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And we will ask why so many more people over the age of 65 are


And you're watching Saturday. Coming getting married these


And you're watching Saturday. Coming up, light at the end of the tunnel


for southern commuters. The drivers union and management hammer out a


fresh deal. And carry on cruising, more people are taking a cruise than


the average age is coming down. Can the meeting capitalise further on a


booming industry? Hampshire Police have questioned


a 64-year-old man from Southampton as part of an investigation


into historical abuse in football. The man who cannot be


named for legal reasons has been interviewed


by officers under caution. Our reporter Anjana Gadgil


has more details. Hampshire Police confirmed


it was investigating historical abuse in football


in November last year. Now the force says it has questioned


a 64-year-old man from Southampton. The man, who attended voluntarily


for questioning earlier this week, has been interviewed under caution


in a police custody suite. In a statement today the force said


this was part of a significant and complex investigation


being undertaken by specialist officers from Hampshire's


major crime team. Since last year, forces


across the country have launched investigations into historical abuse


in football and hundreds of alleged Hampshire Police says


it is still encouraging victims of any abuse to contact the force


or the NSPCC. A new deal to end a dispute by train


drivers has been agreed between Southern Railway


and the Aslef union. Six days of strike action


in recent months have How hopeful should


the most beleagured passengers We're basically back


to where we were a month ago. Remember then, on that occasion,


Southern Rail's parent company Govia Thameslink Railway reached


an agreement with the union over the issue making drivers responsible


for safety on trains and changing the role of guards, only to see


drivers unexpectedly reject a deal brokered


by their own union. The margin wasn't large,


55% against, and the two sides have been talking ever since to find


a way of bringing a majority GTR director Andy Bindon said


he was pleased with the deal and hoped it would end,


in a statement adding, "It's been an extraordinarily


difficult period for passengers, staff and the regional economy


and we are glad we've found a way What details have emerged


about the revised agreement? But it's likely to include further


improvements to CCTV monitoring systems drivers use when closing


the train doors. The dispute is over GTR's decision


to turn guards into on-board supervisors and give responsibility


for opening and closing Some of Southern's


300,000 passengers gave I don't know if I believe it. They


have said so many times they are doing this and that and they don't


keep their promises. We are all fed up. I think all parties should sort


it out, months ago. I'm not feeling hopeful but fingers crossed, I hope


that people like me who have been waiting, I cannot get a hold my


breath. What is the timescale


for next developments? Members will be balloted


on the proposals. The result of the vote will be


announced on three April. Passengers will be crossing


their fingers that this time the deal will be strong


enough to stick. Worth adding, the separate


year-long strike by guards Some encouraging news


for the port of Southampton. The number of people taking cruise


holidays is up again, Almost half the two-million British


people who now cruise choose Our transport correspondent


Paul Clifton reports Our love affair with


cruise ships is thriving. The British cruise industry has


grown by 50% in ten years. The last new ships were P's


flagship Britannia, named by the Queen, and the latest


offering from Royal Caribbean, which brings one of the world's


biggest ships for the summer season. But the number of people who choose


to start their holidays from a British port,


usually Southampton, is rising three times faster


than the number who fly off Almost two million British


holiday-makers And the average age


is getting a little younger - Royal Caribbean in particular has


spent billions on ships that Southampton-based P Cruises


has done much the same. And we are taking more


foreign holidays as Partly cruising is about paying


in Stirling, no need to worry about Partly it is about


avoiding increasingly And partly it is about


value for money. I think we are seeing


some holidays decisions made around the Valley of the lb,


and we are seeing people who might travel to Europe may be trading down


in the length of time they would go for, so they will still


spend the same amount I think what cruises


allow people to do is budget ahead, they know


what they're going to pay


for the holiday, items they might want,


their insurance, drinks, so they can A cruise costs typically


?70 to ?90 a day, that is about the same


as a But you get meals and


entertainment included. Southampton has two thirds


of the cruise market. Each time a large ship


docks it pumps ?2 million into the regional economy,


firms supplying food and drink, taxis, coaches


and hotels all benefit. Earlier I asked professor


John Fletcher from Bournemouth University, how the south


could further capitalise on an industry that's predicted


to grow by nearly a third over To some extent it is linking


the destinations along the south coast around Southampton


so that they are more visible when people


are arriving, either to go on their cruise ship, when they return from


their cruise, so if they want to stay and go and explore other areas


around the southern region. With the low-level of


the pound as it is at the moment, are we starting to see


people from abroad flying over to Yes, there is an element of


that. We should be capitalising on that


while we can because a lot of the things that fuel the cruise


ships including fuel will suffer inflation pressures precisely


because of the fall in the pound, so you would expect prices


to go back up again, so there will be a window


of opportunity where prices are Should Southampton be


worried about Liverpool? One of the attractions


of Southampton would be the add-on when people come over


to do their shopping in London, particularly visitors from


the Middle East, they can do their shopping and they may come down


to Southampton to go But they should be worried


in terms of the competition of the smoothness, the quality


of the experience of cruise ship passengers, because we are all


after the same market. Where do you see the future


of the cruise industry going? They are trying to capitalise


and capture some of that ?1 trillion spending from the millennials around


there, so you see cruise ships now with neighbourhoods,


sporting activities, they become the This is really interesting


for the south, because if they can attract


the younger audience, these are precisely the sort of people


who will explore farther around the south coast and come out


to Bournemouth, New Forest, or over towards Portsmouth, so by attracting


younger people they are likely Reading's carnival


will return this year. The event attracts more than 10,000


people but hasn't taken place for three years


because of a lack of Now a new team has been


awarded financial support from the National Lottery


to bring it back in May. There's a lot of history stored


in Reading and there's a lot of passion and feeling that's


attached to Carnival. It's something that belongs


to our communities that we're inviting everybody


into and opening out. So we're really proud


to be hosting it. And we're really


looking forward to it. That's how its looking tonight,


thanks for being there. We'll be back with bulletins


tomorrow in bbc breakfast. But first here's Alexis


with your weather forecast. we are very foggy out there, in many


places. The blog is moving inland along the coast and it is quite


thick. A lot of mist and fog overnight, a lot of clout as well.


Clear skies initially for many places particularly not Berkshire


will have clear skies do much of the night, then the clout and fog will


increase and temperatures will fall away to around seven or eight


Celsius, so quite a mild night. A grey day tomorrow, contrast to the


sunny conditions of the day. One to brighter spells also to the


afternoon the chance of light rain. A lot of dry weather as well,


temperatures were reached a high of ten or 11 Celsius. Tomorrow evening


and overnight, a cold front moves to Andy at the hide it will be a lot


fresher, we gusty the wind increases because of Friday. Bright and sunny


start on Friday, but downhill quickly with strengthening westerly


wind and outbreaks of rain arriving through Friday afternoon. There was


stay with us to enter Saturday. To do the weekend it turned on saddle,


after a spell of dry weather over the last few weeks. Tomorrow we will


have a lot of clout, one or two brighter spells and highs of 11


Celsius, rain arriving later on been. The outlook, rain around, if


it stays dry I will be surprised. Here is Nick with the national


headlines. For large parts of Wales and England


there was blue sky and warmth. Warmest day of the year, a clumsy


way of saying the UK had


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