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Hello, I'm Anjana Gadgil with the news in the South.


Four men were jailed today for a total of more than 20 years


as part of the ongoing investigation into the murder


Michael Freshwater was found stabbed to death at a flat


No one has ever been charged with his murder,


The men who were sentenced today were members of a drugs gang


who were working together to supply heroin and cocaine to


22-year-old Tristan Pope and 23-year-old in Kevin Suika


played leading roles, coming down from London


to Southampton to deal drugs for nearly a year.


Also involved was Dantai Thompson, who was only 17 at the time.


Two other men from Southampton, Daniel Sadler and Daniel Ferrett,


you can see them here outside court, they're both heroin addicts,


Today, four of the five men were jailed, with Sadler given


And how does this link to the murder?


The body of Michael Freshwater was found at a flat in Westridge Road.


Police came to realise the property was at the centre of this highly


During their investigation, three men were arrested on suspicion


Hampshire Police wanted to press ahead with charges,


but the Crown Prosecution Service decided no further


Since then, the investigation has floundered.


There is still a ?10,000 reward offered by Crimestoppers for any


evidence leading to a conviction, but so far no-one has actually been


brought to trial for the murder of Michael Freshwater.


The inquest into Michael's death is due to open in March.


He was a father of four and today in court his partner


spoke of her great loss, saying she misses Michael every day.


Britain's first official spaceman, Tim Peake, touched down in his home


city of Chichester today to meet pupils from his old schools


and to see an exhibition in which he was the star!


Major Tim has been back on Earth for longer


than the six months he spent on the International Space


Station and his fans were desperate to see him.


It was an out of this world day for dozens of schoolchildren -


the day Tim Peake touched down where his life journey began.


Thank you very much, and it's fantastic to be back


Nationally, more than a million schoolchildren were involved


in projects as part of the six-month mission.


Today, 60 children from Tim's former primary and senior


schools had the chance to question him in person.


How has, like, being in space and seeing the Earth from space


changed your perspective of the planet and life?


There are so many places I feel like I know very well.


I've never set foot in those countries or those areas,


and maybe never will set foot in them, but I do feel


Every day I would look out and photograph them and see them.


Tim toured a special exhibition at the city's Novium Museum,


It was a bit surreal, actually, coming in and kind


of seeing your own life history there on a board in front of you.


Strange seeing sort of half your life on display here?


It is quite strange, as well as seeing some artefacts


here as well that I actually had with me in space, clothing


It's seven months since Tim landed, and although he has visited


Britain from America, where he lives and works,


until today he had not returned to Chichester,


which last month prompted some local children to produce a video


We and several thousand kids want you to visit.


Some people were frustrated You couldn't get back


What would you say to them about that?


The post-flight period is exceptionally busy.


The most important thing for us is the scientific data,


that's why we have the space station programme primarily,


so we have to capture all of that scientific data.


Secondly, being based over in Houston, of course,


makes it difficult to get back to the UK.


So everything just takes its time during that post-flight period.


During his space trip, Tim appeared on South Today,


and revealed one of the things he missed most was the rain.


The feeling of nice, cold drizzle on my face right now


You've been back a few months now, back in England, have


I still do and always have loved the outdoors,


and so any weather, to be outside, camping, hiking, walking, cycling,


So for me, being on board the space station, that was one


of the most difficult things, was just getting used to that


Today, Tim was invited to receive the Freedom of the City.


He hopes to return later this year and there are plans for a special


Farmers in Sussex have launched a campaign warning dog owners


that their pets can be shot if they attack sheep.


Last Sunday, a dog was shot in front of its owners because they couldn't


stop it worrying a flock of sheep on a farm near Chichester.


The owners hadn't realised the animals were nearby


when they let their pet off the lead.


The Farmers Union has warned that sheep attacks are on the increase,


with around 130 incidents in Sussex every year.


We've got a very urban population nearby to some rural areas.


We've got a lot of livestock in the area and there's probably


The dog was probably playing with the sheep, but unfortunately,


that act is causing a massive panic throughout the sheep and the dog


was seen to be biting them and it was causing huge problems.


A 900-year-old skeleton found in Hampshire has revealed important


Researchers say the remains of the man, thought to be


a religious pilgrim, were excavated at a burial


Scientific detective work suggests he caught the highly-contagious skin


disease on his travels to a shrine in Spain and brought it


They are stunning images that capture the beauty and diversity


An exhibition of the best wildlife photographs from the past


year has gone on show at the Moors Valley


It includes an award-winning picture called Kung Fu Puffin ,


taken by 18-year-old Becky Bunce from Berkshire.


That is all from the new steam this evening. We are back tomorrow at


5:20 p.m.. Is it going to get any warmer?


Yes, slightly milder over the next few days and temperatures tonight


will be very similar to what they were during the day today. Hill fog


and outbreaks of rain during the night, the region mainly light and


patchy in the early hours. The pictures will follow way to between


three and eight Celsius. We start off tomorrow on a damp note. It is


slowly improving picture, with the rain clearing most places and we


will start to see Sunny spells in the afternoon. It may take a while


the further north and east you after the sun to arrive. Temperatures


tomorrow will reach a height of between seven and nine Celsius.


Through tomorrow night and into Sunday morning we will see a band of


rain working its way from the Atlantic, with a brisk


south-westerly winds costs on the coast of up to 40 miles an hour.


Looking ahead to the rest of the weekend, a decent afternoon


tomorrow, but rain on Sunday and further rain is expected on


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