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Coming up: The courageous actions of a Dorset MP who battled to save the


life of the policemen killed in the Westminster terror attack.


A record fine for a water company after more than 1 billion litres of


raw sewage was pumped into the River Thames. And why have only half the


passengers and title to Southern Railway compensation apply for it?


-- entitled to The Bournemouth East MP,


Tobias Ellwood, is being hailed a hero tonight for his actions


to try and save the life of a policeman killed


in the Westminster terror attack. The former soldier attempted to give


the officer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and stem the flow


of blood from his wounds after he was stabbed


in New Palace Yard. Our political editor Peter Henley


sent this from behind the security the story around Tobias Ellwood, for


's office minister, is a remarkable -- is a remarkable one. A captain in


the Royal Marines, he was walking on his way to vote in the House of


Commons and walked the wrong way from the way he was supposed to and


so the injured policeman. He performed CPR, try to stem the


bleeding until the medics arrived. He carried on for 15 minutes or so.


Tobias Ellwood lost his own brother in the Bali terrorist attacks some


years ago. I've known him since he was before an MP. He has been


involved in a few have I go incidents and is the one person who


would -- is the one person you would rely on to get involved in a


situation like that. We all crouched down behind the


pillars and then got very quick instructions to head back towards


portcullis house. At which point, my good friend Tobias Ellwood marched


in a fashion in the opposite direction. I knew he had a mission


in mind and it was about helping the chap, the police officer, who was


injured. The house will be sitting tomorrow,


business at usual. Hopefully tourists will still be coming here


because, whatever motivation there is this person, they were trying to


disrupt normal life but normal life will go on.


Tonight, extra police officers are on hand at main railway stations


in the south after today's events in London.


British Transport Police say it's to offer reassurance


rather than in response to a specific threat.


Dozens of students from the region were caught up in today's events


at Westminster whilst on tours of Parliament, as part


One school in Hampshire left the Houses of Parliament


just moments before today's attacks began.


These school children were among dozens visiting Parliament today


Schools including East Preston School from Littlehampton


and Northmead Junior School in Guilford were all on trips


One school that had been there just moments before today's attack


was The Kings School from Winchester.


We were very close. We didn't see or hear the incident but had just got


on to coach and were within a few metres of it.


For most of the day, the Palace of Westminster


meaning MPs from the south were kept inside.


I've just left Westminster after an incredibly difficult day. A shocking


incident of terrorism. I was coming across to vote towards the fountain


and had been told that there were shots heard and he had to leave


immediately. I rushed down the embankment, picked up my shoes and


ran, warning other people to get away as far as they could.


This evening, the British Transport Police said extra officers would be


in place at railway stations, including Southampton Central


and around the south of England to offer reassurance to passengers


Tonight at Romsey Abbey, prayers were said to remember those


Whilst this attack happened in London,


the ripples of what happened ran far deeper.


The director of Thames Water has apologised and admitted it failed


in its responsibility to the environment after it was


fined ?20 million for polluting the River Thames.


The company admitted pumping nearly one and a half billion litres


of sewage into the river in incidents in Berkshire,


The Environment Agency described it as one of the worst pollution


The river was black, grey, very smelly, there was dead fish.


More than a billion litres of untreated sewage were released


into the River Thames and its tributaries


After receiving a record fine at Aylesbury Crown Court, Thames Water


said it has invested millions in new equipment since the offences.


There have been sweeping, far-reaching changes


That has included more people, more and better systems


The court case followed a three-year investigation


The scale was enormous and the pattern of offending was disturbing.


It was not because there had been new conditions and permits by us,


it was because basic equipment, screens and pumps were not


Thames Water has paid for new fencing to keep cattle away


Highly irresponsible that such a large company with such


large profit margins are polluting our waterways.


The judge described Thames Water's failings


as diabolical and disgraceful and entirely foreseeable.


He said all the problems were avoidable by any competent


Local environmental groups welcomed the fine but, as the countryside


recovers, their message is that Thames Water simply did not


do its job and must change its ways for good.


Half the passengers entitled to compensation for poor service


on Southern Railway have failed to claim it.


Almost 43,000 Southern Railway season ticket holders have


so far received a total of ?10 million of compensation.


Here's our transport correspondent Paul Clifton.


The government announced a one-off compensation deal for Sutherland


passengers in December. The aim was to help those who have endured


months of disruption. Due to engineering work, inadequate service


from Britain's poorest performing train company and strikes. 84,000


season-ticket holders are eligible. So far just under 43,000 claims have


been processed. Almost half those passengers who could claim


compensation either have not bother at or are not aware of what they can


claim. I've had the letter saying that I'm


due a compensation amounts on my annual season ticket and I followed


the instructions but nothing has come through yet.


It is not easy, that is why I never claim. The process takes longer than


the train is always delayed. I would rather have an operator that


can run the trains as they should be run. It is very frustrating and it


does affect your life. Annual season ticket holders are


entitled to four weeks of free travel. Quarterly, weekly and


monthly ticket holders can get back the equivalent.


A student nurse who was treated for leukaemia as a child is now


working on the wards at Southampton General,


alongside the nurse who looked after her 15 years ago.


Clara Markavitch was given a 40% chance of survival


After years of treatment she is now pursuing her dream of becoming


She looked at me and then she that everyone else and she was like, I


know you. And I was like, know you. And I hadn't seen and so long and we


had a big hug and were shaking. I showed her photos I had on my phone.


It was amazing. You can keep up to date on the BBC


news channel and online. We will be back with bulletins


in BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning, but now here's the weather


with Sam Fraser. We had a showery theme today and it


will continue tonight. You can see that band of rain moving east to


west throughout the night. It is the same rain that moved west to east


today. It is coming back to haunt us. Under the cloudy skies,


temperatures will return to about five Celsius by dawn. It is a dull


and damp start tomorrow morning although the showers start to move


off and things brighten up quite quickly with some sunshine perhaps


breaking through the afternoon. We are going to keep those showers


along the coast for much of the Day, I'm afraid. There will be a keen


easterly wind which will take the edge off as temperatures. On Friday,


that stubborn area of low pressure is set to feed fresh showers and for


a time but high pressure begins to sink side so it will be a more


settled picture It certainly was a pretty wet day


across parts


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