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Good evening, I'm Jo Kent. for the news where you are.


Seven special schools in Southampton are facing a funding cut


The parents of the children who go to them and the teachers who work


They're worried the children who have complex needs will suffer


because vital staff and services could be lost.


Pop your head back a minute. Good boy, thank you.


Abi Simper gets her son George ready for school,


confident that when he's there he's safe and happy.


The seven-year-old from Southampton has a variety of complex


physical and medical needs and Rosewood Free School caters


Knowing that he's going somewhere where he enjoys and they can


accommodate his care levels is a lifeline for us really.


If there wasn't a place for him, I'm not sure what we'd do.


But Rosewood is one of seven special schools in the city facing


In April their funding is being slashed by ?2.9 million


forcing major changes in the classroom.


The likelihood is that we will go up to class sizes of eight.


That would be similar to asking a reception mainstream class to go


We would be pushed towards a situation where we would be


processing children rather than supporting, caring for


The Cabinet member for Education and Skills


at Southampton City Council told us no decision has yet been made.


"I asked the Secretary of State for Education to provide sufficient


funding for schools and have invited her to come


to Southampton to see the effects of the Government's cash freeze


But the Department for Education says it has already allocated


the council an extra ?1.1 million for special education.


The issue will be discussed at a meeting on Tuesday where staff


here hope to stop the city's most vulnerable children


A young girl who suffered life changing injuries in a car


accident which was caused by a Hampshire County Council


vehicle is to receive record compensation which could


The girl, who can't be identified, was sitting in a stationary car


near Winchester when the van drove into the back of it.


Earlier our reporter Edward Sault explained


Hampshire County Council admitted liability and they will pay


a lump sum of ?9 million, but with added costs over


the course of the years by the time this girl is 70,


In a statement from London's High Court,


the judge said today, "I have no doubt that the family


would sacrifice every penny to turn the clock back to before


the accident and I have no hesitation in agreeing


that this settlement is in her best interests."


So Ed, what has Hampshire County Council said?


Well, they weren't prepared to put anyone up for a television


interview, but tonight we got a statement from them.


They said, "The county council wishes to sincerely apologise


They've worked with the family's legal representatives and our


It has got legal commentators talking tonight who admit that this


A local authority like Hampshire employs a large number of staff.


Some of those drive vehicles, others operate machinery,


accidents happen and if it's the responsibility of the council


employee then the council usually has to pay.


In this case, it was settled and all the judge did


What it means is that people who live in Hampshire,


through their payment to the local authority, are supporting this


little girl, woman as she will be for the rest of her life.


Ed, do we know any more about the girl involved?


Jo, court orders mean we can't identify her,


but the court was told how she was under ten


They heard how she wanted to be a vet, but how those


The court heard as a result of the incident she will never be


speak, walk independently or use her arms again.


Conductors in the RMT union have announced another strike


It will be on 4th April, the day after drivers at the same


company decide whether to accept a deal to operate some


services without a second member of staff on board.


It will be the 31st day of strike action since


This week the drivers' union, Aslef, reached agreement


with Southern Railway over new working arrangements,


and balloting on that deal started today.


Several of the Royal Navy's lynx helicopters took to the skies today


The helicopters, which have been in service for more than 40 years,


are due to be retired at the end of the month.


Taking off from their base at Yeovilton, they flew over sites


After a quick stop at base, they travelled along


the South Coast, on to London and back across country.


Our reporter Laurence Herdman watched on from their


Airborne for one final time, a diamond formation matching


Everything meticulous just as it always has been.


The joy of this aircraft, it does a little bit of everything.


So load lifting, winching, it has got weaponry both anti-submarine


It's the eye in the sky. It's search and rescue.


From the waters of the South Atlantic to the sands


of the Persian Gulf, the lynx has flown its colours


It seemed everyone wanted to share the milestone.


We've got a wonderful helicopter they served our country


for 41 years, you have to say farewell to it.


It maybe goodbye to the lynx from Portland as it disappears over


the horizon, but exciting new adventures becon.


In football, Reading have moved up to fourth


in the Championship tonight, following a win at top-six rivals


Yann Kermorgant put the Royals ahead early in the first half,


with Adrian Popa doubling their score with a last minute goal


Several match winning saves from Ali Al Habsi meant the Royals


took away a clean sheet as well as three points in the race


That's all from the South Today news team this evening.


Well, sunshine in short supply over the next few days. And after a


cloudy day today, things stay cloudy through tonight and the winds will


pick up too. So the cloud building over the coming hours and under the


cloudy skies temperatures not at all chilly. We are look at lows of eight


or nine Celsius. Just the chance perhaps of the odd spit or spot of


rain, but most places staying dry. Tomorrow, dawns breezy and cloudy


and that cloud is going to stick around all day. Again, the chance of


the odd spit or spot of rain, but most places staying dry and under


the cloudy skies, highs reach 13 Celsius. But you will notice that


very brisk westerly wind. Looking ahead to the next few days. Tomorrow


is dry, cloudy and mild. Sunday continues cloudy and mild, but we


could see some rain later on in the day and for Monday, it's a cool,


cloudy prospect with showers. Those winds still strong.


it is rather breezy. Now for the national outlook.


It was quite a wet day across many northern and western parts of the


UK. This was the view in Lancashire not so long ago. For the weekend we


are looking to see further rain, all coming from the west, so the further


east you are, it should be drier. It will be quite a windy weekend for


all parts. The radar from earlier today showing quite a bit of rain


across the North and west. The only rain across the East has been light


and patchy, but heavy bursts further west. The satellite sequence shows


cloud over the UK at the moment. Plenty more cloud over the Atlantic,


and it's heading our way, most of it rain bearing. Tomorrow night, still


wet for most areas. Snow over the hills of Scotland, not much rain in


the east, but still some. With the crowd and breeze, temperatures kept




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