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Hello, good evening. I'm Tom Hepworth.


Dashcam footage of a lorry driver moments


before he hits a stationary car, killing a young woman.


Anger as parents learn two schools will be merged


If you would have told us before we could


If you would have told us before we could have helped sooner.


I will have 30 weather ahead. It is a mixed bag.


Tonight, yet another case of a death on the roads because someone


was using their mobile phone behind the wheel.


Once more it involves a lorry driver on the A34.


Dariusz Tokarczyk has been sentenced to four and a half years


in prison for causing death by dangerous driving.


He failed to see the hazard lights of a car broken


down near the junction with the M4 in Berkshire.


Jeremy Stern reports from Reading Crown Court.


This footage was taken from the lorry driven


by Dariusz Tokarczyk on the A34 near Chieveley in March last year.


Ahead is a Vauxhall Corsa driven by Jodie Moss, a 21-year-old


She put the hazard lights on because of engine problems.


The lorry didn't slow down as it neared the Corsa.


Reading Crown Court heard 47-year-old


Tokarczyk from Yorkshire was using a hand-held device,


probably a mobile phone, to change his music in the


Speaking through a Polish interpreter, he admitted causing


Jodie Moss's family said she died after some of the happiest


Jodie was a happy student who loved nature and very caring of others.


She was taken far too early by a selfish ten second act.


The driver had plenty of time to act on seeing her hazards.


The devastation caused continues to be immeasurable.


We will never forget all the pleasure she gave us.


Sentencing Tokarczyk, Judge Morris said he had taken a cavalier


attitude to using a mobile phone while driving.


She said, "You did not react to the stationary vehicle


She also described him as irresponsible,


He was sentenced afford half years in prison and he was banned


Surrey County Council is accusing an energy company of carrying out


additional drilling at an oil well in the green belt without seeking


Angus Energy has an existing production site at


The company insists it has all the permissions needed


I asked Lewis Coombes what exactly was going on.


For 30 years, oil has been drilled here but tonight the picturesque


village of Brockham finds itself at the centre of an ongoing debate


between Surrey County Council and Angus Energy.


It is all to do whether the company did or did not require


planning permission to drill what is known


It is an offshoot, if you like, of the original borehole.


If you look at the field today you wouldn't even know


the oil well is there, it is a six inch wide hole


and the rig used in January has there been taken away.


Surrey County Council say they wrote to the


company saying that planning permission would be required and in


a statement today said they are extremely disappointed


But Angus Energy, they say the council only controls


activities above the ground and they followed all the permissions and


guidlines required by the three other regulators,


the Environment Agency, the Oil and Gas Authority


You need oversight for different areas of it.


Of course, those other bodies need to be approached and you need


Unless Surrey County Council don't understand


their own planning permit then it would seem very odd that they are


in the wrong and they have got it wrong somehow.


This site has seen protests in the past, hasn't it?


This is different to the anti-fracking protests we have


This isn't about fracking but protest camps were set up here at


Angus Energy has an interest in that site also.


An application for test drilling has been submitted.


It is a hot topic among those who live here.


We need to work through the economic indications and the social


Just be very careful about whatever is done to


This village has changed over the years so much now with traffic.


Now we get the tankers coming in, getting up Old School Lane,


it is a very narrow road and it causes a lot of problems


These ongoing talks are going to continue


between Angus Energy and Surrey County Council.


There is a number of people with a keen eye on that


including environmentalists and South East MEP Keith Taylor


who we caught up with from Brussels earlier.


He has been in touch with Surrey County Council.


I know they are in conversation with Angus Energy to find


But the bigger picture is all the fracking and oil


companies in the South of England are going to be


watching what Surrey County Council does.


All eyes here on Brockham and we will have more on that


Hampshire County Council has today decided to press ahead with plans


Although there'll now be a further four week consultation, it looks


likely Fort Hill Community School will close at the end


of the academic year, to join forces with Cranborne Business


At the end of this, this is a massively difficult decision.


It was the decision they fought against


You didn't tell the community before now that the school


If you'd have told us before we could have helped sooner.


to save the school but feel they fell on deaf ears.


I can honestly say I've got two very well performing


children at that school and it is just really, really sad


they now are going to have face such upheaval.


It is a very, very difficult time for her.


She feels that her dedication has now been, in her words, screwed up.


It's a decision which comes down to money.


Fort Hill has seen falling pupil numbers.


Schools are funded per pupil so if they're not full it means


Hampshire County Council says over a year that would amount to half


a million pounds at Fort Hill which it can't afford.


We kept coming back to the same thing, how can we make the


school viable and give the quality curriculum we want in Fort Hill


Nobody came up with an answer to that.


Cranborne also has surplus places but it's bigger


so it can accommodate the pupils from Fort Hill.


There's now a four week consultation.


Parents say they'll continue to fight to save the school


but it's looking like a losing battle.


Jo Kent, BBC South Today, Basingstoke.


Almost half of parents whose children suffer mental health


problems are not asking for help, because they feel blamed


That's according to psychologists at Reading University.


Beckie Tollervey's son Luke suffered separation anxiety which caused


It took the family two years to get help but Luke's now overcome


Researchers say more needs to be done to support parents.


And finally, no we're not taking the Mickey,


it's been revealed that the former boss of Walt Disney, Michael Eisner,


has launched a bid to buy Portsmouth Football Club.


The club issued a statement after it emerged the American


billionaire was in talks with the south coast side.


South Today understands that Eisner has been actively pursuing football


interests for several months, through his Tornante


Any take over would have to be approved by Pompey shareholders.


That's the latest thanks for being there.


We'll be back with bulletins in BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning


but now Sam Fraser's here with your weather forecast.


The spring equinox and international happiness day-to-day but nothing


happy about the weather we had. Grey skies and plenty of rain. In the


week ahead, it is a bag. We are drawing in some polar air tonight.


It will be chilly. The strong winds should start to ease by midweek. For


tonight, it is a chilly night and clearing skies. Temperatures between


four and six sources. It'll be a chilly start tomorrow that it will


dawn bright with good spells of sunshine. We will start to see


showers moving in and those showers could fall as hail, perhaps


accompanied by some vendor. Tamara's high is nine cells in the strong


winds it will feel colder. Tomorrow evening, further showers to come


ahead of an organised band of rain which will make its way through the


region overnight. We're looking at cloudier skies so that overnight,


4-6 Celsius. That rain is going to move away to the east through the


course of Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, skies will be


clearing and we can see Sunny spells breaking through. Temperatures up to


eight or nine Celsius. Looking ahead to Thursday, the low-pressure out


over northern France is going to bring some more rain for a time on


Thursday. Thursday, a cloudy picture. It certainly looks to be a


wet picture and temperatures up at nine or ten sources. Friday, a


similar story. Some brighter spells and temperatures nudging up to ten


sources. Looking ahead to the weekend, some tinny nice to come but


some sunshine by day, outlook for Saturday and Sunday is


for something dry and settled, sunny spells but a bit on the cool side.


This week we are starting off with a taste of winter. This is Paul and


maritime air, it has come from a long way north and will push in lots


of showers. The last of any mild air gets swept away with the cloud.


Tonight we have showers mostly across the northern half of the UK,


which will turn wintry and that means more snow, particularly across


Scotland and Northern Ireland, perhaps northern


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