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Hello. Good evening.


I'm Tom Hepworth. You're watching South Today.


Tonight's top stories - which way now?


The bypass plans that divided a city are shelved by the government.


I think goodwill is slightly lacking at the moment but I think


we will have to get around a table and decide what we are going to do.


A care worker is found guilty of stealing money from an elderly


from an elderly man she was meant to be looking after.


She won't be able to do this to anyone else.


And I know I'm crying but I'm just relieved.


For almost two decades arguments have raged about whether


a bypass for Chichester should pass to the north or south of the city.


The one thing most people did agree on was that improvements


Today came the shock announcement the scheme has been scrapped.


The first big viability study was carried out in the year 2000.


14 years later the scheme was included in the


A consultation was carried out last year.


Five schemes, all developing the existing road to the south,


and costing up to ?250m were under consideration.


Then as the consultation came to an end in September,


West Sussex councillors said they wanted


Tonight it looks as though it won't happen at all.


The battle to get agreement on how the A27 should be improved has been


as frustrating as driving along the road in the rush hour.


With no local consensus on the best option, the Transport Secretary


I am absolutely dismayed by the news that the Chichester


This is a consequence of political manoeuvring,


which saw a campaign for an unfeasible northern route


that was never intended, could not be delivered.


Highways England had been consulting on five different schemes to improve


But proposals for two possible more expensive routes to the north


around Goodwood were not included, generating protests and creating


It has divided Chichester in a terrible way.


To be honest, there is no easy solution.


Some campaigners believe a local forum should be established


Some of the interested parties today could be brought together and work


together to create something that could be put to the local community.


The county council leader said she was shocked


I'm actually quite hopeful that, if we could all pull together,


we could find the right solution for Chichester and then


We do need to find a solution within budget limitations


that the Secretary of State has set, 250 million, and within the fact


that he's not going to consider a northern route.


So, it's back to the drawing board and I hope that the Minister


might be persuaded to come up with the cash for


on the A27 if consensus can be reached.


So, no quick end in sight for drivers who are forced to crawl


along on the A27 during peak periods.


The Department for Transport has said that the A27 Arundel


Steve Humphrey, BBC South today, Chichester.


I asked our political editor Peter Henley what forces were behind


The government is trying to keep the economy going as we head


towards Brexit and this sort of investment is the sort of thing


They've approved the Stubbington bypass in Gosport,


which has been years waiting for something to happen.


More money has been found for the A34.


The A303, they are spending a fortune on.


Elections for local councillors, I think, means that they don't


want to put their name to an unpopular deal but,


equally, at the moment, the government is pretty resistant


to Conservative councillors, their own side,


moaning about the lack of money which they are getting


for all sorts of things, from funding to schools


"Don't bring us problems, bring us solutions."


Is there anyway back from this or is it for ever


Gridlock in ideas at the moment, certainly.


It seemed impossible to bring the sides together and, really,


Unless somebody comes forward with some sort


of answer for Chris Grayling, he's just going to say, no,


And, at the moment, some people are welcoming this.


The Green Party are saying that it's better that we reduce the amount


of traffic on the roads but most people are saying, this is a real


problem and were just going to have to think again about some way


of persuading government that we can have that money back.


A care worker from West Sussex has been found guilty of stealing


from the vulnerable pensioner she was looking after.


Theresa Stratton who's 39 and from Littlehampton, took money


It was captured on a CCTV camera which had been installed


A trusted carer caught in what the jury heard


This footage shows Theresa Stratton


taking money from the wallet of 74-year-old David Skerritt.


The footage given to the BBC by his family


comes from a CCTV camera they set up in his living room


They checked after he said his wallet was empty.


When we went down there where to look through


the CCTV and that is what we found which was we couldn't believe it.


It was almost too shocking to me she was doing it.


The court heard Theresa Stratton still ?130 on her second


visit to David Skerritt's home in Littlehampton


She said she'd taken with the man's permission


Adjourning sentencing for reports, the judge warned Theresa


Stratton that she would almost certainly face a prison sentence.


He said there had been a high degree of betrayal of trust.


There couldn't be a better verdict. Justice for my dad.


And justice for anybody who works with vulnerable people


David Skerritt died in September of last year.


His family say on the care provided the company


It told does it dismissed Stratton as


soon as the theft was evident and provides a high level


Teresa Stratton will be sentenced on March 10th.


This case raises questions about how vulnerable people can be protected.


The charity Action on Elder Abuse says it supports the use of CCTV


I think in someone's own home, there's certainly


Obviously, we'd always say, make sure the older person's view


Care homes is a bit trickier because generally they have a lot


of public spaces and you have to be mindful of violating


But we think there is a place for cameras in care homes, as well.


We often hear about cuts to front line policing.


But two of our forces are actively trying new initiatives to attract


Hampshire Police is offering a two thousand pound bonus to those


The Thames Valley force has lowered the academic standards required


to join as a police officer, to two A Level passes.


Those who represent officers say they'll be able to relate better


This is more about doing the right thing at the right time for the


It's important that police officers have the right


A Surrey based charity that supports amputees across the UK is now


Limbcare in Camberley lost its storage facility


for its prosthetics, wheelchairs, crutches


It also has to find a new head office,


The charity fears if it doesn't find new premises soon,


these walking aids will have to be thrown away.


A woman from Nigeria has successfully donated stem cells


to help save the life of her sister from Weymouth.


Martha Williams was initially refused permission to travel


to the UK to help May Brown, who has leukaemia.


But the Home Office overturned its decision,


after more than 60 thousand people signed an online petition.


Now just a few weeks after the operation,


I feel really grateful for what she has done for me.


I mean, what can you say to somebody who saved your life?


Well, I'm feeling very happy I was able to help save my sister's


life and that my proposal of coming to the UK is accomplished.


That's the latest, thanks for being there.


Join us if you can tomorrow morning, we've got bulletins in BBC Breakfast


but now here's Alexis with your weather.


It's going to be a windy night to night. We could see gusts of up to


50 mph. Showers, could be wintry in nature with temperatures dropping


away to two or three Celsius in the countryside. Thursday, the breeze


coming in from the West. One or two isolated showers but a lovely sunny


day foremost. Temperatures will reach a high of 9-10 C. Tomorrow


night, a breezy night. A weather front will arrive in the early hours


of Friday morning, heavy rain moving its weight northwards. Behind it,


outbreaks of showers or drizzle. Low pressure in charge of our weather


making it unsettled. Into the weekend, sunny spells tomorrow, rain


at times on Friday, rain at some point on Saturday.


outlook. A whole load of 11 is. What does that mean? Maybe John Hammond


will tell you. We're in for a bumpy ride. The


weather chopping and changing keeping us on our toes. Rain never


too far away from our crystal ball. There has been rain around today


across southern areas. This band of wet weather pushing through Wales


and the Midlands. A little bit of the white stuff mixed in over the


high ground Snowdonia, some snow for an trans-Pennine routes as well.


Snow at low levels through the night. Further south the main story


is the strength of the


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