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A ten-year-old boy has died at a shopping centre


after a heavy piece of furniture fell on him.


The cost of care, a Hampshire man calls on


the government to give more financial support


And we go from four Celsius last week to a


I'll have the weather for the week ahead shortly.


A ten-year-old boy has died after an incident


at the Oracle shopping centre in Reading.


It happened at the Topshop store this afternoon.


Our reporter David Allard joins me now.


This very sad incident has happened on the first day of half term.


What we know is that South Central Ambulance Service


were called to Topshop on the upper mall of the Oracle this afternoon


We're told a 10-year-old boy suffered serious head injuries


after an incident involving store furniture.


We don't know exactly what happened, some reports suggest some sort


of barrier fell on him, but that's not been confirmed.


The boy was taken from the Oracle to the Royal Berkshire hospital


Thames Valley Police tell us at this stage his death is being treated


as "unexplained but non-suspicious" and they are making


With incidents of this nature the Health and Safety Executive may


well carry out their own investigation too.


This may bring back unwelcome memories of an incident


at the Hugo Boss store in Bicester village in 2013, when four-year-old


Austen Harrison died after a large mirror toppled onto him.


In that case the store was fined more than a million pounds.


As to this tragedy at the Oracle, we expect more details to emerge


Dealing with the loss of a loved one to Alzheimer's is traumatic enough.


But meeting the spiralling costs of care for that person


Now a Hampshire man is setting up a petition calling


for a parliamentary debate on the issue.


Peter McManus had to find nearly ?400,000 to pay for the care


We met at Oxford where we were both undergraduates in the early '60s.


Three years later, we got married and started a family.


In her 60s, Margaret began to lose her memory.


She went for a brain scan and that confirmed that in fact


Margaret went into a home, it cost ?4000 a month.


Repeated assessments always gave the same answer,


Margaret was said to need social care, not medical care,


meaning Peter was the one who had to pay.


So, she lacked mobility, she was doubly incontinent, as is usual


with Alzheimer's, all this time, of course, she had to be fed.


She couldn't do anything for herself.


which are fairly typical of advanced Alzheimer's,


despite having all those, she still wasn't considered


to have a primary medical need.


No one is denying the system is unfair.


In 2011, the government's Dilnot Commission said there


should be a ?72,000 cap on care costs.


These measures would have shielded around 100,000 older people


from large bills, especially those with complex care needs.


But in the face of huge cost, the government


has delayed bringing in the changes until 2020.


She was in care in total for just under eight years.


And the total bill ended up just under ?400,000.


Today, Peter launched an online petition in the hope of


forcing a Parliamentary debate on the issue.


It is something that the Alzheimer's Society also says is deeply unfair.


You know, the strain of having a wife or husband or a


mother or father with Alzheimer's is a terrific strain in itself.


Add to that the strain of wondering how on


earth you're ever going to cope with paying up to ?50,000 each year,


Well, a little earlier Chrissy Sturt joined me to look further


into the questions raised by all this.


I started by asking if Peter having to pay a huge amount


to cover his wife's care is an extreme example?


Laura, it is actually becoming more common.


It costs up to ?1500 a week to keep somebody with dementia in a care


home so you can see how those costs can quickly rise


and the better care somebody is receiving, the longer


they are likely to live, meaning that families end up paying


out much longer than perhaps they first anticipated.


Now, the Alzheimer's Society has told us that they are


They have heard of lots of similar cases.


They say no one should have to spend everything they have for their care.


The proposals made by the government-backed


Dilnot Commission have fallen by the wayside, it is essential


that the government must now show leadership


and provide much-needed new money,


alongside working to create long-lasting plans which


And, Chrissy, is there any help that people can get?


Yes, today we've spoken to financial advisers who


specialise in helping people meet elderly care costs.


They have told us that it is possible to purchase a


care fee payment plan which comes with certain tax breaks and makes


But ultimately ministers are going to have to look again at the


recommendations of the Dilnot Commission.


They involve big sums of money, ?6 billion over five years,


huge sums of money, daunting for any government.


A third person has been arrested after a man was shot


He's now in a critical condition in hospital.


Armed police were called to the incident in Athena Avenue,


just before one o'clock this morning.


A 37-year-old man and 38-year-old woman are being held on suspicion


Tonight, a 31-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion


The leader of West Berkshire council has been seriously injured


and his wife has been killed in a car crash.


Roger and Zelda Croft from Thatcham were travelling in France


Mr Croft is in a stable condition in hospital.


His deputy, Councillor Graham Jones, will assume the role of council


A so called "Dad's Navy" of former sailors is being sought to fill key


posts on Portsmouth's new aircraft carriers and other ships


because of a shortage of skilled personnel.


With its ships, submarines and aircraft, the Royal Navy needs a lot


But it's been facing a skills shortage and to plug the gaps,


some people over the age of 60 could be allowed to serve.


Here in Portsmouth, the home of the Royal Navy,


people I spoke to today said they don't think that's a problem.


I think it's sad that they haven't got


the people that are coming in the bottom as


engineers to do it but obviously the experience


All those old seaman that are drifting


around at the moment doing nothing could be back on warships doing


If they were trained appropriately, they knew what


They've got skills and experience, yeah.


The Royal Navy and Marines have a current strength of 29500 men,


The Navy should have 6940 engineering


An advertising campaign was launched last September to try


The Navy is offering trained ex-regulars


It says there will be opportunities to


serve on the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers and


And with the imminent arrival of the first


of the new aircraft carriers, the Navy's engineers face a very


Steve Humphrey, BBC South Today, Portsmouth.


Onto football and Bournemouth were hoping to end a run of bad form


with their first win of 2017, at home to Manchester


Unfortunately, the visitors took the lead on the half hour


as Raheem Sterling tapped in a cross.


Bournemouth then had a Josh King goal disallowed


after the ref spotted him pulling John Stones' shirt.


In the second half, Tyrone Mings deflected a shot


Final score Bournemouth 0, Manchester City 2


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


We're welcoming some milder weather.


That is right. A chilly week last week. This week is a little less


cold. It is good news for those who do not like the cold weather.


Overnight tonight, expecting a fair amount of power. This week generally


a lot of cloud. There will be some brightness here and there. The


chance of patchy light rain as well. Tonight will stay mainly dry with a


good deal of cloud bit where we have clearing skies, the lighter winds by


dawn, temperatures will fall around to freezing. Some patchy frost is


possible tomorrow morning. That cloud will disperse birthing to


allow this sunshine before the cloud thickens once again and we will see


outbreaks of rain moving from the south-west. The wind is fairly light


tomorrow, Devon to 11 Celsius. Outbreaks of rain will continue


tomorrow evening at overnight tomorrow night. Some clearer skies


but temperatures will be fairly high. Quite a mild night to come


tomorrow night, maybe Mr fog patches first thing on Wednesday morning.


Tomorrow night, down to around six or seven Celsius. To start the day


on Wednesday, quite a lot of cloud and we will start with that theme, a


cloudy start, drier interludes. Temperatures will be to high as ten


to 11 Celsius. You can see the winds are surely changing direction from


south easterly airflow to a more southerly and south westerly airflow


as we had to the week. That means storing in some other air from the


Atlantic. High pressure is not far away. The high pressure continues to


building through Friday and into the weekend as well. Thursday, we are


looking at a fair amount of cloud, brighter spells but mainly dry with


the high pressure dominating our weather. That high pressure will


stay with us through because of Friday daytime, some brighter spells


but also the chance we could have some patchy rain. Temperatures on


Friday, nine to 10 Celsius. Through the weekend, it should be mainly


dry, the Knights will be chilly. The chance of frost in the morning. It


will be meld each day. Temperatures will stay in double figures


throughout the at the weekend it will be mild.


Largely dry, perhaps a wind -- windy at


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