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Hello and welcome to BBC South Today, I'm Laura Trant.


The top stories this evening: Struggling to cope.


Hundreds of operations are cancelled at two of our hospitals.


Rail commuters bracing themselves for more disruption tomorrow


Training for the first all-female unsupported trek across Antarctica.


Two Hampshire hospitals have announced they're cancelling 100


operations to help relieve the workload on their


Hip, knee and other orthopaedic surgery in Basingstoke


Unprecedented pressure has been blamed.


In a moment, we'll hear the latest from our health correspondent,


David Fenton, but first what can be done to improve the situation?


Steve Humphrey reports on how NHS shake-up plans have


It's a campaign that's quickly gained momentum.


People here in Shaftesbury in North Dorset are fighting


to save 15 beds at the town's Westminster Memorial Hospital.


It's an issue that's got the whole town talking.


This little hospital must keep going at any cost.


We do need a little hospital round here.


Along with many other parts of the NHS, Dorset's Clinical


Commissioning Group is proposing changes to everything


from the county's big three acute hospitals


The proposal is to keep beds at the community hospitals


but to close all 15 beds here at the hospital in Shaftesbury.


But a range of medical services would still be provided in the town.


I think they really should think again and really take on board


The Clinical Commissioning Group argues changes have got to be made


because of a rising population, increasing demand and growing


Change is always very difficult, especially in the local


community, and I absolutely understand people's fears.


I can only reassure them that we are trying to do the best


for the widest population in North Dorset.


It's not about cutting beds but providing that care


in a different manner and keeping people at home.


In their campaign HQ in the high street, these people


So far, around 1,500 people have filled in the consultation document.


Final decisions will be made later this year.


Steve Humphrey, BBC South Today, Shaftesbury.


Our health correspondent, David Fenton, has been assessing how


much pressure local hospitals are under and sent us this report


from the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.


Today, yesterday, all of last week, operations were being cancelled


There's a two-week stoppage on almost all orthopaedic surgery


to allow more emergency patients to be treated.


The hospital trust says it's faced unprecedented pressures over


the last two weeks and has had to make hard choices


so they are using surgical beds for these emergency patients,


Many hospitals do it and, as a result, they have


Three procedures cancelled in Poole over the last few weeks,


ten in Southampton, 11 in Bournemouth.


There are never enough beds to go around, it seems.


But the NHS is planning to cut more hospital beds over the next few


years and treat more people and care for them closer to home.


That's the big idea but it is causing some concern


for many local groups, as we heard Steve


Southern Rail passengers in West Sussex, Surrey and parts


of Hampshire are bracing themselves for more disruption as members


of the RMT union will go on strike tomorrow.


It'll be the 29th day of strike action in the union's long-running


dispute over changes to the role of guards.


Tom Hepworth's live at Southampton Central


A few weeks, ago it looked like there was a light


Yes, here we go again, but the impact of tomorrow's strike


isn't likely to be as far-reaching as when drivers in the Aslef


When that happened, the railway ground to a halt.


Southern's parent company, Govia Thameslink Railway,


says it expects to run three quarters of its trains,


which means there will be some services from here in Southampton


and Portsmouth to Brighton, but there's likely to be disruption,


cancellations and shorter trains on many routes.


The dispute is about making drivers responsible for safety


rather than guards - getting them to operate the train


doors and changing the role of guards into onboard supervisors.


Drivers in Aslef rejected the agreement between


Aslef and GTR have been in more talks today.


GTR's already imposed the changes on guards.


Last week, it sent staff a letter, warning them that taking strike


action may be a breach of contract and the company could apply


It urges employees to think very carefully about


The RMT says this amounts to bullying and intimidation.


Meanwhile, a separate strike by Aslef and the RMT will affect parts


There'll be no service on the Waterloo and City line


and a limited service on the Central line.


Surfers in Bournemouth say they fear a nasty accident after jet skis


were filmed passing within a few feet of people in the sea.


This incident was filmed at the weekend.


Bylaws limiting the use of jet skis near the beach only apply


Coastguards say behaviour like this puts swimmers and other


A team of British soldiers is hoping to become the first all-female group


During a three-month expedition, they'll face temperatures of -40


degrees and they'll be walking in that for up to nine hours a day.


A trainee GP based in Portsmouth and a troop commander based


at Larkhill in Salisbury are part of the seven-member team.


Phil Mackie joined them during training in Norway.


In September, these soldiers will begin the historic journey,


hoping they'll succeed and inspire a generation of women.


It's not just about five women crossing Antarctica.


It's about encouraging women from across the military,


but also in civilian life, just to get out there and give


things a go and realise that there is no ceiling,


I think, if we can inspire some women to get out


there and be physically active, it doesn't have to be Antarctica,


Home for the next few weeks and for the 80 days


of the expedition will be a small tent.


It will be the bedroom, living room and kitchen.


There are doctors, a former teacher and an electrical


They will leave their families and partners behind to spend nearly


There's important research being done, too.


No one really knows what it'll take to sustain an all-female team


It's not just about calories, it's about the actual


composition of the rations, so making sure there


is the right amount of carbohydrate, fat and protein.


So it's trying to figure out how we can manipulate that, I suppose.


And also for a group of women whose nutritional requirements


And there's been very, very little research done,


and certainly not published, so I haven't really got


And one of the hardest things will be maintaining morale as each


They've just been out for a two-hour march.


They are going to have to do up to nine hours a day once


they are in the Antarctic, carrying everything


It's going to be very, very tough, which is why they need to practise


Two will be reserves as only five can cross the Antarctic


where they hope to break the ice ceiling, putting them


in the history books alongside explorers like Scott,


Football now, and Reading missed the chance to leapfrog


their opponents into third place in the Championship


tonight after losing 1-0 away at Huddersfield.


The result leaves the Royals four points behind their


BBC Radio Berkshire's Tim Dellor watched all the action.


Huddersfield are heard tonight though Reading stay fourth. Brady


will feel aggrieved not to have been awarded the penalty themselves. A


chaotic goal with ten minutes remaining settled the contest and it


does not get any easier, Reading play Brighton.


A lot of cloud overnight tonight with outbreaks of rain but with the


increasing breeze, that should keep mist and fog at bay. The rain will


come ago so it will not be completely showers overnight. A mild


night, temperatures barely differing from the town badges. Tomorrow, a


good deal of cloud. A strengthening west to south-westerly wind


especially along the coast of the Isle of Wight. Elsewhere, outbreaks


of rain, dry interludes, heavy bursts of rain at times and


temperatures will reach a high of 11-12 C. The winds will continue to


strengthen tomorrow night in the first day and the Met Office had


issued the wind warning to all parts of oxygen in Buckinghamshire. Rain


on Thursday will play eastwards snowstorm Doris will affect air is


not of the Midlands. A wind warning in force through Oxfordshire. Wind


gusts there are 50-60 mph. Elsewhere, wind gusts of 50-55 mph.


Outbreaks of rain over the next few days, light and patchy tomorrow,


heavy burst of rain on Thursday the day, particularly up towards the


evening rush hour. It calms down on the Outlook toward the end of the


week and then milder again from the wheel them. More on storm Doris now


with Matt Taylor.


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