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Here on BBC One it's time for the news where you are.


Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Jo Kent.


as Southampton fans look forward to a trip to Wembley,


a Chinese company seeks to buy a stake in the club.


A devolution deal dead in the water but will taxpayers


And a heart-warming tale of the kindness of strangers.


Southampton football fans continued their celebrations today,


after the club secured its place in the League Cup final at Wembley.


They've also been taking in the news that a chinese company has moved


If the deal goes ahead, Southampton will follow


other big European clubs, who've also had significant stakes


Our reporter Lewis Coombes is at St Mary's tonight.


News emerged through the stock exchange in the Far East


that a Chinese company by the name of Lander Sports Group had reached


an agreement to purchase a stake in Southampton Football Club.


This then triggered the club to release their own statement,


but notably with a more cautious tone.


The clubs owner Katarinha Liebherr spoke of a "potential partnership"


and that any "possible deal" would only be done


if in the best interests of the club.


So early stages and any details of the size of stake


But it is the first time Saints have gone on the record


that they are looking for outside investment.


For investors the Premier League represents the richest


and most-watched football league in the world.


There's been a growing trend of investment from China -


a country keen to boost both its own domestic league,


and its standing as a major world player in the sport.


Southampton is the latest club to be linked -


West Bromwich Albion, Aston Villa and Birmingham City


have all recently been sold to Chinese owners,


while Manchester City sold a minority stake in their club


for $400 million dollars just over a year ago.


A Chinese consortium is also currently in the process of trying


Lander has been shopping around for investments in the UK


There have been intermediaries working actively on


their behalf to build links with football clubs but,


beyond that, there's something about


Southampton's location, as a port city,


the Chinese tend to invest in clubs,


They often tend to look at the broader


industry and broader economic benefits.


And Southampton know who they will face in the AFL cup final at


Wembley. Yes, after the excitement


of last night's win at Anfield - fans now know


it will be Manchester United who stand in their way


of winning a first piece The club's only major


cup victory in it's history. The opposition that day, of course,


Manchester United. Saints have been given just over


31,000 tickets for the final which go on sale to season ticket


holders from next Thursday. While potential Chinese investment


in the club could be lucrative, for fans the sight of seeing


their players lift a trophy, It was the deal


that promised more money, more control and more


joined-up thinking. But, as we reported yesterday -


devolution plans for parts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight


appear to have been scrapped. It follows months


of planning and discussions. Now, instead of bringing


councils closer together, Our political editor, Peter Henley,


has been gathering reaction. This was the meeting


in a Westminster committee room that finally saw the death


of the Solent devolution dream. Portsmouth City Council


leader Donna Jones telling councillors that time had run out


for approval and they must At the moment, the money's all going


up north to the Northern Powerhouse and to Sheffield and to Leeds,


we are losing out because we haven't got our act together and


I am deeply, deeply disappointed. We've missed the opportunity to be


the Southern powerhouse and to be the first combined authority


in south-east England. The Portsmouth leader,


a Conservative, blames another Southampton, Portsmouth,


and the Isle of Wight all said they wanted to create


the new authority, East league, Eastleigh,


Fareham, Havant and East Hampshire would have all joined


in but Hampshire County Council and under Roy Perry


wouldn't back the plans. The combine authority would have


been given ?900 million in government funding to be spent


over 30 years but Hampshire's leader says that wasn't worth splitting up


the historic county. That the division and disagreement


is what's led to the failure of taking power away from Westminster.


How do you feel, personally? Personally, I feel my responsibility


is for this area to see that we have good services,


efficient services, Hampshire is one of the best,


most respected And these rival plans


for council reorganisation Surveys and expert opinions,


all of which seem to What the public really


wanted our simple delivery of quality services,


particularly when money is tight. And, today, a third


conservative entered the fray. Chancellor Philip Hammond


visiting Microsoft in Reading. He gave his views on why no southern


council was getting an elected mayor It started as a city-based


approach and it's evolved. I think it's just a pipeline issue


and I'm sure we will see some deals coming through in the less urbanised


parts of the country in the future. So, perhaps a minister's door


could still be pushed open, though with Brexit taking up so much


energy, paying for local services may mean the back


of the queue for some time yet. More news today about how our


councils might look in the future. Earlier I asked about plans four


authorities in Dorset to merge. Everybody is racing to get some of


this money before the tap is turned off. Dorset thing that rather than


having a mayor and combined authority they think they can save


money by merging councils together making it simpler. But to councils


don't want to be taken over so it has become a test case for the


government whether they force councils to go along with the merger


arrangement. It's a strange situation where you've got the


government saying we want local people to work out what they want


but it's down to Westminster to approve which ever plan. It in some


ways, are watching for signals but they are very important sums of


money and decisions for lovers in terms of the services we get.


Now - here's a tale to restore your faith in human nature.


It starts with a letter taped to an empty bike rack


The letter was addressed to the thief who'd stolen a brand


new bike, belonging to someone who'd saved-up for a year to buy it.


A passer-by saw the note, and decided to do something


about it, as Allen Sinclair reports.


Flapping from an empty bike rack, this letter caught


Rachel's eye as she was walking along Reading's


"Dear bike thief, have you ever thought that you make


"You might have seen that the bike is new and


"Letting you know that I could only afford that bike after one year


"I was saving and dreaming of having a new bike one day."


Well, it's a pretty forlorn looking note, as you can see.


Everything I read just make me feel sad for the person, really.


It was signed, "From Alex", who added that he or she would wait


by the bike rack at 6pm each evening this week in the hope that


It's not a great welcome that, is it?


I've lived here for coming on 17 years now and, actually,


And that's what motivated me to do something.


Within half an hour, Rachel had set up an online appeal


aiming to collect enough money to buy a replacement bike,


24 hours later, the total had already reached over ?700.


I've got no idea but Alex says that they will be here at 6pm.


I don't know if Alex is male or female, even because it is a name


But I will be here at 6pm, hopefully, to give Alex


Hi. My name's Rachel.


Alex, understandably wary at first, was deeply moved to know


It's given back my faith in humanity.


All the money left over after buying a new bike and a decent lock will go


to a cycling charity helping provide affordable bikes for Reading people,


a charity which Alex says he'd now like to join as a volunteer.


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Here is our regional weather forecast.


Temperatures falling below freezing. Already, we are down 2-3 in the


countryside. The winds will be brisk from the south. The chants in West


Sussex and Surrey of patchy ice where we have wintry showers


trysting in during the early hours of the morning. A chilly start. Mist


and fog will lift. Patchy rain will spread in, mainly light in nature.


Temperatures will rise to around nine Celsius, in contrast to today


when we saw a high of just three Celsius. Feeling less cold also into


Saturday. The rain moves eastwards during Saturday morning. Following


eight, sunny spells and the chants of a sunny shower. A fair amount of


cloud and also the risk of a weekend. It's swings and


roundabouts, higher temperatures but some rain as well.


Good evening. It's been dry so far this January but as it draws to a


close it looks like we will see some rain at last. It's been an


interesting today a bitterly


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