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A day of disruption caused by freezing fog, warnings of similar


conditions tomorrow. Dense fog patches would reduce


visibility tonight and tomorrow, details shortly. Also the drivers


still using their mobile phones at the wheel. We join the police on


their latest crackdown. Widespread freezing fog is expected


to cause more travel disruption Today, thousands of air


passengers faced delays and cancellations at Gatwick,


Heathrow and Southampton airports. Ferry services to and from the Isle


of Wight were also disrupted And there were dozens of accidents


on roads across the region this morning as drivers faced the twin


hazards of fog and ice. In a moment we'll hear


why the fog poses such a problem for our airports,


but first Steve Humphrey reports on a frustrating day


for many travellers. It is a blanket of fog that has


caused widespread travel disruption. Airports have been in the thick of


it, literally. The fog wrecked this family's hopes


for a smooth ride to Disneyland Paris. They left Dorchester at 3am


to get to the airport. We should have flown to Paris at 7:15 a.m.. We


have already missed one day at Disneyland, hopefully we will be


there tomorrow morning. Everyone, holiday makers and business


travellers, it was a very frustrating day. I walk through the


door on the flight was cancelled and they had to join a long queue to get


rebooked. I am trying to get to Edinburgh for work tomorrow and


doesn't like I will get there. As the day progressed, the number of


cancelled flights steadily increased. Altogether, Gatwick


cancelled 42 and arrivals and departures. 100 flights were


also had an impact on the roads with also had an impact on the roads with


61 crashes in Hampshire 31 in Dorset. And it has been a


challenging day for ferry operators and their passengers on routes to


the Isle of Wight with delays and some cancellations because of the


poor visibility. So why does the fog end up


grounding so many flights? It's a question I put


to Dan Townsend - Southampton Airport's Airside Operations


Manager. Aircraft operating at airports in


the UK have to do so under very strict limitations for visibility


and unfortunately when the fog comes and inevitably the fog brings very


low visibility, below these limits that aircraft type. They are


obviously very technical logical way advanced these days, can't systems


with fog? There are lots of systems that allow them to cope with thick


fog but there are days like today with very bad visibility of the


technology on the aircraft is always ultimately reliant on the human in


the cockpit to have a certain amount of visibility and with thick fog


they just don't have that. Can you tell us what it is like logistical


way for you planning when there is fog forecast? It is complicated. We


are good at it. We spoke to our colleagues in Exeter and we have


done a two our conference call everyday and we work with the


network planners to make sure we can get the most up-to-date information


for all other passengers and ensure they can plan journeys and whether


they have to be cancelled or diverted as well. More fog forecast


for tomorrow so I was looking? As you can see behind me, unfortunately


the fog has come in in the last hour to the levels we are seeing now run


the latest I have heralded as the fog is here to stay for the rest of


the day and possibly until late morning tomorrow. All I can see to


passengers is please do check with your airlines before you travel to


ensure you are as informed as possible before travelling.


Dan Townsend from Southampton Airport there.


Well, more fog is forecast for tomorrow - Steve Humphrey


Steve, what impact is that likely to have -


Yes, it looks like the fog is here to stay overnight.


The MET office has issued a Yellow Severe weather


Already we know that Heathrow expects to be cancelling around


Wightlink has said its Lymington to Yarmouth ferry wont


Red Funnel says delays are likely - and along with other


operators its urging people to check before they travel.


And after all those accidents this morning, Dorset Police issued


a statement today urging drivers to take far more care.


Thanks, Steve, and we'll have the weather with Alexis a bit later.


Meanwhile, Southern Railway will run a full timetable


tomorrow for the first time in nearly two months.


Today, despite a strike by members of the RMT union,


Southern said it managed to run seven in ten services with drivers


For the first time on a strike day Southern Portsmouth and Southampton,


and Sussex passengers had direct services to London.


Separate talks are continuing between the company and the drivers'


union Aslef which has suspended its strikes.


Almost 8,000 motorists were caught using hand-held mobiles at the wheel


in just a week during a major police operation in November.


The figures have been released as a new crackdown starts today.


It's all part of an attempt to make driving whilst


using a hand-held mobile as socially unacceptable as drink-driving.


Duncan Kennedy has been out with a patrol along the M27.


8am this morning and the rush-hour rash of drivers on their phones


We are out with John and Adam from Hampshire Police and they soon


come across this man using his device.


He accepts what he has done and gets a fixed penalty notice.


On another road, this man is texting.


Even in slow traffic it's an offence to use your phone.


He also is pulled over and given a ticket.


We carry on and even with the added dangers of today's fog, drivers


That driver is now about to get on his way, the fourth driver


we have stopped this morning and we have only been


No wonder today's figures show such a huge increase in the number


of drivers using their phones while at the wheel.


In a one-week nationwide police operation last November,


nearly 8,000 people were stopped using a mobile phone.


That's nearly four times the number just two years ago.


I think it's a combination of education, enforcement


on our part and changes to legislation which the government


have obviously planned, and it has taken years


for drink-driving to become socially unacceptable and we need the use


of mobile phones while driving to become unacceptable as well.


In 2015, Lee Martin was killed by a driver using his phone.


His brother said the public must wake up to this menace.


In March, the fines and penalty points will double for drivers


The law is trying to get ahead of people using this behaviour


Prince Harry was in Wiltshire today to see how former members


of the armed forces are being helped with their mental health.


The Prince spent the afternoon at the Help


for Heroes Recovery Centre in Tidworth, which supports


ex-service personnel who are living with anxiety,


He was shown around their project to build an Iron Age roundhouse.


The charity hopes the Prince's visit will help to remove the stigma


I have got both physical and mental issues I need to address, I am no


longer the person I was when I joined the force, and I think we


would all agree it is a therapeutic environment that enables us to


define ourselves by what we can do rather than things we can't do


because of injuries. They are pointed in the general direction of


years and it can be invaluable. That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. We're back tomorrow with bulletins


in BBC Breakfast and there's more Here with our regional weather


forecast is Alexis Green. As you heard earlier than the


programme, dense fog patches are possibility overnight and freezing


in places, the temperature dropping well below freezing so quite a cold


start with the dense fog staying with us but mainly dry up until


Friday with the possibility of a little rain. Overnight fog will


start to develop in the prone sports and overnight the temperature in the


countryside could drop as low as minus six Celsius. These are the


temperature is in our towns and cities with the yellow fog warning


in force throughout the night and tomorrow morning. The fog could


linger well into the afternoon and will start to rise into low cloud in


places. With that, Mr fog lingering and the temperature could struggle


to rise to a high of two Celsius but a high of 4-8 C. For the fog patches


are possibility with areas east of the Isle of Wight seeing more dense


fog patches. The farther west you are the less likelihood of fog. The


temperature falling to freezing or just below. Wednesday we have to


deal with the freezing fog once again in a few places but it starts


to clear and that is because the wind will increase particularly


through parts of Dorset and Wiltshire and where we see that, the


temperature up a notch to around 5-8. Travelling less cold day on day


but Thursday will be bitterly cold. Throwing in freezing a from Europe,


lots of sunshine during the day but given the breeze and the cold air


from the continent it will feel bitterly cold. The rain at times on


Friday, temperature reaching eight Celsius but looking to the weekend,


For the weekend we will have dry weather with sunny spells and it


will be a little bit milder. Good evening. We are continuing to


see huge righty in the weather. Getting the detail right is proving


to be a challenge. This was in Pembrokeshire and other parts of the


UK were gloomy throughout the day. The fog is thickening up right now.


Particularly pool on the M5 in south-west England. Very foggy


across parts of the West Country. This fog is tending to spread its


way further eastwards. Some fog as well across parts of Yorkshire.


Northern Ireland and Scotland are mild but damn. This is how we will


start the day. At eight o'clock in the morning, quite a lot of fog


around which could affect the major airports. What all of us have seen


fog. There will be Sunni areas to western fringes of England and


Wales. Across Northern Ireland and Scotland it is much milder. Some


patchy rain around coming in on the Bruce, particularly over the hills


in the West. Much of that will fade away. It will be relatively mild.


For England and Wales, much of the fog were clear. Some of it will not


sell it will be especially chilly. Quite a contrast in temperatures


again. -- so it will be especially chilly. Despite sunshine, it will be


on the chilly side. The fog will come back again. On Wednesday


morning, Central and eastern parts are particularly prone. Some


sunshine will emerge. Rather more cloud for Northern Ireland and


Scotland. Most of the rain will be held at bay. Still relatively mild.


A real edge to that further south and east. It would be a sign of


things to come. On Thursday we will tap into some particularly cold air


sitting over the continent for several days now. Europe is frozen


at the moment. Some of the freezing cold air will head towards us on a


stiffening south-easterly breeze. Some places will not get above


freezing, maybe the odd snow flurry. Wherever you are, it will feel cold.




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