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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Jo Kent.


Looking to the past to address the problems of the future -


could trams be the answer to cutting congestion in one of our cities?


Safety recommendations following the Shoreham


aircrash are adopted by the Civil Aviation Authority -


but real answers for families could still be years away.


And empty fields but full barns - the farmers under threat


of losing their free range status as a result of bird


It's been more than half a century since the last


tram ran in Southampton, but business leaders and politicians


There are currently eight tram and light railway


With traffic congestion here predicted to increase by 50%


over the next decade, an urgent solution's needed.


Currently fewer than one in ten people in the southern part


of Hampshire use public transport to get to work.


So could a new tram network persuade us to ditch our cars?


Sabrina Buck drives six miles from Chandlers Ford


To get there for nine it can take between 40 minutes and an hour.


I have been travelling for about ten years,


and it was a lot quieter than it is today.


I have had to change my hours to go in earlier when I can.


The Local Enterprise Partnership thinks trams may be the answer.


These are very early days, but the plans would see trams run


on or alongside existing railway tracks from Fareham


through the new town of Welborne all the way over to Eastleigh


Then on to a new station at St Mary's and a ferry


It would then run along the street to the cruise terminal


and onto Central Station, where it would rejoin the railway


and head up to Romsey past a new Park and Ride by the M27.


From there the line would head east through Chandler's Ford to Eastleigh


and a new Park and Ride site right on the M3.


Another line would head eastwards out of the city.


This time from the new St Mary's station, going through Netley


and ending at a Park and Ride site here in Segensworth.


And finally across Southampton water the old Waterside railway line


would be reopened as far as Marchwood, with a Park


Now, this all could be in place in 2040.


But it's going to cost hundreds of millions of pounds.


Isn't this all pie in the sky, though?


I think the investment is more than millions,


it's probably hundreds of millions of pounds, but this region has been


significantly under invested in by the Government in the recent


past, and we need to change that dynamic, which is why the Solent LEP


took the initiative by developing the strategic transport


Trams have been running for 25 years here in Manchester.


60 miles of track in the city centre with nearby towns.


It is Britain's biggest and busiest light rail network.


Southampton lost its tram network in 1949.


Plans to reintroduce trams over the years never got


Should regional devolution go ahead as well, funding could be made


available and developers who build housing alongside the route will be


expected to pay as well. The LDP doesn't envisage this is just a


light rail network for Southampton but guided busways in South East


Hampshire and increasing the speed and frequency of trains between


Southampton and Portsmouth. It also wants to introduce a fast ferry


service. It is a big plan and will cast their lot of money. -- cost a


lot of money. The Civil Aviation Authority has


accepted all of the 21 safety recommendations that were made


in the wake of the 11 men were killed when a Hawker


Hunter jet crashed onto the A27 during a display at Shoreham airport


in August 2015. Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton reports. Air accident investigators


have made a series of Most relate to the way


in which former military aircraft are assessed,


inspected and prepared. Today the Civil Aviation Authority -


the industry's regulator - accepted the last eight


of those recommendations. However, we know these changes


would not have altered the events that took place behind me


in August 2015. Air accident investigators said


a long time ago that the crash was not due to a mechanical failure


of the aircraft. It happened as the pilot was making


an aerobatic manoeuvre. He came out of a loop at a lower


level than would be normal, and over the road instead


of within the display area. He had not agreed this in advance


with the air show director. The local MP has welcomed


this latest report. All 21 of those recommendations,


they are now going to accept. There is just an issue of timing


as to when they can be brought in, but in principle they are now


being accepted and I think that is good news and shows


that there has been some good work done by both the AAIB


and the Civil Aviation Authority to make sure there are going to be


changes to air displays in We are still waiting for the final


report into the crash by air This will lay out exactly


what happened and why. We expected it last year,


but it has been delayed. The pilot of the Hunter,


Andrew Hill, survived. The police are still


considering whether to charge Only when that process has been


completed can the inquest be held. It is quite likely that will not


happen until next year. So the families involved


will won't get a final verdict until perhaps three years


after the crash. Poultry farmers in the South


are waiting anxiously to find out if restrictions imposed


because of bird flu will mean their eggs no longer


have free range status. Flocks are currently being kept


undercover to stop them having contact with wild birds who may be


carrying the virus. Under EU regulations if birds


are housed for more than 84 days, their eggs can no longer be


called free range. We've done nothing wrong,


the birds have done nothing wrong, so really, yeah, why shouldn't we be


allowed to carry on selling our product as free range,


because it's the Government that Football, and it's been


a brilliant night for our two Brighton have taken the top spot


while Reading fans also saw the Royals move into third place


following victory at the Madejski Stadium -


which is where Anjana Gadgil Yes, both these games were due to be


played in December but were both called off due to fog. There was fog


tonight but luckily both matches went ahead. Brighton 1-0 win over


Cardiff has put them top of the championship ahead of Newcastle.


Tomer Hemed scoring in the 73rd minute. Here, Reading with the


better side against Fulham. They had lots of chances and when Johnson's


penalty was saved Roy Beerens was there to follow up. A penalty was


saved in the last few minutes. Reading go third and this is what


the fans thought. Absolutely brilliant, yeah,


I was a bit worried when I saw the team selection for Reading,


but it has been fantastic, We are third now, aren't we,


with this, I think. Whether Brighton are winning


tonight, I don't know, but... It means we've still got


a chance of promotion. And I'm really impressed


with the performance. There is one other piece of football


news tonight coming out of Southampton. The midfielder Oriol


Romeu or has signed a new 4.5 year contract. He will stay at


Southampton until 2021. He has impressed since signing from Chelsea


18 months ago and has played all but one league game this season. A real


boost for Southampton as they travel to play Liverpool tomorrow in the


cup. All the detail on that tomorrow. Thanks very much.


A Dorset bed and breakfast has been named the best in the world.


The Bindon Bottom B was taken over by Clive


They were awarded the title as a result of the number


of positive reviews they received on the TripAdvisor website.


It means that our guests have thanked us for their stay.


We were just very shocked and very happy obviously.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Here with our regional weather forecast is Alexis Green.


It is looking for the overnight tonight. Widespread freezing fog and


ice as well which is why the Met office have a fog and ice warning in


force through the course of tonight and tomorrow until lunchtime which


may cause disruption to travel, ice on untreated surfaces. Tomorrow


morning the fog will develop and it is already developing in some places


and has lingered through the course of the day today especially towards


Dorset. Temperatures overnight will fall to around minus four Celsius in


the countryside and these are in urban areas. Misty and Burke start


tomorrow. Fog eventually lifting. Some brightness especially further


west. A lot of cloud. Highs of six or seven with light winds. Through


tomorrow night into the early hours of Friday morning, and Thursday


morning, widespread frost and the air is coming from the near


continent and the dry freezing air will filter in making it feel


bitterly cold on Thursday. Temperatures reaching a high of five


but more like freezing on Thursday given the wind-chill. More cloud on


For all of us, it'll get colder and then milder again come the weekend.


This shot taken earlier by a weather watcher in East Anglia. The fog


becoming extensive over the next few hours in many south-eastern parts of


England. Much, much milder, further north and


west. Let's concentrate on that fog. I think it is going to be a problem


again tomorrow morning. There are


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