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a paramedic to look after patients in corridors to avoid


scenes like these, queuing ambulances outside A


Could shipbuilding return to Portsmouth?


The decision to concentrate work in Scotland is now under scrutiny.


And the Magpies steal a win from the Seagulls in the battle


A Dorset hospital's employed a paramedic to look


The pilot scheme at the Royal Bournemouth is designed to allow


ambulances to get back on the road rather than being tied


up until patients have been admitted to a bed.


It's cut average ambulance turnaround times from around


This year there's been a ten percent increase in attendances at A and E.


Our Health correspondent David Fenton has followed one


patient, Iris, who had a fall at home....


being seen by Fran, who works in the corridor outside accident and


She is here from 12 noon until midnight.


She can look after four patients at a time.


While Iris is in the corridor with me, I am going to keep an eye


Anything I think that is a problem, I can escalate it to the staff


Anything she might need, I can request.


As long as she is OK, I am happy in the corridor


The ambulance crew can leave without having to wait for Iris to


We are taking the patient in, managed to hand them


over within the 15 minutes target time, which is really good.


We will now come clear and head to the next one.


Staff here have been looking at new ways


like Fran and private ambulances to bring patients in quickly.


Back in the corridor and something is wrong.


So Fran takes her to resuscitation area.


First thing I have done is I have picked up


It has happened in just a few minutes but Iris has now been


admitted to a hospital bed and she is doing well.


Three years ago, Portsmouth was dealt a huge blow with the closure


With a lack of new orders, a decision was made


But, that strategy is now under scrutiny.


And, as Steve Humphrey reports, there's a chance that naval ship


A spectacular show celebrated the return of shipbuilding


to Portsmouth with the conclusion of HMS Clyde in 2006.


but the yard closed in 2014 after sections of the new naval


BAE concentrated work in Scotland, because of a national shortage of


The low number of warships and orders of course


leads to problems in production lines and the investment you put


Today, the industrialist who was asked by ministers to


come up with a new national shipbuilding strategy told MPs


poor planning and cost overruns have had a big impact in the past.


Sir John Parker said future ships could be


built around the country to boost competition.


If we can build these ships on time, with a grip on the


specification and cost, then we will undoubtedly accumulate


Could shipbuilding return to the south?


Quite a lot of the facilities still exist.


And I think how easily the BAE Systems set up the carrier


component programme, that shows you how quickly


Unless the politicians say we do want to diversify and spread some of


this around the rest of the UK, it will not happen.


And will publish its new national shipbuilding strategy in the summer.


It said it remained committed to having 19 front-line frigates and


Work on the new type 26 frigates will start


It is expected that yards around the country, including


here in the south, may well be able to bid for work on the follow-up


Britain's naval fleet dates back more than a thousand years -


and while big ships remain crucial to our defence the future


of warfare is likely to be smaller and unmanned.


Our Political Editor Peter Henley has looked at the role of drone


It flies at 45mph and weighs less than ?2 coin using


This is the next generation of military drone.


It is being developed by animal dynamics,


a spin off country from the Oxford University zoology department.


We are making a drone that flaps like an insect does.


It has natural suspension, can tolerate


high winds and it really goes to the heart of what we are about,


looking at how you can derive higher performance and efficiency by


Visiting the university, defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon


said the armed forces are increasingly at the cutting edge


I would like to make it easier for small,


to come to defence to bring their ideas,


their products, and see if


they can be used by the Armed Forces.


That has been too slow in the past, too bureaucratic and they


have found difficulty getting funding.


The Ministry of Defence has announced a Dragons'


Den style panel of experts to help provide advice.


Also pushing the frontiers of military kits, Tim


Peake, an Army major, will join the panel.


From the time of the Spitfire onwards, when Britain has faced a


hostile threat, we have stepped up technology to answer it.


The Ministry of Defence is warning that,


in an age of cyber warfare, our best technology experts have an important


Because you can be sure that, if we are capable


of developing these sorts of weapons, other countries


Professor Jim Scanlan from the university of Southampton


is an expert in drone technology, he was in Bosham, in West Sussex,


I asked him what the next generation of drones might do.


Traditionally, in military, they've spoke about applications that are


We now referred to the four Ds - dull, dirty,


The advantage of having very small drones is


you can distribute them, so


you can undertake a collective task, for example.


So, we talking about new technology and artificial


very small, more done units that are potentially cheaper,


that are more effective, more liable than a large,


It's not just aircraft though, is it?


So, there is a very successful company based in


Portsmouth called Autonomous Surface Vessels that already make target


boats for the Navy but are doing a lot of work in other applications,


particularly surveillance, for example.


And how did you see the future for these type of vessels?


Particularly underwater, minesweeping.


It's something that easy to automate and very desirable


Often, you can get a better results because you are using


things like artificial intelligence and the system doesn't get old.


Is there a risk that a more you remove


your personnel from your military, the more likely it is that you might


take military action because there is less risk to your side?


Yes, I think that is a particular danger,


and we've seen recently terrorist use of drones, which is a very


We have a colleague in the UK, called Noel Sharkey, who


does a lot of very useful work on the ethics of drones and when we


talk about things like artificial intelligence,


making sure drones are


given the right set of rules for engagement.


Professor Jim Scanlan, thank you very much for joining us.


Football and the top two in the Championship went head


Brighton were looking to take another big step towards promotion


to the Premier League - but it wasn't meant to be.


The Seagulls made a good start taking


to the ground but got up to fire in his 17th goal of the season.


The scoreline remained 1-0 until the 81st minute when Newcastle


equalised with this shot from Mohamed Diame.


And, the magpies secured themselves three points


with Ayoze Perez's goal in extra time.


Final score 2-1 - leaving Newcastle two points clear


Thats the latest thanks for being there, we'll be back


with bulletins in BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning but now here's


Yes, very much so. It will turn chilly with a clearing sky, maybe


Frosterley countryside and sheltered spots. The of ice around untreated


surfaces. Most visible start the day tomorrow on a drying out and


temperatures in the countryside to Nigel dropped to freezing. Through


because the moral, a sunny start like this morning, cloud increasing


quickly and a band of rain looking in from the west. Turning him for a


time, like Apache, some dry as well. Which is the moral verisimilitude


today, reaching a chilly high of 6-8 C. Gale-force winds tomorrow


night, and during the early hours of Thursday morning. Starting Thursday


daytime, expecting more sunshine and dry weather as well. Mainly dry


during the course of the day, the odd isolated shower is a possibility


and Thursday is a pretty breezy day. Tomorrow is the first day of spring


in the media world, calendar, it is the 20th of March tomorrow... Some


sunny spells is the nicest day of the next view,


otherwise chilly and unsettled. Good evening. We are about to head


into March, the days are getting longer, but are they getting any


warmer? Not really. We will get there in the end, but we will have


to be patient, not very springlike at the moment. Some showers


scattered around across England and Wales will tend to diminish


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