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The Prime Minister denies the government struck a secret deal


A big increase in the number of people with mental health


problems left at A as fewer are sent to police cells.


And after the gloom of today, spring will certainly be back


I'll have your full forecast later in the programme.


Jeremy Corbyn has again demanded that the government tells the truth


over what he alleges was a "sweetheart deal" struck


The Labour leader's described correspondence obtained today


Emails shows the government promised the council it


would not be any worse off, if it agreed to scrap


controversial plans to increase council tax by 15%.


Our political editor's been following developments.


What is the latest? These explosive documents Jeremy Corbyn is talking


about were obtained far information request by the BBC, put online this


evening by Surrey County Council. We knew they lobbied hard to get more


cash, threatening a referendum on the 15% rise. And with so many


senior ministers in the in the county the suspicion has been they


were given favourable treatment, that is what Jeremy Corbyn put to


the Prime Minister today at Prime Minister 's questions. Could the


Prime Minister explain the difference between a sweetheart deal


and a gentleman's agreement? The substance of what he's asking is has


there been a particular deal with Surrey County Council that isn't


available to other councils? And the answer to that is no. So, these


letters released tonight make it clear the council leader was pulling


every string he could to try to get more money. He wrote to the Prime


Minister asking her to support a plan for more cash, saying... It


does look from these documents are deal was being drafted. An offer to


allow them to be the first council piloting 100% business rates


retention. Whatever happens, you won't be worse off. That deal hasn't


gone through partly because they were worried about the way it would


look with so many conservatives in the area, and that's frustrated


Surrey's MPs. One MP wrote... What is the government saying


tonight? They say we discuss all sorts of things with councils of all


types. But Labour are saying Theresa May needs to come clean, we need


full disclosure of the terms and reassurance all councils will be


treated the same way, they say, not just the lucky few who are favoured.


Thank you. The Chancellor Phillip Hammond


had to follow that row at Prime Minister's Questions


with his budget. By most reckoning, it was modest,


with no major surprises. Business rates have been


revalued this year. Those that stood to lose out


are being promised extra cash. And one particular industry


got a small boost. That's why our reporter


Sean Killick is in a pub. Good evening. This pub was taken


over by husband-and-wife team three years ago. They've transformed this


place. They have got the title of Worthing Pub of the year. Successful


businesses like this one I worried about the business rates. The


average restaurant in Worthing is seeing a 13% increase. Next door in


shawm, there's a 13% decrease. The Chancellor tried to smooth over such


problems announcing those losing out would have the increases capped at


?50 a month. He also announced ?1000 one-off discount in the business


rates, especially for pubs. The landlady here, what's your reaction


here? It's lovely they are giving us ?1000 but when they are increasing


your taxable rates every year, like last year and this year, ?1000 is a


drop in the ocean. It isn't enough, but it is better than nothing but it


isn't going to make a huge difference to anybody. You're also


concerned about the National Insurance increase. It is a bit of a


double whammy for you. Being self-employed, ours is going to


increase. 80% of our customers are all self-employed so they won't have


the money to come to the pub which will affect more pubs, closing down


and not being able to afford these rates. Unless money to spend,


potentially. Thank you. There was some good news for publicans such as


engine. The beer duty isn't going to go up more than the planned


increase, which is to be on a pint of beer.


Another of Phillip Hammond's announcements was an extra


?2 billion for social care but also money to help next winter by putting


more GPs into accident and emergency departments for patients who don't


That scheme's already been trialled in Portsmouth.


I asked our Health correspondent how if it was working.


It's been going pretty well, actually, Tom.


They've had a GP next to the A Department here


They come in at ten o'clock in the morning, they work


until ten o'clock at night, seven days a week,


and they are looking after patients who are not emergencies,


so they're caring for things like colds, sprains,


It might not sound like much but I think it does take


a lot of the pressure off the A departments.


The Chancellor clearly thinks so because he is committing


?100 million to schemes like this all over the country.


Is the extra ?2 billion for social care going to be enough?


How to get these elderly patients, who are in hospital beds,


out and home safely, and what's usually stopping them,


of course, is the lack of proper social care.


And today health charity said that although the money was welcome,


the problem was so huge it probably wouldn't solve it.


We've seen huge reductions in the number of people particularly


vulnerable older people who can't get care, and that is impacting


Many of them are low income pensioners, living on their own,


Of course, it's not just about the money.


Something like 24 authorities are responsible for more than half


of the so-called bed blockers in the country.


So, clearly, some authorities do a better job than others and I think


the government and the health service are going to be looking very


closely at those authorities to see how they can improve.


South Today has discovered mental health patients are being placed


into overstretched A departments, as police crack down on the number


locked up in the cells for their own safety.


Across the south, there's been a big fall in those


held in police custody, down by more than 800 in two years.


But the numbers taken to casualty or mental health units rose by more


Guidelines state patients should only be brought


to hospitals by police if they have a physical injury.


Our home affairs correspondent Peter Cooke reports.


Strained, stressed, a system under pressure.


A departments say they are increasing resources


to deal with a rise in mental health patients.


Police forces say custody isn't a suitable place for those people


but often there aren't enough places in mental health units so emergency


The emergency departments have become the default setting


because the police are under a lot of pressure to not detain


mental-health patients in cells, which is fine, but there hasn't been


consistent commissioning across the country to provide


Surrey police now provide facilities called safe havens for people


experiencing a mental health crisis but admit A is sometimes


We also recognise that shifting the demand from custody to a place


of safety to A Department isn't always helping the person in crisis.


In 2014, Barry Branden's wife Martine was arrested for carrying


a knife in easterly and died in Southampton custody


And Independent Police Complaints investigation found four staff had


committed misconducts linked to the case.


The rules at the time said if she had a weapon,


she had to be arrested and not taken to a place of safety,


which is what the police commissioner said at the inquest,


that, you know, it would have been dealt with differently if they'd


The government says one in four people has a mental disorder at some


point in their life, and has promised more funding


But mental health trusts in England say they are still


We're back with a bulletin tomorrow morning. Now, Sarah Farmer is here


with your forecast. It has been a damp and dreary day today. We've


still got some patchy rain through the course of this evening and


tonight but it should clear through and by tomorrow things are looking


more promising. That rain tends to come and go, not too heavy, and


there will be drier spells, particularly the further north you


are. Overnight temperatures down to 8-9, so a mild night on the cards.


It looks like it'll be a dry starred first thing tomorrow morning. That's


rain band nudging away and we will see some bright spells into the


afternoon. And nice bright spells particularly the further north you


are. Temperatures 12th - 14, possibly 15, so doing very well for


this time of year. As we look ahead to Friday, we will start to see the


cloud building from the south-west as we work our way through the


mourning period and it'll be quite grey and damp with misty and murky


conditions at times, perhaps some light rain and drizzle coming and


going with a few breaks in the cloud are generally quite acquired


picture, nothing too heavy to worry about. Let's take a look at the


summary for the next few days. Tomorrow, fine, a decent day,


cloudier on the coast and the Isle of Wight but further inland, some


good brightness. A gloomy day on outlook, staying mild and Nick has


the bigger picture across the UK. Hello. Spring is in the air with


temperatures reaching 14 or 15 in a few spots today as they will again


over the next few days. Very pleasant in the sun. The daffodils


were loving that in York. More places under blue sky tomorrow and


dry. Tonight heavy showers moving across Scotland on strong to gale


force winds, some may clip Northern Ireland. It's a mild night in


southern England and South Wales but damp and drizzly, misty with coastal


and hill fog elsewhere. Temperatures in between and dry: This damp


weather hangs on from parts of the Channel Islands, to Cornwall.


Elsewhere, it's getting brighter in South Wales and southern England. In


England, Wales and Northern Ireland some sunny spells around from the


word go. The further north there is a stronger wind initially. Showers


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