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Hello, good evening, I'm Tom Hepworth.


Shameful and an utter disgrace - a children's charity calls


on the Government to enforce its law on adults sexually grooming


I'd get text messages from him when my parents weren't home,


and he'd be driving round my street, trying to get me to go


And taking a look at the gig economy - a healthcheck


of live music is underway, here in the south.


It's a legal loophole the NSPCC has branded an "utter disgrace".


The charity has condemned the Government for not implementing


a law that was drawn up two years ago, to stop people


Tonight, we have the story of a 15-year-old girl


from Wiltshire, who was sent sexual messages by someone twice her age.


We've changed their names, Molly was targeted by Gavin


It was just pure innocence at the beginning.


He used just be like "How's your family, what you doing?"


And him telling me that his partner was in the bath, or asleep.


He's just being overly friendly, at the time, is what I thought.


I got up for school and I went downstairs and I loaded up my laptop


I just read the message and closed my laptop back down


I'd get text messages from him when my parents weren't home,


and he'd be driving round my street, trying to get me to go


I'd make an excuse that I was looking after my sisters.


One time it got so bad I had to crawl around on my bedroom floor


There are a lot of people out there that are having, like,


adults talk to them the way they shouldn't, online.


A lot more children could be protected from being groomed.


It does happen a hell of a lot more than anybody would want to admit.


The current grooming law only applies to people who meet


or try to meet a child with the intention of abusing them.


According to the NSPCC, the case of the former England


footballer Adam Johnson highlights what they call the flaw in the law.


He was convicted for sexual activity with a child, but the 800 sexual


messages he sent were not a criminal offence.


We have been waiting two years for this law to be available


for the police to use to protect children.


We have asked the MOJ to explain and asked if we can


help to alleviate any challenges they may be facing.


It is operational in Scotland and Northern Ireland.


We need it to be available to police to use in England and Wales


We asked the Government for an interview but they told us


no one was available, instead they sent a statement


saying they are looking to make an announcement


There are calls for the resignation of Surrey County Council leader


David Hodge tonight, after further twists


in the "sweetheart deal" allegations.


Documents released last night, revealed the fury of some MPs


who thought the council had been promised ?40 million of extra cash.


The documents obtained after a BBC Freedom of Information request,


detail extensive negotiations to allow the County Council to be


the first in the country, to keep all of its business rates.


But in Parliament today the Local Government Secretary


answered Labour's questions, by saying no deal was done.


The BBC has now published a letter from DCLG officials showing they did


in fact offer Surrey more cash in a unique deal.


Did the Secretary of State know about that letter


Surrey approached the department, as do many other councils before


a financial settlement asking for more money and they made


a request being considered for business rates retention plan


How to avoid mental health patients being arrested or taken to A


As we reported yesterday, that's the challenge


facing our police forces, but what's the solution?


South Today has been given exclusive access to some of the region's


mental health programmes aiming to give the right care,


Our home affairs correspondent Peter Cooke reports.


Reading street triage team links up a mental health worker and police


officer who attend emergency mental health calls.


The team advise those in need about finding suitable care and help


the avoid being taken into custody or hospital.


This man called 999, saying he was depressed


Yes, it does, but the thing is, when it goes away,


You know, the mental health problems.


Nobody knows what I'm going through, basically.


The scheme will soon be operating seven days a week.


It means that we can do some reviewing


We get some instant updates on the background


of people and it just gives us a sporting chance.


A team of mental health experts are on hand


at the Royal Berkshire Hospital to support them.


Elsewhere, the Isle of Wight runs a project called


Serenity Integrated Mentoring - a police officer working


with mental health professionals to reduce front-line costs,


achieved by supporting those who repeatedly rely on the police


Just a washed-up junkie with a mental health illness.


And I've got to be, by far, the worst service user for SIM.


Set up in 2014, it's already had a big impact in reducing


the number of people being sectioned.


There were times when we had up to 21 section 136s a month


and through the joint approach of both Steet Triage


and Serenity Integrated Mentoring we now have about four


Do we select officers who jus want to drive fast cars


and break down doors, or do we go for officers


with preventative, clinical, human...


more of that emphasis so they come into the service looking at justice


rather than outcome, and that is a massive


challenge but it starts with projects like ours.


Surrey Police is now planning to introduce the project.


A drunk driver who crashed into the River Medina, in Newport


on the Isle of Wight, has been given a suspended


CCTV footage shows 29-year-old Lucy Wilton's car careering


around Coppins Bridge, undertaking a vehicle, before


She will have to do 100 hours of community service,


and is disqualified from driving for almost three years.


It's being called a "springwatch for live music".


Tonight a census is under way to check up on the health


It's important to the night time economy and a vibrant part


of a town or city's culture, but are venues booming


That's what the researchers hope to find out in six cities including


Lewis Coombes is in Southampton for us tonight, how important


The Talking Heads venue here in Southampton is one


of Hampshire's best-loved music venues - described to me today


as the veins that breathe life to the local music scene -


allowing bands to learn their craft on the road,


Volunteers from Solent University have toured venues like this today


for the world's first Music Census looking to assess


If we get stronger data sets we can get the Government behind the


When they realise the importance of it, hopefully we can


get smaller venues recognised as arts centres and not just licensed


premises, whereby they just charged as a small business like everybody


They are very important in the ecosystem of live music.


The Talking Heads is a case in point - on the verge of closure at it's


previous site nearby, in Portswood - a public campaign to keep it open


saw two local businessmen take over and move the business here.


But it's not getting any easier - business rates for many


are going up, which, it's feared, could force many


If we change the name to the Talking Heads Theatre


We offer live performances of comedy, poetry,


everything you can think of that a theatre does.


So I don't see why we should be treated differently and be


cut off from the funding which I know is available.


With big stadium tours and festivals, live music now earns


the music industry more money than recording revenues.


But it's the small venues that serve as the training ground


It's something a little bit different from the normal going to


the pub, clubbing, it's more chilled out, going to a gig, see some live


They're not only important for the local musical


industry but there are important for the local economy as well.


They bring people together and they bring


the community together, and they bring everyone, on a happy vibe,


The census runs until midday tomorrow, with volunteers charting


everything from "lone buskers to pub gigs to stadium concerts"


and there's a nationwide online survey that runs until May.


That's how its looking tonight, thanks for being there.


We'll be back with bulletins in BBC Breakfast tomorrow


morning but first Alexis is here with your regional


in Ohio 16 Celsius widely across the region. Tomorrow there will be clear


spells at with increasing cloud temperatures will rise. Under the


clearing skies we could see a low of around three Celsius. Increasing


cloud tomorrow morning, patchy rain, the cloud will start to engulf much


of the region and we will see a lot of low cloud, perhaps mist and fog,


temperatures reaching ten to 11 Celsius with light winds. There will


be a good deal of cloud tomorrow night and during the early hours of


Saturday. Some clear spells but Saturday should be mainly dry. It is


the better day of the weekend. Still a lot of cloud but we are expecting


some bright and sunny spells during the afternoon. The next weather


front moves in from the West on Sunday. We are still uncertain as to


the time of the rain on Sunday but there will be some rain in the


middle of the day. A lot of cloud over the next few days. Rain


expected on Sunday. Tomorrow and Saturday


day. On Sunday, cloudier, maybe spots of rain.


Good evening, in the spring sunshine we saw temperatures as high as 17.5


Celsius. Not as warm or Sonning on Friday. Still a lot of dry, settled


weather in the forecast for the next few days. This was the sunset


captured by one of our Weather Watchers. Clear skies there. We have


had increasing amounts of cloud moving in from the West. Through the


remainder of tonight we will continue to see that cloud across


the south-west of England, the Channel Isles, weaving in across


Wales, Northern Ireland and western Scotland. Bringing with it some


outbreaks of drizzly rain, particularly around the coast and


the hills. Further east, clear skies and the coldest temperatures. We are


likely to see frost across eastern parts of Scotland by Friday morning.


The west of Scotland will see the cloud moving in, bringing spots of


light, drizzly rain. A similar picture for Northern Ireland. Fairly


cloudy and grey. A bit of hill


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