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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Jo Kent.


The top stories tonight: Killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver.


As the government reviews sentencing, his parents call


Four children taken to hospital after cocaine


There was concern they mistook it for sherbert.


And Saints hang on by their fingertips to


Southampton's footballers made history tonight.


They reached their first major Wembley final for 38 years


by beating Liverpool 1-0 at Anfield against all the odds.


Their 2-0 aggregate win means they're the first team ever to reach


Kris Temple is at Anfield for us tonight.


Kris, a fantastic night for Saints, the club and the fans.


Very much so. A momentous night here at Anfield for the 3500 fans packed


into the Anfield Road and behind me, that was where all the drama


happened. Lots of chances at both happened. Lots of chances at both


ends but Saints maintained the record of having not conceded in yet


cup competition to make their first League Cup final since 1979.


As often happens at Anfield, Saints came under intense pressure


Then Nathan Redmond create the best two chances of the first half.


Dusan Tadic couldn't take advantage of the first.


The second, three minutes later, was perhaps even better.


This time, James Davis couldn't finish, much to Saints' frustration.


In the second half, Fraser Forster made a real hash of a 52nd-minute


shot then saved his own bacon with an astonishing stop.


After that, Saints' goal led a charmed life until injury time


when young substitute Josh Sims broke clear to tee up Shane Long,


3500 supporters making the long journey from the south coast. Most


of those will be first in the queue for the tickets for the Wembley


final when they go on sale. Absolutely brilliant. I and Bob


gobsmacked. Shane Long, Magic. They were defending really deep. Wembley!


When Shane Long went through, it was brilliant. Absolutely amazing. We


are going to Wembley! We will win the cup! Let's go! The EFL Cup is


the first major domestic trophy up for grabs in the English football


calendar. The day for the diary is the brew the 25th. The place either


magister is united whole city in the final. The Saints fans their way


back to the south coast the mood. A couple from Hampshire whose son


was killed by a drunk driver say a consultation about tougher


penalties doesn't go far enough. 28-year-old Wayne Moores


died after a hit-and-run The driver was given


a six-year prison sentence. The current maximum penalty


for drivers causing death through dangerous or careless


driving under the influence of drink or drugs is 14 years but,


in practice, the average sentence The government is considering


introducing new maximum life sentences but Wayne Moores' family


say all such cases should be Deeply spiritual, had


a huge sense of fun, was prepared to stand up for things


that were wrong. Wayne Moores' parents


remember their son, In September 2010, he was travelling


home to Hampshire on his motorbike when he was struck by a drunk driver


who fled the scene. Nothing can prepare parents


for seeing their child Every day, that vision


comes into my mind. The driver, Donna Hackett,


was given a six-year sentence for causing death by careless


driving while under Wayne's parents feel the current


wording of charges and the penalties given don't reflect the seriousness


of road deaths. What message does it


give to the criminal? "Oh, don't worry, you're


just a bit careless. The Government's consulting


on whether the maximum sentence for such crimes should be increased


from 14 years to life. Wayne's parents believe that needs


to backed up by tougher You can charge somebody


with manslaughter if they kill somebody as a result


of a traffic accident. It used to be more common that


jurors quite reluctant to convict people of homicide,


of manslaughter, which is More significantly, it's


very difficult to prove. You have to show that the motorist


was grossly negligent in order to Wayne's parents will continue


to push for the law to be rewritten, a move they hope might change


attitudes and save lives. Next some developing news tonight


and South Today has been told that plans to devolve greater powers


from Westminster to councils along the Solent are


now dead in the water. The idea had been to give councils


more control over transport, housing and infrastructure along


with extra funding. Our political editor,


Peter Henley, told me earlier how the controversial idea finally


hit the buffers. There was a crunch


meeting this afternoon. It was all the MPs at Westminster


and a lot of the council leaders. It was intended to try


and find a way forward. With the Isle of Wight having


changed from independent control to Conservative control


and the Conservatives saying they wanted nothing to do


with Portsmouth and Southampton, it seemed clear, I am told by MPs,


that there was no way forward. Now the council leaders are saying


it's dead in the water. ?1 billion of government money has


gone away and it will be some time before they find a way of trying


to get that back again. The councils will have


to think about mergers. This is what's happening Dorset -


they're talking about There's a meeting tomorrow


to get down that road. It's happening in


Oxfordshire as well. Reorganising local government


structure, rather than taking existing councils, electing a mayor


and making a super authority. These things may sound


technical but, in the end, it's about setting the course


forward for the next decade. And all the potential money


for social care in particular that could have come with this,


it looks like that won't happen - they're going to have to go back


to the drawing board and find I'm told there was will in the room


for some kind of combined transport authority for Hampshire but that's


very different to a devolution deal. A school in Poole has written


to all its parents after four children came into contact


with cocaine on the school premises. One child was found


in possession of the drug at Broadstone Middle School


and the teachers say the children Anjana Gadgil has been


at the school today and earlier It happened on the 3rd


of January, the first day back The schools say they found a child


with three other children in possession of an unknown


substance, a white powder The school says the children


believed it to be sweet, They phoned Dorset Police


and South West Ambulance who came here and treated the children


at the scene and then took them They established that the children


hadn't ingested any of the drug, they were all fine and they were


discharged on the day. This school here has around 500


pupils aged between nine and 13. We don't know the ages or the


genders of the children involved. I was here as school ended today,


speaking to parents. Some say the school had told them


not to speak to us but I did manage I'll make an appointment


with the head and speak to her and, until I hear the facts


from the different people, They've reacted quite well


to it, the headteacher. Do you feel the parents have been


given enough information We've been kept


informed, that's fine. Has the school had anything


else to say about it? The school says it's written


to all parents and carers and reassured them that it was dealt


with swiftly and it was The police have confirmed


that it was cocaine and have arrested a 32-year-old man


from Bournemouth on suspicion of drug offences and he's been


bailed pending further inquiries. That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. Here with our regional


weather forecast. Freezing temperatures overnight and


a widespread frost but a good deal of cloud, less in the way of fog and


more in the way of cloud. Temperatures in the countryside will


dip to -2 minus three Celsius. A cold and frosty start to the day


tomorrow, quite a lot of cloud first thing but given the strength of the


breeze, that should break up the cloud cover. Further north of


Berkshire, more cloud during the course of the day into the


afternoon. Temperatures tomorrow will reach a high of three or four


Celsius. But that icy cold wind coming in from the near continent,


temperatures will feel more like freezing. Through the cause of


tomorrow night, the possibility of the frost. Through Friday, a frosty


start in places. Outbreaks are patchy rain. The winds will be brisk


from the south. On Friday night, more persistent rain arriving into


the early hours of Saturday morning. A widespread frost tomorrow, cloudy


start, but an icy cold wind coming in from Europe.


take a look at the Outlook towards the weekend.


Good evening. If you think it was cold today, for many it will be


colder still tomorrow. Cold even when we have the sunshine today.


This was one of the wonderful weather watcher pictures we had sent


in from Cornwall. It contrasts with a cloudy and foggy eastern half of


the country, and a bank of cloud. Still foggy, but it is starting to


lift. It is being pushed north and west, this bank of cloud. That will


continue through the night. We will still have some fog sitting on the


hills. Even with the cloud, it will be a cold night, with temperatures


away from the far north and west falling to freezing. In the


countryside, well below freezing.


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