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Shortage of key personnel could push aircraft carriers over ?12 billion.


And social care funding. No one one can say that Windsor and Maidenhead


has ten times more adult care issues that Wokingham. The Prime Minister


's local council getting ten times as much as its neighbour.


There are fresh concerns tonight over bringing Portsmouth's


It's been confirmed the first sailing of HMS Queen Elizabeth has


already been put back three months because of technical issues.


And the government's spending watchdog, the National Audit Office,


is worried there could be further delays which could lead


The Royal Navy is getting big new aircraft carriers, new F35 jets,


And it's got to get them working together seamlessly before


the aircraft carriers can be deployed on operations.


It's a long gap we've had without carriers.


We've been very lucky that something hasn't happened in the world


where we need them, because they are crucially important


to our maritime power, to our joint capability,


The National Audit Office says the next three years will be


critical to establishing the carrier's strike capability.


It says the Navy has a very long to-do list,


Because of a shortage of engineers, warfare specialists and aircrew


there's a compressed trials and training programme,


The bill for the two aircraft carriers and the new jets


If you don't deliver on time, the cost keeps going up,


Time is a very important part of the whole equation.


Figures published in January showed the Navy has a significant shortage


The Navy needs 6,940 for it's ships and submarines,


The Navy are very conscious that we have a shortage


That's one of the reason why their backing university


technical colleges, to get those engineering skills.


But they're also recruiting people who have left the Navy


to come back in again, and looking at other areas


The National Audit Office says the introduction of the new aircraft


carriers will fundamentally change how the Navy works,


with large numbers of sailors required for the carriers


Building the new aircraft carriers and getting them


into service is a very, very complicated project.


Today the National Audit Office said the Royal Navy is making good


progress but there are still those big doubts about whether


HMS Queen Elizabeth and her aircraft will be ready for initial deployment


Today no one from the Ministry of Defence


In a statement they said that the introduction


of the new carriers will transform the UK's ability to project


They also say that HMS Queen Elizabeth will be delivered


to the Royal Navy as planned later this year.


A terminally-ill pensioner who was involved in 40-hour


stand-off with armed police in West Sussex has been spared jail,


after a judge heard he has a year to live.


73-year-old Terry Bridger shut himself in his home in Pagham


after an argument with his wife last August.


During prolonged negotiations with police he threatened


Today, the court heard he has lung cancer and could die


in prison if he was given a custodial sentence.


It was supposed to be a lifeline for councils struggling to meet


the bill for a growing population, the Chancellor announcing an extra


?2 billion for social care over the next three years.


The biggest amount in the region goes to Hampshire, the largest


The Isle of Wight, one of our smallest unitary authorities,


But Berkshire councils don't do so well, and the ?300,000


for Wokingham is the second lowest in England.


Privately some fear the council is paying the price for not


making more of a fuss about previous funding cuts.


Residents at this Wokingham care home enjoy a performance


For this group with dementia, it's vital stimulation.


It's definitely something you can't do on the cheap.


We are an organisation that likes to be competitive


in our terms and conditions, and pay our workers


a reasonable rate of pay for doing it very hard job.


The news that the government was giving extra help


for adult social care in the budget was welcomed.


But one local resident and Prime Minister Theresa May's


constituency over the border in Windsor and Maidenhead gets


almost ?1.4 million this year, Wokingham will


In fact, nearly everywhere in England is getting


Following on from being the lowest funded authority in the country,


the lowest funded educational authority in the country,


we'll now be the lowest funded adult social care in the country.


It's going to mean severe constraints on what we want to do


to give our adults in the borough of the quality of life


While Wokingham may not be known as a poverty hotspot,


Windsor and Maidenhead, too, has some, shall we say,


So the gulf between the help it's getting and what's been offered


to Wokingham, has left many, not least the council,


wondering how the figures were massaged to arrive


In a statement the Department of Communities and Local Government


told us "The ?2 billion additional funding for adult social care


"announced at the Budget will be largely allocated in the same way


"as funding for the improved Better Care Fund.


"Some regions like Greater Manchester have


councils to manage health and social care budgets.


Earlier I asked Professor Tony Travers from the London School


of Economics whether this should be be extended to all


Certainly in the distant historical past they did,


and there's no reason why councils, local government, couldn't


have a bigger role in running NHS type care, and indeed it would allow


greater bringing together of funding for the NHS with funding for, say,


adult social care and children's social care, which are often really


Would this reduce inefficiencies and make savings, or would it


Well, it would almost certainly do both because at the moment


there is effectively an artificial barrier between the way the NHS


gets its money and the way councils get their money for social care,


but they are very different systems, different regimes.


The NHS, frankly, is more generously funded and if these resources


were brought together and the rules for delivering services were more


similar you could certainly get a more efficient service


but certainly as far as the public are concerned they don't care


who runs these things but they just want a good, efficient service


Why isn't that happening more already then?


Well, because on the one hand government ministers who feel


responsible for the NHS are very unwilling to cede control or do


anything that suggests that the government isn't directly


responsible for the NHS, and on the other hand


councils run social care, they have done for many, many years,


and for them too it is something that they deliver and relatively


efficiently deliver so each has got an empire to defend.


I'm not saying that that's the only reason that it can't be done.


Bringing it together could be achieved, but it's very difficult


at the moment because they are in different funding regimes


and different political control, the NHS and the local government.


Would it make sense for it to work the other way round,


for the NHS to take responsiblilty for social care?


I think there is almost zero chance that the NHS or central government


would take responsibility for funding social care


because social care is extremely difficult, the downside risks


are enormous and frankly would cost central government a great deal more


money than the way it's done at the moment, through local


so I would say a near zero chance of that happening.


Five non executive directors at Southern Health have resigned


ahead of a big change in the way the Trust works, expected to be


The mental health trust has been reviewing its services.


It said it's leadership must change to meet the future needs


We'll be back with bulletins tomorrow in BBC Breakfast.


But first here's Alexis with your weather forecast.


Thank you. We are looking at the possibility of some light rain


initially this evening, but it was clear in the early hours of the


morning and it will be followed by clear skies so temperatures will


fall away in the countryside to perhaps two or three Celsius. These


are temperatures in towns and cities. Lots of sunshine on offer


first thing tomorrow. In the latter part of the evening we see the cloud


increase from the West and an increasing westerly breeze. It will


bring in milder conditions. Milder day tomorrow with a high of ten or


12. It should stay mainly dry in daylight hours were dry and sunny


spells. Tomorrow evening the cloud will thicken further and will have


liked and patchy rain at times through tomorrow evening and


overnight. A chance of light and patchy rain on Saturday, more likely


in the west of the country, but it could dressed further east, brought


in on the brisk wind. That will be the key feature of the next few


days, brisk wind from the West drawing in some mild air from the


Atlantic. Over the weekend we are expecting quite cloudy conditions


with brighter spells here and there and the Chancellor patchy rain at


times. Rain more likely on Sunday here and there.


double figures. Through the weekend there will be rain around, most


occurring overnight. Good evening, quite a range of


whether an offer earlier today in the north and north-west of the UK


quite a lot of showers around, lively ones, little bit of sunshine


in between. The best of the sunshine to be found at the other end of the


country towards the south-east in Kent, lovely picture here from one


of our weather watchers. A range of temperatures, too. 17 degrees for a


few, on the other side of the weather front, only seven or 8


degrees. Showers in the north and west. The fresh air will win out


over tonight coming in behind the cold front, which isn't bringing


much rain but it will bring some, clearing away towards the continent,


cold air following behind, as do the showers. Wintry weather over the


hills in northern Scotland. A much colder night than it has been


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