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Hello and welcome to South Today, I'm Laura Trant.


The top stories this evening: Living with the cost


of using a mobile phone at the wheel.


The day Meg met the man who killed her boyfriend.


Is this one of the most dangerous roads


A BBC South investigation examines the record of the A34.


And the cold, wet and blustery conditions will continue at times.


These are the faces of people who have died in car


crashes in the south - all of them victims of motorists


This week, a new law comes into force which will double


Well, one teacher from the south is calling for schoolchildren to be


taught about the dangers of drivers using mobile phones.


She has her own reasons for wanting to change the culture


Matt Graveling has this exclusive report.


Gavin was an Australian through and through.


We'd talked about holidays, potentially going out


It was something we were both really looking forward to.


He was on his way to work and then he was about six miles


or so from work and then just didn't make it.


Lewis Stratford - a 24-year-old painter and decorator


from Oxford was driving - and arguing with his


girlfriend on the phone - when he crashed into Gavin's car.


I wish I could turn back time, change obviously not


And from that moment I was just blaming everything on me.


And I didn't want to get better then, I didn't want the physio,


I didn't want the treatments, I feel like I've been kept


here to pay for the mistake that I've made and punished.


Gavin died of his injuries four days after the accident.


Lewis has already pleaded guilty to causing his death


When someone gets convicted of a crime or an offence you never


get to see what that person's like and what background they got.


Just days before he's due back in court to be sentenced,


I want to ask what he was thinking, what possessed him to pick


up his mobile phone behind the wheel - I want to know how he's feeling


now, how it might affect him and to let him know how I'm feeling.


Lewis agreed to meet Meg with our cameras present,


and restorative justice councillor Helen Leney.


An apology that's given in court is very often mistrusted by a victim


whereas if a victim sits down face to face with the person who has


caused the harm that can be enormously helpful in allowing


victims then to be able to move on from what's happened.


I'll never forget it ever and I'll never be sorry enough but I can't


every time I say sorry it sounds a bit cheap, it just sounds not


A little bit, but then so many people do it, so many people.


I don't want to hate you for ever, I'm not that type of person.


Eventually I will probably be able to forgive you.


English teacher Meg is now calling for all schoolchildren to be taught


about the dangers of using mobiles behind the wheel before


You can see more on that story on Inside Out South on I player.


The road from Winchester through the Thames Valley has had


several serious and fatal accidents which have hit the headlines


But is it any more dangerous than similar routes?


We asked the independent organisation, Road Safety Analysis,


Over the last ten years the number of crashes


on the A34 has reduced in line with the national trend.


it was worse than the A303 in Wiltshire.


The A34 is around one third safer than the average A road.


the result of driver error, NOT the design of the road


The Newbury MP says improvements have to be made. There are major


strategic issues as well as safety issues and I don't think that that


evidence has changed my opinion one iota. In fact it has made it clear


that if the A34 is more dangerous, that is an added impetus for us to


get major investment in this key arterial route. And if we don't get


major investment, could smaller things be done to make a significant


difference, things like road marking chevrons? Absolutely. And there are


a number of minor junction improvements, some of which have


been announced and some in due course. I want to future proof this


road for the kind of traffic we are going to be seeing in the next 20,


30 years. That road was built to use a fraction of the traffic on it


today. If you look to the future and with the expansion of Southampton


freight terminal, and the demands of the economy, we have got to be


planning for decades ahead, and not just treating the problem as it


exists today, which is serious, but looking further into the future as


well. Thank you very much. The BBC is holding a special debate on this


story tomorrow morning. That is on three of our local radio stations.


Bournemouth father-of-three Stephen Mallon was fatally injured


after being attacked by armed locals and pushed from a 16ft ledge.


Today, at an inquest, his family were told they are now


free to cremate Stephen's body - eight years after he died.


A quiet Spanish village and an unlikely scene for the most


Stephen Mallon and his two sons were set upon by 30 men armed


with knuckle dusters, iron bars, belts and bottles.


When they came out of that bar they were surrounded and cornered in.


An armed mob waiting for them, two young lads with their dad


Spanish courts took five years to imprison just one man.


He served five years for the equivalent of manslaughter


It really is like a living nightmare and we got so used to Stephen


being in the mortuary and it seemed really quite normal to us,


which is really weird because it is abnormal.


The delay has been caused by an appeal process and a lack of legal


aid. The family have criticised the coroner's offers for the lack of


communication. The coroner today apologised for the delays and any


statement blamed the Spanish judicial system but said it was


something beyond their control. The conclusion of unlawful killing was


held. The funeral has now been scheduled for later this week.


He would be so heartbroken to see really what his family has had to go


He would just want his children to recover and move forward from this.


The Duchess of Cornwall has praised soldiers returning home


She spoke today to men and women of The Fourth Battallion


"The Rifles", in Aldershot, about their recent


deployment helping to train Iraqi security forces.


Friends and family watched on as it rained heavily on the parade


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


We're back tomorrow with bulletins in BBC Breakfast and there's more


We saw a lot of rain. Quite a soggy day all in all. The weather for the


week ahead will have been and showers at times, some sunny spells


and each morning will be pretty chilly, so tonight we have a few


heavy showers at the moment which is why the Met office in the last few


moments have issued a weather warning for icy conditions through


parts of Wiltshire and Doctor Chad and we may see a wind today show


what the temperature following to freezing. There may be one or two


showers along the south coast but mainly falling as rain so the


showers by away tomorrow morning and the bright and sunny start but then


the showers get going once again with increasing cloud and they could


be when Tilly and they could be when Tyrian places. Falling mainly as


rain. The temperature tomorrow up to around seven Celsius and the brisk


westerly wind making it feel colder. Tomorrow night the showers ease


during the early hours and one North two wind today through parts of


Oxfordshire but otherwise a dry start and the temperature falling to


around three Celsius. A chilly start on Wednesday, right and a sunny spot


and cloud will thicken into the morning and we see outbreaks of rain


which will become persistent at times and heavy in places through


the day on Wednesday and engulfing much of the region. Highs of 7-10,


milder conditions along the south coast, so the rain eventually


clearing Wednesday night and once it does Thursday will be mainly dry


with a Reg high pressure and cloud increasing through the afternoon and


into the evening and the arrival of another weather systems through


Friday. Friday still a few days away so things can change but we expect


rain at times, gradually easing during the course of the afternoon


and into Chevening. The temperature up to around 10 Celsius, so the


weekend and settled with rain and showers at times, some sunny spells


and feeling chilly. John Hammond has the weather for the


rest of


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