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I'm Edward Sault. for the news where you are.


Three young women have been sentenced for attacking


a 14-year-old girl with a wheelbrace in a Guildford park


The victim suffered head injuries and is still


The women had originally denied using a weapon until messages found


on their phones revealed they'd discussed


how to clean the wheelbrace.


This was an attack with a heavy metal object that left a young girl


with serious injuries all because of a spat on Facebook.


D3 defendants, 19-year-old Sophie Burrows,


19-year-old Lauren Coveney and a 17-year-old girl


who can't be named for legal reasons, left their 14-year-old


victim with several head injuries, black eyes, fractured nose


and bruised ribs and as well as the physical scars,


Guildford Crown Court heard she also suffers from depression


Only recently has she started going out again.


She changed her name on Facebook,


She don't want no one to know this is what happened to her.


The court heard in January last year the defendants


made a considerable journey to come to Stoughton Park in Guildford


Sophie Burrows brought a 30 centimetre long metal wheelbrace.


They told the girl to fight and when she threw the first punch,


the court heard, out of fear and panic,


they said about her and in the days that follows, they sent


Lauren Coveney said, it's good, I cut her head open.


Sophie Burrows said, she chose to fight me.


But it was electrical communications that eventually led


to the girls handing themselves into police.


An immediate appeal was issued following the incident and it


was the attention on social media that led to the girls eventually


handing themselves in at Guildford police station.


At first, they denied using any weapon of any kind


during the attack that messages were found on all their phones


mentioning the assault and the crowbar and how to clean it.


And all three were subsequently charged with GBH.


Sophie Burrows was sentenced to 14 months


in a young offenders' institution.


Lauren Coveney to 12 months suspended for two years.


The 17-year-old was referred to the youth courts.


The judge said he gave them credit for their ages, for


their genuine remorse and for in their guilty pleas


but he said all this was caused by a ridiculous and stupid


A man who shot seven cats in less than a fortnight


in the Guildford and Cranleigh area has been sent to jail for a year.


Franky Mills from Long Gore in Farncombe shot four cats


The animal rights charity Peta awarded ?2000


to a witness who provided registration details of his van.


A major town centre development in Dorchester has been waved


through, despite the fact that the 180 new properties will not


West Dorset District Council has given planning permission


to a scheme to convert the town's old Victorian prison.


The developers argued affordable units would damage


I would have loved to have seen affordable homes on the site.


We're trying our hardest to put forward


more homes and affordable homes in West Dorset.


We're doing everything we can to sustain that.


A fresh attempt to scrap charges for residents taking DIY waste


to their local tip has failed in West Sussex.


The county council says it's introduced a flat rate of ?4


a bag for any type of DIY waste like like rubble and plasterboard


Whilst some agree, it's prompted fears from some district councils


I think the research shows that the councils aren't actually


looking to profiteer from this but are actually


they are incurring in the processing of these waste streams.


They know the problems they've called for local residents


and I know the problems they have caused for the district


and borough authorities in West Sussex who have to clear up


the mess and there is no doubt that fly-tipping is on the increase.


A couple from Salisbury who've been married for 12 years are hearing


each other's voices for the first time after having Cochlear implants.


50-year-old Helen Robinson and her husband Neil,


who's 54, have been deaf since birth.


They had their implants switched on at the same time by an auditory


Half a century without sound, changed with the flick of a switch.


Neil and Helen have been married since 2005.


They've both been deaf since birth because of a genetic condition.


They could hear some muffled noises but now the cochlear implants


are sending electrical signals directly to the brain


I love sound and I want to be able to hear more.


You'll be surprised at what's caught their ears.


You know the car, when you are changing the indicators on?


For me, I knit, and when I'm doing the knitting, I can hear


the needles clacking together and it's a nice sound.


Their new fifth sense can be overwhelming at times and clinicians


also have to adjust the volume as Neil and Helen become


The new device can be switched off,


I can call her now and also learning to put up with


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


I'm going to be here with your weekend news tomorrow


at 5:20pm and there's more on the BBC News website.


Newsnight will be starting shortly on BBC TWO but now Sam


And shorts. Not quite flip-flopped whether yet but it has been very


mild. Set to stay that way to the weekend. For tonight, dry and


cloudy. That cloud as we go through the night breaking here and there


are so we could see Mr patch is developing by Don. Not a chilly


night. Not dropping low below six Celsius. A dull morning but as the


low clouds and missed breaks up we will start to see some bright and


sunny spells develop especially to the east of the patch and everywhere


we pleasantly warm in light winds. The height of 11 Celsius. Looking


ahead to the next few days, Sunday, things started rather damp and grey


but as the day wears on, conditions improve. We will see bright and


sunny spells and 12 Celsius will be the top temperature. As we head into


the new week, Monday warmer still with a top temperature 14 Celsius


but it will be cloudy. part of next week, we could see 16


Celsius in a few spots. Here is knit with the National output.


We have turned things around in the space of a week, with a more


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