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Dirty, dangerous and illegal - an increase in fly-tipping


in the south, more than 100 incidents are recorded every day.


A Sussex school leads the call for a rethink


We are having to make devastating cuts at the moment, I am not


replacing staff as they leave, I lost three members of staff last


year. Fly-tipping, the scourge


of the countryside, Last year alone there were more


than 37,000 individual incidents across the south,


up 10% on the previous year. It adds up to just over 100


incidents of fly-tipping every day. And it's costing council tax payers


dearly, nearly ?2 million a year. Some local authorities


like Hampshire have introduced People living in West Berkshire have


been banned from using the tip in Reading after their council


stopped contributing to its costs. Fiona Williams is desperate


to clear out her garage. She lives in Mortimer


and used to take the rubbish black wheelie bin to


the complex in Reading. But since West Berkshire Council


cut its funding to Reading, she and thousands like her now face


a much longer drive. I have to travel to Newtown Road,


which is about at I find it really frustrating


the council didn't sort something out before


they withdrew the funds West Berkshire Council's


plan was to expand this recycling centre in Padworth,


extending its opening hours and allowing people to take


general waste there. But that requires


planning permission, It's been delayed


because we've had a threat In order to be able to resist


the judicial review, we need to do deeper analysis


of the effects of extending Padworth Way centre's capacity


to take general waste. This is extremely frustrating


for our residents in the east of the district, and I'm


frustrated as well. The Council's environmental


assessments will be costly and likely to take another


six months to complete. In the meantime, the environment


elsewhere is suffering, with longer car journeys


to the tip and with an increase in fly-tipping


by those who can't be


bothered with the drive. So what's Fiona going


to do with her garage? So this year at least,


the spring cleaning will have A 26-year-old man from Hampshire has


appeared in court in Basingstoke, charged with 16 counts of serious


sexual offences against children Michael Ian Lee Gibbons


from Dickens Way in Yateley is accused of committing offences


against seven children in North Hampshire and Berkshire


from 2009 onwards. He was bailed to appear


at Winchester Crown Court in April. Thousands of head teachers,


representing more than a million students, have written


to the government calling for a rethink on its new funding


formula for schools. Consultation on the proposals,


which were drawn up to make Gillian Hargreaves has been speaking


to one head teacher in West Sussex Tanbridge House in Horsham


in West Sussex provides outstanding education for its pupils,


even though it is one of the worst ?2000 less per child


than some other schools. It had hoped to be


a winner when a new way of allocating cash was announced


by the government, giving more money to rural areas and less


to inner cities. But when the head looked at his


school's finances, he found he So we've just got another e-mail


coming in, and that's With only hours to go before


the government enters public consultation, Jules White is one


of thousands of head teachers who have written to their MPs,


saying they can't manage and the new


formula is flawed. We are having to make


devastating cuts at the moment. I'm not replacing


staff as they leave, I lost three members of staff


last year, it could rise Maybe four or five members


of support staff, that administration, support staff, staff


who also help our most vulnerable youngsters, we can't


afford them going forward. Under this new funding


formula, he will receive But his costs for things


like pay, national insurance, heating and lighting


have risen to ?220,000. So now the school is


?40,000 worse off, even It is unprecedented


for thousands of heads to come together like this


without trade union coordination. But that's a measure


of both the fear and the fury teachers


feel about the cuts The government says the funding


formula is a fairer way to help all It's promised to help those


in difficulties and is spending a At the moment it's


hard to see how both When you think of public art,


this might be the sort of thing As tastes change and technology


develops, what should public art look like in the digital age,


and is it relevant? Ed Sault has been to see one work


in Worthing tonight. On a street corner in Worthing,


an array of artistic We've got two cameras, one


which is a motion detection camera, And then we have a motion detection


infrared camera, which is pointing out towards the audience in the


street, and that then brings that information in, goes through some


software and processing to then give the visual output, which is then


projected onto the windows. This is all part of


a plan to invest in creative arts and culture


in the West Sussex town. The council has invested


in this building to help We actually are managing to produce


over 70% above the national average in creative arts here in Worthing,


which is really, really exciting. And so the council is really


pleased to put some money It's a bit like a Jacuzzi


bubble of creativity. As for this latest installation,


it's certainly stopping I've never seen anything


like this in Worthing before, but I like to dance,


so I think this will be fun. And the council will be hoping that


too, as modern technology has a hand It is very impressive, let's bring


in the gents are men. Thank you the talk numbers. Adam, you live in


Worthing. How important is it seeing this? I been living in Worthing but


two years but I've met some inspiring people, friendly bunch of


people, it is a great opportunity to present our artwork amongst all the


other opportunities taken place in Worthing. It is ripe and ready to


go. Jim, we saw you in the film, plus a technicality. How relevant is


art like this in the digital age? It is really relevant, we are using


technology you would normally find in home, we've got cameras. We're


putting them into a different environments, getting other people


to experience them, in a situation they wouldn't expect. At a time when


eyes and budgets, how can he justify spending on this? From the


experience of what we've seen people using them today and going forward,


we found people have come along, discovered the playful nature of the


installation and they've gone away feeling very engaged. Jim, Adam,


best of luck. You can see this art installation here in the centre of


Worthing until the 2nd of April. When you are 87, you need to be


a little careful about activities But Pat Adams from Sonning has


thrown caution to the wind. She told staff at her retirement


home she'd like a visit from her rather high profile


neighbour, George Clooney, The Hollywood heart


throb duly obliged. He's a very nice man, very handsome


man. And he can call any time he likes. I thought, I've shaken hands


with George Clooney, I don't think I will ever wash my hands again, but


of course I will. And this is a day I will always remember for the rest


of my life. I think she held her composure well.


That's the latest, thanks for being there.


We'll be back with bulletins in BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning,


but now Sam Fraser's here with your weather forecast.


Some lovely spring sunshine across a region today, but we had some chilly


winds and showers. The next few days, will continue with that mixed


theme. For tonight, so cloudy skies were rain arriving to western parts.


Over the coming hours, that cloud built, the rain band is out to the


west, pushing its way into the early hours. Western parts waken up to a


wet start. Under the cloudy skies, temperatures not dropping much below


five Celsius. A windy night to come. And do tomorrow morning, that band


of rain moves its weight east across the region, fragmenting so the rain


becomes lighter all the time. By the afternoon, some brighter skies


developing. Some sunshine too. Eight Celsius is Tamara's top temperature,


but would lighter winds, it won't feel as chilly as today. Looking to


Thursday, overnight, showers will last through the day, so Laurini out


of the Thursday was cloudy skies, temperatures still in single


figures. Into Friday, it has a brighter picture, the threat of rain


receding all the time. gradually improve through Friday and


the weekend isn't looking bad. Heavy rain, snow and ice are all in


the forecast once again. It was quite a wintry scene today,


especially in Scotland. Some very cold looking winter skies here, and


we had some snow falling at times in West Lothian. For a while earlier


today, there were quite a few showers running through central


Scotland, all in that cold air. Right now, we have two areas of


cloud, one in northern Scotland and this deepening area bringing heavy


rain into south-west England and Wales overnight, with snow over the


hills. That wetter weather will move into the


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