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Good evening to you, I'm Laura Trant with the news in the South.


There are calls for tougher laws to crack down on laser pens


following a spate of incidents near Southampton Airport.


Four aircraft were targeted by green laser pointers in separate incidents


The flights continued as planned but, with laser


incidents on the increase, the Pilots Association


says the devices are being used as weapons.


Take-off and landing are the most crucial times for pilots,


But it's also when they are most susceptible to laser beams


Here in Southampton, there were 11 incidents last month


In the first, a laser was shone into the flight path of a plane


Three days later, a laser was focused


The next night, a plane was targeted as it took off over the M27 motorway


and then another inbound aircraft with the light beamed


We're talking about high-powered green lasers, which can be


PC Andy Sparshott from Hampshire Police showed me


how clearly they work, even in daytime, and said he was in


a cockpit of a police plane when it was targeted on take-off.


There was a lot of brilliant white light flickering


The pilot took action, looking at the instruments, making


sure everything was OK, and then he was satisfied it was not on fire.


Public Health England say they are extremely dangerous.


Last February, a Virgin flight had to return to Heathrow after take-off


after a laser was shone at the cockpit, causing a medical


As of 2010, it's illegal to shine a light to dazzle a pilot.


But the police and the Pilots Association want to make it


an offence to be in possession of a laser pen.


The police are prosecuting but the problem is their hands are tied


because they don't have the correct powers at the moment.


We are expecting to see some laser-specific


legislation coming out relatively soon.


We need police to have the power so they can


stop the people who are shining lasers and arrest them and get them


to justice and get them in prison because it's a really


Police say there's always a spike of activity around Christmas


as people receive laser pens as presents but they stress


that they're not toys and the Pilots Association describes


Luckily, in the recent cases, the planes have all been able


A former senior NHS official has been jailed for three and a half


years at Guildford Crown Court for accepting ?80,000 in bribes.


57-year-old Peter Lewis from Windlesham worked


He admitted receiving the payments in return for awarding a computer


contract worth ?950,000 in the first year.


Surrey Police say they're now focusing on recovering the money


Mr Lewis made from his crime and returning it to the NHS.


The medical director of the South East Coast Ambulance


Service has resigned, BBC South Today understands.


Dr Rory McCrae has left for what he calls personal reasons.


Secamb, which is currently in special measures,


was at the centre of a scandal involving the reassessment of some


Plans to build a 25 megawatt solar farm in Dorset have been scrapped.


Wildlife charities opposed the development at Rampisham Down


near Dorchester, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.


The developer, British Solar Renewables, has decided


to shelve the application, which was approved two years ago


but was then subject to a public inquiry.


A smaller farm will be built on an alternative site nearby.


A 108-year-old man living in Alton is now Britain's oldest man.


Bob Weighton inherited the title when a man


He lived in Japan in the run-up to the Second World War.


When Roger Finn went to see him at his care home,


Bob told him what it meant to be Britain's oldest man.


I do not seem to feel any different in myself.


But everybody else I meet will remind me of the fact.


He spent his childhood in Hull and was part of a large family.


In the 1930s, he travelled to Taiwan and Japan, where he worked


He married his British sweetheart but the couple were forced to leave


They and their three young children spent the war in Canada


and the USA where Bob broadcast propaganda to the Japanese.


Throughout his long life, Bob has held Christian


The most important thing I have learnt is that it is far better


to make a friend out of a possible enemy than it is to make an enemy


What would you say is the key to finding happiness?


I do not think you find happiness by looking for it.


I think happiness comes when you do certain things.


I have got to ask the cliched question, what is your secret


It is nothing I have actually done or a regime I have followed


at all because I have had such a varied from existence.


I have eaten all sorts of things I never thought I would eat and been


to places I never thought I would visit.


I have no clear answer to that question at all.


We're back tomorrow at 5:30pm and there's more


But now Sarah is here with our weekend weather forecast.


We have got some outbreaks of rain through the course of the night but


that band of rain is gradually easing south-eastwards. We will


start to see drier conditions developing. Albeit on the murky


side. Some hill fog and patchy drizzle lingering towards dawn.


Temperatures, lows of three or 4 degrees. A grey and murky start the


Saturday morning, hill fog lingering and patchy drizzle as well. Quite a


bit of cloud in the picture for tomorrow, they enough to produce


rain. There will be brighter breaks but they will be limited.


Temperatures look to peak at ten or 11 degrees. On Sunday, another


cloudy day. Brighton is possible and if you spots of rain here in there.


Breezy with outbreaks of rain. Good evening. The weather has been


turning milder and also cloudier through the course of the day. We


did see some clear spells moving in from the North will stop this was


the sunset, captured in Dundee. Some clear spells as we headed through


the course of the afternoon into the evening. Really, through the


weekend, wiki with a similar theme. Much milder than it has been. A lot


of cloud around in general, but for most of us think. Dry. Not dry


everywhere at the moment, particularly across central and


southern parts of England and Wales. We have a lot of cloud, bringing


outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. The patchy rain will ease away


slowly towards the south through tonight and further north across the


country, drier conditions. Wherever you are, it's pretty cloudy. Mostly


frost free to start the weekend, but there could be frost across the


central glens of Scotland. A chilly start, but quite a lot of cloud,


some pockets


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