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Arsenal in Europe. Natalie thank you very much again at the Emirates


Stadium. Natalie Hello, good evening,


I'm Tom Hepworth. What did go on behind closed


doors at Surrey Council? Tonight the government's


responded to a secret And the thugs who attacked a couple


on a train who'd been Detectives say they were set


upon just for being gay. The Government has repeated


its message tonight that there was no special deal


for Surrey County Council and that the authority will not


receive any extra funding. It comes after we revealed a secret


recording of Surrey's Conservative council leader David Hodge


describing the negotiations he had with government ministers prior


to calling off the referendum on a 15 percent


council tax increase. Labour called it "a sweetheart deal"


- Downing street claim But in a meeting with his own


councillors Mr Hodge tells them he has written assurances


and recordings of Our Political Editor Peter Henley


has this exclusive report. Surrey Conservatives


were in rebellious mood when they met to decide their budget


last month, threatening to put up council tax by 15% to cover


rising costs and cuts Then suddenly they found


they did not need so much, leaked texts revealed


that the leader David Hodge had been The Prime Minister denied this


when the Labour leader ambushed her during Prime Minister's


Questions. How much did the government offer


Surrey to kill this off? I made clear to the right


honourable gentleman, what has been made available


to every council which is Now however BBC South has obtained


a recording of the meeting at which the Surrey leader tried


to assure his councillors that the government


had heard their pleas. I want an assurance


that they will not put what I'm Then he spells out their


high-level contacts. A series of conversations took place


with the Secretary of State for Local Government in his car


outside Number 10 Downing Street, looking for assurances,


looking for clarification, looking for help, basically of how


we could stop a referendum. Finally he talks about the need


to call this a gentleman's agreement although he says he has recordings


and something in writing. What I call a gentleman's agreement,


that the Conservative are not honoured, we will have


to revisit this in nine months or a year's time and if we do,


let me assure you, you will have to drag me kicking and screaming not


to go for a referendum next year. He concludes saying if extra cash


is not found for next year, "you will have to drag me kicking


and screaming from calling A little earlier I asked Peter how


Councillor David Hodge responded He is still hoping that the


Chancellor will announce extra money for Syria and he says every leader


if they are good at their job will always have these conversations to


try and get a better deal. He talks about the word deal, it is the one


thing he was telling his councillors that they must not tell people and I


asked him if he was angry that this seemed to have been leaked and he


said I am a politician, I do not get annoyed by Labour are very annoyed


and they say that this proves that someone is not


telling the truth. What we know is that David Hodge was clear that the


deal was done and he said that to his group. We note that the


Chancellor according to him was in on the deal and we know there is at


least something in writing as a result of this transcript. In


Surrey, the Liberal Democrat opposition are most concerned that


they do not know the state of finances for the county. The leader


of the council refers to a referendum next year and a council


tax referendum has been debated in Surrey recently and there was huge


opposition to a council tax referendum and a large increase in


council tax of 15% and I am surprised and horrified that the


leader of the council is still talking about this. And tonight we


have heard from the Department for Communities and Local Government


headed by Sajid Javid and they have slapped down David Hodge quite hard,


to imply that there was a special deal for Surrey, they said, is


simply untrue. We will find out if they are still getting their money


or not. What is the chance that the Chancellor might announce extra


funding for local government in the budget tomorrow? Local government


are crying out for it for social care and I would be surprised if


there was not money for some people and people


will cry it is unfair but there will be money for schools, we are looking


at that possibly coming to the south and for smoothing business rates as


well. Some of that is about local authority finance and it is very


much in the focus at the moment. A gay couple who were viciously


attacked by a gang of men on a train from Reading say they're now afraid,


to travel by rail. It happened on Valentine's Day, with


horrified passengers calling police. Images have now been released


of the men police want to speak to. They knocked these two teeth down


here out and I had a lot of bruising and cuts all around my face


and you had a lot of bruising around Phil and his boyfriend, Spinek,


had fallen asleep on a train home after celebrating Valentine's Day


in Reading when they were set One guy came up and said something


nasty to us and I just said, leave I think they didn't


like me lying on Spinek. I was laid over him and I think


that is what caused the issue. Police have now released


these images of four men they want to speak to in connection


with the incident. They got off the train


at Ealing Broadway moments At the moment I am just a bit scared


to go out in the evening. I try to look where I am


sitting and who is coming. So many things in the world,


bad things happening, why people are picking on people


because of their sexuality, I'm glad police have those images,


because it makes people aware of what they look like in case


they see them, contact the police. In the championship Reading


held top of the table Our sports editor Tony Husband


is there for us now, It was not a bad game but not a


classic. It was goalless, Reading's biggest home crowd of the season.


They saw drama in the first minute when Lewis Grabban and headed just


wide and then drama right at the finale when Gareth McCleary hit the


woodwork with virtually the last woodwork with virtually the last


kick of the game, in between that, Newcastle showed why they are top of


the league, they had a number of chances, but I think jab stamp will


be pleased with the result. A big win tonight for a Brighton after two


successive defeats, they needed three points, they got them at


Rotherham. A boost to Albion's automatic promotion hopes but it


could have been more. Two players were denied in the first half but


after the break, the ball was driven past Lewis Price to make it 1-0 and


then an excellent strike made it two with ten minutes remaining. Vital


points for the seagulls. A look at the Championship table shows the


Brighton have close the gap on Newcastle, Huddersfield won this


evening keeping up the pressure and leaf strewn with Fulham and Reading


have a 7-point buffer down to seventh place. Good news from League


2, Portsmouth are finally into the top three and the automatic


promotion places. They won at Crawley. After a battle against


crew-macro, Portsmouth looked every inch the promotion candidates this


evening. They had to be patient to break the deadlock which came in the


second half after all and Dora's penalty was saved, Burgess headed in


the corner. The seem to be only one winner from the corner and there


that made the game safe with a strike from the edge of the box 19


minutes from the end. That could be a really significant


night in the League 2 promotion race, a victory for Portsmouth and


we will have goals and reaction from all these matches in tomorrow night


's programme. Back to you. That's all from the South Today


news team this evening. We're back tomorrow with bulletins


in BBC Breakfast and there's more Here is our regional


weather forecast... It is looking like it could be a wet


Wednesday. It is and that wet weather is with us already working


its way in from the worst continuing on its journey east overnight


tonight. Some drizzle but heavier pulses as it works its way right


across our patch. Temperature wise, lows of six or seven, but those


temperatures will begin to climb as we head towards dawn so by the time


we wake up first thing on weapons to morning, perhaps nine or 10 degrees


to get the day started. Albeit wet and one at times, we will see


breaks in the wet weather, it will tend to come and go through the


course of the day, nor other parts of the region faring best, possibly


a glimmer or two of rain on Saturday. The national


picture now from Nick Miller. It looks like next week high


pressure will become a player again in our weather, settling things down


for some of us for a time but until then it is low-pressure, rain moving


across the UK overnight but not wet all the time. Many of us at a fine


day today, this was at you from West Yorkshire and Yorkshire and northern


England and Northern Ireland will farewell tomorrow, after this


frontal system has pushed on through the UK with rain. But as it does, it


introduces milder air so for the rest of the week we will have


temperatures widely into double figures. Back to the here and now


and that rain which has been like an


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