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Hello and welcome Sal cat matches at -- to South Today. I cannot get over


the fact that grown adults cannot sit around the table and actually


come to some sort of compromise, agreement. Nine cases of bird flu


are confirmed in Dorset, and it is feared many more swans have died.


And after a mild start, we'll see some rain with wintry showers later.


I will have the weather for the week ahead shortly.


In just over an hour, another strike begins


by drivers on Southern Rail, which will affect thousands


of people across the South and South East.


The company says no trains will run tomorrow, on Wednesday or on Friday.


Southern is laying on 200 buses instead which will run


But the company has advised people not to travel on strike days.


And the drivers union Aslef is planning three more days


of industrial action on January 24th, 25th and 27th.


Tonight a special debate was broadcast here in the South that


looked at the issues behind the long running dispute on Southern


The televised debate pitched the head of Southern's


And for the two men on either side of the


long-running dispute over driver only trains,


There will be a second safety trained person...


Oh, let him speak, for goodness sake.


We will roster a second safety trained


person on as many trains as had them before...


Hang on a second, you need to let me finish.


A second safety trained person on as many trains as we had


What's stopping the settlement is the attitude of


the company towards changing the way the trains are operated, and


they are backed up by the DFT and Chris Grayling, and they're


The invited audience was largely made up of


Southern rail passengers, or former passengers,


who told their personal stories of daily frustration since the


By July I had quit my job and I had taken a job closer to home, losing


myself ?7,000 a year, but I did that so I could see my son


because you could not get me home in time to do so.


That journey time extended to 2.5 hours, it was


becoming absolutely impossible, in fact lead to the break-up of my


The continued rail disruption has meant we had to close


the business and we've actually lost our livelihoods because of this.


The Transport Secretary and the Rail Minister


declined to be part of the


programme, and it was left to Bexhill MP Hugh Merryman to


answer questions about the government's lack of intervention.


It;s not the government refusing to drive trains


which the independent safety regulator has decreed as


They could have put pressure on Southern rail with their track


It is hard for the government to come up with more.


The question may be whether the parliament has to give the


government more powers in legislation to bring this matter to


Not everyone is taking sides in a dispute.


Alison from Crawley has kept a video diary of her


She say she only has her fellow passengers' interests at


I cannot get over the fact that grown adults cannot sit around


a table and actually come to some sort of compromise, agreement,


As you can imagine, the disruption on Southern is one of the


issues we get the most feedback on, and here are some of your comments


And if you missed the debate, you can see it on the BBC iPlayer -


A strain of bird flu which has wiped out thousands of birds in Europe has


Nine swans at the famous Abbotsbury Swannery near Weymouth


It was first found in the UK last month with cases in Wales,


Scotland and a number of English counties including Gloucestershire,


where the wetland reserve at Slimbridge was affected.


Since New Year there've been further cases in Devon and Wales.


However, the outbreak at Abbotsbury is the biggest yet.


Confirmation of the presence of the bird flu virus


here at Abbotsbury Swannery came after ten dead swans


Nine tested positive for the H5N8 strain of the disease.


Obviously it's not a threat to our staff or


humans generally, that's been confirmed


by the health agencies, so


that is the good thing, but it is a very serious condition


And it does strike the young ones, particularly, very hard.


So far this winter, around 80 swans have been found dead.


Double the usual number for the winter period.


Tonight, government scientists are stressing the current strain


of bird flu does not pose a risk to people.


This is a very serious disease of birds,


but the good thing is it is


not causing any concerns to human health, so we need people to keep


this disease out of their kept birds, whether it is in their


backyard or it's a full-scale, commercial poultry farm.


At the start of December, the government


ordered poultry farms like this one near Weymouth to bring their free


range hens in doors and to take precautions in a bid to stop the


They say they are disappointed that Defra did not tell


them about the presence of the virus at Abbotsbury a few miles away.


We heard that from our vet that we liaise with and


Already, keeping their hens in doors has led to a


20% of what we normally get, so for us


financially, it is quite a big impact, really.


The measures imposed to try to restrict the spread of


bird flu will be enforced until at least February 28th.


The swannery has closed at the moment for its


They are hoping the bird flu virus will run its


course by the time the swannery reopens on March 18th.


The West Sussex car maker Rolls Royce says it will keep


its headquarters in the UK - despite telling workers last year


that Brexit would limit its ability to plan for the future.


1,700 people are employed by the company in Goodwood


Today it also reported a 6% rise in sales in 2016.


But the company's chief executive told the BBC he still wants more


clarity on what Britain's trading relationship with the rest


of Europe will be, after it leaves the European Union.


We are of course interested knowing that over 90% of our cars are


exported into the whole world that we are not face of any trade


barriers, that we see a free flow of goods still happening. That we can


exchange goods worldwide, that we can also get talent from all over


the world, 80% of our workforce is British, but 20% on international as


well, and I would like to maintain that.


Sailing - and Gosport's Alex Thomson is closing in on the leader


of the Vendee Globe round the world race.


Thomson - aboard Hugo Boss - is attempting to become the first


Briton to win what's called the Everest of the seas.


He's less than 100 miles behind leader Armel Le Cl ac'h.


The winner is expected to cross the finish line in western France


Football, and the draw has been made this evening for the fourth


Only two of the south's teams remain in the competition.


Brighton will travel to the winners of the third round replay


While a home tie against Arsenal will be the reward for Southampton,


if they can beat Norwich City in a third round replay next week.


That's all from others for this evening, we'll leave you with our


weather forecasts. How is it looking? It is set to get colder


this week, the weather starts on a fairly mild note would temperatures


today reaching double figures and a similar scenario tomorrow. Some rain


at times, some sunny spells but cold off on Thursday, that's when the


colder. To dig in. Overnight I, the breeze from the west increases in


the early hours, temperatures falling away to four Celsius, the


chance of solar showers but most places dry with a cute clear spells.


A try and a bright start tomorrow, but in the morning, cloud increases


and we'll see some rain. Not everyone will have the rainfall, a


lot of dry weather. Some cloud with some bright spells and a high of


seven to 10 Celsius, with the increasing westerly breeze. Through


and I'd come holding on to the cloud, some outbreaks of rain,


turning drier, so to start Wednesday, it should be mainly dry,


the odd miss patch, we're blows tomorrow night a lot milder, down to


around seven. The breeze will increase in the course of the day,


as start to change direction to a more north-westerly airflow,


dragging in some showers from the north-west. One or two showers on


Wednesday after a Tri-Star, temperatures reaching a high of nine


to 11 Celsius. -- a dry start. Bringing were at the risk of an


isolated shower from the north-west, and with that the chance we could


have some wintry nest in the showers, a mixture of rain, sleet


and even the odd snow flurry, but aren't expecting any accumulations.


Temperatures coming in, making it feel bitterly cold. Temperatures


could reach a high of 34 Celsius on Friday in some parts. The weekend


will remain cold, the wind will stay with us, wintry


precipitation we get will be of a wintry nation and Thursday is one we


have to watch out for. The weekend outlook, it stays chilly with a


northerly wind and possibly frosty nights.


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