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for Mosul underway, there will have to be some follow-through. So what


comes next? Join Hello and welcome to


South Today, I'm Laura Trant. The top stories this evening:


Gathering in respect for the Sussex chef Ryan Lock who died fighting


so-called IS in Syria. Why size matters in the car park -


we talk to the driver who proved some parking spaces


are too small. And I'll have the latest


weather forecast. We had a top temperature of 17


Celsius. It is set to turn colder for the rest of the week.


The body of a man from Chichester who died after travelling to Syria


to fight so called Islamic State, arrived back at Heathrow Airport


Mourners from the Kurdish community in Britain paid a remarkable


spontaneous tribute to Ryan Lock who died fighting alongside the pro


That's the home grown defence forces in Northern Syria,


They have become one of the key groups leading the fight against IS.


The YPG allows foreign volunteers to fight with them.


People not only from Britain, but also from other countries


in Europe, as well as America and Canada have joined up.


For the British authorities, it's a grey area, the government


warns people not to join the YPG in Syria, but no one has yet been


Three British men have now died with the YPG.


And others are still out there fighting.


Our home affairs correspondent Emma Vardy has this report.


You could be forgiven for thinking this was Kurdistan,


but actually, it was Heathrow Airport on Saturday.


Ryan Lock, a former chef from Chichester, for these people a


Ryan's sacrifice will be written in our history


and humanity's history, I believe personally.


A young man, you know, going 1000 miles


Ryan Lock had told friends and family he was going on


holiday to Turkey last year before revealing on Facebook he was joining


In December, he and four others came under attack from


so-called Islamic State fighters near the Syrian city of Raqqa.


It's believed that to avoid being taken hostage,


Ryan Lock turned his gun on himself.


What Isis is doing in Kurdistan is fascist things.


Many Kurds here today, they all lost some member of


their family within the last few years.


Ryan Lock is the third British man to die fighting alongside the Kurds.


His body was recovered from IS held territory.


In Syria, he was given full military honours by the Kurds


before his coffin began its long journey home.


It's taken some eight weeks to bring Ryan Lock's body back home via Iraq.


The people who have turned out today to pay their respects,


they did not know Ryan before he went to fight,


but they see him as a British man who decided to fight their cause.


Dozens of western volunteers are known to have joined


For these young men and women to feel such responsibility to go


out there and try to do something and unfortunately to sacrifice their


The British Government is against British people


going to join this war.


Do you think they should be discouraged from doing this?


I mean, there are enough people fighting,


but of course we don't want to encourage anyone to go out there.


They don't know what kind of battle is happening.


I think probably if the British Government were doing


what they can and what they should, maybe these people didn't have to go


After this colourful sendoff, Ryan Lock's family are now


planning a private funeral for him at home.


The family of a mother imprisoned in an Iranian jail say


they've been told she needs urgent medical treatment.


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was detained on what's been


described as security-related charges when she took her


two-year-old daughter, Gabriella, to Iran last year.


Earlier, I spoke to her husband, Richard Ractliffe,


I began by asking what he knows about his wife's condition.


Nazanin has been complaining for a couple of months, on and off,


about different kinds of pains in her back and her neck


and restrictions in the way she can move and what she can lift,


particularly not being able to lift Gabriella.


And she had been to see the doctor inside the prison


a couple of weeks back, who insisted that she go


for an emergency checkup with the specialist and she finally


had that yesterday and obviously, he suggested that she be admitted


immediately into hospital for urgent treatment.


So, it is really hard to know quite how bad things


are but that is really not a good sign.


And how confident are you that she will actually


I think if she gets to hospital then she well and I think


if she is in prison then it is obviously very restricted


Whether she gets to hospital or not is a decision


And what about your daughter, Gabriella, because her passport


Gabriella is still there, still legally detained by the Iranians.


What has happened now says she has moved to the general cells


is she is getting to see her mum much more frequently,


Yes, I have left things with Nazanin but I have promised her that


obviously I would love to have Gabriella home but it is for Nazanin


to decide when she is ready and if she is ready and then we can


look at what alternative arrangements could be possible.


I mean, I've been trying to get to Iran but it looks


What's the next stage in your campaign?


Well, I guess we'll have to take stock as to what Nazanin's condition


is and how the authorities respond and after, we keep going.


And I said to the Iranians and I said to the Foreign Office


we will just keep going, campaigning, until


And how are you keeping her morale high?


She was actually very, very down on the phone yesterday.


I spoke to her, which was the first time for a number of weeks


And there was nothing I could say that was going to reassure her apart


It must be incredibly difficult for all of you.


Thank you for your time this evening.


A special service was held today to remember those


who lost their lives in the sinking of the SS Mendi.


More than 600 people died when the troopship went down off


the Isle of Wight exactly a hundred years ago this week.


Most of those onboard were black South Africans,


travelling to France to assist the allies.


Today their loss was commemorated at a service attended


by Her Royal Highness Princess Anne in Southampton.


We all know what it's like trying to park in a tight space.


But one man has taken matters into his own hands,


after getting a ticket for parking over a line by two inches.


So much so South West Trains is having to re-paint


part of its car park at Southampton Central


station after he proved spaces were too small.


Jago Lawless was issued a penalty notice because his car just


overlapped one of the spaces at Southampton Central Station.


My front wheel, where I had edged the front of the car over


so I could actually get out of the door, the front of the car


had moved over an inch, two inches over the line.


But he felt something wasn't right and as a naval architect by day,


who reviews detailed measurements, he took out his own measuring tape.


But because they have angled parking bay over,


the parallel width between the lines is actually only 1.978 metres


wide which is too small for the average sized car.


South West Trains says the car park was marked out before


the guidelines came in, but it will repaint some of its


But it appears small parking spaces isn't just an issue


In general, all parking spaces are way too small for today's cars.


Too small because when you open your door, you're practically touching


Jago tells me he's happy that the company is taking positive


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


Now Alexis Green is here with our regional weather forecast.


we saw some lovely conditions. Top temperature is 17 Celsius, well


above the seasonal average and in fact it made it the warmest day of


the year so far. We are expecting some outbreaks of rain overnight.


Some bright weather to be had as well this week. A mild start but


turning colder from Thursday onwards. A good deal of cloud


tonight with outbreaks of rain which may become persistent and heavy for


a time during the early hours of the morning. Lowest temperatures nine


Celsius. A cloudy and wet start to the day tomorrow. We will see


outbreaks of rain but slowly and surely the rain will start to clear


and we will see brighter interludes with highs of 12 Celsius. Tomorrow


is a mild day and tomorrow night is a mild might as well. A good deal of


Cloud. Outbreaks of rain and there will be an increasing west to


south-westerly wind. We could see gay laws during Wednesday along the


coast. Temperatures tomorrow night falling away to nine Celsius. The


chance are brisk south-westerly winds. Some outbreaks of heavy rain.


Gradually they were seized during the course of the day. The risk of


gay laws once again on Thursday. -- gales. It could turn wintry at


times on Friday. On Thursday, the air will start to turn colder. Highs


of eight Celsius. Friday, clear spells. Overnight into Saturday


morning, we may have a frost. There will be a spell of rain.


As you have just seen, after a day in which some of you have been


shedding the layers, you will be putting them back on for the rest of


this week. Big changes ahead, all down to where the air has been


coming from. Today, it originated in the Caribbean, hence the name


tropical maritime air. Temperatures peaked at 18 degrees. But later this


week, the winds go to the north-west, a different source,


polar maritime


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