every official report,


every statistic I have ever read on driver door operation says


it is safe, but the RMT union called to day's report a total whitewash,


which proved this safety authority Both sides, it seems,


are in no mood for compromise. An MP's stepped into the row


about a controversial bus lane camera near the QA


hospital in Portsmouth. Penny Mordaunt's asked the council


to rethink how it operates the camera after more than three


and a half thousand people The camera was installed in July


and within the first 11 weeks fines totalling nearly


?124,000 were issued. Between October and December fines


totalled another 87 thousand pounds It's a camera that's been called


a cash cow and unfair. It was meant to deter nonhospital


users from using the bus lane as a short cut,


but because you cannot see the sign clearly,


it's actually penalising hospital If you approach this


junction from the north or the south car park,


then the signing here is obscured so people don't actually noticed


there's a bus lane as you turn left And as you go through there,


there's a camera, which would then Andrew is one of more than 3500


drivers who have been caught. He received the fine only two days


after his terminally Although the council has


since let him off the ticket, on compassionate grounds,


he says the system is unfair. I think it's immoral


that they do that. People here are coming


here for treatment or to take relatives, or visit relatives,


and it's quite immoral that people Where you've got cameras in the city


that are creating very, very high levels of fines,


that should be reviewed And in this instance, clearly,


those who have been fined had suggested that the signage could be


improved, and I think that's probably the sensible thing


for the council to do. Motoring experts say the issue


in Portsmouth is not unique. In Preston recently,


a bus lane was actually switched off after two weeks of a camera looking


at a bus lane and catching people. And the reason they stopped


that was that they realised that there were, that the signage


it wasn't adequate. So they decided that they would stop


putting fines in place, they would reassess the site,


and look at the signage And that's what we'd


like Portsmouth to do. Portsmouth City Council says


that the current signs do comply However it does recognise there have


been a large number of fines issued so it's now speaking to the hospital


trust to see if any additional signs or road markings on the approach


to the bus lane can be put in place. A monumental sculpture


of a soldier has been created in Dorset and it's


made entirely out of scrap metal. The six metre high soldier was put


together to mark the centenary It's made from a mix of items


including car parts and spanners and took three and a half months


to build. It is a commission for a local


author who asked us to build a ghostly figure of a First World War


soldier. This is what we have ended up with and I think it fits the bill


spot on. Some sports news and


Southampton say captain Jose Fonte has asked


to leave the club. The 33-year-old Portuguese defender


is the only survivor He wanted a longer term deal


than the one which was on the table. Meanwhile, Portsmouth missed


the opportunity to close the gap on the promotion places


against League Two leaders Doncaster - our reporter


Andy Moon watched the game. The night that was an opportunity


for Portsmouth to lay down a marker turned into one of great


frustration. They were really slow out of the blocks against Doncaster


and John Marquis gave the hosts and there are deep -- early lead. An


equaliser came from Naismith. There were two more goals from the home


side. This one into the top corner and a volley into the corner. The


manager was fuming afterwards and admitted he was frustrated with the


performance his side must wait ten days now to play again.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


It is looking cold once again and temperatures down to minus six


Celsius. A widespread frost on the cards and some freezing fog. Already


in parts of the region, we have seen temperatures plunging to minus


figures. A chilly start tomorrow. Some mist and fog first thing. We


will see some sunshine and through the course of the day, it will be


mainly dry with rain moving in. As we look ahead towards the rest of


the week, high-pressure dominates our weather. Despite the high


pressure in charge, we will stay -- see a good deal of cloud.


Temperatures into double figures in some areas. Unsettled conditions


over the weekend and a chance we could have drizzle here and there.


In summary, a frosty start from most places and through the course of the


day, the club will increase. Cloud increasing through the afternoon and


by dusk, that rain starts to move on. There will be a good deal of


cloud and some bright and sunny spells.


creeping up by a notch or two, 10, maybe nine Celsius. Here is Louise


with the national picture. Won't it cold and frosty this


morning? The coldest night of the winter so far in England. Down to


minus 8 Celsius. But widely, the temperatures below freezing. Through


the night, cloud and rain, so temperatures for many holding up




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