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A charity says GPs need better training.


I was so desperate. I think I would have died, of honestly.


Portsmouth launches bid to become UK City of Culture. Rain is expected


tonight and tomorrow, which could create surface water. I will have


the details shortly. Family doctors need better training


to deal with patients That's the call from one charity


which supports sufferers. More than 1.5 million people


in the UK are affected And there are more deaths


from these conditions The charity Beat says three out


of ten people with an eating disorder do not receive a referral


from their GP to a mental health Anjana Gadgil has been talking


to a woman from Hampshire who struggled to get


the help she needed. A few years ago,


I was looking at it. Natasha was diagnosed with anorexia


by her GP when she was 18 but was not offered any support


and became dangerously underweight. I didn't have a period


for about three or four years. She calorie-counted all her food,


even weighing lettuce, but she knew she was mentally ill


and wanted to get better. I went to two GPs who weighed me


and said, at that point, I was told I was only


slightly underweight Eventually, she met a GP


who understood and referred her to a specialist unit,


but the charity Beat The referral criteria can be limited


by a weight measure, The severity of eating disorders


cannot be measured by a BMI It needs to be measured


by what they are, which is The Royal College of GPs said


it is simply not true that GPs are not trained to identify


and treat patients As with all other aspects


of mental health, eating disorders are included


in the comprehensive GP curriculum. This video was made


by Elizabeth McNaught, Now a junior doctor, she said


there was insufficient training. Throughout five years at medical


school, we only got two Obviously, I am a junior doctor


at the moment and I don't know what training the future holds,


but two hours in five years It got to the point where


I could not cope on my own. Natasha feels that she was lucky


to get the support when she did. I no longer knew what


healthy eating was. And I was so desperate,


I actually think I would have died. Natasha Faithfull


ending that report. And there's more information


about eating disorders It's now 18 months since a vintage


jet crashed onto the A27 during the Shoreham Air Show,


killing 11 men on the ground. Tonight, the families of those


who died have been shown the final conclusions of the official report


into the cause of the crash. The Air Accident Investigation


Branch will publish The pilot, Andy Hill, who survived


the crash, is still under A 15-year-old boy has been arrested


on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm


at a school in Southampton. A second boy was treated in hospital


after what's believed to have been a fight between two teenagers


at the Oasis Academy Mayfield. Police seized what they describe


as a "bladed article", Portsmouth has submitted a bid


to become the UK City The city is best known for its rich


naval heritage but has a growing It's certainly in the spotlight this


year and enjoying millions of pounds The home of the historic


dockyard, the America's Cup The self-proclaimed "great waterfont


city" now wants to become Winning this title brings


in millions of pounds of investment and regeneration


for the winning city. At least 3 million is guaranteed


by the Heritage Lottery Fund. But what does Portsmouth have


that its competitors don't? I just love it and I wouldn't


live anywhere else. Some come for the America's Cup,


of course, and some come So we're beginning to get more


of a reputation and I think to build on those things,


to bring people into Portsmouth and see what we can


offer to the nation. It would be a really good


opportunity to do that. It's not the first time that


Portmsouth has eyed up this prize. It previously teamed up


with Southampton to become Our view is that we feel we have


such a lot to offer in the city. To be able to regenerate those areas


would be just wonderful. And, of course, this


would help immensely. 11 other cities are fighting


for the prize, too. Portmsouth will be hoping that 2021


will be the city's time to shine. Chrissy Sturt is live for us


tonight in Portsmouth. The early indications suggest that,


yes, they are. Hull is experiencing something of a renaissance and the


figures speak for themselves. There has been ?1 billion worth of


investments or far and 60 million pounds boost to the city so far.


Visitor figures have been at an all-time high and they have


attracted important artists and exhibitions along with the likes of


West End musicals. They have made much of their role as a major port


and had this advice for Portsmouth. What I would say to Portsmouth


and what we learned, an awful lot of the world's history


was made on your waterfront and your communities were shaped


by what happened on your waterfront. And it's about celebrating that


and really projecting just what Portsmouth did and what Hull


has done for the world. Portsmouth must really no nail down


the details of that bed. We will hear in December which the winning


city is. -- the details of that bid. A row is brewing in Gosport over


the number of dogs a person should The Borough Council plans to impose


a limit of four by introducing a public space protection


order, or PSPO. That's the same type of measure used


to ban the drinking of alcohol or anti-social behaviour


in a public place. Elsewhere in the South,


very few councils actually set a limit on the number of dogs that


can be walked by one person. Though Adur in West Sussex has


set a maximum of six, Gosport Council claims the measure


will help deal with those who fail But there's anger amongst


some walkers and owners, Nushka, Buddy, Storm,


Mowgli and Polly, heading out on one But the pack may soon


have to be split up, with council plans to cut the number


of dogs that one person's allowed I'm quite upset because it feels


like the many are being I make a point, yes,


I've got five dogs, it doesn't mean They are very good dogs


and I do make sure I clean It's a walk in the park


for these five. But she's worried the change


could hurt her business. It's going to mean more petrol


costs, which means I'm going to have to increase the prices,


which I don't want to do. And then, obviously,


I won't get the clients because it is going to be too


expensive for them. Government guidance says the maximum


number of dogs per handler Well, I'm a dog owner


and I would have trouble walking with six dogs,


to be honest. I know of dog walkers


who walk half a dozen dogs What would you say to someone


who says you are interfering too We would rather everyone acted


in a responsible manner, but unfortunately, there are those


in the minority that always cause Anyone breaking the new rules


could face a ?100 fine. Jessica Parker, BBC


South Today, Gosport. We'll be back with bulletins in BBC


Breakfast tommorow morning, but now, here's Alexis Green


with your weather forecast. Soggy start tomorrow?


Rain is moving across the Atlantic as we speak. Through the course of


the night, after clear spells at first, cloud increases after


midnight and the rain moves in. It could become heavy by dawn tomorrow.


Particularly in the South coast. Temperatures tonight dropping to


around 5-6dC. Temperatures at the lowest during the first part of the


night. It is a soggy start tomorrow. Wet for the rush-hour drive to work.


The rain moves northwards slowly. The further east you are, the


likelier it is you will see dry conditions in the afternoon.


Temperatures reaching a high of ten - 11 Celsius. The breeze will be


strong with any rainfall that moves across the region tomorrow. Through


Saturday, tomorrow night, the Chans of thunderstorms. Saturday's cell


should be mainly dry. There could be some range owning the latter part of


the afternoon and evening and overnight into Sunday. This area of


low pressure starts to pull away. Rain tomorrow morning will clear


northwards slowly and make a return to parts of Dorset and Wiltshire


through the afternoon. Saturday should be mainly dry during


weekend, we have more rain in the forecast. Rain at times this


weekend, not all the time.


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