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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Laura Trant.


What now for passengers as drivers on Southern Rail defy their union


The scheme helping violent offenders once they are


And, a double blessing - the operation that saved


the lives of these twins when they were still in the womb.


It was almost all over, but it seems there's no end in sight


to the long running dispute at Southern Rail.


They've rejected a deal to end a series of strikes which have


The union held 11 days of talks with the company.


It reached a deal and recommended it to drivers.


Here's our Transport Correspondent, Paul Clifton.


The prospect of a deal with drivers was a rare ray of sunshine


for passengers, who endure the poorest performing rail


Tonight, that ray of sunshine has gone out.


The drivers have rejected a key principle in specific circumstances,


they were being asked to operate the doors when a second member


For example, when a conductor becomes ill or arrives late.


In particular, they were unhappy of the quality of the CCTV cameras


Julia Parkin spoke to one driver who did not want to be identified.


I think our union don't realise the strength


of feeling the drivers have, that we are prepared


The concerns we have is that eventually someone will get


The driver won't see them on the cameras,


which are very poor at the moment and we'll end up in court.


And as soon as we move, those camara images go off.


So if anyone has run from somewhere to try and get on the train


and slipped between the platform, we will not see them.


What is the way to get this network running again


and running efficiently for the benefit of passengers?


Get in that second person to check that it is safe


A separate dispute involving conductors is still on.


The RMT met the company earlier this week, but made no progress.


So a 29th strike day will be held next Wednesday.


Southern expects to run four out of five trains.


But the drivers' dispute is effectively now back on as well.


For passengers, it's like turning the clock back two months.


But I don't think Aslef will strike just yet.


It will go back to the company and will ask for a slightly better deal.


Both the union and the company were taken by surprise


And the union leaders will want to talk before they walk.


Paul Clifton, BBC South Today, Chichester station.


It works with some of Hampshire's most violent offenders


The Violent Offender Intervention Programme has run for almost 10


years and claims to have successfully stopped hundreds


of people from re-offending, but it can't continue


after the programme's main source of funding was withdrawn.


It's a decision that comes down to the local police


and crime commissioner, as our home affairs correspondent


I was literally self-harming, I was overdosing, I threatened


In trouble with police since he was a teenager,


Lesley had four spells in jail over a decade.


Someone would start on me and I would say, "come on then.


And if they had weapons, I would just grab anything


I could get a hold of, like a crowbar or something.


So basically, I was very out-of-control.


He was in a downward spiral and could not see a way out.


Jack Briggs, an ex-special forces man now runs the Violent Offender


Intervention Programme for Hampshire which is about to lose its funding.


People that are generally referred to as are the most difficult


People that are generally referred to us are the most difficult


to handle and represent the highest risk of harm to the community.


He has helped me with keeping out of prison, got me


They need a seamless service that works for them when they are also


in prison to ensure there is not a large gap that exists


The number of violent and sex offenders being monitored


in the community after leaving prison has risen by


Figures released by the Ministry of Justice, showed there are more


than 70,000 people under supervision in England and Wales.


Last year 15% of violent and dangerous offenders managed


in the community were returned to custody for a breach


The Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner,


Conservative Michael Lane, told us that he is supporting other


projects through grants totalling ?1.7 million,


and that money has been allocated to achieve maximum impact


He said some organisations will be disapopinted,


but he is looking for other ways to help.


Now the project which changed Lesley's life, must now find other


funding to continue, or it will come to an end.


There are questions about the future of Guildford cathedral as it's plans


to sell off land to raise funds have failed.


The trustees of Guildford cathedral say there is no plan B to save it


after it lost a housing application, which could have secured its future.


The cathedral wants to sell off nine acres of land it owns


But, last night, the plan was rejected by councillors.


It costs over ?1 million a year to run.


It's a delicate and risky operation carried out on babies


when they're still in the womb, but a family from Dorset say it


Sarah and Dan Maund's sons, Sebastian and Henry had 48 hours


to live when medics realised they had twin-to-twin


Only 10% of twins have the condition and it can only be treated


At 20 weeks I started getting pain, and then we had the devastating news


at 22 weeks that they had something called twin-to-twin


We did not know whether they would survive.


Sarah was rushed to hospital in London, both her twins


were in immediate danger and surgeons had 48 hours


Henry and Sebastien shared one placenta in Sarah's womb,


which meant they were not getting enough blood, and this


This is rare, only 10-15% of twins suffer from twin-to-twin transfusion


syndrome and need laser surgery to save their lives.


The blood vessels that connect the babies are connecting them


in an uneven fashion, so the treatment is to put


a tiny telescope in, it is about two millimetres


in diameter, and through that we can identify the blood vessels that join


the two placentas and using an even smaller laser that goes


through the same telescope we can block the vessels that connect


But now one Hampshire-based charity is leading the campaign to make more


of us, including hospitals, are aware of TTTS.


From their base in Aldershot, they have helped create a register


Individually they may see a couple of dozen cases each year,


and by bringing this data together and this knowledge,


they will have a far broader, more in-depth picture


of what is successful and where they might be able to make


changes to improve outcomes in the future.


Back in Dorset, and Sarah and Dan are now looking to their future.


We are just very lucky we have the two boys and we take


We do as much as we can when we get a chance to take them out


The same goes for Henry and Sebastian.


They are waving goodbye to a troubled first few years.


It was once the fastest car in the world.


Now, 90 years after breaking the world land speed record,


the Sunbeam 1000 is to be restored by a team of engineers in Hampshire.


In 1927, driven by Major Henry Segrave, the car reached more


than 203 miles an hour, at Daytona Beach in Florida.


The vehicle is now on display at the National Motor Museum


in Beaulieu, but its two engines are severely corroded.


Work's now starting to rebuild them and it's hoped the Sunbeam can run


And one quick bit of football news tonight.


Southampton has completed the signing of the Uruguayan


The 29 year-old defender has previously won a host of trophies


with Barcelona and most recently with Juventus.


He's joined Saints on a short-term contract


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


It has been. But there will be rain and it could linger for Northern and


western areas through the night. It will start to dry out and the skies


were clear to the south-west allowing fog and mist patches to


form. With the light winds, the mist and fog might be slow to clear


tomorrow morning. But once it does we could see some sunny spells. More


cloud than we have seen today, so hazy sunshine at times. Ten to 11


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it is a repeat performance. Clouding over, the chance of rain here and


there and maybe mist and fog patches to stop the weekend. After a cloudy


start, things will improve. Some bright spells to have. Ahead of this


weather front that will arrive Saturday evening into the early


hours of Sunday morning, may produce some rain. Not amounting to too


much, but Sunday might start on a damp node. As we look to the


weekend, it stays mild with temperatures in different figures.


Cloud around forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick


Miller with a resume of the National weather picture.


Hello, rain for some of us today although it won't make much of a


dent in the dry winter so


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